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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Prince William County Action Alert!



Reports Here In New York Indicate The Vote Is Not Etched In Stone At The Moment And Could Be Changed With Your Intervention. Go To The End Of This Post And Use The Contact Information And Links Provided NOW!
Vote Expected At 2:00 PM This Afternoon!

Prince William Co. to Vote on Reforms
posted 5:18 am Tue October 02, 2007 - WOODBRIDGE, Va.

Prince William County supervisors are set to vote Tuesday on which county services could be denied to illegal immigrants and on a plan for broader immigration checks by police.

The outline of the policy was adopted earlier this year and county staffers have spent recent months working out the specifics, which will be the subject of Tuesday's vote.

Supporters of the plans believe the federal government hasn't done enough to address immigration issues.

The county's Human Rights Commission has issued a report that's critical of the policy, warning that it would be expensive to taxpayers and could lead to racial discrimination and lawsuits.

The report also predicts that driving out or deporting illegal immigrants would also shrink the county's tax base.

Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart says the report was supposed to be a recommendation of how to implement the policy and not a criticism of it.

He calls the report useless.

One of the biggest proposed changed will allow only those who can prove legal residency can receive a business license.

The Prince William County board of supervisors are also expected to approve a $14 million plan to allow county police to check the immigration status of suspects charged with a crime.

The board is expected to vote on the reforms Today.

Information from: The Washington Post,
Nick Miroff, B01 (Post)
Prince William Extra

Rights Panel Decries Pr. William's Immigration Laws : Report Labels Proposals as Costly, Burdensome and...
Nick Miroff, B01 (Post) 10/02/2007
.Policies with past discrimination in the United States against Native Americans and African Americans, claiming that "Prince William County has been fractured in ways not seen since the1950s."County officials had anticipated that the report would not look favorably...

Pr. William Police Face Thorny Immigrant Task
Theresa Vargas, A01 (Post) 10/02/2007

...did this and it took five hours," Davis said, slipping into his patrol car to wait for orders from his supervisor.As Prince William County prepares to vote today on a controversial police department policy that directs officers to check residency status...
Officers' Patrols Could Get Thorny : Pr. William Police Face Broader Policy on Immigrant...
Theresa Vargas, B01 (Post) 10/02/2007

...did this and it took five hours," Davis said, slipping into his patrol car to wait for orders from his supervisor.As Prince William County prepares to vote today on a controversial police department policy that directs officers to check residency status..

Festival Freedom : Immigrant-Friendly Environment Adds Allure to Annual...
Ian Shapira, B04 (Post) 10/01/2007

Many Hispanics interviewed directed much of their ire at Virginia, where Herndon just closed its day-laborer center and Prince William County officials are intensifying their crackdown on illegal immigrants. But the tension surfacing in the suburbs does not necessarily...

Illegal aliens' services study donePotomac News, VA - Sep 28, 2007By KEITH WALKER The three-month study to determine which county services can be denied to illegal immigrants is done. The Prince William Board of County ...

PRINCE WILLIAM AREA Agencies Propose Joint Effort to Deport ...Washington Post, United States - Sep 4, 2007By Christy Goodman Five law enforcement agencies in and around Prince William County are seeking to join forces to combat illegal immigration with a ...

'Progress' stops at the county lineFauquier Times-Democrat, VA - Sep 25, 2007The comment was, let Prince William County have them. With a mindset like that, how about if everyone who thinks like that not own and use a cell phone of ...

County focuses on illegal aliensRoanoke Times, VA - Sep 30, 2007In July, the Prince William County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution directing its police department to alert federal immigration authorities when an ...

Immigration Policing's Cost Is a ConcernWashington Post, United States - Sep 18, 2007By Christy Goodman Some Prince William County supervisors expressed concern yesterday about the estimated cost of a new policing plan to target criminals ...

Letters To the Editor Sunday, September 30, 2007; Page PW02
Police-Powers Resolution Is 'Another Scare Tactic'
One of the most important votes the Prince William Board of County Supervisors will take comes Tuesday.

