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Monday, February 12, 2007


From Ed. Dickau ( )

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

The Nation., NY - 2 hours ago
John Nichols' new book is THE GENIUS OF IMPEACHMENT: The Founders' Cure for Royalism. Rolling Stone's Tim Dickinson hails it as a "nervy, acerbic,

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Not even President Bush is above the law
Village News Network, CA - Feb 1, 2007
In just the last year impeachment has won wide acceptance in America, now much higher than it was for Clinton or Nixon pre-impeachment_

Feb. 22nd, President's day to be called Impeachment day.
Bay Area Indymedia, CA - Jan 29, 2007
Barbara Lee and John Conyers are invited but so far they have told us "Impeachment is off the Table" Tell them no. The crime family must go.

Courage is in short supply in Washington, D.C. The realities of the Iraq War cry out for the overthrow of a government that is criminally responsible for death, mutilation, torture, humiliation, chaos.

But all we hear in the nation's capital, which is the source of those catastrophes, is a whimper from the Democratic Party, muttering and nattering about "unity" and "bipartisanship," in a situation that calls for bold action to immediately reverse the present course.

These are the Democrats who were brought to power in November by an electorate fed up with the war, furious at the Bush Administration, and counting on the new majority in Congress to represent the voters.

But if sanity is to be restored in our national policies, it can only come about by a great popular upheaval, pushing both Republicans and Democrats into compliance with the national will.

The Declaration of Independence, revered as a document but ignored as a guide to action, needs to be read from pulpits and podiums, on street corners and community radio stations throughout the nation. Its words, forgotten for over two centuries, need to become a call to action for the first time since it was read aloud to crowds in the early excited days of the American Revolution: "Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute new government."

The "ends" referred to in the Declaration are the equal right of all to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." True, no government in the history of the nation has been faithful to those ends. Favors for the rich, neglect of the poor, massive violence in the interest of continental and world expansion -- that is the persistent record of our government.

Still, there seems to be a special viciousness that accompanies the current assault on human rights, in this country and in the world. We have had repressive governments before, but none has legislated the end of habeas corpus, nor openly supported torture, nor declared the possibility of war without end. No government has so casually ignored the will of the people, affirmed the right of the president to ignore the Constitution, even to set aside laws passed by Congress.

The time is right, then, for a national campaign calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Representative John Conyers, who held extensive hearings and introduced an impeachment resolution when the Republicans controlled Congress, is now head of the House Judiciary Committee and in a position to fight for such a resolution. He has apparently been silenced by his Democratic colleagues who throw out as nuggets of wisdom the usual political palaver about "realism" (while ignoring the realities staring them in the face) and politics being "the art of the possible" (while setting limits on what is possible).

I know I'm not the first to talk about impeachment. Indeed, judging by the public opinion polls, there are millions of Americans, indeed a majority of those polled, who declare themselves in favor if it is shown that the President lied us into war (a fact that is not debatable).

There are at least half-dozen books out on impeachment, and it's been argued for eloquently by some of our finest journalists, John Nichols and Lewis Lapham among them. Indeed, an actual "indictment" has been drawn up by a former federal prosecutor, Elizabeth de la Vega, in a new book called United States v. George W. Bush et al, making a case, in devastating detail, to a fictional grand jury.

There is a logical next step in this development of an impeachment movement: the convening of "people's impeachment hearings" all over the country. This is especially important given the timidity of the Democratic Party. Such hearings would bypass Congress, which is not representing the will of the people, and would constitute an inspiring example of grassroots democracy.

These hearings would be the contemporary equivalents of the unofficial gatherings that marked the resistance to the British Crown in the years leading up to the American Revolution. The story of the American Revolution is usually built around Lexington and Concord, around the battles and the Founding Fathers. What is forgotten is that the American colonists, unable to count on redress of their grievances from the official bodies of government, took matters into their own hands, even before the first battles of the Revolutionary War.

In 1772, town meetings in Massachusetts began setting up Committees of Correspondence, and the following year, such a committee was set up in Virginia. The first Continental Congress, beginning to meet in 1774, was a recognition that an extra legal body was necessary to represent the interests of the people. In 1774 and 1775, all through the colonies, parallel institutions were set up outside the official governmental bodies.

Throughout the nation's history, the failure of government to deliver justice has led to the establishment of grassroots organizations, often ad hoc, dissolving after their purpose was fulfilled. For instance, after passage of the Fugitive Slave Act, knowing that the national government could not be counted on to repeal the act, black and white anti-slavery groups organized to nullify the law by acts of civil disobedience. They held meetings, made plans, and set about rescuing escaped slaves who were in danger of being returned to their masters.

