Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: IMPEACHMENT: OUT OF IRAQ: MARCH ON THE PENTAGON, MARCH 17, 2007

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March on the Pentagon
Saturday, March 17, 2007

~ 40th anniversary of the historic 1967 march on the Pentagon ~

~ 4th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war ~

On March 17, 2007, the 4th anniversary of the start of the criminal invasion of Iraq, tens of thousands of people from around the country will descend on the Pentagon in a mass demonstration to demand: U.S. Out of Iraq Now! 2007 is the 40th anniversary of the historic 1967 anti-war march to the Pentagon during the Vietnam War.

The message of the 1967 march was "From Protest to Resistance," and marked a turning point in the development of a countrywide mass movement.

In the coming days and weeks, thousands of organizations and individuals will begin mobilizing for the upcoming March on the Pentagon. Organizing committees and transportation centers are being established to bring people to the March on the Pentagon.

The March 17 demonstration will assemble at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Constitution Gardens) at 12 noon in Washington, D.C.and march to the Pentagon.

Click here to read the full ANSWER statement on why we're marching.
The people of the United States want an end to the war in Iraq. The elections in November were a clear repudiation of the Bush administration's war of aggression. The new Congress, however, has no intention of ending the war. Bush and the Pentagon generals are determined to prolong the war.

Tens of thousands of more troops will be sent to Iraq. We are building a massive antiwar movement on the national and local level. Only the action of the people will stop the war.

We are returning to the Pentagon because the Iraq war has resulted in more than 655,000 Iraqi deaths (Lancet), on top of more than 1 million killed by sanctions between 1990-2003.

This is genocide.

We are returning to the Pentagon because U.S. military deaths has exceeded 3,000. But that doesn't begin to tell the story. There have been 21,921 wounded as of Nov. 30 and another 17,835 evacuated due to serious injury or illness as of Sept. 30, 2005 when the Pentagon stopped releasing these statistics.

We are returning to the Pentagon because it is U.S. missiles and bombs, including hundreds of thousands of cluster bombs that have been sent to Israel to kill and maim the people of Palestine and Lebanon.

These weapons are a war crime.

The estimate is that between 2 million and 3 million cluster bomblets were dropped on Lebanon, and more than a million remain unexploded -- posing a danger to civilians for years to come.

The war in Iraq is one front in the U.S. plan for domination of the Middle East. Colonial occupation is a crime whether it be in Iraq or Palestine or Lebanon.

The Global Military Machine

We are returning to the Pentagon because it maintains 714 military bases in 130 countries to extend the influence of US transnational corporations, oil giants and banks. The slogan of national security and the war on terror stands exposed as a pretext for a global empire enforced by military might and limitless violence.

While the focus of the recent years has been to use military power and violence against the Arab people, the Pentagon has been targeting peoples and nations all over the world.

U.S. troops occupy South Korea. U.S. nuclear weapons target North Korea.

Interventionist actions are already taking place in the Philippines, and are planned against Cuba, Venezuela, and throughout South and Central Asia.

The Warfare State: Spying, Surveillance, Secret Prisons and Torture Facilities

We are returning to the Pentagon to demand the immediate closure of Guantánamo and all other torture facilities. The grotesque revelations of torture and abuse in Abu Ghraib were the tip of the iceberg.

Punishing a few rank and file soldiers and counting on the mass media to tire of the story, the Pentagon has tried to conceal the reality that it engages in arbitrary detention and torture of those it identifies as “enemies.”

We are returning to the Pentagon to demand an end to the surveillance and other spy programs conducted against the people of this country by the Pentagon and other agencies.

Militarism: The Social Costs of the Warfare State

We are returning to the Pentagon because the military budget of this country is a dagger in the heart of programs that meet peoples' needs.

More than 47 million people in the U.S. are without health care coverage and one out of every four children is born into extreme poverty.

Fifty percent of all bankruptcies in the last year were filed by people who couldn't pay their hospital and doctor's bills.

Factories are closing and whole communities and neighborhoods are being turned into ghost towns.

Skyrocketing tuition is and will continue to make the dream of a college education harder to realize for working class youth.

