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Wednesday, December 26, 2007



Please Try To Take The Time To Go To The End Of This Post For A Memory And Reminder From 1968. It Is Very Relevant, And Only One Step Away From My Scared Ring Of Reminder.

And As Always:

9/11 Commission Chairman: 'No Question' CIA Attempted 'To Impede Our Investigation'

In its attempts to uncover all materials related to the 9/11 attacks, the 9/11 Commission specifically requested material about the interrogations of Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. The New York Times has revealed that the CIA destroyed tapes of the two men's interrogation without informing the 9/11 Commission about their existence.

On Saturday, former CIA Deputy Director John McLaughlin told CNN:

I think it's ludicrous to suggest, in fact, that we withheld anything of consequence from the 9/11 Commission. Anything that was on the tapes that would be relevant to their inquiry was given to them in writing, and the tapes would have simply not advanced their inquiry at all.

In fact, the tapes were highly relevant to the Commission's inquiry. Philip Zelikow --- the former staff director of the 9/11 Commission --- explained: "The Commission was not investigating the treatment of captives. But it did seek information not only about the 9/11 plot, but also any intelligence information about the history and evolution of al Qaeda and its connections to other terrorist entities. Therefore, from the start, the Commission sought to obtain all relevant information gleaned from the interrogation of captives."

This morning on CNN, 9/11 Commission Chairman Thomas Kean there is "no question" the CIA was aware that its now-destroyed videotapes depicting severe interrogations were among evidence being sought by 9/11 Commission investigators, and the destruction of the tapes was an attempt to "impede our investigation":

We asked for every single thing that they had. And then my vice chairman, Lee Hamilton, looked the director of the CIA in the face, and said, Look, even if we haven't asked for something, if it's pertinent to our investigation, make it available to us. And our staff asked again and again of their staff and the tapes were not given to us. So, there was no question.[...]

I mean, no question that we again and again and again asked for everything, and we needed it, and we weren't given it. And so, the only conclusion we can draw is it was withheld from us. And that can only be seen to me as an attempt to impede our investigation.

CIA spokesman Mike Mansfield said recently that the tapes weren't destroyed until 2005 "because it was thought the commission could ask about the tapes at some point." So, the CIA withheld the tapes and destroyed the evidence later, ensuring no one could view them to determine whether they were relevant to the Commission’s inquiry.

IMPEACH CHENEYBy Rumpole(Rumpole) Therefore, it is with all due concern and respect for precedent and the high offices of our land, that after careful thought and consideration, we moderately propose the following possibility: Click here and impeach this sonofabitch now ...JUSTICE BUILDING BLOG -

Iowa Peace Groups Dialogue With Sen. Tom HarkinWashington Report on Middle East Affairs - Washington,DC,USALater, in response to a participant who raised the issue of impeachment, Harkin said he had discussed the possibility of the impeachment of Vice President ...See all stories on this topic impeachment is THE issue!

Click here: Lawyers Stepping Up

Katrina vanden Heuvel Lawyers Stepping Up vanden Heuvel, writing for The Nation, says: "Over one thousand lawyers - including former Governor Mario Cuomo and former Reagan administration official Bruce Fein - have signed onto the above statement demanding wide-ranging investigative hearings into unconstitutional and potentially criminal activity by the Bush administration."

Bush, Cheney, and the Balance of Civilization: Will an attack on ...By (Craig S. Barnes) Commentary by Craig Barnes AND 83 Recorded: December 16, 2007. This is a talk given by Craig Barnes at the Jefferson County Unitarian Church in Denver, CO on December 16, 2007. The transcript of the talk is available on our blog. ...Impeachment Podcast -

Florida's Wexler Calls For Cheney's ImpeachmentCBS 4 - Miami,FL,USARobert Wexler, Boca Raton Democrat, has launched a website,, calling for impeachment hearings against Vice President Dick Cheney,See all stories on this topic

Congressman calls for Cheney’s impeachmentDetroit Free Press - United StatesBy LESLEY CLARK The Florida Democrat has launched a Web site — — and is gathering signatures calling for impeachment hearings See all stories on this topic

Wexler calls for Cheney's impeachmentI think he's a very brave person to go against the Democratic leadership,'' said Diane Lawrence, a Kendall woman and member of the South Florida Impeachment Coalition, which began calling for impeachment hearings last AugustMichael Moore - This Just In -