In the desperate economic conditions of 1933 and 1934, before the Roosevelt Administration was doing anything to help people in distress, local groups were formed all over the country to demand government action. Unemployed Councils came into being, tenants' groups fought evictions, and hundreds of thousands of people in the country formed self-help organizations to exchange goods and services and enable people to survive.

More recently, we recall the peace groups of the 1980s, which sprang up in hundreds of communities all over the country, and provoked city councils and state legislatures to pass resolutions in favor of a freeze on nuclear weapons. And local organizations have succeeded in getting more than 400 city councils to take a stand against the Patriot Act.

Impeachment hearings all over the country could excite and energize the peace movement. They would make headlines, and could push reluctant members of Congress in both parties to do what the Constitution provides for and what the present circumstances demand: the impeachment and removal from office of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Simply raising the issue in hundreds of communities and Congressional districts would have a healthy effect, and would be a sign that democracy, despite all attempts to destroy it in this era of war, is still alive.

For information on how to get involved in the impeachment effort, go to
After Downing Street.

The Rule of Law (and the DCCC)
OpEdNews, PA - Feb 9, 2007
If she meant I will not permit impeachment proceedings while I am Speaker, then YES! She would be commutatively guilty, perhaps more guilty, because upon her

The Historic, First Ever DC Massive Impeachment March No-one
OpEdNews, PA - Jan 29, 2007
Judging by the signs carried and the sentiments of the protesters-- a good 30-50% of the signs were about impeachment, prosecution, trial for war crimes or_

Is it time for impeachment?
Liberty Papers, CA - Feb 7, 2007
[M]any provisions in the Magna Carta dealt with parochial interests of barons that have little relevance today, such is not the case with paragraph 39: “No_

Steve Jonas: Commentary: Impeachment! But of Whom?
BuzzFlash, IL - Feb 5, 2007
The word rings in the air, and the Bush Cheney Presidency is presenting many avenues of attack for those who think it would be a good idea.

The Impeachment Chronicles: A Lawyer Dissects the Bush-Cheney Team
Political Cortex, NY - Feb 7, 2007
Let us hope that, as a trained prosecutor was able to discern the pattern of corruption within the White House that clearly warrants impeachment.

"The Case for Impeachment"
Between The Lines, CT - Feb 7, 2007
Co-authors journalist David Lindorff and Center for Constitutional Rights attorney Barbara Olshansky speak about their book, "The Case for Impeachment: The_

Bush's crimes severe enough to warrant impeachment
College of New Jersey Signal, NJ - Feb 6, 2007
... international laws in conducting the War on Terror, the Democratic Congress has several grounds with which to bring up impeachment charges against Bush.

Rep. Smith criticizes Bush plan (subscription), WA - Feb 11, 2007
He also said he’s not prepared to back the impeachment of Bush, a move favored by some Democrats and peace groups. “The divisive nature of that process_

Rightwingers Attacking War Supporters (press release), New Zealand - Feb 11, 2007
We have a few months in which to get impeachment underway, or the looming election will block it. And I, for one, am going to back for president whoever_

Impeach the two of them
Detroit Free Press, MI - Feb 11, 2007
It could be the day after impeachment hearings ended in the conviction of President George W. Bush for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Surge, time limit,impeachment
Concord Monitor, NH - Feb 7, 2007
In any event, prepare impeachment proceedings against both Bush and Cheney for instigating this unwise, unnecessary and immoral quagmire of a war.

Whistling Past Armageddon: Why Impeachment Is A Fine Idea
BTC News - Feb 5, 2007
One of the arguments against impeachment is that the process would take too long, that by the time the articles were drawn up, the case made and the vote_

Sheehan expected to headline Vermont impeachment tour
Barre Montpelier Times Argus, VT - Jan 26, 2007
Between 30 to 50 towns are expected to have impeachment resolutions on their town-meeting agendas this year and about 50 more could consider the question_

Twenty-three towns take up Bush impeachment resolution
WCAX - Burlington,VT,USANEWFANE, Vt. --
At least 23 communities will weigh in on the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and the impeachment of President George W. Bush at town_

Towns to face impeachment, war questions
Barre Montpelier Times Argus, VT - 10 hours ago
By DANIEL BARLOW Staff Writer.
NEWFANE – Twenty-three Vermont communities have placed town meeting questions calling for President Bush's impeachment on the_

Towns face Iraq, Bush questions
Rutland Herald, VT - Feb 11, 2007
By DANIEL BARLOW Staff Writer.
NEWFANE – Twenty-three Vermont communities have placed town meeting questions calling for President Bush's impeachment on the_

