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Friday, December 28, 2007

Impeach+Bush+Cheney: Graphic Commentary And A Ton Of Updates, News And Views!



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"Every one of those members is up for reelection in November of 2008. That they understand; that is their vulnerability...The attack must come by phone, by email, by snail mail, in the local press letters to the editor and, last but not least, getting beyond on ourselves in cyber space and reaching locally, face-to-face, by phone, by whatever means, voters, who will as constituents of the Committee members, deliver the message that they must get on board or they will be actively opposed for re-election in every way possible." --"It's the Judiciary Committee, Stupid"

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John Nurenberg's estimated schedule.

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The number of Americans who, as of this moment, have signed on to Rep. Robert Wexler’s (D-FL) online petition demanding congressional impeachment hearings for Vice President Dick Cheney. Last week, Wexler told Ed Schultz that he launched his website after traditional media outlets rejected an op-ed he had written with his colleagues Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI). Yesterday, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran Wexler’s op-ed outlining why he believes impeachment hearings are necessary.

Cindy Sheehan & White Rose Coalition: Jan 1,2008 Rose ParadeBy Matthew Cindy Sheehan, her family and numerous others will be in Pasadena this coming Monday and Tuesday. The time for Impeachment and Ending the War/Occpuation is now…Media publicity for the White Rose Coalition is truly taking off. ...The Progressive Thread -

Does Clinton's Impeachment Inoculate Bush From Same Fate?Did the GOP do it so the Dems wouldn't go after Clinton's successor?How do we go from the impeaching Bill Clinton over a BJ, to this indecisive mindset with the Bush Administration? Between all the spying on citizens, the deceptions ...Digg / upcoming -

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Bush to Veto Defense Bill Giving Troop Pay RaiseBy SusanG Citing concerns over possible lawsuits against the Iraqi government permitted under the latest defense authorization bill, President Bush announced today -- to the surprise of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid -- that he will veto the measure ...Daily Kos -

Let's impeach his ass!By field negro(field negro) Last month, the House of Representatives voted to send a resolution of impeachment of Vice President Cheney to the Judiciary Committee. As members of the House Judiciary Committee, we strongly believe these important hearings should ...the field negro -

Wars Cost $15 Billion a Month, GOP Senator Says

The geeking of AmericaKnoxville News Sentinel - Knoxville,TN,USAThomas Nephew: The op-ed is titled "Impeach Cheney." What happened to can his ass, give him the boot or show him the door? AC Kleinheider: The pro-state ...See all stories on this topic

Impeachment UpdateSeattle Post Intelligencer - USASo here you go Senator: He also said that the justification for the demand -- even though the likelihood of an actual impeachment proceeding is next to none ...See all stories on this topic


Dissent on paradePasadena Weekly - Pasadena,CA,USAPasadena police are preparing for the Rose Parade by training to remove protestors — whether targeting a China-themed float or joining Cindy Sheehan in a ...See all stories on this topic

Everyone Is On Top Of This One!

Impeach Cheney now! Wexler OpEd in the Philadelphia Inquirerare members of the Judiciary Committee and have called for hearings on the impeachment of Vice President Richard Cheney. This is the full editorial initially refused publication in other leading newspapers. ...
Posted on Thu, Dec. 27, 2007

Impeach Cheney now: The allegations that he abused power are credible.

U.S. Reps. Robert Wexler (D., Fla.), Luis Gutierrez (D., Ill.) and Tammy Baldwin (D., Wis.) are members of the Judiciary Committee

Last month, the House of Representatives voted to send a resolution of impeachment of Vice President Cheney to the Judiciary Committee. As members of the House Judiciary Committee, we strongly believe these important hearings should begin.

The issues at hand are too serious to ignore, including credible allegations of abuse of power that, if proven, may well constitute high crimes and misdemeanors under the Constitution. The allegations against Cheney relate to his deceptive actions leading up to the Iraq war, the revelation of the identity of a covert agent for political retaliation, and the illegal wiretapping of American citizens.

Now that former White House press secretary Scott McClellan has indicated that the vice president and his staff purposely gave him false information about the outing of Valerie Plame Wilson as a covert agent to report to the American people, it is even more important for Congress to investigate what may have been an intentional obstruction of justice. Congress should call McClellan to testify about what he described as being asked to "unknowingly [pass] along false information." In addition, recent revelations have shown that the administration, including the vice president, may have again manipulated and exaggerated evidence about weapons of mass destruction - this time about Iran's nuclear capabilities.

Some of us were in Congress during the impeachment hearings of President Bill Clinton. We spent a year and a half listening to testimony about Clinton's personal relations. This must not be the model for impeachment inquiries. A Democratic Congress can show that it takes its constitutional authority seriously and hold a sober investigation, which will stand in stark contrast to the kangaroo court convened by Republicans for Clinton. In fact, the worst legacy of the Clinton impeachment - where the GOP pursued trumped-up and insignificant allegations - would be if it discourages future Congresses from examining credible and significant allegations of a constitutional nature when they arise.

The charges against Cheney are not personal. They go to the core of the actions of this administration, and deserve consideration in a way the Clinton scandal never did. The American people understand this, and a majority supports hearings, according to a Nov. 13 poll by the American Research Group. In fact, 70 percent of voters say the vice president has abused his powers, and 43 percent say he should be removed from office right now. The American people understand the magnitude of what has been done and what is at stake if we fail to act. It is time for Congress to catch up.

Some people argue that the Judiciary Committee cannot proceed with impeachment hearings because it would distract Congress from passing important legislative initiatives. We disagree. First, hearings need not tie up Congress for a year and shut down the nation. Second, hearings will not prevent Congress from completing its other business. These hearings involve the possible impeachment of the vice president - not of our commander in chief - and the resulting impact on the nation's business and attention would be significantly less than the Clinton presidential impeachment hearings.

Also, even though President Bush has thwarted moderate Democratic policies that are supported by a vast majority of Americans - including children's health care, stem-cell research, and bringing our troops home from Iraq - the Democratic Congress has already managed to deliver a minimum-wage increase, an energy bill to address the climate crisis and bring us closer to energy independence, assistance for college tuition, and other legislative successes. We can continue to deliver on more of our agenda in the coming year while simultaneously fulfilling our constitutional duty by investigating and publicly revealing whether Cheney has committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

Holding hearings would put the evidence on the table, and the evidence - not politics - should determine the outcome. Even if the hearings do not lead to removal from office, putting these grievous abuses on the record is important for the sake of history. For an administration that has consistently skirted the Constitution and asserted that it is above the law, it is imperative for Congress to make clear that we do not accept this dangerous precedent. Our Founding Fathers provided Congress the power of impeachment for just this reason, and we must now at least consider using it.
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Robert Wexler Calls for Cheney ImpeachmentBy AtypicalGuy type things, Congressman Robert Wexler has recently called for a petition to impeach Dick Cheney. The online petition is available at So far, the respond has far exceeded expectations (140000+ people have signed ...Atypical Guy -

State Democrats renew Bush impeachment effortThe Olympian - Olympia,WA,USAThe prime backer of a state resolution urging Congress to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney plans to return to the state Capitol in January ...See all stories on this topic

Join Gore Vidal, Dennis Kucinich, and David Swanson in New Hampshire and Live Online
From 8-10 p.m. ET on Sunday, January 6th, and at any time thereafter, you can watch a forum on the Constitution and impeachment with Gore Vidal, Dennis Kucinich, and David Swanson live from Manchester, N.H., at

Or you can participate by joining us in Manchester, N.H., at 540 N. Commercial Street.

Watch previous events now, including a forum that included Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst of 27 years, John Kaminsky, the head of Maine Lawyers for Democracy, and Dennis Kucinich, at

Des Moines Register: You Might As Well Check In On The Folks Who Think We Should Consider Them Almighty Important.

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Gathering signatures in cyberspace lawmaker sets out to impeach CheneyBy Mary Lou Seymour The Florida Democrat has launched a Web site — — and is gathering signatures calling for impeachment hearings against Vice President Dick Cheney.’Our constitution mandates that the House of Representatives ...Rational Review » RRND News -

Cheney Impeachment - Mainstream Media Wakes UpYour calls, letters, and emails have clearly made a difference. Already 140000 people have joined us in demanding impeachment hearings for Vice President Dick Cheney by signing up at - Impeach... -

Cheney Impeachment: Mainstream Media Wakes UpBy davidswanson
Already 140000 people have joined us in demanding impeachment hearings for Vice President Dick Cheney by signing up at The power of these combined voices are already shaking up the established order on Capitol ... - The Aggressive... -

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Wexler’s Call for Impeachment: Keep Spreading the MessageBy A Face in the Crowd Already 140000 people have joined us in demanding impeachment hearings for Vice President Dick Cheney by signing up at The power of these combined voices are already shaking up the established order on Capitol ...A View from my Balcony -

Wexler's profile rises with impeachment talk
The Capital Times - Madison,WI,USA
But the congressman who has taken the lead in the fight to open impeachment hearings against Vice President Dick Cheney has launched a Web site that says he ...See all stories on this topic

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State Democrats Renew Bush Impeachment Effort (Washington)The prime backer of a state resolution urging Congress to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney plans to return to the state Capitol in January with a slightly revised prop...Democratic Underground Latest... -

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Rep. Weiner Joins Call for Cheney Impeachment HearingsBy David M. Quintana(David M. Quintana) On Thursday, Congressman Anthony Weiner told Bob Fertik of that he would sign onto Congressman Robert Wexler's letter to Chairman John Conyers urging the commencement of impeachment hearings for Dick Cheney. ...Lost in the Ozone... -

Worth Fighting For (Impeachment; Kucinich)By dandelionsalad With so much on the line, the last thing the party chiefs want now is a floor revolt from mavericks demanding an impeachment. It goes against the button-down image the Democrats want to cultivate, and makes them look like the 1960s ...Dandelion Salad -

The Real Reasons Why Reid and Pelosi Will Not Impeach

See the TV news story from Miami,mentioned by Wexler below:
This week, the Miami Herald printed an article on our efforts that was syndicated in papers across the country, including the Detroit Free Press, Philadelphia Inquirer,Fort Worth Telegram, Contra Costa Times, Sacramento Bee, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, NC News & Observer, and others. (Click HERE to read the article.

In addition, CBS4 in Miami became the first station we know of to run a television segment about the call for hearings. Video of that can be foundHERE. )

Perhaps most importantly, just this morning the Philadelphia Inquirer courageously ran the full editorial I drafted along with my fellow Judiciary Committee members Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Rep. Tammy Baldwin (R-WI). (View it HERE .

Kudos and congratulations to the Inquirer for their willingness to publish a viewpoint that is so widely held by Americans yet one that other leading national newspapers refused to publish. We have come so far in just a few weeks.

No longer can the mainstream media ignore our efforts and dismiss this cause as only part of the fringe left.

We are seeing tangible results from our combined effort. As you already know, Congress is well behind the American people on this issue. This is an uphill battle and for now it must be the agenda for us.

Last week, I spent an hour on Blog Talk Radio outlining thoughts and answering questions in regards to this work. So many people hit their site that their servers temporarily went down. If you'd like to hear thearchived audio, please click HERE.

John Nurenberg's estimated schedule.

A Walking Call to Impeach Bush Arrives in the East VillageVillage Voice - New York,NY,USAHowever, three Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee remain vocal in favor of the impeachment of Vice President Cheney. On November 7, the House voted ...

U.S. Ruling Backs Benefit Cut at 65 in Retiree Plans
Published: December 27, 2007

WASHINGTON — The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said Wednesday that employers could reduce or eliminate health benefits for retirees when they turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare.

The policy, set forth in a new regulation, allows employers to establish two classes of retirees, with more comprehensive benefits for those under 65 and more limited benefits — or none at all — for those older.

Michelle Malkin on Nancy Pelosi’s horrible yearBy Kevin Gregory(Kevin Gregory) Michelle Malkin has the details on Nancy Pelosi's awful 2007.McClatchy Watch -

Nancy Pelosi’s annus horribilisBy Michelle Malkin It was a bad year for San Fran Nan. […] Read the rest » -

Judicial Watch: 10 Most Corrupt Politicians of 2007By Tommy Oliver Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who promised a new era of ethics enforcement in the House of Representatives, snuck a $25 million gift to her husband, Paul Pelosi, in a $15 billion Water Resources Development Act -

Progressives, To Arms! Forget about Bush—and the middle ground.
By Paul Krugman, Posted Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2007, at 7:53 AM ET

Here's a thought for progressives: Bush isn't the problem. And the next president should not try to be the anti-Bush.