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Congressman calls for Cheney's impeachment
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Former CIA Analyst Says Evidence Abounds for ImpeachmentThe evidence for impeachment of the president and vice president is overwhelming, former CIA analyst and daily presidential briefer Ray McGovern told a room full of people at the Portsmouth Public Library Monday night“Don’t let anyone Digg / upcoming -

What I want by Christmas 2008: The impeachment of Dick CheneyBy will Conversely, to not impeach Cheney will mean that he got away with it. Politically, the Democrats just need to step up to the plate, or we'll be packing them off to the low minors here soon enough. Meanwhile, kudos to Charlie Savage and ...Attytood -

Wexler calls for Cheney’s impeachment
By mike hersh The Boca Raton Democrat has launched a website — — and is gathering signatures calling for impeachment hearings against Vice President Dick Cheney. ‘’Our Constitution mandates that the ...Progressive Democrats of America Blog -

Cheney's impeachment is the best strategy for 2008-9By oregonj Until this week, I had thought impeachment would hamper Democrats' ability to move legislation through Congress and hurt their reelection chances. But after the past session of Congress, and especially this past month's setbacks, ...Daily Kos -

Worth Fighting ForForward - New York,NY,USAWith so much on the line, the last thing the party chiefs want now is a floor revolt from mavericks demanding an impeachment.See all stories on this topic

SANTA'S IMPEACHMENT ELVES PAID A SURPRISE VISIT TO REPRESENTATIVE ...The group urged Representative Capps to cosponsor Dennis Kucinich's (D-OH) House Resolution 333/799 to impeach Vice President Cheney. Rep. Capps recently voted to send this resolution to the House Judiciary Committee, which has yet to - Impeach... -

Jack Ingersoll: Pursuing impeachment is right thing to doThe Capital Times - Madison,WI,USADear Editor: House members should support impeachment hearings on Vice President Cheney by the House Judiciary Committee. Investigation into allegations of ...See all stories on this topic


IMPEACHMENT TOOLKIT: Rose Parade!!By Lady Broadoak(Lady Broadoak) Cindy Sheehan & White Rose Coalition: Jan 1,2008 Rose Parade By Pligg Beta 9 / Published News / LOSANGELES Bush and Dick Cheney for high crimes and misdemeanors, and to end US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Rep. ...LadyBroadoak Visionary Planetary... -

Dubya Bush SuperstarBy jurassicpork(jurassicpork) I don’t want to impeach him. What to do, how to reach him. I've been changed, yes really changed. In this past year, when I've seen myself, I seem like someone else. A traitor to my party. You can't see why he moves me? He’sa rube. ...Welcome to Pottersville -

Impeach The Bush Mob in 2008[image] I can't understand how we could have a dozen investigations into the criminal antics of The Bush Family-and Pelosi says that impeachment hearing would slow Congress down???!!!Comb ine all the hearings into one and throw the bums - ORpost -

Help Congressman Wexler Impeach CheneyBy Joseph Robert Wexler- a Florida Democrat who sits on the House Judiciary Committee- has created a website to gather signatures in support of impeachment hearings for Dick Cheney. According to the site ( The charges are ...Plunderbund -

New Year resolutions to impeach for the Feb 9 caucusBy bushtool 9 caucus calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. On SATURDAY FEBRUARY 9, 2008, both of the big political parties will hold their precinct caucuses in Washington State. (Check local media or contact your political party for time, ...Democracy for Vancouver - Politics... -

Wexler sets out to impeach CheneyBy elophan The Florida Democrat has launched a Web site — — and is gathering signatures calling for impeachment hearings against Vice President Dick Cheney. “Our constitution mandates that the House of ...The Head-On Radio Network America's... -

Olympia Impeachment Party: You're InvitedBy Mollie Attenders will have a variety of opportunities to learn more about impeachment, take some specific positive actions (eg, send postcards and phone calls to key Congressional contacts), play games (eg, enter the "impeachment haiku" ...portland indymedia - newswire -

Why Impeach with so little time left?By Billy Sugarfix(Billy Sugarfix) Elections are coming up in 2008, Bush/Cheney don't have much time left in office, so why impeach? Besides, no one can prove that they have committed bribery, treason, or any other high crimes and misdemeanors. So, again, why impeach? ...Charming Billy -