The board will decide whether to direct county police to expand their participation in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. If this directive would change anything substantively, then it might have some merit. But the principal change will be to continue to promote the divisiveness and discord that have been the board's benchmarks for the past nine months.

County police already participate in enforcing federal immigration laws, period! When they pick up someone they suspect is a criminal and perhaps here illegally, does anyone really think they let them go? Of course not. They haul them off to jail, and the jail contacts
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This resolution is another scare tactic, a right-wing ploy designed to take an obvious problem and promise the public they will deal with it. In this case, the board chairman and the
Gainesville supervisor are attempting to fool voters again. They got away with it last November when they promised to curb growth in the midst of a real estate downturn. The public was fooled. Well, fool me once, and shame on them. Fool me twice, and shame on me!

Four of the finest, hard-working, public-service-oriented supervisors since I moved here in 1972 are
Hilda M. Barg (D-Woodbridge), Maureen S. Caddigan (R-Dumfries), John D. Jenkins (D-Neabsco) and Martin E. Nohe (R-Coles). They come with one agenda: to serve the public. It is clear they are all knowledgeable about county affairs and do not carry any ideological baggage.

It is especially interesting that Caddigan, Jenkins and Nohe took the board to task at the last meeting about the costs of implementing the resolution. They howled at the almost $3 million per year cost. But the plan will cost considerably more than $3 million. For every nickel the board spends on county operations, it is committed to spend a similar amount on the school budget. As a result, the $3 million becomes $6 million.

In addition, the county attorney's office will need funds for more attorneys or outside counsel to handle the lawsuits that will follow. La Raza and the
American Civil Liberties Union are licking their chops at the prospect of racial-profiling litigation. Those costs will pale relative to county taxpayer liability if we lose any lawsuits. And there are inevitable increases as unforeseen issues come up. For example, personnel and administrative costs for protecting the county's interests when racial-profiling issues come up could be significant.

Those costs need to be weighed against benefits. If there would be any change in the number of undocumented immigrants sent to ICE, as is the common perception, that is one thing. But that is not the case. County police and federal agents have been picking up criminal illegal immigrants for the past several years, quietly and effectively.

But ICE has a ceiling for the county of 40 hardened criminals per month. And that will not change under current plans. In other words, this is another hoax being played on county taxpayers by politicians who seek to keep themselves in office while they plan for the next election. Another cost, according to
Police Chief Charlie T. Deane, is that the resolution will close many helpful investigative avenues for county police in the Latino community.

The county had severe budget restraints last year, and they will get worse in the coming years as real estate values decline. How, then, do supervisors pay for the non-crackdown crackdown? Last year, in a cutting frenzy, the chairman tried to close neighborhood libraries and programs for our youths and seniors. In addition, the county's domestic-relations judges were incensed with the closure of the post-disposition program, a safety net for problem youths. Those programs on an individual basis cost a lot less than $3 million.

The chairman has also bragged that this type of resolution would be the first of its kind in the nation. That means we would be the guinea pig for federal courts, which recently overturned similar resolutions by other localities.

It is also noteworthy that immigration was not even listed as a problem by county residents when the
University of Virginia conducted the annual residents survey this spring. Yet it is now. Why?

The media reported earlier that the resolution had its origins when the Washington-based, right-wing, anti-immigrant
Federation for American Immigration Reform helped the Gainesville supervisor draft the resolution. Certainly there are immigration problems in Prince William and many other parts of the nation. In our case, the intensity of the problem -- with the bombs, demonstrations, marches and the KKK -- has been orchestrated by FAIR. It is plain to see that Prince William is being used as another test case by FAIR.

The county could spend more resources enforcing neighborhood crowding ordinances. Residents have been on a roller coaster with regard to illegal immigration. The plans on the table have been touted across the region as a crackdown, when it turns out they have no substance.

Some supervisors seem to be simply going along with the chairman so they won't look like they are pro-illegal immigration. But they are prolonging the problems by chasing headlines rather than doing something.

Please contact your supervisor and say you want real action on the problems , not a lot of meaningless rhetoric . . . expensive rhetoric.

Kevin M. Raymond Woodbridge
Prince William County Government Site

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