No, I haven't lost my mind. I'm not saying that we should look kindly on the Worst President Ever; we'll all breathe a sigh of relief when he leaves office 405 days, 2 hours, and 46 minutes from now. (Yes, a friend gave me one of those Bush countdown clocks.) Nor am I suggesting that we should forgive and forget; I very much hope that the next president will open the records and let the full story of the Bush era's outrages be told.

Cheney Impeachment: Mainstream Media Wakes UpOpEdNews, PA - 6 hours agoby David Swanson Page 1 of 1 page(s) By Congressman Robert Wexler As we prepare to celebrate the New Year, my resolution is to hold George Bush and Dick ...Wexler pushes for Cheney's impeachment Chicago Tribuneall 23 news articles »

Think Progress
Wexler On Impeachment: ‘This Is Not The Lunatic Fringe — This Is ...Think Progress, DC - Dec 20, 2007“This is not the lunatic fringe — this is mainstream America,” Wexler said. These are “people that believe in the very patriotic vision, and they’re all ...

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A top Jewish congressman is urging Congress to consider impeaching ...Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY - Dec 14, 2007Robert Wexler (D-Fla.), told a local Democratic Party meeting on Monday in Palm Beach County, Fla. that impeachment hearings would leverage Congress' ...

3 House Judiciary Members Call for Impeachment of Cheney NOWOpEdNews, PA - Dec 14, 2007... Wexler says, “I think the mainstream media, at least thus far, have bought the notion that impeachment hearings are outside the bounds of what Congress ...

Time for Another Big Impeachment Push, Folks!OpEdNews, PA - Dec 17, 2007Use Wexler's arguments against them, and remind them about this petition, with its 80000+ names. So get to work people. We have an impeachment to get on the ...

When The MSM Refuse To Air A US Congressman's Call For Impeachment ...OpEdNews, PA - Dec 16, 2007“The truth is the mainstream media have no interest in this issue,” Wexler said Friday. “They have bought into the notion that impeachment hearings are ...

Ten minuets a day to save your country and free speechOpEdNews, PA - Dec 22, 2007Robert Wexler's impeachment petition Let's please also pass along chain letter emails about S. 1959 and ask friends to call ...

Upping the Vigil AnteOpEdNews, PA - Dec 18, 2007Congressman Wexler had to publish it on his impeachment website. The government does not need to enact censorship when the media does it for them without ...,1,6172194.story Toward Victory "Dorky old professor" walks 500 miles from Boston to D.C. for the impeachment movement By Freda Moon

Early in life, John Nirenberg dwelled on the dangers of groupthink. "With a name like mine..." he says, his sentence trailing off as he stands beside a strip mall on Route 1 in Guilford, holding a yellow sign that reads, Save the Constitution: Impeach Bush/Cheney.

His name is not, in fact, spelled like the German city which hosted the Nazi trials. But as a child, it was close enough. Nirenberg grew up reflecting on Nuremberg, with the wicked history of the Holocaust at his heels. He graduated from high school in Old Lyme, grew into a student of organizational behavior (complete with a PhD from UConn), a professor and a traveler. At 60, he's visited some 120 countries and spent his life trying to understand and explain why people do what people do.

Now Nirenberg's walking from Boston to Washington, DC—nearly 500 miles along the old Post Road, a symbolic 40-day trip—to ask Congress to do something big. He wants Speak of the House Nancy Pelosi to push for the impeachment of the President of the United States.
Nirenberg, a self-described "dorky old professor," believes that if this country doesn't oust George W. Bush, we will be judged for our inaction—like Eichmann in Jerusalem, ours would be a statement on the banality of evil. He uses an anecdote to illustrate the point: He doesn't usually watch network news, but recently found himself in a motel room taking in a 10-minute segment on the potential addictiveness of lip balm.

With an uncountable number of dead civilians in Iraq, with government-sanctioned torture, with the suspension of habeus corpus, and an impending conflict with Iran, Nirenberg thinks there's more important news. He is not worrying over moisture-dependent lips at a time like this. As the snow and ice fell hard and anyone who could hunkered inside, Nirenberg put in 14.2 miles, on a miserable day in New Haven County last week. Nirenberg's is the kind of grand gesture that evokes a response.

Jackie Ballance, a retired nurse from Northampton, Mass., borrowed a friend's minivan and drove to the Connecticut shoreline to meet Nirenberg, walk with him and shuttle him to his motel in North Haven, where he'd spend the night. Another Northampton man came just for the walk, toting a large American flag along the way.

As Nirenberg proceeds on his impeachment mission, he blogs his trip. These are from last week's entries, when he passed through Fairfield County:

"Today's bright sun was a welcome respite from yesterday's rain. The cold, however, brought sub-freezing temperatures and all those pretty rivulets of snow-melt turned to black ice. Walking on ice feels like taking two steps forward and one step back but we made it from the Darien town line to Port Chester, New York. Given the highly dense population and the busy commercial strips, we had to scamper over the ice piles and onto more ice off the road to avoid some traffic but at least it was better than the alternative—becoming pat of the grill work on an 18-wheeler."

"Passing through Stamford, a contingent of Peace Action members...joined us for a few miles into the Town of Greenwich, CT. Malcolm Decker also of that group joined later in the day as we crossed into Port Chester, N.Y., completing our miles for the day. Malcolm has stood on 109 consecutive Saturdays in front of the Ferguson Library in the Stamford Vigil for Peace.""This issue has certainly stirred the passions of many people. To us, the lying and the crimes are inexcusable, unforgivable, and screaming out for justice.

Impeachment is the tool given to us by the authors and ratifiers of the Constitution and it seems now is the time to use it...Keep up the faith, one and all; the grassroots are coming alive."

December 27th, 2007 6:13 pmA Walking Call to Impeach Bush Arrives in the East Village
By Julie Bolcer / Village Voice

John Nirenberg would walk 500 miles. And it sounds like he would walk 500 more. But unlike the persistent pop tune by The Proclaimers, he refuses to be the man who falls down at Nancy Pelosi’s door.

Nirenberg, a hearty New York City native and current resident of Brattelboro, Vermont, intends to be standing when he reaches Washington, D.C. around January 10, at the conclusion of a scheduled 40-day walk that began in Boston on December 1. This fall, the 60-year-old professor of organizational behavior and Air Force veteran decided to traverse Route 1 on foot to implore House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings against President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

“It was about a whole collection of issues around the Constitution and the behavior of this administration,” explains Nirenberg, who finds that his sense of outrage and jogging background help him complete 15 miles per day. “Especially the torture issue, the spying, and an illegal war. All of this, at some point, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I decided that I needed to do something different.”

In order to channel his frustration, Nirenberg founded the non-profit organization, March in My Name, where his trek can be followed on the Web site, He hopes also that by collecting photos, testimonials and petition signatures, he can show Speaker Pelosi that popular support exists for her, at the very least, to allow the House Judiciary Committee to open a hearing into the behavior of the Bush administration.

Since she assumed office after the mid-term elections in 2006, Speaker Pelosi has continued to insist that the impeachment option is “off the table.” Her position disappoints people like Nirenberg who had anticipated a more aggressive outcome from the Democratic majority in Congress. For example, they note with suspicion the change in House Committee Chairman John Conyers, an acknowledged proponent of executive accountability who appeared possibly bullish on impeachment in early 2006. Now in his new role, he cites a lack of votes and refers to the disruptive potential of the process.

“The Speaker is certainly aware of the frustration a lot of Americans feel about the conduct of this war,” said Drew Hammill, a Pelosi spokesperson. “But she believes that impeachment would be a distraction to the priorities of this Congress.” He declined to speculate whether the Speaker would meet with Nirenberg, who sent a certified letter recently to request an appointment.

Impeachment advocates, on the other hand, ask what could be more important for Congress to undertake than an investigation into the possibility that “high crimes and misdemeanors” have been committed in violation of the Constitution. They argue that uncensored abuses of executive power and subversion of the rule of law would hold dramatic consequences for the remainder of the Bush administration, and the future of the presidency.

Nearly 80 such supporters gathered at an evening rally for Nirenberg at St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery in late December, when he arrived after beginning his day' journey in Harlem that morning.

“This problem is not solved by the next election,” declared speaker Liz Holtzman, who served on the House Judiciary Committee in 1974 during the impeachment hearings on the activities of President Richard Nixon. “Because what is the message? It’s like saying, ‘This murderer, he’s going to die. Why do we have to go through the trouble of bringing him to justice?’”

Duty to future generations aside, immediate concerns about the election next year likely calculate into the decision of House leaders not to pursue impeachment. Democrats may fear that Republicans in the minority would attempt to portray them as obstructionist and politicized, which is precisely how Democrats painted Republicans when they proceeded with the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998 on the grounds of perjury and obstruction of justice pertaining to the Monica Lewinsky scandal and Paula Jones lawsuit.

However, three Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee remain vocal in favor of the impeachment of Vice President Cheney. On November 7, the House voted to send a resolution concerning his impeachment to the committee. Last week, Representatives Tammy Baldwin, Luis Gutierrez, and Robert Wexler published an online op-ed calling for hearings to begin. Since December 14, more than 100,000 people have signed on to to tell Congress to proceed.

Nirenberg urges reluctant members of the House to stiffen their spines, and embrace an impeachment impulse that he feels is widespread.

“They have to believe that they may actually be hurt by inaction,” he observes. “That’s my mission – to help them have the courage to understand that holding on to their 11 percent approval rating, or whatever it is, is not a strategy that is going to work. They may lose the White House.”

In fact, a USA Today/Gallup Poll of 1,011 U.S. adults conducted via telephone from December 14-16 found that 30 percent of respondents approved of Congressional job performance. The findings verge on historic lows.

Nirenberg may walk well-worn liberal territory in the exactly 485 miles between Boston and Washington, D.C., but the former college dean still insists that, “The numbers are ridiculous. When people choose to let me know how they feel, whether it’s the thumbs down or finger, or thumbs up and a horn, it’s probably 95 to 5 in favor. It’s unbelievable.”

And so Nirenberg will walk to relay that message to Speaker Pelosi, in the hope that she and her colleagues will act. “Without doing something,” he says, “this Congress is telling history, ‘We changed the Constitution.’”

Impeach Cheney now -- The allegations that he abused power are ...By two crows(two crows) Last month, the House of Representatives voted to send a resolution of impeachment of Vice President Cheney to the Judiciary Committee. As members of the House Judiciary Committee, we strongly believe these important hearings should ...Preserve, Protect and Defend -

Help Impeach Bush and CheneyIf it was up to Bush and Cheney websites like this one would not exist today. They are all for corporations controlling the internet. On top of all that, they have committed serious crimes against you, me and the constitution. ...Revver Media RSS -

[Video] Former Congressperson Holtzman talks Impeachment '08"Forget the election, '08 is about impeachment. Impeachment investigations now will lead to the resignation of Bush and Cheney and put the current candidates on warning. Find out why we have to insist on impeachment from the woman who ...Digg / upcoming -

Pelosi Has Put Impeachment Back on the Congressional Table...Again!By CausalCrunch "In September Impeach for Peace reported how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been quietly putting impeachment on (or under) the table by submitting petitions of impeachment of Vice President Cheney and President Bush into the all -

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Cheney Impeachment - Mainstream Media Wakes Up
Wexler's website tops 140000 signatures from Americans demanding impeachment hearings and the mainstream media begins showing signs of life. Digg / upcoming -

Cheney Impeachment: Mainstream Media Wakes Up to Push for HearingsBy JimSwanson Already 140000 people have joined us in demanding impeachment hearings for Vice President Dick Cheney by signing up at The power of these combined voices are already shaking up the established order on Capitol ...Progressive News Daily -

David Broder: Nancy Pelosi's grand illusionPlease read full story for latest details.New Hampshire Union Leader - RSS Feeds -

Parliamentary Procedure TricksBy (Redstate Network) It is a political necessity for them to be able to go back to their constituents and say that many a time, they were brave enough to cast votes defying Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, House Majority Whip James ...Redstate - Conservative News... -

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Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who promised a new era of ethics enforcement in the House of Representatives, snuck a $25 million gift to her husband, Paul Pelosi, in a $15 billion Water Resources Development Act ...
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There are many ways to rig an election and ensure that one candidate is favored over another. For example, it’s possible to manipulate — illegally — machines to favor a candidate, use voter caging tactics to deny ordinary citizens their voting rights, gerrymandering and redistricting plans split the votes of already disenfranchised groups. Finally, as in California, partisan organizations or parties might attempt to destroy the voting (electoral) system in order to “steal an election”.

