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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Compassion and Choices

Yesterday this mailing arrived in my US Postal snail mail box. I would have been difficult to do the presentation of this message in its folder and copied form. An Email requesting a copy of the letter online was promptly attended to.

I know this post is of a different nature in content, but it is a matter I feel strongly about, and I suspect many of you, my readers, do likewise. Please read the message and request and lend your aid financially and by blog rolling or forwarding this post. Thank You. –Ed. Dickau-

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Compassion &Choices

Support. Educate. Advocate. Choice & Care at the End of Life

P. O. Box 101810, Denver, CO 80250

t 800.247.7421 f 303.639.1224

Dear Friend,

It’s been 2 years since the United States Supreme Court handed down one of the most important legal rulings of our lifetime.

The nation’s highest court upheld the Oregon law that gives terminally ill American adults the right to choose a dignified, pain-free, humane death with help from their doctors.

What a grand day this ruling brought to Compassion & Choices, those who are terminally ill and suffering, and defenders of freedom everywhere — what a victory for the individual!

But, now many people wonder, “Has this victory ended the battle for your right to a dignified death once and for all?”


Today, misguided religious zealots strive even harder to steal our right to self-determination.

Right now in 2007, several states have legislation pending that will cut your right to have your advance directives followed by medical staff and your family.

We cannot afford complacency. We cannot rest on our laurels. The battle is not won. Compassion & Choices needs your support more than ever before.

Just a year ago this past summer, in a heartbreaking, last-minute surprise, a committee of the California legislature defeated by one vote AB651, the bill that would have given terminally ill Californians the right to a physician’s aid in dying.

I’m writing today to ask you to add your voice to the national debate at this crucial time by filling out and returning the enclosed survey.

I also hope you’ll send a donation to support this important work — efforts to safeguard your deeply threatened right of self-determination.

Over, please.

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Compassion & Choices believes that privacy, control and dignity at the end of life are fundamental civil rights.

If you agree, I cannot emphasize strongly enough that it is crucial for you to send a donation.

You and I have well-financed opponents determined to make criminals of courageous physicians and the suffering people they seek to help. Right-wing groups spend millions of dollars each year to impose their religious beliefs on our nation.

We need your financial help, and your voice of reason with the enclosed survey, to help mount a strong stand in the defense of your rights and freedom.

Compassion & Choices is the largest, oldest and most influential organization working on our behalf to:

Defend choice-in-dying laws in the courts

• Pass legislation legalizing compassionate choices for the dying

• Help other states create and adopt legislation modeled on Oregon’s law

• Advocate for improved pain care and utilization of hospice services

• Inform the public accurately on end-of-life issues to counter our opponents’
campaigns of disinformation and deceit

• Provide advance directives and other useful materials free of charge to the public

• Directly serve terminally ill individuals and their families through our national office and local chapters across the country.

Won’t you make a commitment to support Compassion & Choices’ work to keep Americans
in control of our own destinies?

I’m deeply grateful for your support.


Barbara Coombs Lee


Compassion & Choices

P.S. Seventy percent of the citizens of our nation believe that no one should have to endure a prolonged, painful death or be artificially kept alive against their wishes. Compassion & Choices needs your help to ensure that the will of the people will be known and respected. Please let me hear from you soon.

Jane Sanders

Director of Membership & Planned Gifts

Compassion & Choices

P. O. Box 101810

Denver, CO 80250-1810

800.247.7421 toll-free

303.639.1202 telephone

303.775.1265 cell

303.639.1224 fax

***Compassion & Choices has been given a 4-star rating by Charity Navigator. Please go to to learn more about what this top rating means for you and your contributions.***

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