Freshmen Padding Their IndependenceWashington Post - United StatesHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other members of the party's leadership are happy to tolerate the independence on procedural matters.See all stories on this topic

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Found In My Mail Box

Dear Pat,

I was listening to Democracy Now today, as I do every day, and I too was LIVID to hear Conyers sounding like a total idiot and a traitor in the face of what Amy Goodman and Ray McGovern were saying. I have already signed all the Impeachment Pledges and Petitions I could find and made phone calls and written letters. I hope Conyers gets FLOODED with furious responses to his ghastly behavior on Democracy Now. What he said about the media was truly bizarre - basically that Impeachment would cause Fox News's ridicule! Excuse me? Did I hear that insanity correctly?

Outraged Amy

For the first time in my 6 years of watching "Democracy Now!" news on TV, I've become angry enough to shut it off and try to contact all of you.Why was I angry? Because John Conyers was being asked directly whether he would support the call for hearings on impeaching Cheney by Representatives Wexler, Gutierrez, and Baldwin and by at least 100,000 citizens.

Conyers, Chair of the Judiciary, answered "no." This is the same man I have been holding onto a shred of hope that he would do the right thing until he flatly, publicly refuses to (vs. the ambivalent two-faced back-and-forth statements from him all year).

John Conyers worked hard investigating impeachable offenses of Bush and Cheney in 2005 and 2006 (I was going to list his efforts in my next impeachment news & actions email), which culminated in a 350-page book as evidence for impeachment.

But once Speaker Pelosi took impeachment off HER table, Conyers--now Chair of the Judiciary Committee, where Kucinich's bills (H.Res.333/799) sit--has been cowed, losing his high statesman posture, and himself OBSTRUCTING the impeachment of either Cheney or Bush.

In today's interview (with ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern, a strong advocate of impeachment, at his side--now disagreeing w. Conyers' statement), Conyers was asked "What about the statistics?" I.e., over 100,000 have now signed Wexler's call for citizens to weigh in if they support investigations into possible impeachable offenses of Dick Cheney, 54% of Americans, in a recent poll, said they would back impeachment of Cheney, and just under 50% said they would back impeachment of Bush.

Remember, "impeachment" means to ACCUSE by the House of Representatives. Then the conviction or lack thereof would be handled by the Senate. IMO, *history* and the future of the offices of the vice-presidency and the presidency, require us to at least have impeachment publicly debated by the House, whether they ultimately "have the votes" to impeach (indict) or not! Playing politics, as Pelosi and Conyers and many others are doing, is treasonous!

Putting their concern for their own jobs and the 2008 election results *over the constitution* is UNacceptable--treasonous because these Representatives are not upholding their oath of office!I've been watching impeachment ever since Ramsey Clark made his case for it early in 2003.

And I've worked full-time on behalf of Anthony St. Martin's "Pledge To Impeach" (PTI) tactic (nationwide strike and boycott until the House impeaches) for most of 2007, through sweat and tears and many sacrifices, similar to the work done by many of the people whom I'm sending this email to--leaders in the pro-impeachment "movement."A few months ago, Anthony (PTI) called for an actual picket line around the Rayburn Bldg. (or elsewhere on The Hill) AND at federal buildings in as many cities as possible.

I concurred with that idea as soon as I heard it. But too few people committed themselves to participate.Time is short. Until now I've disciplined myself to remain rational and patient. For example, a rational person would do everything within their power towards a WORKABLE tactic (IMO, that can only be a comprehensive national strike and boycott) to threaten the House with if they refuse to pass a specific impeachment bill, but would not put their own livelihood at risk without a "critical mass" of other U.S. residents agreeing to strike & boycott unnecessary spending on such-and-so dates.

So, until now, I have worked with to garner as many "Pledges" (to strike / boycott "when") as possible. PTI has grown a significant database but not nearly "critical mass" of the voting population.Other pro-impeachment groups have done numerous activities, including gathering signatures on *petitions.* Mr. Conyers has personally received almost a million such signatures hand-delivered (by Calif. candidate for U.S. House Cindy Sheehan and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark).