One of the more subtle and destructive forms of “rigging” an election occurs in the arena of public opinion. It’s rarely studied or denounced because it isn’t a form of manipulation that can be easily spotted or stopped. Planting seeds of doubt or “inevitability” are a political strategist’s best friend.

The diabolical genius of Karl Rove and GOP political strategists

In 1999, the GOP was angling for Evangelical Christians because of the events that helped bring down Clinton’s presidency. The issue of infidelity and “lying” to America about it was an impossible hurdle for Clinton to overcome, but he was ending his second term in office so the faith was used to convince Americans to reach out to God.

It was a subtle form of manipulation, a fair one at that. People just ‘felt’ like steering right was the only way to go as the 2000 elections approached. I can’t say with certainty that most Americans who voted for Bush arrived at that conclusion on their own. It’s possible they were subtly guided by the rhetoric that took place in the public discourse.

Nationalism - God and Country Turned the Election in 2004

Again, this subtle war on independent thinking took Americans by storm and John Kerry’s campaign was derailed by the same people that hanged Bill Clinton in 2000. I’m not going to argue whether they were right or wrong, the point of this is the genius (and danger) of political manipulation.

With genius comes serious consequences, however, because it’s possible to out-think yourself if you aren’t careful. As a political strategist, when you’ve figured out how to manipulate people, what is to stop you from doing it again and again? What happens when you start believing your own subtle deceptions? Let’s take a look at what is going on in the public opinion right now. I think it’s important that people understand how they are being manipulated, if ever so subtly. The following segment requires critical thinking and creativity, but it isn’t difficult to follow if you’ve been paying attention to politics and the players that make it all happen.

Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy Was Sabotaged Long Ago


Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is one of the best examples of the diabolical genius of Karl Rove. For some people, this will seem “obvious” or “out there”, while other’s may experience a “Eureka!” moment. The point, however, is that manipulation is happening and it is working out well for the GOP, all things considered.

How do you destroy a candidate that wields the Clinton name. Regardless of whether you loved or hated Bill Clinton, if you are a political strategist that needs to end the Clinton campaign what is the best way to do it?

Answer: Plant a self-destructing mechanism in the minds of the general public.

Karl Rove was the first strategist that I heard planting the seeds of destruction in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. First, he publicly reached out to Hillary Clinton and then dropped a political bombshell when he declared Hillary Clinton our next President. Analysts and journalists ate this stuff up and the American people have bought into the inevitability campaign. Soon after this happened, President Bush was quick to declare Hillary Clinton future President.

The worst possible endorsement for ANY Democrat to have is an endorsement from President Bush. Couple that with “Rudy Giuliani can defeat Hillary Clinton” rhetoric and you have a sure GOP win — or so they thought. The problem with inevitability, as Karl Rove knows, is that the only thing inevitable about elections is uncertainty, confusion, propaganda and manipulation in the months that come before the primaries arrive.

Understanding “Inevitability” - Why would a Republican declare a Democrat as inevitable, especially when that Democrat happens to be Hillary Clinton? The conservative blogs were all over inevitability when it started, it was a brilliant move because it got everyone talking about Hillary Clinton. The Master of Puppets, Mr. Rove was no doubt sleeping with a smile on his face, because he knew what inevitability was going to do to the political discourse. It’s manipulation at its finest and yes, it IS genius.
What inevitability did:

1. It created an illusion of victory and this helped give Hillary Clinton a false sense of hope that she would win the primary and election with ease. Clinton was strong and even brilliant during the debates, but Barack Obama was no fool and in the end, it worked against Clinton who spent so much time campaigning against the phantom GOP candidate. She never distinguished herself from her Democratic rivals.

2. Triangulation is impossible to achieve when you are declared future President. Expectations were very high and Hillary Clinton allowed herself to believe that she was in-fact inevitable. Karl Rove knows well how triangulation made Bill Clinton the best American -politician- there ever was. Hillary Clinton almost pulled the strategy off herself until she tripped over issues of immigration that are NOT easy to answer if you sit in the center and do the dance.

3. When you’re at the top, the only way to go is down! Clinton hasn’t been able to recover from the overwhelming expectations placed on her by the GOP and DNC. Her inability to please both sides with her ’safe’ answers was inevitable, hence making the “inevitability” label something more of a snare than a boost for her campaign.

4. Hillary Clinton’s inevitability was destined for failure because nobody likes a cocky favorite. Republican and Democratic opponents were poised to go after her the moment she fell from her perch. Our nation isn’t a huge fan of certainty come election time. Inevitability gave Americans a reason to despise Hillary Clinton. While she didn’t entirely earn the villain tag, she was deprived the role of the underdog going into 2008. Hillary Clinton’s biggest crime was acting like a politician, Karl Rove was betting on it and the GOP won as a result.

5. Political manipulation is how the game is played and Clinton allowed herself to be snared by rhetoric. The worst thing going forward for the GOP and Karl Rove is Hillary Clinton wins. Rove can then say “you see, I was right about Clinton’s inevitability!” However, if she loses, everything will go as planned. It’s like when you bet against your team to win the Super Bowl. It’s easier to reason that “Well, if I lose the bet at least my team wins and I’ll be happy, but if I win the bet, my team loses, but I have something to show for it!”

Same thing happened with inevitability, it was the bait and the public fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, she fell for it too. Up to this point, not a single political analyst has brought this issue to light and I think it’s a testament to how far America has fallen with respect to political discourse and independent thinking. Then again, maybe people are too lazy to think about how and why people do the things they do, especially when they seem to defy all logic.

Finally, once all of the political sparring has taken place, the negative response to ‘inevitability’ closes the deal. Republicans are put in a fight or flight situation and it inspires them to spew the “Anyone but Clinton” rhetoric. Meanwhile they wear their “Bush Clinton Bush Clinton… JUST SAY NO in 2008″ t-shirts and even encourage Democrats to look elsewhere. e.g. The latest political spin is how the Republicans love Barack Obama and are secretly hoping he wins so that they can vote for him. (Rolls eyes) In politics, irrational moves should always be looked upon with a skeptical eye, they are very likely calculated and intended to produce a result.

Des Moines Register

Just a couple of dumb broads
December 28, 2007 - 9:45am
Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi hurt the cause of women

Conventional wisdom said Hillary Rodham Clinton was the smartest candidate among the crowded fields for both the Democratic and Republican Presidential nomination.

The same conventional wisdom promised great things from Nancy Pelosi - the first woman to lead the House of Representative as Speaker.

So much for conventional wisdom.

As we head into the primary season next week, Hillary is scrambling to hold on to that once perceived insurmountable lead as the Democratic contender, felled by a seemingly unending end to campaign gaffes, logistical screw ups and dumb mistakes.

With her campaign now a nightmare of political misadventure, Hillary moves from one SNAFU after another.

Nancy went home after a year of failure, leading a Democratic Congress down the path of capitulation to George W. Bush, the most unpopular President in American history.

Couldn't happen to two more deserving broads.

Ohmigod! Did he say broads! I knew it Thompson! You always were a sexist pig.


If it's sexist to recognize that the two most prominent Democrats in Washington have set the cause of equality for women back at least 50 years then I'm guilty as charged.

Oink, oink.

I never expected much out of Pelosi, despite the pipe dreams of others who thought she could handle the job. She was, is, and always will be a political lightweight.

Not so with Clinton. She was another story. She may be a cold, calculating, heartless bitch but few considered her dumb.

She was the Dick Cheney of Bill Clinton's administration, the power behind the man, the manipulator of policy and, many thought, the architect of her husband's political success.

But looking back on the Clinton years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we should have seen the warning sign that Bubba's long, suffering "stand by your man" wife was at least a beer or two short of a six pack.

I remember all too well that infamous television interview during the beginnings of the Monica Lewinsky scandal when she defended her husband, said she believed he was faithful to her, and blamed the whole thing on a "vast right wing conspiracy."

Yeah, right. If Hillary didn't know Bill was screwing around on her she was the only one in the country and, as H.L. Mencken once noted, nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

When DNA tests on a cum-stained blue dress finally forced Bill to 'fess up, Hillary turned into the woman scorned, angry at her husband's betrayal. The act was so good that some actually felt sorry for her.

Now she wants us to believe that the woman who didn't realize she was married to the biggest Presidential whore hound since JFK is the most qualified candidate for the highest office in the land?

And, to make matters worse, she - along with too many other Democrats - voted to let George W. Bush launch his illegal and immoral war in Iraq.

That gives her something in common with the other over hyped woman in Washington - Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader who failed to deliver on a contract with voters who demanded change on Capitol Hill.

Maybe right-wing blowhard Phyllis Schlafly was right: Maybe women should stay home, cook dinner, clean house and take care of the kids.

“John Conyers is not waffling about impeachment. He is being arm-twisted. He needs to hear from the public“.

Those were the words of an Aide at my U.S. Representative’ s office.
I wanted to weigh that talking point in. Because the truth is, the more signatures a congressman can wave in front of his face, the more calls he gets, the more public input to strengthen his position with Congress, the better the chances of winning an argument on the Congressional floor.

Last but not least, sometimes politicians need to be encouraged. Sometimes they fight against great odds, and other times they are up against matters behind the scenes which we know nothing about, etc. We don’t know what the pressures are on politicians behind the scenes, so it may be best not to judge.

The more public input, the better. This will offer our politicians encouragement and backbone they need to do whatever it is that needs to be done, especially if they are under adversarial pressure.

Rep. Robert Wexler said in his Florida Progressive Radio speech on Thursday, December 20th that first of all, it is not impeachment per se that he is advocating: Instead, it’s about impeachment hearings. There’s a big difference. Also, he said that as long as the process was done in a professional and fair spirit, the country would not be as divided as it was when Clinton was impeached.

Another important talking point is that Kucinich has pointed out on his campaign trail that due process of law for American citizens is at stake under this current Administration. To uphold, protect and defend the Constitution is a core issue and time is of the essence. One look at the ACLU's website statistics will provide mountains of evidence to support that statement.

The impeachment movement is gathering steam, and rapidly too.

A November 13 impeachment poll done by the American Research Group interviewed a cross-sector of Democratic, Republican and Independent constituents. Of these, more than 70% agreed that Bush and Cheney had committed high crimes or abused their power, 43% favored impeachment of Cheney even this late into the game, and 34% favored impeaching Bush. Those figures come before impeachment hearings have even begun: As hearings commence, it is extremely likely and even almost a certainty that those figures would climb.

The figures would also be bound to climb if the public understands correctly what the term “high crimes” means: Far from being some sort of violent felony, “high crimes” refers to crimes against the Constitution and Congress. (Petit crimes refers to crimes against the people). With that understanding in mind, the numbers of people chiming in their “yes” to impeachment would probably be even greater.

The fact that Wexler got 120,000 signatures in a 5-day period favoring impeachment hearings for Cheney, without so much as one mainstream newspaper publicizing the cause, speaks miles about the public sentiment and how much this movement is gaining steam.

We should be encouraged, not discouraged!

Let’s add to the movement and let a wave gather to become a tidal wave!

Please write to John Conyers, Nancy Pelosi and your own U.S. Representative telling them we favor impeachment. When enough people weigh in, they can’t use the lame old argument that the country will be divided by impeachment, because the numbers of calls and letters will prove otherwise.

Please also remind them that:

A) It is not about partisan politics, but about upholding the Constitution itself. This is a very serious matter.

B) A precedent is set for future presidents to believe that they, too, can literally get away with murder if the current Congress does not put a “check” on the Executive Branch’s run-away power-grabbing.

C) The country already is divided just by virtue of Bush and Cheney’s presence in office. Professionally-conducted hearings done in a fair and balanced way will avert the nation-wide division of the people. (And so will their stopping the passage of S. 1959, which itself is a legislative attempt to divide the country. Lt's call the Representatives on their act when claiming to be concerned about the division in the country!)