After Saddam’s Lynching are Bush & Cheney Next?
(press release) - New Zealand
Though the newly anointed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi declared that hearings for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney are off_

Inappropriate Behavior and Impeachment
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
If there is any sense of integrity, courage and patriotism abroad in the nation at large, we will see resolutions of impeachment passed in coming weeks in_

Washington State Senator—putting impeachment on the table!
By Gail Johnson
Linda went on to tell the audience that the impeachment movement here in Washington has gathered over 15000 signatures calling for an impeachment investigation of Bush and Cheney. She asked people to write, email and call all their_

portland indymedia - oregon &... -

Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush
By Marty (Marty)
The documentary, based on the book Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush, outlines the four articles of impeachment which I will post separately. I attended an impeachment forum here in Houston on Labor Day last year and_

On The Homefront -

Impeachment, reconsidered
By d.K.(d.K.)
As the six people who read this blog will know, I have never, ever even mentioned the word impeachment in the context of the president or vice-president in this blog. As someone who witnessed the catastrophic results of our country’s_

A Silent Cacophony -

Impeachment Vigil Kicks Off
By tortugo23 (tortugo23)
Vigil in support of Impeachment Resolution before the New Mexico Legislature; When: Every day, Monday through Friday, ... What: We will display banners and signs along the street and intersection supporting Impeachment and SJR 5.

Mexico New -

Land of Enchantment and Impeachment
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada - Jan 24, 2007
There is a decent chance that within the next month or two the New Mexico State Legislature will ask the US House of Representatives to begin impeachment.

Less Popular: Bush or Impeachment?
OpEdNews, PA - Jan 24, 2007
Pelosi had made very clear on CBS' 60 Minutes and in other venues that the impeachment of Bush and Cheney wasn't going to be pursued. It is time for Pelosi to shut up and get out of the way. Its either that or go down in History as the first Failed Female Speaker of The House!

The Case for Impeachment part 6

The Case for Impeachment: was on C-Span2 Book TV 8/2/06:The talks were recorded at, the United Church on the Green, New Haven, CT on June 24, 2006. ...
Title: The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush

Digg / Videos / digg -

Vermont Guardian - Winooski,VT,USA
Last year, seven Vermont towns passed a version of the impeachment resolution and the result was the “shot heard ‘round the world.” The town of Newfane_

Grounds for impeachment
Salt Lake Tribune - Salt Lake City,UT,USA
... as illustrated by the debate on the McGovern-Hatfield Amendment of 1970. If Bush and Cheney refused, it would be grounds for impeachment.

Impeachment Scorecard
By hungeski
"The table below shows the content of Congressional and state impeachment resolutions introduced, and impeachment resolutions passed as local ballot issues." hungeski. highlighted by hungeski 02/10/2007 - 3:10pm updated at_

The News is - NowPublic... -

Now Republicans are talking Impeachment
one even threatening impeachment. "Reps. Walter Jones, RN.C., and Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., blasted President Bush for not intervening_

John Edwards '08 Blog: News -

If Bush were to violate such a law, they urged, Congress should file a lawsuit against him, and begin impeachment proceedings." It is very sad, but the Democrats have essentially the same neocon objectives for America.

Heli's Heaven and Hell Radio -

'There's going to be some kind of impeachment talk
[image]from raw story: Several Republican lawmakers have sharply criticized the imprisonment of two border agents who were convicted of shooting a Mexican drug smuggler in the back and attempting to cover it up. - ORpost -

Cop shooting drives Republican to threaten Bush w/ impeachment
By Joshua Holland Joshua Holland:
Oh, this is a wacky one. Joshua Holland -

Impeachment Now! – A Recantation
By Kim Gongre
"I am ... unwilling to endorse demands for immediate bills of impeachment against Bush and Cheney, for the simple and compelling reason that such an approach is less likely to succeed. Recent history teaches us that the direct route to_

Peace, Social Justice, and Truth... -

Podcast: Elizabeth De La Vega and the Case for Impeachment
US v George Bush. Regular panelists Robert Scheer, James Harris and Joshua Scheer are joined by special guest Elizabeth De La Vega, a federal prosecutor with more than 20 years of experience whose book “United States v. George W. Bush

Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines -

Not Impeachment - Indictment
By GarySeven
Impeachment is a political mechanism; it is subject to abuse and political partisanship. Instead, there is now sufficient evidence to support criminal prosecutions against several current and former Administration officials.

