Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: IT'S THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE STUPID! Don't Get Distracted. Kucinich Is Still The Only One On Our Side!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

IT'S THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE STUPID! Don't Get Distracted. Kucinich Is Still The Only One On Our Side!








Why Should PDA Support Dennis Kucinich?

By Steve Cobble (one of the original PDA members)
November 28, 2007

Camus once said, “I should like to be able to love my country and still love justice.” Most of us would like to vote for a President and still love peace.

That's why I support Dennis Kucinich. That's why I'm asking PDA activists to back Dennis in this week's online poll.

Like many of you, I was there at Roxbury in 7/04, watching Dean and Kucinich clasp hands as the crowd roared, while PDA was born from those grassroots activists in both campaigns who refused to settle for war.

We knew the war on Iraq was based on lies. Dennis led the House opposition.

We knew it was “blood for oil”--only Dennis said so in Congress.

We marched on the day “the world said no to war”--but of the candidates, only Dennis rallied for peace on 2/15/2003.

PDA fights to end funding for the occupation, stands up for impeachment, challenges the illegitimate Ohio vote count, opposes the Patriot Act, and organizes fiercely for single-payer health care.

Of those Democrats now running, only Dennis Kucinich stands with us on everything.

Only Dennis Kucinich supports all five of PDA's core priorities.

On 10/24/2001, a time of terror and intimidation, Kucinich voted against the Patriot Act-the only Democrat running who did so. A year later, he voted against war on Iraq-the only Democrat running who did so. Just a few weeks ago, he stood up alone in Congress to call for Dick Cheney's impeachment.

Dennis has kept faith on PDA's core issues. Please say yes to those same key issues, by supporting the one candidate who has stood up for us every single time.

The primaries are the time to state what PDA believes. If we do so, there is only one name to click on-Dennis Kucinich.

If you are a PDA member click here and vote:

Note: Please leave your comments on our blog.
The headline on a link at Memeorandum this morning caught our eye: "Kucinich poses 2-way ticket."

It leads to this post at a blog on , the website of the the Erie Times-News. "The race goes on, but one thing that can be said for U.S. Rep. and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, of Ohio, and that is he is always proposing something new," the post reads. "This time he mentioned a possible Democrat-Republican ticket. The Republican he is suggesting, Ron Paul, is a congressman from Texas."

Bryan Preston at the conservative heavyweight blog Hot Air spotted that entry and had this to say this morning: "The blog that posted this doesn't source its claim and I've never heard of the blog before, so I can't vouch for its word one way or the other. But come on. It just makes a warped kind of sense to put these two on a ticket."

We did some digging around and discovered that this report, from the The Plain Dealer's Opener blog on Sunday, is likely what started it all. From New Hampshire, Opener wrote:

Call it the liberal-libertarian ticket, where left meets right and Democrat Dennis Kucinich picks Republican Ron Paul to be his vice president.

Kucinich, the Cleveland congressman running in a longshot bid to become president, suggested it himself today.

"I'm thinking about Ron Paul" as a running mate, Kucinich told a crowd of about 70 supporters at a house party here, one of numerous stops throughout New Hampshire over the Thanksgiving weekend. A Kucinich-Paul administration could bring people together "to balance the energies in this country," Kucinich said.

Kucinich's audience of roughly 70 people who gathered at Joanna Dennett's house in Acworth seemed to like the notion of a Kucinich/Paul ticket, although Ron Paul's press spokesman shot it down when The Plain Dealer asked about it later in the day.

On Tuesday, the National Jewish Democratic Council released a statement that criticized the Cleveland congressman for saying he'd consider the Texas Republican congressman as his vice president if he wins the Democratic party's nomination.

"Dr. Paul and Rep. Kucinich are friends and there is a lot of mutual respect," Paul communications director Jesse Benton said in an e-mail when asked whether a running-mate spot on the Kucinich ticket would be attractive to Paul. "They have worked, and will continue to work, together on the ending the war and protecting civil liberties.

"However, Ron wants to substantially cut the size and scope of the federal government. There are too many differences on issues such as taxes and spending to think a joint ticket would be possible."