D) Last but not least, please remind the Congress members that we pay them taxes to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution: They work for us, not the other way around!

As for Nancy Pelosi, I suggest to send her a get-well card written "To the US Constitution in care of Nancy Pelosi" and wish the Constitution a get-well message. Nancy Pelosi herself perhaps may respond to a card saying "We're thinking of you.... and hoping you are putting impeachment back on the table". Or "we're thinking of you...and hoping you will reconsider your decision to obstruct justice. Put impeachment on the table".

Perhaps obstruction of justice is a good talking point, wherever any Congressperson is blocking impeachment.

I suspect that Congress is putting a lid on impeachment because they are scared that their own complicity in many crimes to be uncovered by impeachment hearings will come to public light. Their votes to undermine our civil liberties are no small part in this "game". But of course it's their responsibility too if it comes back to haunt them. What the solution is to their dodging and covering up their act is an unknown to me: Any suggestions readers may have, please post them below! (Except, of course, "obstruction of justice" which is a legally-binding phrase, and is really the truth).

Please write your friendly underground editors (because the mainstream has blocked this matter, and in so doing are obstructing justice: Let's get 'em for it!) and use any talking points above you find helpful. In that letter be sure to request that readers call John Conyers’s office and their U.S. Representative to weigh in about impeachment.

The most important thing we ever could do to stop the wars of aggression, preserve our freedom, bring our budget back to some semblance of progress toward the goal of balance, prevent The Great Depression from revisiting us anew, get child healthcare and stop global warming is to oust the enemies of all the causes above: Cheney and Bush.

Let’s focus in on this as a matter of first priority. Our children will thank us, and frankly so will I personally. How about ten minutes a day to help impeachment along?
Thank you all and very best wishes to everyone!
1 2

Take action -- click here to contact your local newspaper or congress people:please write your friendly editors an impeachment note

Click here to see the most recent messages sent to congressional reps and local newspapers

This quote summarizes the nature of my concerns and the content of personal experiences which stir my activism: "Necessity is the plea for every infringement on human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves". --Paul Revere, House of Commons
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Subject: ACTION: COVER-UP could kill DEM '08 chances

Call these Democrats & tell them that not investigating Cheney's crimes is tantamount to a cover-up, which has proven worse than the crime, in American history. "It was the COVER UP, stupid!" that doomed both Nixon and Clinton.

Tell them that as Democrats, we do not want our party to be caught holding the "cover-up" bag.

Tell them that all of their excuses for not investigating these impeachable offenses pale in comparison with the clear possibility that "covering up" these crimes will likely lead to a Democratic "thumping" at the polls in '08.

Tell them that "taking impeachment off the table" + "sitting out an investigation" = COVER UP, which is not a politically wise thing to do in this country. Americans can forgive wrongdoings, but they never forgive a COVER UP!!

On "Leave it to Beaver," the Beave got off pretty lightly when he apologized to Mom & Dad, but when he listened to Eddie Haskell, and tried to cover up his naughtiness, he was sent to his room for a long, long time. This is the American way, folks.

Here is a list of phone numbers to call. Ask the person who answers for the e-mail address. They may give you theirs & will forward your message, because many only respond to constituents on their websites, who have the right zip code.

I just called all of these folks & they tell me that they're getting a lot of calls like mine, which is a good thing. One of them told me that as soon as Conyers opens this up, she will be on board.

John Conyers (MI-14) 202-225-5126

Bobby Scott (VA-03) 202-225-8351

Brad Sherman (CA-27) 202- 225-5911

Betty Sutton (OH-13) 202-225-3401 Toll-Free: 866-317-9980

Mel Watt (NC-12) 202-225-1510 Anthony Weiner (NY-09) 202-225-6616

Howard Berman (CA-28) 202-225-4695

Artur Davis (AL-07) 202- 225-2665, 205-254-1960

William Delahunt (MA-10) 202-225-3111

Zoe Lofgren (CA-16) 202-225-3072

Jerrold Nadler (NY-08) 202-225-5635

Linda Sanchez (CA-39) 202-225-6676, 562-860-5050

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-20) 202-225-7931

The Second Civil War How Extreme Partisanship Has Paralyzed Washington and Polarized America

By Ronald Brownstein


The cover of Tikkun, the magazine I edit, proclaimed in its January/February issue this year that "Hope Is Back." For tens of thousands of Bay Area readers, that belief seems now to rest in the distant past. Many of us had imagined that a liberal leader such as Nancy Pelosi would take the mandate to end the Iraq war that had resounded through the November 2006 election and provide the kind of principled leadership that had for so long been absent in the Democratic Party.

Instead, by the end of 2007, many liberals and progressives, both in the Bay Area and around the country, felt deeply betrayed by Pelosi and her fellow Democratic congressional leaders. Pelosi had the power to stop the war by refusing to put on the floor of the House any funding authorization for the Defense Department until President Bush committed himself to fully withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq by early next year. Instead, not only were Democrats funding the war, but they even voted for $100 billion for Bush's "surge" to increase the U.S. military's presence.

As to the erosion of civil liberties they had promised to combat, their failure there was summed up in a full-page add the American Civil Liberties Union bought in The Chronicle. It showed a picture of two sheep - one tagged Pelosi, the other tagged Reid (as in Harry, the majority leader of Senate Democrats) - to protest the Democrats' support for an extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ("We don't need sheep protecting the Bill of Rights. We need lions."). As the ad stated, that extension "unbelievably gives new powers to the Attorney General to eavesdrop on American citizens."

Unfortunately, Ronald Brownstein wrote his new book, "The Second Civil War," just after the 2006 election. His main goal was to warn the country about the excessive partisanship that has, according to the book's subtitle, "paralyzed Washington and polarized America." He was, no doubt, expecting the Democrats to be extremely partisan in fighting for an end to the war and a return to civil liberties and human rights, writing that "the distance between the two parties has widened, even as dissent within the parties has diminished" and that though "the Republican Party has contributed more than the Democrats to the rising cycle of polarization in American politics," it's only because the Democrats have not had "as much opportunity to implement a philosophy of government."

But his book seems particularly out of date at a time when Democrats are not only funding war and refusing to put impeachment on the table but also simultaneously tabling motions from the Congressional Iraq Peace Caucus that would require Bush to get approval from Congress before starting any military attack on Iran. This is not to mention their confirming a U.S. attorney general who openly proclaims that he doesn't know that waterboarding is torture.

And though Brownstein acknowledges that "the rise in political conflict is a measure of vitality" and played a large role in achieving civil rights for minorities, building an environmental consciousness and bringing neglected social grievances to the surface, he is most fearful of "division" in today's politics. For him, compromise and accommodation are the ultimate goods, and with that in mind, he gives a brilliant reading of American politics of the past 50 years, as judged by these values.

He nods approvingly about the moments when the two major political parties have come together and is wary that the Democrats' success last year will lead to a new escalation in partisanship. Lest anyone think the balance of power has decisively shifted, he warns there is "no evidence that the [2006] election amounted to a widespread endorsement of Democratic ideas."

And right there is the problem. For in the very decades where Brownstein describes increasing polarization between the left and the right, a host of social scientists and economists have demonstrated the opposite - a growing willingness in both major parties to support the interests of America's most powerful corporate elite and the wealthiest of our citizens. Democrats have joined interests with Republicans in the years in which the gap between rich and poor - and between rich and super-rich - has dramatically increased, and the educational system has increasingly moved away from teaching creativity and caring toward promoting skills that will, in Bill Clinton's vision, make Americans more competitive in the global economy.

Both parties have moved toward a military policy based on a "homeland security" attained through domination rather than generosity and have approved global trade agreements that have further impoverished the poor in developing countries even as they nurtured a growing upper class there. And because they dare not confront the ideology of the marketplace, both parties have promoted environmental policies that, given an almost certain coming global disaster, are token.

These larger dynamics are prima facie evidence for the disastrous consequences of too much bipartisanship and not enough prophetic and principled leadership. But Brownstein does not address these issues, in the same way the media in general does not adequately address other telling issues, such as the connection between U.S. prosperity and poverty in the Third World, where the situation is so dire that, according to the United Nations, 20,000 to 30,000 children die each day from starvation or diseases related to malnutrition and inadequate health care.

And maybe that's why the media cover elections as if they were a game, as if responding to a deeper truth that isn't articulated: because there's not much difference between Republicans and Democrats. Hillary Clinton will not end the war in Iraq nor do much for global poverty and ecological sanity, and she and Pelosi will run the country in a way that may differ only stylistically from the men who have run it through the ages. The rule of the wealthy and the multinationals will not change much, and the Defense Department's corporate allies will not have much to fear.

Perhaps believing all of that - much less struggling for peace and social justice and challenging the "bottom line" consciousness of materialism and selfishness that are undermining our families and polluting our public space - makes me and millions of other Americans "extreme partisans." But until American politicians are willing to seek an explicit alternative to the me-first ethos of our competitive marketplace, there will be a continuing need for the kind of alternative political vision to the inside-the-Beltway consciousness Brownstein represents so powerfully in this engaging but deeply mistaken book.

Rabbi Michael Lerner is editor of Tikkun magazine, chair of the interfaith Network of Spiritual Progressives, author of "The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country From the Religious Right" and rabbi of Beyt Tikkun synagogue, which conducts services in San Francisco and Berkeley. His Web site is

This article appeared on page M - 3 of the San Francisco Chronicle
Winter Solstice Marks 'Global Orgasm For Peace'

Anti-War Activists Pinpoint Exact Moment In 2nd Annual Event

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) ― If you're feeling the world is a bit more peaceful this holiday weekend, you may want to thank an anti-war activist couple in California, and a good deal of frisky folks who are taking part in their annual demonstration, the "Global Orgasm For Peace."

Paul Reffell, 56, and Donna Sheehan, 77, who live just north of San Francisco began the romantic movement that literally preaches and practices the mantra, "Make love, not war," last December. "

We heard about the Global Consciousness Project in Princeton, which measures the effects of human consciousness on the world, and we wondered how we could affect it in a positive way," Reffell told"

Well what if everyone had an orgasm at the same time around the world? How would that affect the planet?"

Their theory is that if enough people can enjoy the positive effects of an orgasm at the same exact moment, a "surge of physical and spiritual positivity will infuse the Earth's energy field."

Reffell said the 14 million page views accumulated on their Web site during the weeks before the inaugural 2006 event and the hundreds of supportive e-mails they'd received led them to believe the movement was a success and worth trying again.

"We felt really good and we know there were millions of others feeling good, and if it can make a change in the actual energy, then why not?" Reffell said. But this year the couple, who have been together for 15 years, decided to try and pinpoint the exact time the "Global O" should happen and pronounced the winter solstice -- 6:08 a.m. GMT on Saturday -- as the official moment of peace. For New Yorkers interested in taking part, that's 1:08 a.m. EST.

"It has definitely created a global giggle," Sheehan said.

Here's a story I wrote for everyone for this Christmas Season.

If you like it, and want to share it with others, you certainly have myblessing.

I only ask that you send it out under my title and by-line.Merry Christmas,Bob.

To Walk A Thousand Miles

by Robert A. Feuer Stockbridge, Massachusetts.29 October 2007

One starry night a little over 2000 years ago, on a hillside near Persepolis, three men named Hor, Lun, and Mer gazed into the nightsky. There to the West they saw a brilliant star shining in thenight sky over Jerusalem. No ordinary men were these three forthey were learned magians.

As wizened students of the ancient loreand able to discern the import of celestial events, that night’sspectacle announced the Sun’s orbital passage out of theconstellation Aries and into that of Pisces within whose domainour Sun would remain the ensuing 2,100 years.Hor, Lun, and Mer were not mere astronomers, the ancient lore wasfar more profound than that limited by the physical universe.

Thebrilliance of the star signified the moment of the passage of thescepter and chalice from the guardians of the prior Arian age toRamasa and Vacabiel, the Cheribum and Seraphim of the Piscean Age.

The lore read that at such cusps, a master soul was to be born onearth to bring us guidance for the entire new age. The exactplacement in the heavens of the brilliant star told of the earthly location of the heavenly birth.