Daily Kos -

GOP Lawmaker Warns of Impeachment in Border Agent Case
By Carolyn Hileman
President, if these men — especially after this assault — are murdered in prison, or if one of them lose their lives, there’s going to be some sort of impeachment talk in Capitol Hill,” he said during a press conference in Washington_

American Conservative Daily -

Land of Impeachment
By tortugo23(tortugo23)
Rules Committee Hearing Postponed Until Next Friday, Rally and Lobbying To Take Place of Hearing at Roundhouse Same Time. Calls to Senator Altamirano and Sanchez Still Necessary and Helpful. After hours of back and forth, the previously_

Mexico New -

George W. Bush: Poster Boy for Impeachment
OpEdNews, PA - Jan 27, 2007
I know the Democratic leaders in Congress have said that impeachment is "off the table", but that is one campaign promise that should not be kept.

Impeachment is only a start
Livingston Daily, MI - Jan 30, 2007
Impeachment (and the removal of immunity) is only the beginning of the uncovering of the truth. We also need fact-finding to determine if the chaos that has_

Why We Must Have Impeachment
Atlantic Free Press, Netherlands - Jan 26, 2007
Fortunately, House Judiciary Chair John Conyers, who knows this, is beginning the impeachment process next week by calling for a hearing to examine one of_

OpEdNews, PA - Jan 31, 2007
And that is precisely my point ~ Dick Cheney is being rightfully targeted for impeachment and Michelle Steinberg, Executive Intelligence Review_

Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix: The Cheney 'Impeachment' Trial
New York Times, NY - Jan 31, 2007
Indeed, the Libby trial seems destined to serve as an unofficial impeachment of Cheney’s integrity. And count on Democrats like Reid and Conyers to keep a_


Free Market News Network, FL - Jan 22, 2007
Many of you may remember the discussions we had last year about the concept of the "state-based" impeachment procedure, based on the notes in Jefferson's ...

Free Market News Network, FL - Jan 23, 2007
Based on a resolution crafted by Phil Burk of and the national impeachment movement, the resolution made four charges, three of which are:

Grounds for impeachment
Press & Sun-Bulletin, NY - Jan 24, 2007
What does Mr. Bring-'Em-On Bush mean by success, victory, winning and mission accomplished? A noble Crusade to save the world alone.

Whence Comes Impeachment, If At All - Jan 25, 2007
And lastly, in the New Mexico state legislature, a bill has been introduced which calls for the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Impeachment is Off the Table?
OpEdNews, PA - Jan 20, 2007
To say "impeachment is off the table" is the equivalent of saying the Constitution, the rule of law, and democracy are no longer relevant.

Are the Bushites Bringing on Impeachment?
Atlantic Free Press, Netherlands - Jan 17, 2007
A speculation I’ve expended some virtual ink here laying out my thoughts, post election, regarding the idea of impeachment. In a nutshell, I’ve said that_

Only Impeachment Can Prevent More War
TPMCafe, NY - Jan 22, 2007
... and a cabal of power-mad neoconservatives. Nothing can stop the Regime except the immediate impeachment of Bush and Cheney. This is America's last chance.

Petition for impeachment circulates in Shaftsbury
Bennington Banner, VT - Jan 18, 2007
"The idea originated last year, when five communities included a resolution in their town meeting agenda for impeachment," Schoerke said:

Rosie Calls for Impeachment of President Bush
First Coast News, FL - Jan 25, 2007
To call for impeachment is a political statement from the people they represent. Is there some Senator brave enough to stand up and say it?”

Activists call for Cheney's impeachment
Culpeper Star Exponent, VA - Jan 31, 2007
Two political activists from Leesburg set up outside the Culpeper post office Tuesday afternoon to hand out literature and call for the impeachment of Vice_

Border Patrol Agents Ramos, Compean Railroaded by DHS, El Paso US
Men's News Daily, CA - Feb 9, 2007
This President had better listen to his constituents on this issue or he may find himself facing worse than a Democrat led impeachment movement.

Free Market News Network, FL - Jan 29, 2007
... is still saying it won’t happen, at least one Congressman is warning that President George W. Bush could be on the verge of impeachment proceedings.

Kucinich: President's Actions Could Lead to Impeachment
TPMCafe, NY - Jan 27, 2007
The 2008 Democratic presidential candidate warns that Bush's actions could result in impeachment. Kucinich accuses the Bush administration "of mounting_

Impeachment grounds?
Pasadena Star-News, CA - Jan 31, 2007
The Republicans began impeachment proceedings without hesitating one minute against Bill Clinton for one harmless sexual transgression.