In the last year, Bush and Congress cut money for education, food aid and veterans' benefits while the Senate voted almost unanimously to rubber stamp the new “war” budget of $590 billion (the official budget number of $443 billion conceals at least $150 billion in expenditures.)

We are returning to the Pentagon to challenge the system that is addicted to war and global domination.

The Iraq war is a criminal endeavor based on lies. It was always about conquering the entire Middle East with its vast repositories of oil.

While the Iraq war has been an absolute catastrophe for the entire people of Iraq and for tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers, it must be remembered that many U.S. corporations are benefiting. They are the recipients of new Pentagon orders for weapons, supplies and contracts.

The Iraq war costs approximately $279 million each day. That breaks down to more than $11 million every hour of every day of the year.

The total cost of the Iraq war will be $2 trillion, according to the Iraq Study Group report.

Unless the people act now, the human and economic costs of the war will only increase.

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Let's unite and stand together at the Pentagon on March 17. Take a moment and take action now:

Endorse the March on the Pentagon. Organize transportation to the March.Volunteer for the March on the Pentagon.Donate to help make the March a powerful success.Sign up for email updates.Download flyers to distribute in your area.

Endorsers for the March on the Pentagon include:

Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General- Maxine Waters, Congresswoman- Alice Walker, Pulitzer prize winning author- Cynthia McKinney, Congresswoman- Cindy Sheehan, co-founder Gold Star Families for Peace, author- Ron Kovic, Vietnam Veteran, author, Born on the 4th of July- Malik Rahim, Founder, Common Ground Collective, New Orleans- Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit- Paul Haggis, Director of Crash, 2005 Academy Award for Best Picture - Elias Rashmawi, National Coordinator, National Council of Arab Americans (NCA)- Howard Zinn, Author, A People's History of the United States- Rev. Luis Barrios, St. Mary's Church

- Heidi Boghosian, Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild- Chaplain James Yee, former Army chaplain, Guantánamo Detention Center- Mahdi Bray, Executive Director, Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation- Roy Bourgeois, Founder, School of the Americas Watch- Eric LeCompte, National Office, School of the Americas Watch- Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Co-founder, Partnership for Civil Justice- Brian Becker, National Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition- Mounzer Sleiman, TV commentator and Vice Chair, National Council of Arab Americans- Waleed Bader, Vice chair of the National Council of Arab American, Chair of NCA NY/NJ Chapter, Former President of Arab Muslim American Federation - NY- Ben Dupuy, Co-Director, Haiti Progres- Juan Jose Gutierrez, Executive Director, Latino Movement USA- Calvin Gipson, Former President, San Francisco LGBT Pride Committee

- Rev. Graylan Hagler, Senior Pastor, Plymouth Congregational Church, Washington D.C- Kay Lucas, Director, Crawford Peace House, Crawford, TX- Chuck Kaufman, Co-coordinator of the Nicaragua Network- Al Garcia, Alliance for a Just & Lasting Peace in the Philippines- Macrina Cardenas, Mexico Solidarity Network- Eugene Puryear, Howard University, student leader- Gloria La Riva, Coordinator, National Committee to Free the Cuban Five- Ed Asner, Actor- Shirley Knight, Actor- Debra Sweet, National Coordinator, World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime- Medea Benjamin, co-founder, CODEPINK* and Global Exchange*- Jennifer Harbury, Human Rights Lawyer, author

- Ed. Dickau, Alexandria Va, Political Consultant, *Impeachment Advocate at
- Jim Lafferty, Director, National Lawyers Guild - Los Angeles- Mimi Kennedy, Actor (Dharma & Greg)- Jeffrey McKenzie, co-founder, Military Families Speak Out (MFSO)*- United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA)- Iglesia de San Romero - UCC- Da Urban Butterflies- Free Palestine Alliance - U.S.- Partnership for Civil Justice - LDEF- Nicaragua Network- Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines - USA- Mexico Solidarity Network- Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation

- KAWAN: Korean Americans Against War and Neoliberalism- CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities- Nodutdol for Korean Community Development- Justice Committee- NYC Labor Against the War (NYCLAW)- Jonah House- The Atlantic Life Community (ALC)- Iglesia de San Romero - United Church of Christ- Socialist Front of Puerto Rico - NY- Association of Filipino Workers (AFW)- Islamic Political Party of America (IPPA)- School of the Americas Watch (SOA Watch)- Bangsamoro Mindanao Caucus

- Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist- FMLN (Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front) USA- Women's Anti-Imperialist League (WAIL)- Student National Coordinating Committee (SNCC), University of Louisville- Committee on Pilipino Issues - Chicago- Popular Education Project-Free Cuban 5- Party for Socialism and Liberation- Casa las Americas, Puerto Rico- Iglesia Luterana Popular de El Salvador- Franciscan Justice & Peace Office-Philippines- Islamic-National Congress- Mujeres en un Solo Mundo

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- Kenneth Lerch, President, National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 3825*, Rockville, MD- Daniel Liberatoscioli, President, Walnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA- KL Shannon, The Defender's Association Racial Disparity Project
- Carrie Hathorne, organizer, Watada Support Campaign*- Dr. Nada Elia, National Council of Arab-Americans*- Stephanie Mitchell, Chicago State, Student Leader- Jim Fennerty, National Lawyers Guild Chicago*- Daniel Bell, National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARPR)*, Las Vegas, NV- Manik Mukherjee, Vice-President, All India Anti-imperialist Forum, Calcutta, India

- Nellie Hester Bailey, Director, Harlem Tenants Council, New York, NY- José Luis Diaz, Presidente, Casa las Americas, Puerto Rico- Roberto Pineda, Pastor, Iglesia Luterana Popular de El Salvador- J. Calvin Bugho OFM, Director, Franciscan Justice & Peace Office, Cebu City, Philippines- Frank Velgara, Spokesperson, Socialist Front of Puerto Rico - NY- Talaat Ahmed Mosallam, General Coordinator, Islamic - National Congress, Egypt

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- Raphael Lancry, Security Consultant, Lyndhurst, Ohio- John Lattanzio, Marketing Manager, CB Builders, Inc. *, Columbus, OH- Claric O'Callaghan, MSW (masters degree in social work), Henderson Mental Health Center*, Hollywood, FL- Kathryn Ripp, psychotherapist, Moontree Psychotherapy Center*, Madison, WI- Ken Samuel, Senior AI Engineer, The MITRE Corporation*, McLean, VA- JW Wallowak, project officer, FEMA*, Kingston, PA- Steve Tornblom, Teacher/flute maker- Paul Habib, Carpenter, Step by Step*, Austin, TX- Lewyn Li, Helicos BioSciences*, New York, NY- Stuart Markoff, writer, Baltimore, MD- Andrew Muir, copywriter, Chelsea, QC

- Aris Anagnos, President, Real Estate Dynamics, Inc.*, Los Angeles, CA- Barbara Quick, Author, Berkeley, CA- Bradley A. TePaske, Jungian Analyst, Pacific Palisades, CA- Chuck Beers, Artist, Farmersville, OH- Cyndie Trewhitt, Social Worker, Alexandria, VA- Damen Mroczek, Scenic Designer, Mishawaka, IN- Doug Holt, graphic designer, Baltimore, MD- Ellen Murphy, nonviolence trainer, Bellingham, WA- Frederick Olson, Musician, Gardena, CA- Gail Picard, Librarian, Atlanta, GA- James Cockcroft, author, Chestertown, NY

- James de Crescentis, poet & painter, Boston, MA- Karen Anderson, Stager, San Francisco, CA- Janisse Ray, writer, Brattleboro, VT- Jennifer Epps, Writer, Redondo Beach, CA- John Hector, attorney, Kingston, NY- Julie (AJ Viola) Downey, poet/visual artist/educator, Chicago, IL- Justine Pepicelli, Massage Therapist/Reiki Practitioner, Flushing, NY- Laurie Carlson, Writer/Educator, Cheney, WA- Saab Lofton, author, Las Vegas, NV- Shelley Gardner, Librarian, Little River, SC- Luigi Procopio, Analyst, Washington, DC