And so, Hor, Lun, and Mer wanting to see the master of the comingage, then decided upon appropriate gifts to bring with them.

One brought gold, the symbol of nobility. Another brought myrrh, the symbol of dominion and power.

The last chose frankincense, thesymbol of the wisdom of the sage.

Pack animals laden with provisions and gifts; no compass, save the stars to guide them; the three magi, Hor, Lun, and Mer, set offfor Jerusalem in search of the birthplace of the master of the new born Piscean Age.

As the crow flies, this was to be a journey on foot of one thousand miles.

This Holiday Season, as you pass by a nativity scene, pay homageto the first people who came to honor the birth of the baby Jesus.

For Hor, Lun, and Mer knew from their heritage and lore that theChrist would be with us long before it was ever known that there would be Christians. Honor the teachings of the master of the age with every breath that you take, not only at Christmas, not only on Sundays, not only amongst people of your own faith or color,f or these are the sacred laws of Brotherhood, of Peace on earth,and good will to every living thing.

Though Persia is today called Iran, still the tombs of the ancient kings of Persia, the language, heritage, and culture of the people remain as they were based in the times of Hor, Lun, and Mer. Do not heed any leader who would call himself or herself a Christian,who would raise a voice or lift a hand in harm of the descendants,the modern day keepers of the wisdom of Hor, Lun, and Mer. Forsuch a leader is false, is not a Christian, and will only lead youaway from the sacred laws brought to you by Jesus.

For it is onlyafter we have all learned to obey these sacred laws of Brotherhood, of Peace on earth, and good will to every living thing may we enter the age of Wisdom.

Post Script:At age twenty-four when Jesus entered Persia on his way home, he reached Persepolis, the city of the learned magi, the three wise men. The magisensed the Christ’s nearing, and they went out to greet him.

When they met in the way, all four stood transfixed in brilliant light, more godlike than human. Hor, Lun, and Mer brought Jesus to their home where Jesus told of his miraculous life. There they were joined by Kaspar,Zara, and Melzone, magi from the North.

Kaspar was known as the most wise. “For seven days they sat in silent communion. It was said they sought for light, for revelation and for power.

The laws and precepts ofthe coming age required all the wisdom of the masters of the world.” 1.1. The Aquarian Bible of Jesus the Christ, by Levi. (1907) DeVorss &Co., L.A., CA.

Sheehan urges House Intel Committe to subpoena PelosiIn an email from Cindy Sheehan obtained by Yeas & Nays, "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan calls on House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Silvestre Reyes to "subpoena Nancy Pelosi to testify before Congress on her knowledge of the CIA tor...Yeas & Nays -

By Robert Parry December 19, 2007

Even as Hillary Clinton’s operatives were dropping hints that Republicans would exploit Barack Obama’s youthful drug use, some Clinton insiders privately worried about her own vulnerability because the Bush administration possesses detailed knowledge of her movements – and her husband’s – over the past seven years.

Because of Sen. Clinton’s unique status as the first former First Lady to run for President – and because her husband was succeeded by a Republican – she is the first candidate to have both her and her spouse be subject to regular, long-term surveillance by an Executive Branch agency controlled by the opposing political party.

Since they left the White House in 2001, Bill and Hillary Clinton have been under the protection of the Secret Service, formerly a branch of the Treasury Department and now part of the Homeland Security Department. Records are maintained showing where they go and whom they meet.

Homeland Security is under the control of Michael Chertoff, a longtime Clinton nemesis dating back to his work as a Republican lawyer on the Senate’s Whitewater investigation in the 1990s. In 2003, Sen. Clinton cast the sole dissenting vote against Chertoff’s nomination as a federal judge in protest against his abrasive conduct during the Whitewater inquiry.

Though Secret Service records are supposed to be closely held secrets, a source close to the Clintons told me that it is believed that senior Republicans have received regular briefings about movements of the Clintons that might prove embarrassing if released during the general election campaign.

Given this possibility, Clinton operatives were walking a tightrope when they began raising questions about what bare-knuckled Republican operatives might do with Sen. Obama’s public acknowledgement that he experimented with drugs, including cocaine, as a young man.

As part of the Clinton campaign’s broader effort to raise doubts about Obama’s electability, Clinton’s New Hampshire co-chairman Bill Shaheen told the Washington Post that “one of the things [the Republicans are] certainly going to jump on is his drug use. …

“It’ll be, ‘When was the last time? Did you ever give drugs to anyone? Did you sell them to anyone?’ … There are so many openings for Republican dirty tricks. It’s hard to overcome.”

Though an uproar over the remarks soon forced Shaheen’s resignation, Clinton’s chief strategist Mark Penn managed to slip the word “cocaine” into a denial that the Clinton campaign was playing its own dirty trick.

"The issue related to cocaine use is not something the campaign is in any way raising," Penn said on MSNBC’s "Hardball."

The Clinton campaign’s gamesmanship prompted more protests from the Obama camp and a satire by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd who recounted a mock Iowa debate in which Hillary Clinton inserted drug references at every possible opportunity. [NYT, Dec. 16, 2007]

Clinton/Bush Ties

But there is a history to the Clinton and Bush families possessing damaging secrets about the other, a kind of balance of terror in which the Bushes usually have the upper hand and the Clintons have chosen mostly to make concessions and seek favors from the more powerful family.

On Dec. 17 in South Carolina, Bill Clinton demonstrated that tendency, saying Hillary Clinton’s first act as President would be to send Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush on an around-the-world mission to repair America’s image.

“The first thing she intends to do is to send me and former President Bush and a number of other people around the world to tell them that America is open for business and cooperation again,” said Bill Clinton, who is proud that he has accompanied the senior Bush on many international humanitarian missions.

Clinton’s comment could be viewed as both a slap at George W. Bush and a kiss-up to his father. But the elder Bush responded icily through a spokesman, saying he supports his son’s foreign policy and “never discussed an ‘around-the-world mission’ with either former President Bill Clinton or Sen. Clinton.”

It was not the first time that the senior Bush, the patriarch of America’s most prominent political family, had put down the upstart Clinton.

In 1992 when Clinton – as Arkansas governor – sought the White House, then-President Bush encouraged his subordinates to find a “silver bullet” that would kill off Clinton’s presidential hopes.

The senior Bush later acknowledged to FBI investigators that he was “nagging” his aides to push for more information about Bill Clinton’s student travels to the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia and about right-wing rumors that Clinton had sought to renounce his U.S. citizenship.

“Hypothetically speaking, President Bush advised that he would not have directed anyone to investigate the possibility that Clinton had renounced his citizenship because he would have relied on others to make this decision,” according to an FBI report on its interview with the elder Bush. “He [Bush] would have said something like, ‘Let’s get it out’ or ‘Hope the truth gets out.’” [For details, see Robert Parry’s Secrecy & Privilege.]

With such high-level urging, White House chief of staff James Baker instructed his aide, Janet Mullins, to ask Steven Berry, assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs, about progress on right-wing press requests for information about Clinton’s student travel.
Eventually, the White House interest was communicated to State Department official Elizabeth Tamposi, a Bush political appointee who saw it as a green light to move ahead with the legally questionable search.

On the night of Sept. 30, 1992, Tamposi dispatched three aides to the federal records center in Suitland, Maryland, where they searched Clinton’s passport file as well as his mother’s, presumably because they thought it might contain some references to Clinton.

In a later press interview, Tamposi asserted that she ordered the search after Berry had pressured her to “dig up dirt on Clinton” for the Bush White House.

Press Leak

Though finding no letter renouncing citizenship, the State Department officials still made use of Clinton’s passport application, which had staple holes and a slight tear in the corner.

The tear was easily explained by the routine practice of stapling a photo or money order to the application, but Tamposi seized on the ripped page to justify a new suspicion, that a Clinton ally at the State Department had removed the renunciation letter.

Tamposi shaped that speculation into a criminal referral which was forwarded to the Justice Department. Thin as the case was, George H.W. Bush’s reelection campaign had its official action so the renunciation rumor could be turned into a public issue.

Within hours of the criminal referral, someone from the Bush camp leaked word about the confidential FBI investigation to reporters at Newsweek magazine.

The Newsweek story about the tampering investigation hit the newsstands on Oct. 4, 1992. The article suggested that a Clinton backer might have removed incriminating material from Clinton’s passport file, precisely the spin that the Bush people wanted.

Immediately, President George H.W. Bush took the offensive, using the press frenzy over the tampering story to attack Clinton’s patriotism on a variety of fronts, including his student trip to Moscow in 1970. With his patriotism challenged, Clinton saw his once-formidable lead shrink.

Clinton’s campaign ultimately was saved by quick-thinking Democrats on Capitol Hill who exposed the passport leak as a political dirty trick. That forced the elder Bush into a quasi-apology for the scandal, which became known as “Passport-gate.”

After Clinton won the election, however, the criminality of the dirty trick was swept under the rug by Republican special prosecutor Joseph DiGenova, who was appointed to investigate by a federal judicial panel run by right-wing appellate judge David Sentelle.

(Showing what a small world political Washington can be, DiGenova is married to Republican lawyer Victoria Toensing, a key figure in the public attacks on former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife, CIA officer Valerie Plame, over Wilson’s criticism of the WMD intelligence that George W. Bush used to justify invading Iraq.)

Unearthing Dirt

As President, Clinton not only turned the other cheek in regard to “Passport-gate” but made sure that federal investigators averted their eyes from other scandals implicating former President Bush. Clinton presumably thought that his magnanimity could gain some reciprocity from Republicans when it came to his own scandals.

As Clinton was taking office in 1993, three important investigations were underway, all of which Clinton could have helped by ordering key documents declassified or giving other backing to the investigators.

Special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh was still battling the cover-up that had surrounded the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s; Democratic congressmen were digging into the “Iraqgate” scandal, the covert supplying of dangerous weapons to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein in the 1980s; and a House task force was suddenly inundated with evidence pointing to Republican guilt in the “October Surprise” case, alleged interference by the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1980 to undermine President Jimmy Carter’s efforts to free 52 American hostages then held in Iran.

Combined, those three investigations could have rewritten the history of the 1980s, exposing serious wrongdoing by Republicans who had held the White House for a dozen years. The full story also would likely have terminated the presidential ambitions of the powerful Bush family, since George H.W. Bush was implicated in all three scandals.

However, Clinton and the leaders of the Democratic majorities in Congress didn’t care enough about the truth to fight for it. Instead, they saw the truth as a bargaining chip that could be cheaply traded away.

Clinton agreed to let George H.W. Bush retreat gracefully into retirement despite Bush’s brazen attempt to destroy Walsh’s criminal investigation by issuing six pardons to Iran-Contra defendants on Christmas Eve 1992.

In his 2004 memoir, My Life, Clinton wrote that he “disagreed with the pardons and could have made more of them but didn’t.” Clinton cited several reasons for giving his predecessor a pass.

“I wanted the country to be more united, not more divided, even if that split would be to my political advantage,” Clinton wrote. “Finally, President Bush had given decades of service to our country, and I thought we should allow him to retire in peace, leaving the matter between him and his conscience.”

By his choice of words, Clinton revealed how he saw information – not something that belonged to the American people and that had intrinsic value to the democratic process – but as a potential weapon that could be put to “political advantage.”

Joining the Cover-ups

On the Iran-Contra pardons, Clinton saw himself as generously passing up a club that he could have wielded to bludgeon an adversary. He chose instead to join in a cover-up in the name of national unity.

Similarly, the Democratic congressional leadership ignored the flood of incriminating evidence pouring into the “October Surprise” task force in December 1992.

Chief counsel Lawrence Barcella told me later that he urged task force chairman Lee Hamilton to extend the investigation several months to examine this new evidence of Republican guilt, but Hamilton ordered Barcella simply to wrap up the probe with a finding that the Reagan-Bush campaign had done nothing wrong.

Some of the new incriminating evidence – including an unprecedented report from the Russian government about its knowledge of illicit Republican contacts with Iran – was simply hidden away in boxes that I discovered two years later and dubbed “The October Surprise X-Files.”

The “Iraqgate” investigation met a similar fate under Clinton’s Justice Department, which chose to ignore or dismiss evidence of covert shipments of dangerous war materiel to Saddam Hussein during the 1980s.