But what about it, Kucinich and Paul supporters? Any support for a Kucinich-Paul or a Paul-Kucinich ticket?
Update at 1:40 p.m. ET:

Sabrina Eaton, the Plain Dealer reporter who posted the news about what Kucinich said, e-mailed us to say she has now put some audio online. As she notes, "after spotting numerous blog postings that question whether Democrat Dennis Kucinich in fact said he'd consider Republican Ron Paul as his running mate, The Plain Dealer is posting exclusive audio of the remarks Kucinich made on Sunday."
Look, boys, unless you have talked with Kucinich personally, or actually know some of the background about the issues, you would not be saying that DK abandons his supporters. (This is a lie that is being perpetuated by the right wing & 1/2 the DINOS (Dems in Name Only)/ He's the only one who spoke up, supports and actually got the horrendous Holt bill exposed for the shame that it is.....(presently on ice in the House). Last cycle he brought election integrity front and center, and gave Bev Harris much support to get Diebold off her back for exposing their dirty dealings with electronic voting machines.

He's the only one to speak about support for family farms, sustainable small family farmers, non GMO foods, not privatizing water rights here in NH. He has now responded to OUR asking him to speak out about the impeachment issue!!!

I am a supporter of Kucinich, was a Dean supporter in 2004 and you are being absolutely ridiculous to think that WOMEN will be voting for Hillary, from the Kucinich camp.

Get real, fellas!

Hills does NOT represent me, the issues that I care about, nor what most women care about. Believe me. Yes, it's splashy to think that a woman could become elected as a US Prez, but this one is a hawk, receiving LOTS of $ from the corporate war profiteers, embedded with Rupert Murdock! This is NOT the person who I resonate with in my heart.

It is becoming obvious that the impeachment issue is #1 priority now.....get real....and THANK Kucinich for bringing this front and center....he is not going to abandon this issue nor his supporters. Where are YOU.....sounds like YOU'VE abandoned HIM, not the other way around.

Read Naomi Wolf's book, or any of the other 14 books on our very own NEIC book list about impeachment to realize how our country is slipping into a Fascist state.

Nancy White

And If You Want To See What A Real Advocate Is Like Just Click Here And Below Here For A Guy That Not Only Has Bush And Cheney Impeached; He Has Them Swinging At The End Of A Rope Outside The Hague Court!

My Mom Knew Him At Kent State Way Back When And She Says This Is A Guy You Don’t Want F@#K With.

He May Be Smiling; But He’ll Be Planning.

I’ll Bet He Thinks Some Of Us Are Real Ass Holes.

Etta Samene: Post: Re: Get Real, guys!!! Nov 29, 2007 11:31 AM Alert

Ed’s Response…I’ve been patient and am still working within the system for the MOMENT and only the moment. When Fascism Comes To America wrapped in the flag carrying a cross; I will be wrapped in The Declaration of Independence carrying a Gun as our streets become a gathering of Fire, Steel and Blood! Is That Clear enough?

No! Then try this. Chicken Shit might be great for a lovely Flower Garden, but it won’t nourish a nation. Got it now?

Elizabeth de la Vega On Culture Project
This is a forum about impeachment. Ron Paul does NOT support impeachment. Last month, Ron Paul voted to KILL H.Res. 333 - the Kucinich bill for impeachment of Cheney. 'Nuff said. See:

Jonathan, you were asked a month ago to stop posting your Ron Paul propaganda on this discussion list. It has no place on a PRO-IMPEACHMENT discussion list. You've said that you don't support impeachment and neither does Ron Paul. It's clear that you are here only to promote your candidate and bash Democratic candidates.

Let me set the record straight (so no one is duped by your propaganda):

Ron Paul may talk a good game, but his votes speak for themselves.

Beyond the (pro-corporate) freedom rhetoric, if you actually take the time to look up his record you'll find: Ron Paul has also sponsored a bill to give away MORE tax dollars to Blackwater & Halliburton. He thinks corporate control of our military and outsourcing the Pentagon is a GOOD thing and America should have more of it. If fact, he was the ONLY member of Congress last year to get a perfect 100% rating on his votes from the ultra-conservative John Birch Society! (Neo-fascist Tom Tancredo came in second with just 77%).

