Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: The Nation Is On A Knife’s Edge…Literally.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Nation Is On A Knife’s Edge…Literally.

The Nation Is On A Knife’s Edge…Literally.

Now Is The Time To Bombard Judiciary Committee Members And Your Congress Criminals Relentlessly To Move Forward To Hearings! Enough Voices Of “We The People” Screaming For Impeachment Is The Only Way To Get The Traitorous Congress To Act while it is still peaceful in America.

We would be more effective with 1,000s converging on the house physically than 1,000s of emails, phone calls and fax messages…both would be better and if nothing is done by August you can save your time planning to campaign for any Democrat, because it won’t matter and it won’t do any good!

Having just returned from a private conclave in Colorado; I can assure you that action of this issue and several other fronts is not forth coming before August this country will be confronted with violent actions, the Democrats will not regain The White House and a course of downward spiraling into near revolution will begin in this nation.

Using the “alcoholic analogy” that I have resorted to before; If America cannot stand up NOW it will be driven to the bottom of the bottle, driven to get as bad as necessary for people to stop talking and get rid of every corrupt member of Congress by either defeat at the elections or forcing their resignation as the price for the restoration of order.

It is happening! Once again, as with the Vietnam Era, America is looking in the wrong direction, the media is silent and the police powers that will be called upon to deal with disaster are outnumbered and will face citizens prepared to die. It is not a matter of whether one condones civil disruption and violent resistance; it is a matter of the public and our leaders preventing it by acting to resolve the grievances provide for justice and a resumption of Congress fulfilling its oath. Failure will find blood on many hands.

It has gone this far as the pent up rage of some Americans who have lost faith in even we who are trying our best at peaceful actions is being organized skillfully into a huge potent force that will unleash a proverbial “Pandora’s Box. Traditional wisdom and advice is irrelevant to those prepared for massive confrontation this summer. I will have more to say in a future blog post in the next couple of days.

We and the Congress have very few days left to address the Constitutional Crisis that faces this nation. Hearings must come quickly, be focused and efficient and government officials who fail to yield to subpoenas must be arrested on the spot. The time for fun and games is over!

There is a force in the shadows; it is poised to emerge and over come.

Kucinich Vows to Reintroduce Impeach Articles if Dems Let Them Die in Committee

Ohio Congressman Says He'll Bring More Co-Cosponsors; Promises 'We'll Come Back with 60 Articles, Not 35'

It Is Time for us to make it impossible for The House Judiciary Committee to do anything else but to commence hearings. They do not have a piece of paper by floor motion to simply put in the file cabinet. They need to understand ,in the most strident terms, that as the article below is entitled: “The Republic Is On A Knife’s Edge”…literally!

The Republic on a Knife's Edge
By one vote, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected President George W. Bush's right to imprison people he calls "unlawful enemy combatants" indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay. But this issue of an all-powerful Executive may spill over to the November election. June 13, 2008

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