- Madeline Orio, researcher/homemaker, Tampa, FL- Margaret Menzies-Harsy, Social Work Administrator, Bourbonnais, IL- Margaret Breslau, small business owner, Blacksburg, VA- Myrna Faulds, Technical writer, Mill Valley, CA- Nancy Kriebel, artist, Santa Fe, NM- Pablo G. Schroeder, owner and manager, Bellingham, WA- Robert Fantina, Author, Whitehorse, YT, Canada- Roderick Siders, Lean Consultant, Garland, TX- Roland Jesperson, Attorney, Taylor, ND- Sandy Sanders, artist, Oakland, CA- Daniel Bonilla-Torres, Opera Singer / Actor, Stuttgart, Germany- Dr. Julio Manduley, Economist, San Francisco, CA

- Lorraine Caputo, documentary poet, Columbia, MO- Lowell Flanders, retired from United Nations, Long Island City, NY- Luis Baez, President/CEO, Council for the Spanish Speaking, Inc.*, Milwaukee, WI- Patrick Brady, nuclear engineer, Landisville, PA- Paul Stenbjorn, author, Richmond, VA- Julian Kunnie, Professor, Tucson, AZ- Susan Horowitz, physician, La Jolla, CA- Fraser D'Avignon, accountant, Santa Barbara, CA- Rick Pearce, yacht captain, Novato, CA- Dawn Bluhm, Grants Operations Specialist, Council for Jewish Elderly*, Chicago, IL- Ronald Cress, Owner, Cress & Associates*, DeKalb, IL

- Veronica Abreu, attorney, Natick, MA
- Terry Ruthrauff, Psychologist, Williamsport, MD- Bernard Parker, Wayne County Commissioner, Detroit, MI- Robert Davidson, Emergency Physician, Spring Lake, MI- Barbara Citerman, Social Worker, St. Louis, MO- Lorraine Caputo, documentary poet, Columbia, MO- Karen Kirsch, freelance writer, Louisville, OH- Darlen Cheatham, Social Worker, Gresham, OR- Barbara Council, artist, Ashland, OR- Robert Ackerman, chemical engineer (retired), New Alexandria, PA- Marilyn Gaudioso, clinical social worker, Johnston, RI- John Tuck, counselor, Alpine, TX- Frank Harwood, federal employee (retired), Ellensburg, WA- Sheila Morris, Writer, Seattle, WA

- Allison Vrbova, Social Worker, Bellingham, WA- Merrilyn McDonald, Masters in Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Bremerton, WA- Joyce Hart, author, Hansville, WA- Richard Cadena, Spanish-English Translator, Mexico City, Mexico