Innumerable communiques have been delivered to Representatives by their constituents, and many, many actions to draw attention to impeaching Bush and Cheney have been enacted.Despite all these efforts (many not mentioned, such as public stage plays and debates and well over a dozen books outlining the impeachable offenses of Cheney and Bush written by constitutional scholars and others), Rep. John Conyers, Jr., changed course once he became Chair of the Committee which has had Rep. Kucinich's bill to impeach Cheney in their hands since April 24, 2007.

Publicly in some venues Conyers has made every-changing promises to those demanding impeachment--"1 more co-sponsor," "a larger majority of Americans speaking up," etc.--but TODAY is the first time I have heard Conyers definitely say that he will NOT allow impeachment investigations in the Judiciary Committee, despite the recent specific demand of 3 Representatives (and a handful who've previously concurred) on the Judiciary Committee and over 100,000 citizens (as I write, the tally is 110,474 and growing).This is an outrage. Democrats (such as Conyers and Pelosi and others, making them all COMPLICIT, along with other members of Congress) in neglecting to uphold their oaths of office, acting unconstitutionally, obstructing justice at least by a layperson's definition, and allowing crimes (surveillance & detention, torture, murder of innocent civilians and American service personnel fighting a senseless wars that have nothing to do with defending the USA) against Americans, Iraqi's, Afghans, and others CONTINUE for the year+ that is left in the term of the Bush Administration.

I have heard Conyers (formerly my hero) say many things on the matter, but today is the first day that *I* have heard him directly say (on camera) "NO." You can read or listen / watch his treasonous rationale here: you are as angry as I am:Sign up at and ask everyone you know to do likewise.

This is a personal promise between yourself and the founder of PTI who controls the database.

Your name is not shared with Congress or your employer.

This is a pledge to strike and boycott IF PledgeToImpeach gives out the call to do so with a massive number of participants.

This Pledge is for all residents of the U.S.; no citizenship is required, just as citizens abroad are not eligible to "strike" if they don't reside in the U.S. now. Sign here: tell everyone you know to do likewise.

Wexler insists that the current 100,000+ signatures have "been heard" but seeks to grow that number to 250,000 in order to convince the Judiciary Committee and the body of the House.Make plans, if you're game, to hold a sign in front of the Capitol or at least in front of the federal building in your town, "IMPEACH or WE STRIKE."

In the meantime, attend every event you can (anti-war demonstrations, on-your-own property, ANYwhere) holding THIS sign: "IMPEACH or WE STRIKE." Also bring a pile of half-sheets of paper on which you've written: "Create history! Sign online at: PledgeToImpeach.ORG and" to pass out to every person you see!

Forward this email (or write your own version) to everyone you know (preferably without my email addy or ph#)!

Continue the actions you've been doing or planning to do--contacting your Representative and all members of the House Judiciary Committee!

Great news: As of *yesterday* The Honorable Gwen Moore (D-WI-4) signed on as co-sponsor of Kucinich's H.Res.333/799, which brings the total to 24.

Also, with THREE presidential candidates (Kucinich, Gravel, McKinney) pro-impeachment!Will you work to get as many friends, neighbors, progressive & conservative groups, congregations, etc. as possible on board to act via the ONLY power the people now have: to shut down this country's economy until our elected officials DO as a majority of Americans are asking--IMPEACH Bush & Cheney?

Folks, Congress (and all but the above 3 presidential candidates) are fooling around with us and the mandates we gave them by voting them into office. WE must take our own country back; our elected officials CANNOT be counted on!

I'd very much like to hear your perspective! Please hit me back *or* register at one or both of these sites and comment there: (on "Comment Wall," bottom of middle column) and (under "Leave me a comment").Now a fighting (non-violently)-angry patriot,Pat ThomasMelbourne FL321-821-0080

Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich Host New Year's Eve Partyin Manchester, New Hampshire

Dennis Kucinich -

Dear Kucinich Supporter

Dennis Kucinich and his wife Elizabeth will be ringing in 2008 with music, merriment, and a message at a special New Year's Eve party and concert on Monday, December 31 at the MCAM TV-23 Studios in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The event - "Resolution for Peace: A New Year's Concert for the Community" - is open to the public and will be televised live on TV-23 and streamed live on the internet at So if you can't come, please tune in.

