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Monday, April 9, 2007

IMPEACHMENT: One man's thoughts on Theocracy and additional commentary and good reading

Mark Crispin Miller

Here's the sort of thing the US press won't touch, despite its huge newsworthiness (what, finally, could be more important?) and such smoking evidence as this piece of explicitly subversive propaganda (discussed below by Bruce Prescott, a/k/a "Mainstream Baptist").Bush/Cheney's revolution is, of course, not purely Christianist from top to bottom.

The neo-cons, like Cheney and his satellites, don't give two hoots about the Bible (although, like their intellectual master Leo Strauss, they much prefer religious tyranny to secular democracy, the former being more "stable" than the latter).

And Karl Rove is devoid of scruples, Christianist or otherwise, and so it's no surprise to learn of his overt contempt for the effusive faith-based types who've dropped by at the White House to "consult" with him.
And yet Rove and Cheney and the other mightly infidels atop the Bush regime are heavily dependent on the Christianists beneath them, and among them, for only those believers have an actual constituency, and one that's mobilized for action at the grass-roots level. The neo-cons have no constituents, and Rove is only a hired gun. The Christianists, also known as "Bush's base," are the only Busheviks with any muscle nationwide--not as much as we've been told,but certainly enough to make it seem that Bush & Co has broad mass support.
It is not true, however, that the top infidels make all the big decisions, pull the strings and push the buttons, while the true believers merely do the heavy lifting as commanded by those cooler heads. That scenario has us believing, wrongly, that the top dogs merely palliate the pious multitudes with scraps of "family values" rhetoric now and then, while mainly following the secular dictates of corporate greed and partisan advancement.
While that, indeed, may be what many grass-roots Christianists themselves believe, their faith in such a theory does not make it true.
For Bush/Cheney's White House has many mansions; and the theocrats aren't camped at the far fringes of their splendid lawns, but occupy some of the most imposing heaps in that elite community. In many cases, it turns out, the movement's biggest operators are not driven just by greed and/or "free-market" ideology, but by such stimuli as well as Christianist fanaticism.
The more we read, the more we learn about the toxic theocratic/plutocratic zeal of types like L. Paul Bremer, chief architect of present-day Iraq, and Erik Prince, ex-Navy SEAL and founder/CEO of Blackwater, Bush/Cheney's private mercenary army, and the deranged quartet of Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito on the Supreme Court, and the Black Hundreds who comprise the secretive and influential Council on National Policy--as well as countlesslesser operatives, toiling in obscurity.
Take Monica Goodling, for example. The erstwhile Director of Public Affairs in Bush/Cheney's DoJ, Goodling is a graduate of Messiah College, and earned her J.D. at Pat Robertson's Regent University Law School.
(Regent's motto: "Christian Leadership to Change the World.") As Vyan noted lately in a post on DailyKos
(,Goodling's reason to invoke the Fifth Amendment before Congress may have less to do with perjury vis-a-vis the firing of those eight US. Attorneys than with her quite likely violations of the laws forbidding federal employees from doing any party work or meddling with elections.
Goodling is but one of many young dominionists who, after graduating from such preparatory institutions (that foreign term "madrassa" comes to mind), got right down to work for BushCo: not as civil servants--BushCo hires no civil servants--but as ardent and obedient political commandos.
Those inclined to look more deeply into it should also check the doings of the manyyoungsters sent from Patrick Henry College to assist the Busheviks in the last few national elections. Under Bush, more White House interns hail from that unknown academy than any other school. (PHC was founded in 2000 by Michael Farris, a fierce mentee of Tim LaHaye.)
On the subject of election fraud, the furtive ministrations of this Monica appear to represent the mere tip of the iceberg--and evidence enough that this regime does not just pay lip service to dominionism.Meanwhile, in the field of foreign policy, we learn now, from a front-page story in the The New York Times, that the regime has actually allowed the government of Ethiopia to continue buying weaponry from North Korea--a violation of our laws, and of BushCo's own policy, as startling as the Reagan team's covert approaches to, and transactions with, the revolutionary junta in Iran back in the Eighties.
And yet the news is not as strange as it may sound, once we recall that Ethiopia's government is Christian, and now pressing hard against the Islamists still governing Somalia. Although the Timesmen make no mention of it, hewing close, instead, to the official line that this is really just about "the war on terrorism," it is obvious that BushCo's lenient gesture here is driven not by pragmatism but, as usual, by the regime's Manichaean vision of the world as split between the evil Sons of Darkness and (our side) the Sons of Light.
In short, if Ethiopia were ruled by Muslims, you can bet your burkha that the White House would be screaming bloody murder over this commercial tie to Kim Jong-il.
Alternatively, if the victims in Darfur were Christians, there would be no need for the ongoing grass-roots drive to get the Bush regime to halt the genocide.
Let's not, however, get distracted here by BushCo's stance on any single issue, but keep our eyes directly on the ball.
This regime is not just avaricious and dishonest beyond any national precedent, but explicitly subversive--more intent on the destruction of American democracy that any other movement in the world; and it is, of course, far better-placed than they to do us in. Anyone--left, right or in between--who claims to care about our Constitution is obliged to call this regime by its proper name, and otherwise help force them out of power.

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