- Adam Cooper, New York, NY- Al Campbell, Salt Lake City, UT- Alan Hoffner, Staten Island, NY- Alan MacDonald, Sanford, ME- Alan Taeger, Albion, CA- Albert A. Gaydos, Woodhaven, NY- Alejandro Perez, Centennial, CO- Alyzza Doherty, New Bedford, MA- Amber Mahaffey, Auburn, IN- Amy Wagner, Albuquerque, NM- Ann Freeman, San Mateo, CA- Anna Parsons, Olympia, WA- Anne A. Rice, Highland, NY- Anne Johnson, Cedar Falls, IA- Arely Palabral, San Francisco, CA- Arifa Goodman, San Cristobal, NM- Arturo Giraldez, Stockton, CA- B. L. Melton, Orange, TX- Ben Goggins, Tybee Island, GA- Bernard Elias, Redondo Beach, CA- Bet Power, Northampton, MA- Beverly Rodriguez, Martindale, TX- Bilal Rehman-Furs, Horsham, England- Bill Clinton, Red Bank, NJ- Bill Hartman, Medford, NJ- Bill Lewis, Sandpoint, ID- Blair Anundson, Meadville, PA- Bob Wolfe, New Liskeard, ON, Canada- Bruce, Campbell, Holly Hill, FL- Bruno, Dubuc, Montreal, QC, Canada- Buthaina Griffith, Seattle, WA- C. Saint Lewis, Hueytown, AL- Candida Sanderson, Bury St Edmunds, England- Carl Sperr, Spokane, WA- Carol Wise, San Diego, CA- Carole Garner, Houston, TX- Carolyn Dubuc, Ypsilanti, MI- Cathy Villalobos, El Segundo, CA- Charles & Shirley, Clayton, CA- Chris Hopkins, Rye, NY- Chris Huska, Brandon, SD- Christine Carmona, Avondale, AZ- Colin Neiburger, Miami, FL- Cornelia Kietzman, Philadelphia, PA- Cristina Altieri-Martinez, Artist Business Manager, Montrose, NY- D.L. Marrin, Hanalei, HI- Dan Field, Cambria, CA- Dan Sweeton, Lebanon, TN- Daniel Lynch, Miami, FL- Daniela Hauptmann, Angwin, CA- Dave Davis, Oregon, IL- Dave Lindblom, Mount Pleasant, UT- David Gaiter, West Mifflin, PA- David Galvan, N Babylon, NY- David L. Wilson, College Park, GA- David Michener, Point Richmond, CA- David Peha, Torrance, CA- David Rosario, Everett, WA- Dawn Carroll, Syracuse, NY- Deborah L. Steinmetz, Lake Elmo, MN- Denise Mroczek, Mishawaka, IN- Denise Thomas, Waterford, MI- Dennis Nester, Phoenix, AZ- Diane Bauer, Commerce Township, MI- Diane Friday, Pennsburg, PA- Dolores Reynolds, Bloomingdale, MI- Don Barletta, State College, PA- Don Brenneman, San Francisco, CA- Don McKelvey, Long Beach, CA- Donald Adams, Tallahassee, FL- Donald E. Kiernan, Sonoma, CA- Donna Deitch, Venice, CA- Donna Schall, Stow, OH- Dorothy Maule, River Falls, WI- Doug Pearl, San Jose, CA- Douglas Einer, Escondido, CA- Dr. Betty D. Walton, Ojai, CA- Dr. Janet Jones, Washington, DC- Dr. Rufus Morison, Bristol, TN- Dr. Willaim Dykoski, New Brighton, MN- Duncan Audette, Nevada City, CA- Dusky Smithpaine, Los Gatos, CA- Eddie Griffiths, Seattle, WA- Edith Menning, Albuquerque, NM- Eileen Bowerman, Des Moines, IA- Eleanr Castle, Kalamazoo, MI- Elisa Welch, San Francisco, CA- Elizabeth McPherson, Lowell, MA- Elizabeth Schneider, Delhi, NY- Eloise Cranke, Des Moines, IA- Emmalie Moseley, Brisbane, CA- Eric Platt, San Francisco, CA- Erica Anthony-Benavides, San Antonio, TX- Erif Thunen, Albion, CA- Erik Soloveiko, Del Mar, CA- Eugenie Torgerson, Niles, MI- Fadhil Al-Kazily, Davis, CA- Feizal Mansoor, Kotadeniyawa, Sri Lanka- Frances Batch, Dripping Springs, TX- Francine Dobkin, Paradise Valley, AZ- Francis Sanker, Altoona, PA- Frank Kolwicz, Monmouth, OR- Frank Thacker, Westerly, RI- Fred Jakobcic, Marquette, MI- Fred