Impeachment? Maybe. If we get around to it
Capitol Hill Blue, VA - Jan 30, 2007
He said he was “a step before impeachment,” and that his emphasis as he learned the ropes in Congress was on a broader range of human- and civil-rights_

Pro-impeachment lawmaker in no hurry to push the matter
SitNews, AK - Jan 30, 2007
He said he was "a step before impeachment," and that his emphasis as he learned the ropes in Congress was on a broader range of human- and civil-rights_

Impeachment: The Missing Word on the Stage in DC Last Weekend--But ...
The Baltimore Chronicle, MD - Jan 29, 2007
The largely unstated word at the massive anti-war demonstration and march in Washington on Saturday was “impeachment.” Not that it wasn’t on demonstrators lips_

Dave Lindorff: The Missing Word at Washington Anti-War Rally
BuzzFlash, IL - Jan 29, 2007
The largely unstated word at the massive anti-war demonstration and march in Washington on Saturday was "impeachment." You could see it and you could discuss it in the row, but the press! The march, organized by United for_
Montgomery Advertiser, AL - Feb 2, 2007
Our founding fathers believed that impeachment was so vital to the survival of democracy in the face of tyrants and criminals that they wrote the act into_
American Chronicle, CA - Jan 31, 2007
But when Congress found the nerve to cut off the funds for the Vietnam War, it was the pressure of impeachment that persuaded Nixon not to veto_

A Case for Impeachment
Yahoo! News - Feb 1, 2007
Just how conscious the president was of the deceits conducted under his authority, what he knew and when he knew it, is precisely what an impeachment trial will finally clarify for the world.

Congress must investigate war profiteering
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, FL - Feb 9, 2007
The column Sunday by Waldo Proffitt raises the issue of impeachment, and I simply do not understand why he is one of the few discussing that issue. There is the “Free Press and the Fearful Press”! There is your answer.

It's time for impeachment proceedings
Sioux City Journal, IA - Jan 14, 2007
Can we finally begin impeachment proceedings against this petulant boy-king and send him off (along with his henchman Dick Cheney) into Nixonesque exile?
TPMCafe, NY - Jan 21, 2007By Ticia bio. Jan. 20, 2007 (EIRNS)—University of California-San Diego Professor Jorge Hirsch argues, in a column posted here on that Congress_
The Nation., NY - Feb 6, 2007
The founders intended impeachment not as a legal process but as a tool for the protection of the nation and its citizens from irrational, irresponsible and_, MN - Jan 23, 2007
The Superior Daily Telegram has called for the impeachment of President Bush. The Telegram is the first area paper to do that, and one of the first in_

Only Impeachment Can Prevent More War
Lew Rockwell, CA - Jan 21, 2007
Nothing can stop the Regime except the immediate impeachment of Bush and Cheney. This is America’s last _

The Goose That Laid the Rotten Eggs
OpEdNews, PA - Feb 7, 2007
This brings up the question of the rationale of pushing for impeachment. I personally am a strong proponent of the idea, because no one should be above the law_

Forget Impeachment, Bring in a Psychotherapist
NewsByUs, ID - Jan 21, 2007By James T. Moore on Jan 21, 07.
George W. Bush sorely needs help, and quickly, in several distinct areas of mental deviation. I don’t say this maliciously.

The Bush plan: Only impeachment can stop it
Arab American News, MI - Jan 20, 2007
When are the American people and their representatives in Congress and the military going to wake up and realize that the US has an insane war criminal in_

Bush Must Go: Only Impeachment Can Stop Him
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada -
Jan 18, 2007by Paul Craig Roberts.
When are the American people and their representatives in Congress and the military going to wake up and realize that the US has an_

Bush impeachment would end 'six-year national nightmare'
Cumberland Times-News, MD - Jan 18, 2007
As usual I have been pondering the future of this country, and how today's events affect tomorrow. My resulting mood is not complacent.

Truth or Consequences: Some Questions for President Bush
The Baltimore Chronicle, MD - Feb 7, 2007
Lindorff's latest book is The Case for Impeachment, co-authored by Barbara Olshansky. Visit his website for more information. Lindorff may be reached at_

"How" to Impeach
OpEdNews, PA - Feb 6, 20071).
The individual DIY Impeachment Memorial which applies pressure on the House of Representatives directly by each citizen:

No time to waste
Concord Monitor, NH - Feb 9, 2007
It is more urgent each day that Congress begin impeachment proceedings against the president and vice president. That both are guilty of high crimes and_

Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: IMPEACHMENT: WAR CRIMES ...
Impeachment: War Crimes: Treason: Surge: Confusion In The News ...
Ed. Dickau: A political activist since his Freshman year in college, Ed. began his_

Bush Opponents Differ over Impeachment
The NewStandard, NY - 1 hour ago
Impeachment activists, however, will have an uphill battle. The Democratic leadership seems set on keeping the idea "off the table," forcing progressives to_

Discuss: Is Impeachment Worth It?
The NewStandard, NY - 52 minutes ago
Some say that the odds of convincing Congress to pursue impeachment are so slim that the focus should be on more pressing issues, such as pulling US troops.

