Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: Impeach Bush and Cheney: Welcome From Virginia To New Jersey: Welcome To The Cause

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Impeach Bush and Cheney: Welcome From Virginia To New Jersey: Welcome To The Cause


225 registered members blazing into the future! Thanks Thom Hartmann!


Climb aboard the justice bandwagon!!!We aim to impeach the Bush Gang.

It’s our duty to do it today. Right now!

Along with thousands of patriots, we collect petitions for impeachment.

At the same time we’re a national movement to get state legislatures to push impeachment.

We can do this in New Jersey. The fact that success is not guaranteed does not relieve our state of its obligation to do whatever it can to defend the United States Constitution according to the oath of New Jersey’s officers.

We're working on this in New Jersey. Justice is impossible when democracy’s subverted, stolen and killed by criminals.

Impeaching the bad guys won’t mean a thing when they control the voting process.

Democracy’s already stolen. We support the VOTERS' BILL OF RIGHTS and a national standard of paper-only balloting to reclaim democracy and restore justice.

You’re entitled to democracy. Democracy is your birthright. You don't have to live here to support us. JOIN US NOW!

These documents constitute the foundation of our North Jersey Impeach Group and

• Everyone who joins us should read these documents •

We’re fed up with the Bush Gang, the crimes, the lies, the wars, the corruption and the absolute contempt they have for our Bill of Rights, the United Nations, your right to control your destiny, your basic human dignity and our commonwealth.

Here’s what we’re doing, why and how:

• Statement of Purpose— Why we formed our group, what we want, and how we will restore justice and reclaim democracy in our country.

New Jersey Impeach Time — Updated with new information 25 May 2007 (Click the yellow button above to read more and open the documents.)

[The documents page attachments are listed below, scroll down to open them.]

New Jersey Impeach Time — Updated with new information 25 May 2007— Published originally in OpEd News by Stuart Hutchison, this states the case for New Jersey taking action to impeach.

• The Case in Favor of Impeachment— As published in The Nation, here’s a powerful argument for impeachment. Elizabeth Holtzman— served in Congress from 1973–1981, and she served on the House Judiciary Committee when it held— impeachment hearings on the activities of President Richard Nixon in the summer of 1974.

• Resolution to Impeach— Our proposed language for the resolution we want introduced in our state’s legislature.

• Impeach Petition USA— This is the petition we ask people to sign to show politicians the support for impeachment in our state.— It’s important to educate people that the problem doesn’t end with impeach Bush & Cheney, that it’s necessary— to impeach the Bush gang. Down the road we need to demand that indictments and prosecutions of— Alberto Gonzales, Condaleeza Rice, Karl Rove and other civil officers of the Bush administration be sought.

• Impeach Polls to Remember— Regardless of deliberate failure of mainstream media to cover it, there is immense, broad and deep support for— impeachment throughout the USA. Numbers do tell a story.

• Particulars of Jefferson’s Rules— It’s not as complicated as it looks, but it is complex. One state passing a Resolution to Impeach effectively— directs the U.S. House to consider the question of impeachment, but there’s no guarantee. What is sure is that— when the passage of the resolution succeeds in a state, the pressure on Congress to move will be immense.• Sample Letter— This is one sample that brought results. You can use it as a guide or you can put your own name on it to send.

• New Jersey’s Legislative Leadership 2006 – 2007— These are the Democratic and Republican leaders we need to reach to make the resolution happen in our state.

• Reaching all New Jersey legislators— You can reach all members of the General Assembly and Senate when you FIND LEGISLATORS.

• Impeach Addendum of 17 February 2007— This was published for the Impeachment Summit in NYC Feb. 17-18th in New York.• Phone script when you call legislators' offices— This takes less than five minutes to do it, easy as pie, there's nothing to it!!!• Lobbying cards— You can communicate to the list of NJ legislators by printing this form.— You simply print the name of your legislator at the top and send it to all the lebislators you want, using our— Find Legislators link. The card is attached below. Print 4 copies to fit one 8.5" x 11" page— for photocopying four copies at a time!• Media Resources— You can communicate to a list of NJ media by clicking


• Voters’ Bill of Rights— Getting rid of the bad guys in Washington won’t mean a thing when our voting process is corrupt. We need to— insist on a 100% hack-proof, tamper-proof system, and the most reliable method is paper-only balloting.— Our Voters’ Bill of Rights offers a 10-point plan to preserve, protect and enhance democracy in the USA.

Welcome to the majority of Americans who will restore justice and reclaim democracy in our land.Working together we will Save Our Country!