And, you think that political PROGRESSIVES should SUPPORT Ron Paul? Insane. Libertarianism is regressive (as in back to the 18th century, NOT progressive.)

Why don't you go peddle your stuff over on FreeRepublic or NewsMax with your Republican Libertarian friends? I'm sure they'd all be happy to read about the coming corporate utopia under Ron Paul when "government oversight [of corpoations] won't be needed" - when the Enron, Blackwater, Halliburton, Arthur Anderson, and my HMO will all be FREE & will just magically regulate themselves, & all for the public good! Hallelujah. Pass the Kool-Aid.

Please, spare us the anti-tax pro-corporation drivel. If you persist in posting nothing but propaganda and accusing others who disagree with your rightwing ideology as being part of a "partisan slander machine" (how ironic), then you should be kicked off this discussion list.

This discussion list is for discussions on impeachment and impeachment activism ONLY. (At least Kucinich actually supports impeachment.) It is not the appropiate place to post pro-Ron Paul BS. (He's a Republican. He doesn't support impeachment. He votes WITH Bush about two-thirds of the time.) I don't care if you love Ron Paul and Bush's corporate deregulation agenda. You can write about your love of Ayn Randian free market capitalism or Ron Paul's coming utopia all you like, I just don't see how its at all relevant here & I don't care to read about it on this IMPEACHMENT DISCUSSION LIST.

Posted by Plain Dealer staff November 27, 2007 19:25PM
Categories: Kucinich

While most political junkies are looking forward to Wednesday night's CNN-YouTube Republican debate in St. Petersburg, Fla., Dennis Kucinich will try to grab the media spotlight that night for at least a few minutes. He's holding a town hall meeting at 8 p.m. in Manchester, N.H., that will be broadcast live on the Internet Kucinich television network. The GOP presidential debate begins at the same time.

(More than 3,500 video questions were submitted and are being reviewed by CNN producers, with about 40 videos expected to be played during the two-hour debate. We'll have to wait to find out whether the snowman will be back. A melting snowman frightened about global warming was among the questioners at the Democrats' CNN-YouTube debate in June.

Kucinich did get the interest of national writer Gore Vidal whose The Nation interview with the Democratic presidential candidate is also at Pacific Free
Vidal notices that although Kucinich is now at least visible in lineups of the Democratic candidates; he tends to be the most eloquent of the lot.

Kucinich's admission over the Thanksgiving weekend that "I'm thinking about Ron Paul" as a running mate, sent some bloggers over the edge.

Joseph Cannon at cannonfire.blogspot says that his crush on Kucinich's wife, Elizabeth ended when she confirmed that Dennis would "absolutely" consider running with Paul.

Cannon, in The Kucinich Kon: rants that Fair Elizabeth -- more puppeteer than partner, it seems -- is perfectly willing to ally her husband with Ron Paul, a man who wants an end to Social Security. And Medicare. And OSHA. And all regulation on business.

And Kucinich himself fights back after he was excluded from Joe Biden's new "Joe is Right" ad that features complimentary quotes from six of the senator's seven Democratic presidential rivals.

"If I weren't so darned wonderful myself, I'd be supporting Joe," reads the Biden print ad in seven papers in Iowa. Per his website, the buy required about $50,000 in fundraising to get placed. The web video montage, which birthed the idea, now has 42,000 hits on YouTube.

Kucinich noticed that he was left out. And he's mad as hell.

Per a release issued by his campaign, he complained that deliberately - and revealingly - missing from the political cast of characters in Biden's approving/adoring love-fest among the Democratic candidates is Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich. ...Kucinich crows that he was excluded from the "love-fest" because his policies differ so much from rivals who, he says, have supported the war and harmful trade policies.

And, finally, blogger Lucia Bill asks Can a Hillary Supporter and a Kucinich Devotee Find True Love? Bill, herself a Hillary supporter says, I didn't know how close to the dark side I am until I started dating a Dennis Kucinich devotee. ...While a relationship between a Hillary and Dennis fan sometimes feels like proof that love conquers all, it all rests on priorities and values that transcend politics. There are those who are not capable of dignified disagreement or civilized criticism, and having a partner who does not respect your choice and judgment is bound to be a story without a happy ending.