When former Reagan national security official Howard Teicher came forward with an affidavit describing secret U.S.-backed arms shipments to Iraq, Clinton’s Justice Department went on the offensive – against Teicher, bullying him into silence.

Even as Republicans pounded Clinton over his Whitewater real estate deal and other alleged misdeeds, his administration continued to see no evil when it came to criminal acts implicating Ronald Reagan or George H.W. Bush.

True to form, the Clinton administration did nothing when Reagan’s 1984 campaign chief Ed Rollins wrote in his 1996 memoir Bare Knuckles and Back Rooms that a top Filipino politician had admitted delivering an illegal $10 million cash payment to Reagan from Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

"I was the guy who gave the ten million from Marcos to your campaign," the Filipino told Rollins in 1991, according to the memoir. "I was the guy who made the arrangements and delivered the cash personally. ...It was a personal gift from Marcos to Reagan."

However, Rollins has refused since to divulge the name of either the Filipino politician or the Republican lobbyist who allegedly handled the pay-off. The stunning anecdote did attract some press coverage in 1996 but the story died because the Clinton administration made no effort to follow it up.

(Rollins is now chairman of Republican Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign.) [For details on Marcos-Reagan case, see’s “Huckabee’s Chairman Hid Payoff Secret.”]

Off the Radar

During Clinton’s presidency, I approached then-deputy White House chief of staff John Podesta and other senior officials to ask whether they had any plans to pursue important investigations that had been left undone in 1993. I was told those issues simply weren’t “on the radar scopes.”

However, if Clinton thought that his collaboration in keeping the Reagan-Bush secrets from the American people would earn him some bipartisan help from the Republicans, he was mistaken.

Clinton saw his prized domestic agenda, including Hillary Clinton’s health care reform, defeated; his party lose control of Congress in 1994; the House vote to impeach him in 1998 for lying about an extramarital sexual relationship; and George H.W. Bush’s oldest son steal the 2000 election from Clinton’s Vice President, Al Gore.

Now, as Campaign 2008 begins to unfold, a similar dynamic is in place.

George W. Bush has engaged in a variety of acts that appear to be illegal, extra-legal or unconstitutional, while the Clintons are again signaling that they have no intention of holding the Bush family accountable.

If Bill Clinton is right – that his wife’s first act as President would be to ask him and George H.W. Bush to go on an around-the-world goodwill mission – Hillary Clinton is making it clear that she has no intention of holding George W. Bush accountable for any wrongdoing.

There is no way that George H.W. Bush would help the Clintons on the diplomatic front if they were taking action against his eldest son.

So, the stage seems set for another Bush-Clinton revolving door where the Bushes get a free pass as they leave in exchange for the Clintons hoping against hope that the powerful family will show them a little respect and maybe a touch of mercy.

Or, as the Clinton friend suggested to me last week, maybe their real hope is that the Bushes won’t reveal what they’ve learned from the Secret Service records detailing where the Clintons have gone and with whom.

While “Passport-gate” is now only a little-remembered chapter of Campaign 1992, it does show how easily a sitting President can get subordinates to stretch – or even break – the law to unearth information that can serve a political purpose.

In George W. Bush’s case, the temptation will be strong to use whatever means he has at his disposal to ensure that his successor continues his “war on terror” policies and doesn’t authorize serious investigations into controversies such as torture and illegal wiretapping.

The Clintons also have to be nervous because the Republicans have the advantage of an ideologically committed news media, from popular talk-radio hosts and Internet bloggers to Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Washington Times and Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News.

If Sen. Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, any information, especially some tidbit that suggests sexual improprieties, could be leaked to any number of right-wing media outlets and quickly jump into the mainstream press.

A scandal would prove especially devastating if backed by real information, like what might be available in Secret Service records.

One reason that civil libertarians have been alarmed about Bush’s assertion of nearly unlimited executive authority over such tactics as wiretapping, data-mining and domestic spy satellites is that it has coincided with a Republican goal for near-permanent political control of the U.S. government.

While the Clinton campaign is surely right that the Republicans will exploit whatever they can to discredit Sen. Obama, it appears to be equally true that they will use whatever they have to gain an advantage with the Clintons, too.

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By ZACHARY COILESan Francisco Chronicle Monday, December 24, 2007

The last day of the House's 2007 session last week summed up the turbulence of Nancy Pelosi's history-making first year as House speaker.

In the morning, she beamed a wide smile as she stood beside President Bush while he signed an energy bill with the first major increase in fuel economy standards in 30 years.

But by Wednesday afternoon, her party was facing two of its biggest defeats. To keep the alternative minimum tax from hitting 20 million Americans next year, Democrats had to abandon their pledge not to pass any legislation that increased the deficit.

Then Pelosi, whose party took control of Congress pledging to change course in Iraq, watched the House approve $70 billion in war funding, part of a budget deal that avoided a government shutdown. Members of her own party denounced it as a capitulation to the White House.

"The war in Iraq is the biggest disappointment for us, the inability to stop the war," Pelosi told reporters in a group interview in her ceremonial office just hours before the war vote. She quickly pegged the blame on congressional Republicans.

The Democrats' failure to shift the war's direction, their No. 1 priority for the year, has eclipsed many of the party's successes on other issues, including raising the minimum wage for the first time in a decade and passing the strongest ethics and lobbying reforms since Watergate.

And Bush, despite his lame-duck status, outflanked Democrats in the end-of-year budget fight -- forcing them to accept his number, $555 billion in domestic spending, and funding for Iraq -- simply by refusing to yield.

Asked about the setbacks last week, Pelosi, as she has all year, flashed her most optimistic smile and refused to be drawn into the criticism.

But if Pelosi is smiling, so are Republicans. They began the year defeated and demoralized. But they have since shown surprising unity, backing the president on the war and finding new purpose in blocking Democrats' spending initiatives.

"We've stood up to them every step of the way," House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said last week.

The tense mood among Democrats in the session's final weeks was a marked contrast from the festive first weeks of the new Congress, when Pelosi was sworn in as the nation's first female speaker.

Democrats took off on a legislative sprint in which they quickly approved their "Six for '06" agenda including raising the minimum wage, cutting interest rates on student loans, backing federally funded embryonic stem cell research, and revoking tax breaks for oil companies.

But the bills bogged down in the Senate, where the Democrats' 51-49 majority is so thin it allowed Republicans to determine what would be passed. Democrats have struggled to get the 60 votes needed to overcome filibusters, which are now an almost daily experience in the Senate.

"Pelosi suffered the same ailment that (former Republican House Speaker) Newt Gingrich suffered from when he became speaker: Senate-itis," said Norman Ornstein, a congressional scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. "A lot of what the House accomplished this year either sat in the Senate or got eviscerated by the Senate. What you are left with is not nearly as robust as what you started with."

Even the energy bill, the Democrats' crowning achievement, was stripped of a broad tax package and a renewable electricity standard that would have pushed the nation toward wind and solar power. Still, the fuel economy piece alone is expected to save 2.3 million barrels of oil a day by 2020 -- more than the United States currently imports from the Persian Gulf.

Pelosi had to make some painful trade-offs. To get the minimum wage hike signed, Democrats had to attach it to a $120 billion war spending bill.

Other elements of her agenda fell victim to Bush's veto pen. Congress twice passed a bill with bipartisan support to expand the state children's health insurance program to cover 4 million more children. Bush twice vetoed it, forcing Democrats to settle for an 18-month extension of the current program.

An inventory of House action during Pelosi's first year would include:

Biggest successes:

-- Passed an energy bill raising fuel economy standards for the first time in 30 years, the equivalent today of taking 28 million cars off the road by 2020.

-- Approved a major cut in interest rates on student loans to make college more affordable.

-- Passed the strongest ethics reforms since Watergate, banning gifts from lobbyists and making earmarks more transparent.

-- Secured the largest increase in veterans' benefits in history.

-- Increased the minimum wage for the first time in a decade, from $5.15 an hour to $7.25 over three years.

Biggest failures:
-- Despite repeated votes, failed to enact any major changes in Iraq war policy.

-- Tried to expand the state children's health insurance program to cover 4 million more children, but was blocked by President Bush and House Republicans.

-- Sparked a diplomatic fight with Turkey by pushing a resolution condemning the country's mass killing of Armenians during World War I.

-- Abandoned the party's "pay-as-you-go" budget rules to avoid letting the alternative minimum tax hit 20 million Americans.

-- Accepted Bush's spending limits in the end-of-the-year budget fight to avoid shutting down the federal government.

And How Is This For Garbage?

This Issue Is Enough For Impeachment And Removal Of Nancy Pelosi

Trying To Give A Damn Is Hard These Days

World Can’t Wait (Home Page)

As speculation becomes more public that the White House gave the orders to destroy the torture tapes, World Can't Wait has been out raising the issue among the public.

Momentum is building for protests against torture on Friday January 11, the sixth anniversary of the first prisoners being sent to Guantanamo. Keep posted on plans here.

World Can't Wait and other organizations, including the ACLU are calling on people everywhere to wear orange that day, everywhere.

This is not protest just because it's our moral obligation. We intend to tear open the cracks in the Bush regime's torture state, and bring out the demand to millions: no torture in our name!Jill McLaughlin, of World Can't Wait's national Steering Committee writes:


So there has been a lot of hullabaloo about the destruction of the CIA interrogation tapes. There is speculation and prediction. It’s another one of those moments, as in many moments of the past seven years that it appears that Congress can say to the Bush Administration “gotcha”.

But sadly and strangely these moments pile up and are swept away through the media (CNN) posing absurd questions to viewers like is “water boarding torture?” and the Democrat led Congress backing off with their investigations most likely because of their own complicity and collusion in this…consider Nancy Pelosi. She’s known of these tapes for quite some time (no wonder impeachment is off the table).

I don’t want to dismiss or underestimate the fact that this has been an ongoing story in the media-it has put torture in the spotlight-the problem is how it is being posed to the people. It gets whittled down to legal terms i.e. was it wrong that the tapes were destroyed? Or how many crimes did they commit if any in destroying these tapes? As long as it’s focused on the destruction of the tapes and not really the torture committed on those tapes then it is easy for the issue that torture is wrong to disappear entirely. Especially if the destruction of the CIA is deemed legal or the investigation of this goes cold.

Under these terms torture becomes an acceptable norm to the people even if in their heart of hearts they think it abhorrent. To add emphasis as to why it is important to how the issue of torture is talked about I’d like to give an illustration. Over a year ago I received a form letter in my email from Barak Obama in response to my inquiry if the passing of the Military Commissions Act (with its rather broad definition of “enemy combatant”) meant that protesters against the war could be deemed “enemy combatants” at Bush’s whim and detained and tortured.

In his response the Senator called the passing of the MCA a political tactic of Bush and the Republicans. And never once was the word torture ever mentioned in Senator Obama’s response. He doesn’t even mention it in his campaign for President unless it rears its head in the media. Same goes for Hillary. The leading Republican candidates want more torture. Nobody talks about the thousands who were swept up, detained, and tortured without ever being charged.

People who had the misfortune of being the object of a neighbor’s vendetta or a neighbor’s greed for reward money, the misfortune of having the same name as a suspected terrorist, or the misfortune of living in countries that were illegally and immorally invaded and now occupied. Torture is not a political tactic. Torture is not a partisan issue. Torture is a moral issue. Torture is a war crime. Torture is a crime against humanity. Torture is wrong.

We also need to look at the hypocrisy surrounding these tapes. Former ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, (D-CA) Rep. Jane Harmon, calls the destruction of the tapes a constitutional crisis. Yet she was given a classified briefing on those tapes and what they contained. She had knowledge of torture. What did she do? She said she found it disturbing and wrote a letter advising that the tapes not be destroyed and then said nothing. Her excuse is that her letter was classified and she couldn’t bring the existence of the tapes to light.

Also when pressed about the interrogation methods used in these tapes she replied that her memory was fuzzy. I don’t know about you, but if I was briefed on the methods used to torture someone and thought it disturbing I’d find it hard to forget. But again, this is the same woman who lent her ear to Brian Michael Jenkins from the Rand Corporation who identifies as a counter-terrorism expert.

Jenkins suggested that there needed to be a center for studying violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism. So she came up with this nifty bill called the Violent Radicalization and Home Grown Terrorism Prevention Act which passed in the House and is sitting in the Senate. The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) highlights the precariously broad definitions of what constitutes as a violent radical group or home grown terrorist group in this bill on its website.