Entertainment for the evening will feature a number of premier musicians from the New York City area, including singer-songwriter Ed Hamell, who performs under the moniker "Hamell on Trial"; two stars of the "downtown" jazz scene - violinist Jenny Scheinman and drummer Ben Perowsky; band-leading bassist (and regular Ani DiFranco sideman) Todd Sickafoose; folk singer Chris Brown; and other special guests.

The event starts at 9:00pm EST. Tickets for the concert are $30 for adults and $10 for students, including food and beverages and they are available online. There will also be a smaller pre-concert reception with Rep. Kucinich and the musicians for those purchasing a $50 ticket. There is no admission charge for children 12 and under.

Besides music, dancing, food and fun, the event will also focus attention on the plight of the homeless in the area. Liberty House, a transitional shelter for homeless veterans located in Manchester, is slated to lose its entire federal funding next year, even though its services are needed more than ever. More than 43% of homeless males in the U. S. are veterans, and with thousands of soldiers returning from the Iraq War - and housing foreclosures rising - the number of people without a roof over their heads on any given night will surely skyrocket in 2008.

No other Presidential candidate in memory can honestly claim that he or she understands what being homeless is like more than Kucinich, who grew up in a poor family that sometimes resorted to sleeping in their car after being evicted from one apartment or another. Appropriately, the residents of Liberty House and other homeless shelters in the area have been invited to attend the "Resolution for Peace" concert free of charge.

"Our Great Nation has always offered dreams and hopes for prosperity to its residents, but at the same time, it too often fails to ensure that its underprivileged receive basics like health care, housing and job training," said Kucinich. "Standing with the homeless in New Hampshire to welcome the New Year is my way of expressing to all Americans that it's time for a renewed commitment to the American dream so that this country can truly be the land of opportunity for all of its citizens."

Strength through Peace The Kucinich for President Campaign

1. Fantastic 9 minute video with Nancy Pelosi acting like ........ PeterWelch! Nancy Pelosi tells Wolf Blitzer and a Fox News interviewer that it takes 60 votes in the Senate or that it takes a presidentialsignature to stop the war and that the speaker does not have the power to block a funding bill from coming up for a vote. The video catches each one of these materially false and misleading statements and throws back the truth.

Must see!!!
a. Our congressional delegation needs to hear from every person on thislist during the recess. Ask Peter Welch, Bernie Sanders, and Pat Leahyto watch the video! Ask them to stop telling Vermonters that 60 votesare needed in the Senate to end this war. Ask Peter Welch to join hiscolleagues in the House demanding impeachment investigation.

Ask Bernie and Pat to support a Senate investigation of Bush and Cheney. Ask them all to recognize that they have an oath to support and defend the constitution in its entirety, and taking any portion, includingimpeachment, off the table violates that oath and legitimizes theheinous constitutional violations by Bush and Cheney.

b. Ask Peter Welch to start representing the people of Vermont--whovoted overwhelmingly in town meeting for the return of all our soldiersin Iraq now and impeachment investigation of Bush and Cheney.

2. I received word today that a national event is in the works afterCongress reconvenes to press for impeachment investigation, and thatHouse Judiciary Committee Chair John Conyers will be involved. We aremaking progress based on the unrelenting campaign for impeachment around the country and the massive numbers signing on to the petition initiatedby Congressman Robert Wexler at<>.

We need to sustain and increase that public pressure to ensure that the dual impeachment goes forwardand our constitution is firmly defended.


EmailPrint Text size – + By Richard N. Goodwin
December 26, 2007

This Man I Respect! This Man I Learned A Great Deal From! And This Brings Back A Flood Of Memories That At The Moment Seem Like Only Yesterday!

1968 NEW HAMPSHIRE MOMENTS Richard N. Goodwin

THERE WAS little in the turning of the year to warn of the tumultuous events that were to give 1968 its special place in American history. On New Year's Eve, Waterville, N.H., skiers made their last run; while farther to the north, in Berlin, young men and women walked though lightly falling snow, knocking on friendly rural doors, talking to the residents about an unknown United States senator, Eugene McCarthy.

Then came the guns of January; explosions shattered the streets of nearly every major city in South Vietnam. Americans began to question not the war itself, but whether it was worth the deaths, the economic dislocations, the domestic divisions. And what about all the promises of imminent victory made by the leaders of the country. Did they know? Or were they lying?