Karlson, Ferndale, WA- Fred Miller, Lyndonville, NY- Freddie Long, Willits, CA- Gabriele Wohlauer, Pittsford, NY- Gary Chipman, Manchester, CT- Georgia Williamson, Williston, ND- Gerald Smith, Coarsegold, CA- Gerardo Hernandez, Austin, TX- Gess Healey, Taos, NM- Gladys Schmitz, Mankato, MN- Glenn Fields, Ballston Lake, NY- Gordon Anderson, Bergenfield, NJ- Grace Walker, San Francisco, CA- Gwynne Chesher, Wellington, FL- Helen Andersen, Seattle, WA- Ian McCormack Jr., Westerville, OH- Inga Kaminski, Chicago, IL- J.C. Ebbing, Harriet, AR- Jacqueline Salah, San Diego, CA- Jake Culver, Portland, OR- James Morrison, Los Angeles, CA- James Reed, Albuquerque, NM- Jamie Koroch, Seattle, WA- Janet Hays, Calgary, AB, Canada- Janet Johnson, Flower Mound, TX- Janet Maker, Los Angeles, CA- Jean Mont-Eton, San Francisco, CA- Jeanie Williams-West, Mer Rouge, LA- Jennifer Kellner, Shadyside, OH- Jennifer Lenhart, Lakewood, OH- Jennifer Martinec, Cedar Creek, TX- Jeri Khajeh-Noori, Tampa, FL- Jerold Hubbard, Johnson, KS- Jessica Marcy, Deer Park, WA- Jim Vail, Chicago, IL- Joan Sangiovanni, Monroe Township, NJ- Jody Biesche, Kansas City, MO- Joe Deane, Madison, WI- Joe McDonald, Boulder, CO- John Clark, Reston, VA- John Foster, Sacramento, CA- John Gazurian, Baltimore, MD- John Gebhardt, New York, NY- John H. Anderson, San Diego, CA- John Neal, Charlotte, NC- John Noe, Milton, WA- John Simonsen, Corvallis, OR- Johnathan Paul McClellan, Chapel Hill, NC- Jonathan Weinstock, San Francisco, CA- Jonne Long, Kansas City, MO- Jorge Gonzalez, San Francisco, CA- Joseph Brown, Santa Barbara, CA- Josie Teodosijeva, Wheat Ridge, CO- Joyce Jeffries, Oolitic, IN- Joyce Niksic, Hammond, IN- Judith Siegel, Molino del Piano, Italy- Judy and Dick Northrop, Horseheads, NY- June Engstrom, Eureka,, CA- Justin Kranjec, Lucknow, Canada- Karen Blanton, Nokomis, FL- Karen Hanson, Westerly, RI- Karen Russel, Westminster, MD- Kathleen Moore, Sequim, WA- Kathryn M. Radinovsky, Chula Vista, CA- Kathy Rayson, Pompano Beach, FL- Keith Kleszynski, San Diego, CA- Ken Wodtke, Grafton, WI- Kenneth Erickson, Tucson, AZ- Kenneth Parker, Washington, DC- Kerry Mitchell, Hammond, IN- Kim Hiltner, St. Joseph, MN- Kitty Farhar, Atascadero, CA- Kurt Weaver, Raleigh, NC- Larry Semark, Albuquerque, NM- Lars Lindeberg, Nashville, TN- Lawrence Pinkham, Amherst, MA- Lewis Lucas, Catasauqua, PA- Lillian Castner, Winchester, MA- Linda Berry, Pittsburgh, PA- Linda Chapman, New York, NY- Linda Maki, Seattle, WA- Linda Wilkins-Daniels, Goldsboro, NC- Linn and Ross Solomon, Putnam Valley, NY- Lisa Nagle, Jacksonville, FL- Lori Reyes, Sacramento, CA- Lou Ann McKimmy, Rapid City, MI- Louise Clark, Lafayette, CA- Luis Plazas, Orlando, FL- Lynn Averill, Tujunga, CA- Lynne Banta, Los Angeles, CA- Marci McCartney, Port Hueneme, CA- Marcia Kritzler-Egeland, Sturgeon Bay, WI- Margaret Keylin, Frederiksted, St. Croix- Margaret Koelling, Melbourne, FL- Margaret L. Albert, San Antonio, TX- Maria Soledad Calef, Cola, SC- Marianne Huston, Worthington, OH- Marilyn Hart, Rensselaer, NY- Mark Olsen, Goldsboro, NC- Martin F. Alexander, Park Forest, IL- Mary Williams, Salt Lake City, UT- Matthew McGuire, Cheshire, CT- Matthew Sawaya, Berkeley, CA- Meg Hillert, Dallas, TX- Michael J. Rodriguez, Pt. Charlotte, FL- Michael