Imagine if reactionaries started targeting war protesters and those who engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience. The CCR website quotes Jenkins from his book “In their international campaign, the jihadists will seek common grounds with leftist, anti-American, and anti-globalization forces, who will in turn see, in radical Islam, comrades against a mutual foe.” Harmon sees the destruction of these tapes as a constitutional crisis, yet can’t see that this bill lends itself to the possible detention and torture of innocent people here.

Maybe you think the possibility of torture here or on a U.S. citizen is impossible. But the fact of the matter is U.S. citizens have been tortured. Jose Padilla was detained and tortured here in the U.S. on suspicion that he had ties with terrorists and was planning on making a “dirty bomb”. One of the informants that the government relied on to make their case recanted the story he gave and the other was an active drug addict.

Yet after being held 3 and1/2 years without being charged the government found Padilla guilty. It is said that he is so mentally and emotionally ruined that he is now just a shell. Former Navy man Donald Vance was detained and tortured in Iraq after having begun blowing the whistle on illegal arms trading he observed as security supervisor for Shield Security Group.

After initially reporting it to the FBI they in turn asked him to spy for them. A short while later he found himself detained and tortured for 100 days for the very thing he blew the whistle about. Speculation is that Vance was detained as a cover for those higher up who may have been culpable in the illegal arms trading. Both these cases made it into the mainstream media, but like Harmon, the media seems to have a fuzzy memory and these stories are not covered anymore. And it is almost as if through telepathy this fuzziness barrows its way into the psyche of the American people.

Let me then attempt to clear away the fog for you. Remember Abu Ghraib and how outraged you were about the torture that occurred there. Remember how you thought that this was the “gotcha” moment and remember how it got swept away when it was apparent that no one in the Bush Regime was going to be held accountable for it. And Guantanamo Bay is still open and people are still being tortured there.

The CIA is still conducting renditions of people to black sites where they are surely being tortured. We have been and are living in a torture state six years after Guantanamo Bay ’s opening and two years after the news broke about Abu Ghraib, a year after the Military Commissions Act, a year after George Bush admitted that people were renditioned to black sites, and just weeks after the leak about the CIA tapes. I wonder if the inability or perhaps more correctly the unwillingness of those in a position of power to hold their counterparts accountable for their crimes has shocked you into a fugue state.

Or maybe it isn’t that you have forgotten, but the very fact that our elected officials and mainstream media are doing nothing to stop this that has silenced you and left you thinking that it’s just best to move on. After all you voted. You signed a petition. You wrote and called your Representative and Senator. And with bitter disappointment you see that nothing has changed.

So you are sure that with all that you have done that I’m just preaching to the choir. But here’s the thing the choir isn’t being heard or seen. The reason for this is that the choir is still confining itself to the church of politics as usual and the politics of the possible. We’ve been shown time and again that our politicians and media cannot be relied upon to talk about the issue of torture in any real or meaningful way or to stop the horror of torture.

It matters little what party our next President is affiliated with. Our outrage and heartache over what it is happening and being done in our name matters little to those in power. But, its time to ask the question how much does our outrage and heartache matter to us? What are we the people of this country willing to do to keep the fact that torture is being committed in the spotlight? It is up to us now that we keep it in the light and that we talk about it with family, friends, co-workers, ministers, rabbis, imams, teachers, and students. The revelation of the CIA tapes presents all of us with an opportunity.

We must not let the politicians and the media set the terms of how the issue of torture is addressed. As long as the discourse is confined to the legality of the destruction of tapes or what may or may not be torture the discourse will surely, like so many poor souls, be silenced and disappeared into the dark. It is time for the choir to sing to and for one another! The chorus must be “We will not live in a torture state! We will not accept torture anywhere in our name!” There must be mass sentiment and mass resistance to the use of torture from the people.

In the weeks to come members World Can’t Wait and others will be engaging in street theatre, protests, and nonviolent civil disobedience to build mass sentiment and resistance to torture and other outrage of the Bush Regime agenda. We will be, as we have been, wearing orange in solidarity with those detained and tortured and as the color of resistance to the Bush Regime and its agenda.

Some of you will join us in the streets and we implore you to take up orange in your daily lives and bring it as you join us. For those of you who oppose and are outraged by the torture committed in your name we implore you to wear orange in your daily lives. In doing so you are both showing your opposition and resistance to torture and giving support to those putting their bodies on the line in the streets.

Wear an orange ribbon, button, or bandana. Give an orange ribbon to three others in your life and have them do likewise. In this way mass sentiment and mass resistance is built. In this way we the people are holding the Bush Regime and those colluding with it accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity. In this way it can never be said that we the people of this country did not know torture was committed in our name. Let it not be said that we knew this and did nothing to stop it. Sing, damn it!
Read this essay and post it everywhere!

Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime

World Can't Wait Joins White Rose Coalition at Rose Bowl Parade - 12/26/2007

JAN. 1, 2008 World Can't Wait joins the White Rose Coalition in historic protest at the Rose Bowl Parade. We have the potential to reach millions at a time when there is growing outrage over the recent leak of the destruction of CIA torture videos. We demand impeachment of war criminals and torturers, an end to the Iraq war, no attack on Iran, and a halt to the fascist trajectory of the Bush Regime! We won't live in a torture state!

Learn more about the White Rose Society, a group of courageous German students who were anti-fascist activists against Hitler's regime.

And join World Can't Wait on New Year's Eve to spread the orange wave of resistance to the people who will be camping out on the sidewalks along the parade route. Wear Orange and be part of spreading it to others. We will not be silent in the face of all of this! We have an opportunity to make our resistance visible to millions!
Contact LA-WCW at or 323-462-4771. Get logistical information

Pelosi, YOU NEED TO GO !

And as you’re leaving, take Reid with you!

The side of my head is about to explode.

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting, waiting and watching for you to do something–anything-- that resembles a leader, but nothing.

I have to do this, if not just purely cathartic for myself to let off this steam. If anyone is averse to seeing a heavily laden profane post then hit your back button now because gosh, heck and golly darn just isn’t what I’m feeling.

I’m so angry I only wish I could tell it to your face Pelosi.

And if you don’t think so, just call my bluff and invite me. I don’t care where it is, I’ll be there.

Just who the fuck do you think you are?

Do you think you can hold our constitution hostage? Did you ever go to civics class?

Did you take notes?

Were you awake?

Show me in the constitution where it says you impeach only if you have the votes!

Show me where it says that.

When any government figure is suspected of committing high crimes or misdemeanors, it is the duty of the House to bring impeachment.

It’s due process.

It’s the airing of the evidence for the public. Here, they’re not crimes merely suspected, they’re verified by whistle blowers and those directly in the loop ten ways to Sunday.

There is a laundry list of felony crimes almost too long for anybody to comprehend.

The number of misdemeanors is almost laughable.

Impeachment is not the verdict, it’s the fucking TRIAL.

It’s to find out if removal is warranted. It allows the investigations into the facts of what crimes were committed, without a tyrant imperialist cocksucker like Bush being able to use executive privilege to block the investigations and subpoenas needed for the facts.

It’s the ONLY thing that strips away those protections and bullshit tactics that he has used since he took office, to stall and prevent any truth whatsoever from coming out.

Every one of those swastika wearing freedom haters in that oval office mafia, have committed more crimes against the people than possibly all the previous administrations combined.

And you know it!

Up to and including Gonzalez. There’s something damn fishy going on when you don’t want those investigations to reveal what the true full blown facts are.

We accomplished what was thought to be impossible and fantasy by virtually every republican last November when we voted in droves and brought you the majority in both houses based on your election promises .

Not only a slim majority, but 18 fucking seats in the House!

There was a reason for that.

We wanted true blooded Democrats to go in there to kick ass and take names.

We wanted an end to the cut and paste intelligence trumped up fucking war.

And we wanted INVESTIGATIONS with subpoenas and enforcement backing them with capitulations to no one!! To NO ONE!!

You came in like a lion for the first 100 hours-- fiery and with a little passion appearing to give the impression that you really gave a shit and could be what we voted for.

Then you fizzled like a fourth of July sparkler in a thunderstorm.

Ever since those first 100 hours, you don’t have the impact of a wet pussy willow bud on a Tempurpedic.

We gave you a Royal Flush with the election victories and you lead like all you got in your hand is a pair of fucking deuces.

With you as leader of the House, you can hardly tell the majority from the minority.

In fact the republipricks look more like the majority than we do.

They hand slap you around the room. You couldn’t even drive through a bill requiring the psycho in the oval office to get approval from congress before he invaded fucking IRAN!!

IRAN!!! Iraq wasn’t enough for you? You couldn’t confer that reasoning to those you are supposed to lead?

Congress approval is at 11%. And a president not above 25-30% approval for over two years.

Does that register with you?

Do you have a metal plate in your head preventing neurons from firing in your brain?

Do you think 11% means you’re doing a good job?

Doing the will of the people? 11%???

The fact is, you don’t give a shit about the wants of the people and you’ve shown it repeatedly.

You had some nerve to say before we handed you the fucking gavel of power-- give us the majority and you’ll drain the swamp. You?

You’re draining the swamp? We’re up to our eyeballs in shit in this swamp because of you.

It’s the size of the Atlantic.

You haven’t brought home a single soldier since you became speaker.

You haven’t even slowed down the funding. It’s a literal runaway train.

Why don’t you just open the doors of Fort Knox and he can go in there in the middle of the night and empty the fucker.

You don’t even know how the fucking pump works.

You have to put it on ‘SUCK’ to drain anything.

Not on OFF!!

A leader coalesces his or her unit and leads. Hence the root case of the fucking word.

If generals led like you, we’d all be speaking Japanese.

The only house you should be Speaker of is the one you own in San Francisco.

Your one and only function in that House of Representatives is to carry out our will-- the will of the people.

Hence the fucking name.

We have representative government. Since we can’t all be there to speak for ourselves, you are “elected” to speak for us.

Nobody gives a shit what you think in a vacuum.

You are not there to think as a rebel or ignore what your constituents want.

When you speak, OUR words are supposed to come out. If only 11% approve, according to base ten math that I learned, that’s eighty nine fucking percent of us that are angry with you and disapprove of what you’re doing. Are you fucking deaf?

What part of representative government don’t you understand?

And if you don’t think that’s how it works-- that you’re supposed to pay attention to the 89%, then step the fuck away from your $170,000 a year paycheck that we give you and get a job in the private sector where you can fund your own goddamn private agenda.

A leader would have gone into every one of those caucuses on these critical votes with that gavel and slammed it on the table and said, “Look, I don’t give a damn if you call yourself a blue dog, a yellow dog or a fucking cross between a Persian and a Siamese.

We were elected with a mandate to stop this war, restore American’s civil liberties and investigate this administration inside out for their crimes.

In any way we have to do it!!. Vote your conscience when it comes to naming post offices.

This legislation goes to the very core of what we are as human beings, and what’s right. And by God as Democrats we’re going to pass it.

If he vetoes it, we’re going to send it back again, and again, and again until he fucking signs it and gets the message.

If you go out there and vote against these literal watershed event bills that will prevent this dictator from continuing his jackbooted assault on our democracy against the will of our constituents, I personally will go out there and campaign against you myself to prevent you from coming back to this congress!!

That’s what a fucking leader would do!.

You can’t coalesce votes on anything. The splintered factions just walk all over you at will. You’re just constantly smiling and chortling your “new direction” bulllshit. While the country’s hemorraging with human and economic treasure losses daily in Iraq.

And the loss of faith of the world in us as morally uncorruptable is becoming a literal worldwide fucking joke.

You’re the guard at the castle door we’re trying to get into. If those who threw the tea in Boston Harbor thought like you, the fourth of July would be no different than the 3rd of July. We would be still be having afternoon crumpets and saluting the Union Jack.

How you could dare put your hand lovingly on the shoulder of that prehensile, war loving, scourge on America motherfucker and cozy up to him like you were taking a family reunion photo with him, when you should be doing the investigations through impeachment to put his neck at the end of a rope in the Netherlands for his war crimes, just speaks volumes.