A month later, as battles in Vietnam still raged, I sat at breakfast in my Boston home, read of the devastation of the once majestic city of Hue. It was madness. I put down the paper, ceased my reflections. "The hell with it. I'm going to New Hampshire to join McCarthy's campaign." I didn't think he had a chance. He had only 15 percent in the polls. But I had served two presidents in the White House - John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.

And perhaps my experience might contribute to his doomed effort. That afternoon I quit my teaching job at MIT, put some clothes and an electric typewriter in the trunk of my car, and headed north to New Hampshire.

Shortly after my arrival, McCarthy and I entered the dining room of the Sheraton Wayfarer hotel in Manchester. With the primary only a few weeks away, no one appeared to recognize McCarthy. Not a single person came over to our table as we ate.

My first intimation that something might be possible came later that night when I inspected the volunteer field operation. I had never seen anything like it in politics. Young men and women, captained by Sam Brown and Curt Gans, were coming by the thousands, from all parts of the country; on weekends when classes were not in session, their numbers rose to 4,000 or 5,000. This was no alien hippie invasion, but the boy or girl next door impressed into a disciplined, systematic effort to bring McCarthy's antiwar message to every Democratic household in the state.

Their slogan was "neat and clean for Gene." Many who had not seen the inside of a barber shop, or even a razor, for many months compliantly consented to be shorn for the "movement"; young women searched neighboring stores for long skirts to replace the unacceptably provocative miniskirts in which they had arrived. I saw at once that this component of the campaign had no need of my "professional expertise."

Later that night I was shown some material for newspaper, radio, and television ads, which had been prepared by a New York advertising agency. There were pictures of freshly fried Vietnamese babies, clips of bombs tumbling from the swollen bellies of American planes. I was appalled. The people who were against the war - no more than 20 percent at that time - were already for McCarthy.

The challenge was to move beyond the war to talk about the shaky economy, rising inflation, the underlying sense that things were getting out of control. It was the task of the campaign to tap this discontent with American leadership, to persuade voters that McCarthy's candidacy gave them a chance to express their desire for a change. There I could be of help.

t was not necessary for voters to believe that McCarthy would be president, only that he could be president, that his candidacy was not a joke. In all that followed - speeches, radio, television, and press interviews - we focused not only on the issues but on the qualities of the man and his capacity to occupy the presidential office. Day after day, in personal appearances and on television, voters came to see this calm, unthreatening Midwesterner, quietly rational in his presentation. Clearly the man was no radical.

Then, with less than 72 hours to go, we withdrew all our radio spots that addressed a multiplicity of issues and replaced them with a single spot, which was to be replayed repeatedly on every radio station. "Think what you will feel like if you wake up Wednesday morning to find that Eugene McCarthy has won the New Hampshire primary and New Hampshire has once again changed the course of America."

We knew this would appeal to the natural New Hampshire inclination to go against the prevailing opinion, as they had years earlier rejecting President Harry Truman, in a primary that sealed his decision not to run for reelection.

Primary day. Tuesday, March 12. What a great country, I thought, when the fate of the leader of the free world was in the hands of denim-clad workers, high-booted farmers, housewives stopping on their way to the supermarket. Toward the end of the afternoon, our excitement mounted. The voting was heavy.

Before the evening ended, as returns became final, McCarthy had received a stunning 42 percent of the vote, Johnson 48 percent. We had not won the primary, but we had achieved a far more significant victory. We had unmasked the subterranean discontent with the president and his policies, revealed how intense and widespread the desire for change was. I was now certain that whatever McCarthy's personal destiny, Lyndon Johnson would not be the next president.

At midnight, McCarthy strode into the ballroom. "People have remarked," he began, "that this campaign has brought young people back into the system. But it's the other way around. The young people have brought the country back into the system."

We Did Not Know, Could Not Have Suspected In Those Heady Hours, That The Sense Of Renewed Hope, Of Enormous Possibilities, Would Survive Only A Few More Months, Brought To An End With The Assassination Of Robert Kennedy, Mccarthy's Defeat For The Nomination By Hubert Humphrey, And The Election Of Richard Nixon.

Richard N. Goodwin was a speechwriter for Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson and Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

© Copyright 2007 Globe Newspaper Company.

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