Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: IMPEACHMENT: Index For The Graphic Case for Indictment, Impeachment and Imprisonment of The Bush Administration

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Friday, June 29, 2007

IMPEACHMENT: Index For The Graphic Case for Indictment, Impeachment and Imprisonment of The Bush Administration

The Index To The Graphic Case For The Indictment, Impeachment and Imprisonment Of Bush and Cheney (Plus) [To Be Updated As Pages Are Added]

The Photoshop Theme Header Graphic Graffiti Panels are generally (never smaller) 11 (x) 11” 72 Dpi. You will find some pages with odd size graphics and some with vastly larger graphics panel. Each page contains 13 Graphics and usually a small header. The press of time and the need to move these materials out to an external drive from time to time does not always make for the best groupings and some pages are rather eclectic. I apologize for this, but there’s much to done; much we all need to do. Enjoy them; use them modify them as you see fit and useful. Ed.

Page 0 Introduction and Sam Adams Dedication

Page 1 Military Action, Consequences and “Awards”

Page 2 Administration Players, Positions and Problems

Page 3 Emphasis on War Crimes, Plus the Lieberman Problem

Page 4 Primarily Metallic Peace and War Display Work

Page 5 The Fascist Designs (Plus)

Page 6 Homeland Insecurity Plus Nasty Ann Coulter Panels

Page 7 Criminality, Oil, Corruption, Manipulation and Retribution

Page 8 Impeachment Panels

Page 9 Corruption, BuShit and Impeachment

Page 10 Eclectic Impeachment Collection

Page 11 Eclectic Impeachment Collection

Page 12 Gonzales, Justice and the Voice of the Militant Rise

Page 13 Fruit Cakes and Spin

Page 14 Watchful and Virginia’s 2nd Amendment Democrats

Page 15 Emphasis Rove and Jail

Page 16 Scary as Halloween Irritating as a Broken Record

Page 17 Running out of Time, an Angry Page

Page 18 Bad News, What Bush Wants, and What We Want

Page 19 The Bush Agenda, Screw ups and Let’s March

Page 20 The Beginning, The Problems, Let’s March

Page 21 The Bush Stamp Collection

Page 22 Stamp Collection Continued

Page 23 Peace, Bigger Stamps and The Gas Price Hits

Page 24 Eclectic Mix

Page 25 A Cheney Page

Page 26 Not Nice To Condi Rice

Page 27 Coulter, Blackwater, Dictatorship Decrees

Page 28 The Pump Page, Some Over Laps

Page 29 Emphasis Justice, Virginia

Page 30 A Darkness Upon Our Land and Political Failure

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