Lettiere, Ardsley, NY- Michael Quinn, Burbank, CA- Michael Shallal, Troy, MI- Michael Simpson, Moore, OK- Michael Sykes, Winnie, TX- Michele Church, Las Cruces, NM- Mickey Shell, Grand Marais, MN- Mike Beilstein, Corvallis, OR- Mike Elmendorf, Long Beach, CA- Mike Yanasak, Shoreline, WA- Milton Bullion, Mr., Everett, WA- Mona Jhaveri, Union City, CA- Muntu Matsimela, Brooklyn, NY- Nancy Ann Siracusa, New York, NY- Nicolle Schieferstein, Bethlehem, CT- Noemi Sohn, San Francisco, CA- Ole Larsen, Esbjerg, Denmark- Pat Corkery, Anchorage, AK- Patrice Butler, Woodbridge, VA- Patricia Bjorklund, Cold Spring, MN- Patricia George, Costa Mesa, CA- Patricia Lane, University City, MO- Patricia Machelor, Tucson, AZ- Patrick Corr, Pittsburgh, PA- Paul Hagen-Holt, San Diego, CA- Paul Rifkin, Waquoit, MA- Phyllis Machelor, Tucson, AZ- Randy Hosman, Marmaduke, AR- Randy Still, Kingsport, TN- Ray Vogelpohl, Lakewood, OH- Regina McRae, New York, NY- Richard Bourgeois, Ishpeming, MI- Richard Gaulke, Yakima, WA- Richard Haviland, Montville, NJ- Richard Klotz, Danbury, WI- Rita Surdi, Las Vegas, NM- Robert Brown, New York City, NY- Robert McRae, Santa Rosa, CA- Robert Williamson, Williston, ND- Ronald Messina, Greenwell Springs, LA- Ronelle Moehrke, Augusta, GA- Ryan John Perry, Braintree, VT- S.D. Mocquet-McDonald, Sault Sainte Marie, MI- Salvatore Cassisi, Chester, NY- Sam Bradley, Orlando, FL- Samuel Richardson, Reading, PA- Sandra Goodstone, Robbinsville, NJ- Sandra Winnemueller, Algoma, WI- Shari Draayer, King of Prussia, PA- Sharon Doubiago, Berkeley, CA- Shaun Laughton, Surrey, England- Sheila Claus, Athens, GA- Shirley Harper, Olympia, WA- Sitaram S. Jaswal, Lincoln, NE- Staci Harris, Titusville, FL- Stan Collins, Susnites, AZ- Stan Delahoyde, Phoenix, AZ- Stephanie Lightner, Tucson, AZ- Stephen Lanning, San Francisco, CA- Steven Myers, Los Alamos, NM- Sue Wedel, Laramie, WY- Sujana Bhat, Bloomington, IL- Sunil Freeman, Chevy Chase, MD- Susan Howe, Oceano, CA- Susan Macbride, Philadelphia, PA- Susan Verry, Bellingham, WA- Sydney Vilen, Berkeley, CA- Syed Fazlurrehman, Ontario, Canada- Tara Zurheide, West Paterson, NJ- Taylor Judge, Washington, DC- Terri Dundas, Prescott, AZ- Terrie Frye, San Francisco, CA- Terry Hofslund, Milwaukee, WI- Theresa Dunton, Chiropractor, VA- Thierry Deshayes, Lyon, France- Thurman Williams, Fayetteville, AR- Toby Stover, High Falls, NY- Tom Boughan, Cowan, TN- Tom Shields, Roslyn Heights, NY- Tyler Rougeau, Olympia, WA- Vicky Scheidler, Albuquerque, NM- Victor Anderson, Eagle Lake, FL- Victoria Perez, Washington DC- Vincent Ruiz, Ventura,, CA- Virginia Conn, Spring Hill, FL- Walter Renninghoff, Washington Township, NJ- Will Klump, New York, NY- Will Leggett, Sudbury, MA- William Falcone, Brandon, FL- William T. Joyce, Santa Fe, NM- William Wisdom, Bryn Mawr, PA- Zahra Billoo, Alhambra, CA- Ariel Walden, Los Angeles, CA- Brent Espe, Hickory Creek, TX- Cathy Conery, Boulder, CO- Craig Smith, Arlington, VA- Dick Clark, San Francisco, CA- Hans Peter Mortier, New York, NY- James McKinbley-Oakes, Charlottesville, VA- Jo-Ann Fujita, Kihei, HI- John Lindley, Knoxville, IA- Michael Dorcey, Valencia, Spain- Nicholas Parrell, Fairfax, VA- Norman Merkel, Scottsdale, AZ- R. Scagliotti, Overland Park, KS- Sara