It shows me all I need to know. Something is epic proportions fishy here. It stinks like a two day old carp rotting in the sun. I had you pegged when I wrote this............... And except for the few glimmers of far and few between sputters of leadership, I was absolutely right way back then.I personally think you may be up to your neck in the knowledge of war crimes as defined by the Geneva Convention. Nothing else explains your steadfast refusal to unveil and prosecute these criminals.

Not even for human torture universally condemned around the world, will you come out of your coma and call for impeachment hearings. There is no excuse for your silence if you were in those meetings other than your total willingness to be complicit . No law on this earth prevents you from exposing felony war crimes in the United States of America. None! And if there was, you should have risked jail to violate it. That’s what American patriots before you did. But you don’t want any doors opened. Something is v-e-r-y fishy here.
Here’s your legacy.............

Make a sign out of it and put it on your door.

You need to go. SOON.

Get the fuck away from anything that has to do with interpreting and understanding the constitution. You clearly don’t understand it.

Unquestionably, you don’t understand the oath that you swore to on the bible either.

Unlike a Mr. Robert Wexler who does. Take your grandma politics and go do grandma shit.

Knit sweaters or booties in the cloak room or something. No leadership skills are required for that and nobody’s life or liberties are at stake.

Do something your soft pedaling is ideal for.

FOLLOW a leader. That’s what you’re perfect for.

And Reid, you were a boxer? Who the fuck did you fight–women??

You have less passion than somebody reading tax law to an accountant.

You almost put me to sleep every time you talk. You should be broadcasting Sunday afternoon golf somewhere, not be leader of the most powerful government body on earth.

All you do is...cave, capitulate, buckle, relent, bend, concede, compromise, acquiesce, yield, submit, comply, surrender, kowtow, fold, accede and in general, just give the republipricks everything they want.

They have invoked filibuster FIFTY NINE times since last November.

If I’m off on that number, it’s not off by very much. You couldn’t even rally the Democrats one time to filibuster fucking Alito. Thank you for that lifelong bastard on the bench.

And instead of making them stand at the podiums and talk until their tongues swelled up to the size of manatees and they passed out from exhaustion, they don’t have to do a thing. You just hear the word filibuster and you’re instant jelly giving them everything they want. It’s a wonder you don’t need a steel rod strapped to your back to hold you up.


We gave you the same power in the unprecedented election to reverse five fucking seats and make you the leader in your branch. You had the temerity to bring the Senate to a standstill with rule 21 over phase 2 when you were in the minority because you led us to believe you were fed up with all the stalling and the coverups.

So where the fuck is it now? You’re the honcho in charge now unless I’m on some other planet. You control the subpoena power--the witness lists now. You can force depositions.

So where the fuck is it? Does somebody have pictures of you at the Cottontail Ranch in the fantasy room? What are you hiding and why? Nobody could stop you from getting this report out if you wanted to.

A report that will show all the felonies, obstruction of justice and outright lies to frame this fucking war with intelligence bullshit that was exactly contrary to every single thing that was actually true. You could call for that report to be on the Senate calendar every fucking day if you wanted to. And force it to be made public. Something is damn fishy about you here too. I can’t even count the times you appeared in press conferences or on the Senate floor to give the vague appearance that you were finally taking a stand as a leader in your chamber.

Only to shame yourself when you took another dump on us. You wouldn’t even allow Dodd to put a “hold” on a fucking bill that would let corporate phone company traitors sell our cherished right to privacy up the river in exchange for a fucking government payoff!

You wanted to give them blanket immunity for doing it. Who the hell’s side are you on? If Democratic bills in either body–Senate or House, could be held as double blind votes, where republicans wouldn’t know if it was a Democratic or republic sponsored bill they were voting on, I’m convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt they would be all be voting exactly the same way as Democrats .

Because all the vested interests of 99% of everyone in this country are embodied only in the Democratic proposals of every one of these bills. But their sole function is to be dyed in the wool, unibody, crime covering, anti-democrat anything obstructionists.

If the title of president preceded “Clinton” or “Gore” with these same documented crimes, they would be literally red faced with perspiration pounding the drums for impeachment. That’s how they always were, are, and will be.You’re so busy fawning over these vermin that you’re supposed to be reversing, calling them–my good friend, my longtime colleague and friend, our “friends” on the other side of the aisle–if I hear that one more fucking time, my last gasket is going to blow.

Get it through your heads–every Democrat who has ever said that-- they’re NOT your friends.

They’re your worst fucking enemy!!

They’re bought and paid for, corporate owned, rich protecting, war crazy, criminally complicit, universally devoid of moral values, obstructionist, diaper wearing, closet gay, paige fuckers !

They would just as soon load up our eighteen year old kids fresh from their prom like a load of Friday afternoon garbage and put them in a military transport leaving for Iraq and drop them off in the killing fields of Falleujah. For second, third, fourth and even fifth tours!!

Just to keep their treasured fucking Haliburtons and military armament producing monopolies in tall financial cotton and assure they’d be there at the back door with their large payola of election ad money come election time. Banks included.They didn’t even care if our kids had helmets that would give them at least a 50-50 chance of surviving a head shot.

It took Cher.

Sonny and Cher fucking CHER, to start a company that provided the helmets that would possibly save their lives.

Your republican friends found that too trivial to bother with. If you don’t understand that, then read some newspapers. Get on the internet. If you don’t understand 59 filibusters, even against their own constituents interests, then see a doctor because you have rectal cranial inversion.

When you do finally get that through your heads and stop playing election 2008, maybe you will finally start to do what you were hired for. Otherwise just go scooch on over there on your knees and give them all blow jobs.

Because that’s the only thing that’s missing. There is no doubt about it. Both of you need to go.

We don’t need sheep in wolves clothing sticking it up our ass when you’re supposed to be the people we depend on to be looking out for us.

It’s a good thing our founding fathers can’t resurrect from their graves and grace those hallowed halls that they bestowed with a sacred Bill of Rights and a Constitution, intended to keep our government–of the people, by the people and for the people.. Not for lies, coverup of lies and trashing of our freedoms by an insanely demented fuck who enjoys invading countries and causing hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent civilians around the world.

The intentions that they had for truth, justice and inalienable freedoms of America were not red or blue, black or white, optional, negotiable or depending only on whether or not you thought you had the votes.

If they saw what you and Pelosi were allowing to happen, I’d bet their outrage and furor would rival a 20 point earthquake.

And I’d bet a years salary, the first question they would be asking is, why the fuck aren’t we impeaching YOU ?Do the country a favor and resign your leadership posts. You’re both a disgrace to the title.


One For The Record Books by Frank Maggio, Friday, Dec 28, 2007 12:30 PM ET ST. PETERSBURG, FL - IT'S refreshing to know that the best interest of the TV viewing public at large has been served at least once this year, in the waning days of 2007. It was announced on Tuesday that Saturday night's Patriots-Giants game will be simulcast on both NBC and CBS, as well as on the NFL Network. This last minute maneuver insures that the 60% of the American public that was unable to watch the NFL Network, will now be able to watch this historical game on TWO other broadcast networks. This is truly a history making TV event, in more ways than one.

In addition to the various NFL records that are set to be broken, this will be the first three-network NFL game ever simulcast. And my own personal prediction, that it will be the most watched Saturday TV program so far this century (at least according to the miniscule 2,300+/- national TV ratings households who will watch, and vote on behalf of the silent, huddled masses).

More importantly, however, it will also set a record for "the most questions to be asked about a football game," breaking the 16 question mark set by the Detroit/Kansas City game in week 15 of the 2003-04 season (from whence came such classic queries as, "Why would anybody watch this game, other than fantasy football fanatics hoping Shawn Bryson would rush for more than 100 yards?")

So, here's one for the record books:

1) How did NBC and CBS land the telecast, and not Fox? After all, DirecTV carries the NFL Network, and will certainly lose a substantial number of viewers to their lower tier, HD-enabled broadcast brethren, to the exclusion of News Corp.-owned Fox.

2) What does the carriage deal look like for this one game?

3) Will there be the availability of road-blocking (the same ads appearing on all three networks at once)?

4) Will the NFL Network retain some exclusivity for spots to be run on the other networks?

5) What's the real message being delivered by an ad for the NFL Network, bragging about the exclusivity of games available only on the NFL Network?

6) What's the precedent being set here; that it's only okay for the NFL to exclusively broadcast unimportant games on the NFL Network? Heck, even the New York Times piles it on: "..if the game draws 30 million is a triumph of the power of two fully distributed, traditional broadcast networks, not a vindication of the channel's quality."

7) Will John Kerry use this moment in time to announce his run for the 2008 presidency?

8) Or better yet, future NFL Commissioner? (It's been widely reported that Kerry apparently played Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, asking football Commissioner Roger Goodell to move the game to NBC - and threatened Senate hearings if he did not.)

9) Why did Kerry request NBC?

Along those lines, I read that Vermont's Sen. Leahy and Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, even threatened to reconsider the league's federal antitrust exemption if the game didn't find its way to more TV sets.

Which leads to question

10) - Is this the way to get the Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate antitrust behavior? Now I'm really interested! I'm delighted that transplanted Yankees here in Florida will have a chance to see history in the making. Of course, I also subscribe to DirecTV because of their Sunday Ticket and NFL Network offerings - or should I say, used to subscribe. Now that I know how this racket works, I'll probably just cancel my DirecTV subscription and write to my senator instead, whenever a game I really want to watch isn't on NBC or CBS. I never thought of the Senate as a time-delayed remote control, but heck,

11) If it works, then why not?

Here's a quick question for Senators Leahy and Specter –

12) If a Patriots/Giants game can trigger a judiciary hearing investigation into revoking antitrust exemptions, what does it take to convene Senate hearings to investigate the non-exempt, 50-year monopolization of TV ratings - the currency behind $70 billion in annual TV ad sales?

After all,

13) Which is more important, 20 million households watching a football game for three hours, or $70 billion of inaccurately measured ad dollars, ultimately paid for by the American people and the U.S. Government (i.e. U.S. Army commercials), monetized by a 100% monopoly that cozies up to its most threatening competitors (read: cable operators)?


14) Doesn't it concern anybody that, in an effort to stave off the likelihood of its largest competitor entering the market and replacing it with superior and more cost-effective and vastly more inclusive technology, the 100% monopolist offers to hastily launch potentially non-accredited local people meter (LPM) technology in almost all of its competitor's markets? Amazingly, this new LPM "technology" will increase the competitor's ad revenues by hundreds of millions of dollars each year, through increased cable ratings and commensurate ad dollars. This incremental windfall profit comes at little additional cost to the cable operator, and actually increases the monopoly's revenues as well.

Creating question

15) Who does pay?

I'll answer that one: Ironically, the same football fans who were going to be denied the right to watch the Patriots game on Saturday. After all, we the people ultimately pay for all TV and TV advertising - and even the billion dollars a year that Nielsen charges, so that 99.98% of us can be ignored in the ratings process.

16) Does any of this warrant Senate (or FCC) hearings?

I'll answer that one, too: No. But take a piece of leather, slap it around an air bladder, stick it in a field in the hinterlands of New Jersey, and by God, if we all can't sit around the TV and watch it get thrown and kicked for three hours, we're gonna have a Senate inquiry!

And so, my friends, as 2007 slips into oblivion, I'll ask the record breaking 17th question:

17) Who cares anymore?

Editor's note: Frank Maggio's company, erinMedia, has a federal antitrust suit pending against Nielsen Co.

Frank Maggio is founder of ReacTV® and also owns erinMedia, a TV ratings company. Frank can be contacted at

Will Brattleboro Indict Bush?Huffington Post, NY - Dec 26, 2007... the call for impeachment, far too many are towing the identical Republican/Democratic party line of ignoring the Bush/Cheney administration's repeated ... And All The Way To Montana Below!

Vermont Group Wants Cheney, Bush Charged With War Crimes

Bush: Congress Doesn't Exist Unless I Say It DoesBy Chris Bowers Just impeach him already. If you have no power under Bush, and if Bush sets aside the Constitution if an when he pleases, then the only thing left to do to protect Congress and the Constitution is get rid of Bush.Open Left - Front Page -

Neocon-Lite Sen. Mikulski Sets Dems’ Cynical AgendaThe People's Voice, TN - 23 hours agoMikulski would be impeached for violating the public trust and removed from office, along with that whacky duo of President Bush and VP Cheney.



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