Speculation of a Kucinich-Paul ticket has surfaced on the Internet, where it also has been shot down. But Kucinich's wife, Elizabeth, did not dismiss it when asked about it after a recent Democratic candidates' debate in Las Vegas. Speaking to the website RawVegasTV, she called Paul "a great truth-teller," adding that Paul has "voted 100 percent right on the war."

Dennis Kucinich

By Gore Vidal

11/28/07 "The Nation" -- --- For the past two years I've been crisscrossing the United States speaking to crowds of people about our history and politics. At the same time, would-be Presidents of the greatest nation in the country, as silver-tongued Spiro Agnew used to say, have been crowding the trail, while TV journalists sadly shake their heads at how savage the politicos have become in their language. But then, it is the task of TV journalists to foment quarrels where often none properly exist.

As I pass through the stage door of one auditorium after another, I now hear the ominous name of Darth Vader, as edgy audiences shudder at the horrible direction our political discourse has taken.

Ever eager as I am to shed light, I sometimes drop the name of the least publicized applicant to the creaky throne of the West: Dennis Kucinich. It takes a moment for the name to sink in. Then genuine applause begins.

He is very much a favorite out there in the amber fields of grain, and I work him into the text.
A member of the House of Representatives for five terms since 1997, although many of his legislative measures have been too useful and original for our brain-dead media to comprehend.

I note his well-wrought articles proposing the impeachment of Vice President Cheney, testing the patriotic nerves of his fellow Democrats, but then the fact of his useful existence often causes distress to those who genuinely hate that democracy he is so eager to extend. "Don't waste your vote," they whine in unison--as if our votes are not quadrennially wasted on those marvelous occasions when they are actually counted and recorded.

Meanwhile, Kucinich is now at least visible in lineups of the Democratic candidates; he tends to be the most eloquent of the lot.

So who is he? Something of a political prodigy: at 31 he was elected mayor of Cleveland. Once he had been installed, in 1978, the city's lordly banks wanted the new mayor to sell off the city's municipally owned electric system, Muny Light, to a private competitor in which (Oh, America!) the banks had a financial interest.

When Mayor Kucinich refused to sell, the money lords took their revenge, as they are wont to do: they refused to roll over the city's debt, pushing the city into default. The ensuing crisis revealed the banks' criminal involvement with the private utility of their choice, CEI, which, had it acquired Muny Light, would have become a monopoly, as five of the six lordly banks had almost 1.8 million shares of CEI stock: this is Enronesque before the fact.

Mayor Kucinich was not re-elected, but his profile was clearly etched on the consciousness of his city; and in due course he returned to the Cleveland City Council before being elected to the Ohio State Senate and then the US Congress. Kucinich has also written a description of his Dickensian youth, growing up in Cleveland.

He has firsthand knowledge of urban poverty in the world's richest nation. Born in 1946 into a Croatian Catholic family, by the time he was 17 he and his family had lived in twenty-one different places, much of which he describes in Dreiserian detail in a just-published memoir.

Kucinich is opposed to the death penalty as well as the USA Patriot Act. In 1998 and 2004 he was a US delegate to the United Nations convention on climate change. At home he has been active in Rust Belt affairs, working to preserve the ninety-year-old Cleveland steel industry, a task of the sort that will confront the next President should he or she have sufficient interest in these details.

I asked a dedicated liberal his impression of Kucinich; he wondered if Kucinich was too slight to lead a nation of truly fat folk.

I pointed out that he has the same physical stature as James Madison, as well as a Madisonian commitment to our 1789 Constitution; he is also farsighted, as demonstrated by his resolute opposition to Bush's cries for ever more funding for the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
More to the point, in October 2002 he opposed the notion of a war then being debated. For those of us at home and in harm's way from disease, he co-wrote HR 676, a bill that would insure all of us within Medicare, just as if we were citizens of a truly civilized nation.

Dear, dear friends of Dennis Kucinich,

On behalf of Dennis and Elizabeth, we wish to extend warm and heartfelt gratitude for attending one or more of the events of their whirlwind tour on Sunday.

