Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: Impeach Bush and Cheney: Feuer (v) Olver

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Impeach Bush and Cheney: Feuer (v) Olver

Impeach Bush and Cheney: Feuer Challenges Olver on Impeachment!

In response to the post: As Regards Congressman Olver

John at in the New England group has requested a clarification which with his help and cooperation I am most willing to supply.

The H Res 635 that I sited as part of a historical perspective in the evolution of the Impeachment issue did not make it clear that was a bill put forth in 2005 when Olver and Conyer's himself was supporting impeachment unlike now. (The basement mock hearing and Frank Boyle Document inspired move.)

Kucinich's bill originally , H.Res 333 was introduced in 2007 and is, if get this posted in a timely fashion today, the most recent impeachment resolution, now entitled H.Res 799, in the jurisdiction of The Conyers’ Chaired, House Committtee On The Judiciary, the subject of several fronts of Impeachment Advocacy pressure designed to produce long awaited action, and most recently bolstered by the support and publicity of “The Wexler Letter”.

This writer clearly understands the desire for clarity on this issue given the gauntlet thrown down by activist attorney Bob Feuer.

Bush impeachment booster set to challenge local congressman

By Evan Lehmann, elehmann@lowellsun.comLowell Sun and Berkshire Eagle
Article Last Updated: 01/26/2008


A Stockbridge lawyer informally announced his candidacy yesterday to unseat U.S. Rep. John Olver, as a deadline, imposed to spur the congressman to support impeachment, approached passing.

Robert "Bob" Feuer, chairman of his town's Democratic Committee, described the absence of a full-fledged effort to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney as "pretty depressing."

"I'm giving Congressman Olver until 5 o'clock tonight (Friday) to say, 'I stand by the will of my constituents,'" Feuer said, adding that he plans to announce his candidacy Monday.

"I can't see any retraction from that."

Olver, an Amherst Democrat who represents Townsend and Pepperell, is vigorously critical of the Bush administration, but indicated this week that his opposition to impeachment is growing.

"It gets stronger and stronger and stronger the longer we go," Olver said outside the House floor.

He said he was aware of Feuer's deadline, but declined to comment on it.

Feuer is an impeachment activist who's addressed crowds, with other speakers, at several rallies in southern New England. He's critical of Olver on global warming and budget issues.

But a passionate desire to impeach the president is driving him to oppose Olver, who was first elected in 1991 and has enjoyed large victory margins in most of his elections since then.

Feuer remembers being "ecstatic" when the House of Representatives sent an impeachment bill introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, to the Judiciary Committee in November.

"I thought here's the historic commencement of impeachment proceedings," he said. "I thought, we're there now, we've made it.

This is the official first step."

The vote, however, effectively killed the measure by mooring impeachment indefinitely in the backwater of committee business.

"And here we are on the 25th of January and it's still sitting in a pile on the floor," Feuer said. "The will of the people has again just not prevailed."

Olver says impeachment can't be achieved because of Republican opposition. Impeachment could also delay passage of domestic legislation, ending the Iraq war and imperil Democratic presidential aspirations, he said.

Feuer says Congress is shrinking from its requirement to protect the Constitution, given the administration's controversial actions related to invading Iraq, domestic surveillance and interrogation of detainees.

Feuer plans to look for volunteers to build a campaign organization. He needs 2,000 certified signatures by May 6 to appear on the primary ballot.

Posted by Bob Feuer at 1/27/2008 3:35 PM Add Comment

Congressman Mike Capuano supports impeachment hearings

If this news is reliable, a giant step forward has been taken to lead nine more Massachusetts U.S. Representatives to say, "I do", at the altar of our Constitution. Congratulations to Tom Page, and to all who have supported the 2007 summer-long efforts to gain Congressman Capuano's support.

Let's join in singing our praise to Congressman Mike Capuano, and hold his courage and conviction up to the remainder of the Massachusetts contingency.

Bob Feuer.