Powell, Oakland, CA- Suzy Wright, Concord, CA- Thomas Tillman, Decatur, GA- Toni V. Wiker, Randleman, NC- William Saenz, Brownstown, MI- Ali Ibreighith, Anaheim, CA- Allegra Gulino, Falls Church, VA- Alysson Fergison, Fishers, IN- Amy Altschul, Oakland, CA- Andrea Barnes, Maryland Heights, MO- Andrea Hackett, Las Vegas, NV- Ann Morris, Plant City, FL- Ann Wheliss, Raleigh, NC- Betty Shindler, Houston, TX- Bonnie Koshofer, Schenectady, NY- Brooke Smith, Carnegie, PA- C D BLodgett, Laguna Woods, CA- Carmen Boutet, Bluff Utah, UT- Carol Gingles, Housatonic, MA- Charles Afentoulis, Warren, OH- Christine Cody, Eugene, OR- Christine Comstock, Bentleyville, OH- Cynthia Kapin, San Jose, CA- Dani Demo, Grandy, NC- Daniel Graham, Vernon, TX- David Whittlesey, Vancouver, Canada- Debra Brown, Belleville, MI- Diana Markuson, Houston, TX- Dick Hogle, Espanola, NM- Dr. David O Stowell, Byron, NY- Dr. Edwin Young, Austin, TX- Ed Bufkin, Euless, TX- Edward Standridge, Alexandria, VA- Elizabeth Schooss, Rocklin, CA- Fadhil Al-Kazily, Davis, CA- Francis E. Swift, Dayton, OH- Frank McMahon, Anaconda, MT- Gerald Boehm, Crystal, MN- Gina Lopez, Miami, FL- Gradon Tripp, South Boston, MA- Greg Prieto, Goleta, CA- Harvey H. Embry, Lexington, KY- Holly Phipps, Lake Oswego, OR- Hugh Dymski, Chicopee, MA- Jane Payne, Holliston, MA- Jeanne Rainoldi, Billerica, MA- John Flinter, Waterbury, CT- John Lettiere, Ardsley, NY- Judith Welsh, Boca Raton, FL- Jules Kraft, Baltimore, MD- Julie Zak, Guerneville, CA- Karen Markle, Ottawa, Canada- Kate Leber, New Caney, TX- Katherine Abrams, Seattle, WA- Kathy Bryant, Golden, CO- Kim Beavers, Oakland, CA- Kim Cascone, Pacifica, CA- L. Beatrice Shamlin, Ceres, CA- Laura Fernandez, San Diego, CA- Laura Morales, Bradenton, FL- Laurel Mackie, Bellingham, WA- Leigh Merlini, Richmond, MA- Leimomi Erway, Kailua-Kona, HI- Lenni Brenner, New York, NY- Leonard Zapalowski, Washington, DC- Linda Maynard, Wellington, FL- Linda Tomlinson, Fair Oaks, CA- Lisa Virmigle, Upland, CA- Lorraine Hunt, Baltimore, MD- Luanne Ahlbrand, Grosse Pointe Park, MI- Marilyn Davey, Oceanside, CA- Mark Phelan, Brooklyn, NY- Mark Smith, San Juan Capistrano, CA- Martha Lee Owen, Keene Valley, NY- Marti Lewis, New York, NY- Mary Ann Maikish, New York, NY- Mary Jones, Logansport, IN- Nicholas Parrell, Fairfax, VA- Patricia Hughes, Rensselaer, NY- Patricia Marks, New York, NY- Patricia Nield, Maryborough, Australia- Paulette Murphy, Castle Rock, CO- Penny LaDeur, Floyd, VA- Philip Kauffman, Overland Park, KS- Richard Pieart, Luxembourg- Robert Van Fleet, Eureka, CA- Sarah Gowin, Ithaca, NY- Sarie Bryson, Thousand Oaks, CA- Sharon Capobianco, South Park, PA- Sharon Koperek, Housatonic, MA- Sharon Thompson, Woodbury, NY- Stephanie Kane, Bloomington, IN- Susan Williams, Brooklyn Park, MN- Terrence Martin, Waupaca, WI- Terry Taylor, Valencia, CA- Thelda K. Fergison, Muncie, IN- Thomas Young, Peterborough, Canada- Tiffany Drury, Springfield, KY- Tim O’Connor, Alliance, NE- Todd Murtha, Puerto Natales, Canada- Tom Barbas, Redford, MI- Virginia Hill, Woodhaven, MI- Virginia Ramey, Ludington, MI- Wendy Gaynor D'Amico, New York, NY- William Webster, Santa Monica, CA- Zaheerah Aleem, Ellenwood, GA

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