The strong turnout and enthusiastic response to Dennis’ message was a strong confirmation of your desire for a true change in the direction of this nation. For those of you who were not able to hear Dennis and Elizabeth on Sunday, you are receiving this because you have previously spoken your support for Dennis.

It has become apparent that a growing number of us really do want to move forward using “Strength through Peace" as the foundation for reconciliation, prosperity, education, health, freedom and a return to the rule of law as provided in the US Constitution.

It is also evident we must be willing to be pro active to see him elected. We are his “media” now and we are part of the strong tradition that says that New Hampshire voters will choose for themselves; that we reject being told by any corporate entity who New Hampshire wants and will have as our next president.

We New Hampshire voters play a very important role in determining who sits in the White House come January, 2009. We have the power to turn the tables on the corporate sponsored candidates, the media darlings whom they promote, based on artificial issues such as access to money and mass visual appeal, over substance and principled positions on the important issues facing our nation.

We have a remarkable opportunity to transform Dennis into a competitive major candidate, a man who by his very nature is incapable of being owned by corporate interests. He comes with no strings attached, freeing him to accomplish his commitment to serve you and no one else.

As Elizabeth pointed out numerous times, Dennis can only win with our involvement. You have already expressed your willingness to do just that, so here are a few things for your consideration.

Imagine what would happen if you could devote two hours per week of your precious time to participating in activities organized or sponsored by our local committee; things like taking part in our Tuesday Railroad Square visibility and tabling event at noon; like holding a totem sign at Central Square on Wednesdays; like manning the office at 29 Center St. for 2 hours a week.

People are influenced when they believe the candidate has a strong and vibrant campaign.

Our goal is to have these visibility events take place at least three times a week and in several locations. We also need people to write letters to the editors of all the regional newspapers. We need to place lawn signs on the premises of each and every supporter and bumper stickers on their cars, as well. Every little bit helps to make a big impact. Let’s take advantage of the momentum created on November 25 and continue to build on it.

Dennis has committed to spending 24 to 28 days in New Hampshire between now and the primary election, which is scheduled to take place on January 8th. We will soon be making a huge effort to ‘canvas’ throughout Cheshire County. Support for Dennis is growing and with your help he can garner enough votes to make the pollsters and the pundits and the rest of the country sit up and take notice.

Please reply to this e-mail if you can help at all. Leave your name, phone number and a rough idea of when you could be available to participate as a volunteer. One of our committee members will contact you, so please mention a good time to reach you.

A great big thanks from the Cheshire County Committee to Elect Dennis Kucinich President, 2008
29 Center St.
Keene, NH 03431


We all know that something is very wrong in our country. The Rule of Law, the Balance of Powers, and our Constitutionally guaranteed Civil Liberties have been under sustained assault by an Administration that is brazen and unrepentant in its abuses of our rights and our founding principles. And, to make matters worse, the Democratic leadership of the House and the Senate have failed to exercise the Constitutional authority granted to Congress to stop those abuses and hold violators accountable.

The results? The powers of the Executive Branch have gone unchecked and its policies unchallenged. The Congress and the American people were deceived into an illegal and immoral war in Iraq, and those same deceptions and manipulations are being used to justify a new war in Iran. The government is spying on its own citizens, ignoring judicial protections and due process, denying the right of habeas corpus, and refusing to abide by international laws, treaties, and principles.

Our nation faces a crisis, yet its leaders, and the candidates campaigning for the Presidency, refuse to acknowledge or address it in any substantive way. That's why it's time for: A DIALOGUE FOR DEMOCRACY.

This Thursday, November 29, Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich will host an unprecedented "Dialogue for Democracy" forum that will be streamed LIVE on the Internet at Along with invited guests, Dennis will bring this crisis to the attention of the nation and the world so we can better understand what's wrong, and, more importantly, what we can do about it. The first segment of the LIVE broadcast begins at 11 a.m. and continues until 1 p.m. The LIVE forum will resume at 5 p.m. and end at 9:30 p.m.

AN INVITATION TO SPEAK OUT! The Kucinich campaign is also extending this open invitation to representatives of interested organizations and concerned citizens to participate in this "Dialogue" by sending an email to Tell us who you are, the issues you want discussed, and whether you or your organization would like to participate directly during any of the LIVE broadcasts.