Inappropriate Behavior and Impeachment
The Baltimore Chronicle, MD - 3 hours ago
If there is any sense of integrity, courage and patriotism abroad in the nation at large, we will see resolutions of impeachment passed in coming weeks in_

Dave Lindorff: Inappropriate Behavior and Impeachment
BuzzFlash, IL - 1 hour ago
If there is any sense of integrity, courage, and patriotism abroad in the nation at large, we will see resolutions of impeachment passed in coming weeks in_

Acting in Bad Feith Inappropriate Behavior and Impeachment
CounterPunch, CA - 2 hours ago
If there is any sense of integrity, courage and patriotism abroad in the nation at large, we will see resolutions of impeachment passed in coming weeks in_

Towns to face impeachment, war questions
Barre Montpelier Times Argus, VT - 10 hours ago
NEWFANE – Twenty-three Vermont communities have placed town meeting questions calling for President Bush's impeachment on the agenda this year and just as_

Impeachment by The People
Pasadena Weekly, CA - Feb 8, 2007
The time is right, then, for a national campaign calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

GOP House Members Hint At Impeachment Over Imprisoned Border, CA - Feb 8, 2007... DC press conference,
Rep Dana Rohrabacher [R-CA] unleashed a stern warning to President Bush accompanied by a thinly veiled threat of impeachment., VA - Feb 8, 2007(
- Weeks after accusing President Bush of "shameful" behavior over the imprisonment of two Border Patrol agents who shot and wounded an unarmed_

How To Fix Government
Its not the politicians, its thesystem - we need a new constitution

Embrace Democracy in USA
Debate, dissent and question!A Flag saying this for your car
Sign Barbara Boxer's petition.
Investigate Bush's illegal wiretaps
By Ed, Dickau(Ed, Dickau)
IMPEACHMENT THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY…Because nobody’s life, liberty or property is safe while Congress is in session or the White House is occupied. Ethics is not about what we say or what we intend, it's about what we do.

So Prescott had a son, and named him George - he became president of the United ... This after George Sr. aspired to become president by running against Reagan in the ... Heroes In Our Midst - Dick Eastman 964. Bender - Leroy Justice
Free Market News Network, FL - Jan 29, 2007
... Valarie Plame - should slowly but surely edge the prospect of impeachment back onto the table from which Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi removed it.

How to Put Impeachment Back on the Table
Truthdig, CA - Jan 26, 2007
Former congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman writes in “the Nation” that in the year since she called for Bush’s impeachment, the case against him has only_

Elizabeth Holtzman Tue Jan 30, 12:45 PM ET

The Nation -- Approximately a year ago, I wrote in this magazine that President George W. Bush had committed high crimes and misdemeanors and should be impeached and removed from office.

His impeachable offenses include using lies and deceptions to drive the country into war in Iraq, deliberately and repeatedly violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) on wiretapping in the United States, and facilitating the mistreatment of US detainees in violation of the Geneva Conventions and the War Crimes Act of 1996.

Since then, the case against President Bush has, if anything, been strengthened by reports that he personally authorized CIA abuse of detainees. In addition, courts have rejected some of his extreme assertions of executive power. The Supreme Court ruled that the Geneva Conventions apply to the treatment of detainees, and a federal judge ruled that the President could not legally ignore FISA. Even Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's recent announcement that the wiretapping program would from now on operate under FISA court supervision strongly suggests that Bush's prior claims that it could not were untrue.

Despite scant attention from the mainstream media, since last year impeachment has won a wide audience. Amid a flurry of blogs, books and articles, a national grassroots movement has sprung up. In early December seventy-five pro-impeachment rallies were held around the country and pro-impeachment efforts are planned for Congressional districts across America.
A Newsweek poll, conducted just before election day, showed 51 percent of Americans believed that impeachment of President Bush should be either a high or lower priority; 44 percent opposed it entirely. (Compare these results with the 63 percent of the public who in the fall of 1998 opposed

President Clinton's impeachment.) Most Americans understand the gravity of President Bush's constitutional misconduct.

Public anger at Bush has been mounting. On November 7 voters swept away Republican control of the House and Senate. The President's poll numbers continue to drop.

These facts should signal a propitious moment for impeachment proceedings to start. Yet House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (news, bio, voting record) has taken impeachment "off the table." (Impeachment proceedings must commence in the House of Representatives.) Her position doesn't mean impeachment is dead; it simply means a different route to it has to be pursued. Congressional investigations must start, and public pressure must build to make the House act.