From: kcloud <>Date: Jan 24, 2008 9:25 PMSubject: Capuano supports impeachment hearings

I visited with one of Congressman Capuano's staff today. He told me that Rep. Capuano has signed on to Rep. Wexler's letter to the House Judiciary Com. in support of impeachment hearings for Darth Cheney.

Posted by Bob Feuer at 1/27/2008 3:04 PM Add Comment

Feuer Announcement Posted At BobsBlog

Feuer Announcement Posted At After Downing Street

Olver, Neal: Won’t Impeach Cheney

Capuano Flips For Impeachment

Lowell Sun Online Feuer Announcement Article

From John:

The Following is a reprint of an article that appeared locally which details Olvers dismissive reaction to impeachment activists.

It does make mention of Capauano's and Olver previous sponsorship of the older bill H.Res 635.

Olver has since changed his tune recently and does not support Impeachment while his MA colleague Capuano has now reinforced his previous principled stand.

Berkshire Eagle, The (Pittsfield, MA)August 2, 2007

Author: Evan Lehmann,
Eagle Washington Bureau Section: StateThursday, August 02


New England impeachment activists are refocusing their pressure on Congress members to prosecute the president, targeting lawmakers as they return to their home districts for a month long recess beginning next week.Northeast Democrats in Congress have retreated from the prospect of impeachment, prompting a band of pro-impeachment groups from across the region to hold a first-time strategy session in Worcester last weekend.

The Sunday session came three weeks after Rep. John Olver, D-Amherst, stunned 20 impeachment activists by refusing to cosponsor articles of impeachment, even as he expressed concern that the Bush administration could cancel the 2008 presidential election and declare martial law.

Canceling the election could come in response to widespread American dissent toward an administration attack on Iran, Olver told the group, said to Susie Pat love, who organized the meeting.

"The disturbing part of it to me is (Olver) has these strong feelings but isn't ready to call this administration to account," saidPat love, an assistant librarian in Shelburne Falls. "That's what's so mind-boggling."

Olver spokeswoman Sara Burch said Olver has no inside knowledge of a possible attack on Iran, and acknowledged that the 16-year legislator wishes he had been more careful with his wording.

"He was just saying he wouldn't put it past the administration from doing it," she said. "He feels he should have been more clear. It wasn't meant to be a prediction."Impeachment groups plan to leverage Democratic disdain for White House policies during Congress's August recess.

About 60 activists attended the Worcester planning session to network with other groups and hatch streamlined tactics to pressure lawmakers. They'll take those plans back their groups in Vermont, Maine and other states.

The groups decided to do more protests in home-state congressional offices to convince lawmakers to co-sponsor Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich's impeachment bill against Vice President Cheney. Currently the only bill in Congress supporting an executive prosecution,Kucinich's measure has just 14 cosponsors.

Olver is tagged as a sympathizer by activists, who believe Olver could be urged to change his mind to support impeachment.Last year, Olver and two other Massachusetts House members — Michael Capuano and John Tierney — co-sponsored a bill to investigate whether President Bush and Cheney should be impeached.

Olver's congressional district also has 20 towns that have passed pro-impeachment resolutions, more than any other district in the state."While I feel the same outrage and distrust clearly felt by those who want to launch impeachment proceedings against the vice president and president, I believe that the 67 Senate votes constitutionally required to remove either of them from office cannot be achieved inthe 110th Congress," Olver said.

That assertion chafes activists, who say Olver is predicting the jury's ruling before a trial has occurred.

In order to impeach an executive official, a majority of House members must pass a resolution and, after a trial-like process, two-thirds of the Senate must agree to convict — an unlikely outcome with 49 Republicans in the chamber.

(c) 2007 The Berkshire Eagle. All rights reserved. Reproduced withthe permission of Media NewsGroup, Inc. by NewsBank, Inc.Record Number: 6523068
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This Writer Stands In Support of All New England Actions and in Support of Feurer.

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