OUR DEMOCRACY - YOUR DEMOCRACY - is at stake in this election. And there's something you can do about it. You can stand with the candidate who stands with you. The one candidate who isn't afraid to speak the truth, to give honest answers, and to lay out real solutions that don't protect the status quo. If that's the kind of leader you want, someone who will protect and defend YOUR interests and rights under the Constitution, consider making a contribution to the Kucinich for President Campaign today. It's your way of ensuri ng that your voice will continue to be heard throughout the debates, the primaries, and the caucuses.

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT! Any contribution you make now through November 29th is eligible for federal matching funds. That means your $50 contribution becomes a $100 contribution. A $100 contribution becomes $200. BUT THE DEADLINE IS THURSDAY NIGHT, so please don't wait.

Click here to double the impact of your contribution so you can have an even bigger impact on the campaign, and on the future of our nation.
Defend the ConstitutionThe Kucinich Campaign

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The Impeachment Imperative

I acknowledge even as I write this that it may be too late to save the soul of America. Our cause may in fact already be lost. It is in the spirit of ‘never say die’ that I undertake this post.

I’ve heard all the excuses, all the reasons why we can’t or it wouldn’t be wise or politic to impeach the criminal traitors who have seized control of our country. I reject them every one, and suspect active rightwing participation in planting them within the Democratic Party and within our community. They’ve never made sense and only serve to perpetuate the despotic regime of the neocon corporatists who have brought such joy to our nation and our world.

All of our counters to the arguments against impeachment boil down to the following few points:

The Clinton ‘impeachment’ was a damned joke on the American people and a flagrant abuse of the Constitution which bears no comparison to the present circumstances.

One does not count the likely votes prior to impeachment proceedings and make a go/no go decision based on that.

That would be like having jurors vote for guilt or innocence in a criminal trial without ever presenting evidence or arguments – without ever actually conducting a trial.

When the evidence properly presented begins to form a monstrous pile of reeking guilt, the steely resolve of the Republican hyenas will weaken. They will falter and fail as the entire country comes to an awareness of the virtually endless list of the administration’s constitutional and war criminal Murderous offenses such as:

Purposely lying the country into launching an aggressive war of choice.

The sanctioned and hideous torture of helpless prisoners.

The rampant theft and misappropriation of billions of taxpayer dollars.

The willful dismantling and crippling of government agencies and services.

Unbridled and shameless vote fraud and election theft.

Repeated nefarious blows to American freedoms delivered in utter secrecy.

The naked seizure of unauthorized Executive power,

And all the other high crimes and misdemeanors too numerous to list that anyone paying half-assed attention already knows about.

Even the staunchest Republican Bush supporters will begin to peel away as the glare of public inquiry reveals the perverted and unbearable truth – just as they did when the full extent of Nixon’s crimes finally came to light. And Bush’s insults to the constitution, the world and the American people make Nixon pale in comparison.

Many people seem to believe that if we don’t impeach Bush and company that it’s no big deal, they’ll be gone come 2009 anyway goes that line of thought. They are fools!

This is monumentally wrong, ignorant and seriously misguided. Anything Bush gets away will become precedent for all who follow in the office of President. Not to impeach Bush and Cheney will sanction tyranny in America and guarantee its ascendancy for as long as the world lasts (which won’t be long).

Impeaching Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, et al is the only way we will ever restore our freedoms and civil rights. It is the only way we will ever salvage our self-respect and our international reputation. It is the only way we will ever make things right with our allies and the rest of the world. We absolutely owe them this much. It would be unconscionable not to deliver.

Justice, after all, still matters.

Of all the pressing issues that we face, from ending the abomination in Iraq to ameliorating the oncoming disaster of global warming, none are more important than removing Bush and company from power ASAP and restoring democracy to America – for if we fail at that we’ll fail at everything that follows.

This is America’s last gasp. Let’s take a chance and do the right thing.

Forget all the crap about who is going to be the next President. If we don’t change anything it won’t matter because it will merely be a name change, or put another way by way of a question and answer: What is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican? One is in power and the other is not! And even that fact is confused!

Impeach the criminal murdering rat bastards and do it NOW!

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