This is no different from what took place during Watergate. In 1973 impeachment was not "on the table" for many months while President Nixon's cover-up unraveled, even though Democrats controlled the House and Senate. But when Nixon fired the special prosecutor to avoid making his White House tapes public, the American people were outraged and put impeachment on the table, demanding that Congress act. That can happen again.

Congressional and other investigations that previously found serious misconduct in the Nixon White House made the public's angry reaction to the firing of the special prosecutor--and the House response with impeachment proceedings--virtually inevitable. Early in 1973, once it appeared that the cover-up might involve the White House, the Senate created a select committee to investigate. The committee held hearings and uncovered critical evidence, including the existence of a White House taping system that could resolve the issue of presidential complicity.

The Senate also forced the Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Watergate. Other committees looked into related matters. None of the investigations were prompted by the idea of impeachment. Still, they laid the groundwork for it--and the evidence they turned up was used by the House impeachment panel to prepare articles of impeachment against Nixon.

The same approach can govern now. Senate and House committees must commence serious investigations that could uncover more evidence to support impeachment. The investigations should ascertain the full extent of the President's deceptions, exaggerations and lies that drove us into the Iraq War. (They can simply in effect resurrect Republican Senator Howard Baker's famous questions about

Richard Nixon: "What did the President know and when did he know it?") Congress should also explore the wiretapping that has violated the FISA law, the President's role in mistreatment of detainees and his gross indifference to the catastrophe facing the residents of New Orleans from Katrina.

Investigations should also be conducted into Vice President Cheney's meetings with oil company executives at the outset of the Administration. If divvying up oil contracts in Iraq were discussed, as some suggest, this would help prove that the Iraq War had been contemplated well before 9/11, and that a key motivation was oil. Inquiries into Halliburton's multibillion-dollar no-bid contracts should also be conducted, particularly given Cheney's ties to the company.

White House documents about Katrina that have not already been turned over to Congress should be sought to document further the President's failure to discharge his constitutional duty to help the people of New Orleans.

Our country's Founders provided the power of impeachment to prevent the subversion of the Constitution. President Bush has subverted and defied the Constitution in many ways. His defiance and his subversion continue.

Failure to impeach Bush would condone his actions. It would allow him to assume he can simply continue to violate the laws on wiretapping and torture and violate other laws as well without fear of punishment. He could keep the Iraq War going or expand it even further than he just has on the basis of more lies, deceptions and exaggerations. Remember, as recently as October 26, Bush said, "Absolutely, we are winning" the war in Iraq--a blatant falsehood. Worse still, if Congress fails to act, Bush might be emboldened to believe he may start another war, perhaps against Iran, again on the basis of lies, deceptions and exaggerations.

There is no remedy short of impeachment to protect us from this President, whose ability to cause damage in the next two years is enormous. If we do not act against Bush, we send a terrible message of impunity to him and to future Presidents and mark a clear path to despotism and tyranny. Succeeding generations of Americans will never forgive us for lacking the nerve to protect our democracy.


By Bill Hare 01/14/2007 10:06:15 PM EST

Jesse Jackson did the impeachment debate a favor with his December 5 article in The Chicago Sun-Times in which he registers his concern about the authoritarianism of the Bush-Cheney regime while expressing concern that impeachment carries dangers due to public perception.

Jackson concedes that Bush and Cheney "have asserted an extraordinary array of extra-constitutional powers." He goes on to enumerate some of the more alarming excesses such as Bush's perceived right to declare war on his own and the unique ability to designate those who fall under the blanket category of enemy combatants.

In addition, Jackson covers the issues of wiretaps without warrants, arrest without charges, detention without lawyers, and torture without judicial review until the war ends. He also correctly notes that Bush has indicated he is above review from Congress or the American public. "Because Bush himself says the war on terror will last for decades," Jackson notes, "the scope of this assertion is staggering."

Jackson's succinct presentation of Bush unconstitutional excesses also encompasses intelligence distortion to muster public support for war along with the calamitous disgraces of widespread torture at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib.

The alarming list of excesses cited by Jackson would seemingly lead to a conclusion supporting impeachment, but yet he exhibits concern for such an action and ultimately refuses to lend his support to such an effort.