• From 9 February 2007 Speaking editorially:W is clearly so deluded, and so psychotic, we're absolutely sure he thinks, "We'll set up an incident so I can launch the bunker busters on Tehran, and then the voters will come back to me, and I'll be more popular than Clinton ever was . . ." Psychosis is a state in which a man's not able to exist and sustain in reality; it's a state of absolute solipsism. Bush passed the twilight zone 30 years ago. He's prepared to destroy humanity on the altar of his ego and his vanity.

Our country's in a state of severe crisis, the worst in our history, surpassing the Civil War; we're literally in a state of siege with the eager compliance of a concentrated, rabid right wing media elite. As Gore Vidal and Kevin Phillips rightly say, Bush and his gang are not to the slightest degree in service to conservatism. These people are radicals in the most extreme sense, and they intend the transformation of our United States into a country of corporate theocratic fascism.

These people want to control all information and media here and around the entire world. They want to dictate the definition of humanity by proscribing private behavior. They intend the destruction of democracy by controlling the election process. They want to enslave 98% of the world's population in service to reckless immense wealth; they walk the path of single selfishness and compulsive greed. In these zealots we face the forces of barbarism.

We who know have a duty to stand up to it, call it what it is, confront it and defeat it. This is why the impeachment of the Bush gang is so imperative. It's not simply that they must be removed from office, but that they must be exposed, indicted, prosecuted and convicted so there is both legal and a political precedent in order to protect our country in the future from such tyrannical assaults.

And this is why each of us must do everything he can to support people like you who sill stand for decency, dignity, the restoration of justice, and to reclaim democracy for our commonwealth.

• A Formula for SUCCESS in Trenton!This comes from our member David Mortensen, and it's a brilliant scheme. Now let's all swing into action! Read this!

After getting the alert concerning the momentum that's building for our state impeach campaign, I have an idea for generating more letters to NJ legislators. If each of our 100+ members of North Jersey Impeach Group get five people to commit to sending letters, e-mails or making phone calls to all 60 legislators on the list, and commit to doing the same themselves, each senator and assembly person would receive 600 letters/e-mails/phone calls asking for support of the resolution to impeach Bush and Cheney.

Or another way is for each member to get 10 people --- the first 5 to do the first 30 names on the list and give the second five to do the last 30 names. People can do a combination of letters, e-mails and phone calls, with leader legislators receiving letters and the others getting e-mails and phone calls. This saves time and postage.

I estimate that the time for one person to personally address 60 letters and envelopes is about four hours max - after the initial letter template is written. This total time will be less if people do a combination of letters, e-mails and phone calls. Spread over one week, this is only 30 minutes per day maximum. And if people team up, the time goes by more pleasant and work's done faster.

And remember we have all the tools to do the job --- the 3 basics:




600 letters/e-mails/phone calls received by each legislator will make a BIG impression. And what if the 500 people each get another 5 to do the same, and so on.....? There's nothing to it, you just get up and do it!!!


case4impeach_holtzman_12feb07_nation.pdf-108.59 KB

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impeach_purpose_addendum17feb07.pdf-333.71 KB

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Addition by The Precinct Master –Ed. Dickau-

Contact Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Email)
Update From A Follow Up Communication from Impeach

We can win this thing. My constant refrain to people is that our groups are not in this to make a statement, we're in it to achieve success, to win. You should know there are 3 organizations working on the impeachment issue, in North, Central and South New Jersey. The impeach groups are pressing a campaign to introduce and pass in the New Jersey legislature.

New Jersey's General Assembly Assistant State Majority Leader, Reed Gusciora (D-15th District, Trenton/Princeton) drafted a resolution to impeach, and we're dedicated to its introduction and passage through our legislature.

We believe New Jersey will be the first state to pass its impeach resolution. When the resolution passes, it will transmit to the U.S. House, the Senate, and the President as a petition from New Jersey calling for impeachment proceedings in Congress, per "Jefferson's Rule 603" of the Manual of Parliamentary Practices of the U.S. House.
The particulars are explained in our Key Documents .

For more information you can contact
Attached here below is our statement of purpose for your reference.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your attention, your support and consideration of our campaign.

Very truly yours,Stuart Hutchison, Organizer117 Chestnut DriveWayne NJ 07470-5639

HUTCH. 973.694.5035

Impeach Bush Yahoo

All patriots must work together to save our country. Impeach the entire Bush gang, indict, prosecute and convict them. When we care for justice and dignity and common decency, for the sake of our commonwealth, we stop the barbarians of single selfishness and compulsive greed.

We can't let tyranny destroy us.

For us, for our children's sakes, for the sake of our precious world, we must save our country.

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