A point Jackson raises early is his reluctance for Congress to proceed toward impeachment. This reluctance relates to the shabby period of recent history when Newt Gingrich was the prevailing force in Congress and President Bill Clinton became the impeachment target of Republican efforts. As Jackson relates:

"The Gingrich Congress' attempt to railroad President Clinton out of office gave impeachment a bad press. It is scorned as irresponsible, vindictive, partisan spitball politics. Rather than addressing the challenges the nation faces, impeachment, many pundits argue, wastes months on harsh, divisive wrangling. And of course, in 1998, the public punished Republicans - ultimately leading to the toppling of Gingrich himself."

Here is where Jackson should step back and analyze all that he has revealed relating to the overall conduct of this Administration, excesses characteristic of some of the more extreme examples of dictatorship, and weigh their gravity alongside his comment that the Gingrich Congress "gave impeachment a bad name."

The point Jackson must realize in examining the totality of the impeachment picture is that the Clinton and Bush-Cheney situations are totally different.

We are currently dealing with the issue of whether a federal republic with a written Constitution underlying the specifics of how such a state should operate can endure in the face of a blatant effort to impose a dictatorship through applied exigencies, basing such conduct on continuing response to the 9/11 tragedies.

Bush and Cheney have used 9/11 repeatedly as a linchpin to act in dictatorial fashion, reminding one of Napoleon Bonaparte's declaration, "I am the state." Those who oppose these ongoing excesses as unconstitutional are accordingly tarnished with a brush of being "soft on terrorism" and lacking seriousness in opposing America's enemies.

America is meanwhile sent to war in the fight against terrorism to battle a dictator on which American support had been previously lavished, basing the attack against him on support for a regime he strongly opposed.

All one has to do is read Number 65 of The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton to gain a picture about what the Founding Fathers had in mind governing impeachment. The procedure exists as a safeguard against executive excess.

Jackson should recognize that an oceanic expanse separates the rationale behind Republican efforts to remove President Clinton from office and the widespread abuses of this Administration in shredding the Constitution in the manner described by Jackson in his article.

There is a vast difference between the bill of particulars existing against Bush through widespread abrogation of constitutional authority and seeking to remove a chief executive from office for lying on an affidavit in a civil legal action about an extra-marital affair.

Accordingly, the impeachment effort should proceed on the basis of the facts. It is the duty of Congress if members abide by their oaths of office and the responsibility of seeing that "the laws are faithfully executed" to proceed with impeachment proceedings.

It is good all the same that Jackson registered his thoughts on impeachment at this time since it gives those of us who believe that such an action is justified an opportunity to examine the rationale of those reluctant to take that step and provide alternative reasoning on why the time has come to stand up against the forces openly flouting the Constitution with brazen and frequent impunity.


This post was written by Ed Kent on 17 January, 2007 (05:24)

[If one is to believe a recent Newsweek poll, a majority of Americans support impeachment of Bush now. I do because I fear the damage that he may do with two more years in office.

Already there is the call to lay out many billions for a new brand of nuclear weapon — to be directed against what enemy? Soto voce mumbling both in Israel and by the remnant of neocons still in power suggests that it may be time to dump bunker busting nuclear weapons on Iran?

Needless to say such an attack would be deadly and destructive and would also mobilize many millions of potential ‘terrorists’ against such apparently never ending aggressive brutality.

With the deaths of 34,000 Iraqis this past year and many dying daily, what sane nation would not oppose such a destructive regime as that unsteadily steered by G. W. Bush.

Before we crash is it not time to take these characters out of office — Cheney as well as Bush? Ed Kent]

Media Views After Downing Impeach Disney and General Electric (1/15/07) by David Swanson

In “an urgent demand for media activism” at the National Conference for Media Reform in Memphis, Swanson makes a call to “put impeachment on the table and the airwaves”:

By any serious standard of journalism, impeachment should be in the news right now…. A Newsweek poll a while back said that 51 percent of Americans want Bush impeached and 44 percent do not.

That’s about double the support there was for impeaching Clinton when it was in the news every single day.

Dozens of cities have passed resolutions for impeachment.

State legislatures have introduced the same…. Dozens of scholars have written books advocating for impeachment.

There are DVDs, forums, marches, rallies, protests.

A week ago, we packed a huge ballroom for an impeachment forum, and to make it easy, it was the ballroom in the National Press Club.

The media couldn’t make the elevator trip to be there.

And of course, the evidence of impeachable offenses is clear and overwhelming, but rarely presented in the media.

The number one reason that Congress members and their staff tell you in private that they are not yet impeaching is fear of the media.

Swanson provides you the resources for “urging pollsters to poll on impeachment, writing letters to editors, calling talk shows, calling producers, and protesting at media outlets,” as well as how to “create a short video of yourself… and why you want impeachment” for YouTube.

FAIR does not endorse every opinion expressed or vouch for facts presented here, except by ourselves. Send link suggestions to

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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