Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: Excellent Videos, Updates From Colorado and DENVER (Recreate 68), an ACTION Item: Free Speech On The Mall ! The Birth Of Stop, The Gore F

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Excellent Videos, Updates From Colorado and DENVER (Recreate 68), an ACTION Item: Free Speech On The Mall ! The Birth Of Stop, The Gore F

Excellent Videos, Updates From Colorado and DENVER

(Recreate 68),


Free Speech On The Mall !

The Birth Of Stop, The Gore Factor and a Public Service Info Piece. (Plus)


Iraq violence up as troop levels drop Value of the surge debated

WASHINGTON - Since the US military began reducing its troop presence in Iraq three months ago, several key indicators of violence in the troubled nation have risen, according to new military figures released this weekend, sparking fears that security gains hailed by the White House are already eroding.

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The rise in violence - blamed on both Shi'ite militants and Sunni extremists allied with Al Qaeda - has prompted war critics to argue that President Bush's surge of 30,000 more troops last year, designed to stabilize the nation, merely postponed the inevitable deadly chaos that will follow an eventual US withdrawal.

Other analysts question whether the US strategy planted the seeds for greater bloodshed by funding, and arming, various Sunni and Shi'ite factions who may eventually battle one another or fight among themselves.

Since December, the Pentagon has withdrawn about 5,700 US soldiers and Marines without replacement, and the remaining 24,000 additional troops are set to return to the United States by July, leaving about 140,000 combat and support troops.

Administration and Pentagon officials continue to defend the surge, saying that while violence is rising, it is still far below the level it had been at its peak in 2006 and 2007.

But as General David Petraeus, the top American commander in Iraq, and Ambassador Ryan Crocker, the chief diplomat, prepare to testify to Congress tomorrow, US military officials are clearly worried that instability could return.

"There is a lot of tension on the streets," Rear Admiral Gregory Smith, the chief military spokesman, said in a telephone interview from Baghdad on Saturday. "The [majority] Shi'ite populations are still, I would say, very concerned about the level of potential violence that could erupt at any moment." More……

A Third American War Crime in the Making


Over the past weeks, there have been many ominous signs that the U.S. is, at the very least, escalating its full-court press against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and may be preparing a military attack.

During much of 2007, there were numerous reports that the U.S. was weighing options for striking Iran and was actively preparing and positioning its military for doing so. This trajectory seemed to temporarily slow with the release of a new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) in early December, which reversed the 2005 NIE by stating that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003. Whatever the precise state of current U.S. military plans and preparations, Iran remains “public enemy number one” for the U.S. rulers in the Middle East—the main obstacle to their agenda of defeating Islamic fundamentalist forces that pose obstacles to unfettered American dominance and the restructuring of the entire region more tightly under imperialist control.

Within weeks of the NIE’s release, the U.S. spun a routine encounter between U.S. warships and Iranian patrol boats in the Persian Gulf into what was portrayed as a provocative “incident” supposedly demonstrating Iran’s belligerence. Bush traveled to the Middle East to rally opinion and allies against Iran, declaring “Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous, and Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon.” The U.S. rammed through a new set of UN sanctions against Iran. Bush and Cheney have claimed that Iran says it is seeking to develop nuclear weapons, even though the Iranian regime denies it has a nuclear weapons program.

More recent developments include:

During a February 5 testimony before Congress, Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell (who oversaw the drafting of the new NIE) said that he felt the NIE should have highlighted that Iran continues to press ahead on the key part of building a nuclear weapon—enriching uranium.

On March 11, Adm. William Fallon, head of U.S. Central Command, who had publicly spoken out against war with Iran, was forced to resign. (See “The Fallon Resignation and the New Dangers of U.S. War on Iran” in Revolution #124, online at

In mid-March, Cheney traveled to talk to U.S. allies in the Middle East. While his exact agenda was shrouded in secrecy, discussion of Iran was reportedly a high priority. In 2002, Cheney traveled to the region to lay groundwork for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. And there have been recent press reports that Israel and Saudi Arabia are stepping up their civil defense preparations.

In a March 30 national TV appearance on Meet the Press, CIA head Gen. Hayden declared that he personally felt Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain charged that Iran is supporting al-Qaeda in Iraq—a charge for which there is no evidence and which is most likely a deliberate lie.

All this is taking place against the backdrop of heightened tensions across the region. The political situation in Lebanon is deadlocked, and elections for a new government have repeatedly been postponed. There have been recent reports that three U.S. warships now sit off the coast of Lebanon. Gaza remains under murderous siege by Israel. Meanwhile, the U.S. grip on Iraq remains precarious. (See “The failed offensive against Sadr’s Mahdi Army: the U.S., Iraq, and Iran” on page 6.)

The U.S. imperialists blame Iran for all these difficulties. Indeed, whether Iran is directly involved in any particular incident, its influence is growing across the region, largely as a result of how the Bush regime’s “war on terror” is—in many ways—backfiring in Iraq and Afghanistan.

No one should be lulled into a false sense of security because things aren’t unfolding in the same way as in the run-up to the 2003 U.S. war on Iraq when there was obvious military buildup and preparations for a massive ground invasion. Any U.S. attack on Iran would be quite different. The Bush regime could be planning a blitzkrieg-type air assault, launched with little or no warning (perhaps after some “incident” with Iran). The Israeli military may carry out the initial attack. War could be triggered accidentally, or by miscalculation on either side. Or conflict in Lebanon, Gaza, or elsewhere could be a tripwire that touches off a U.S.-Iranian confrontation.

The U.S. imperialists have staked the future of their empire on victory in the Middle East. But things are not going as planned for them. More and more, the U.S. rulers see Iran gaining—which is intolerable for them. Given all this, people need to be very alert—and to step up resistance to the U.S. “war on terror” aggression, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon—or Iran.

Mr. Conyers; be prepared to put your actions where your words have been!

Soros: Economic superboom 'over'

The Real News Network: Latest Videos!

Blackwater in Iraq: Contract renewed (More Shit!)

Kenneth Wexler: America's Best TV Legal Commentators

America's Best TV Legal Commentators: Kenneth Wexler, founding partner of Wexler, Toriseva Wallace LLP is featured in an exciting, exclusive, in-depth and inside interview, discussing America?s Best TV Legal Commentators. Ken devotes his practice to helping those whose rights have been denied or who have been victims of the unscrupulous or fraudulent actions of others, most often more powerful entities. Founder of the firm that bears his name, Ken was also a founding partner in the firm of Miller Faucher Cafferty and Wexler, LLP.

Prior to that, he was a partner in the Chicago law firm then known as Much Shelist Freed Denenberg Ament & Eiger, P.C. Ken has been in leadership positions in cases with far-ranging subject matters, including brand name manufacturer suppression of competition from generic drugs, fraudulent and deceptive product overcharges, discrimination and harassment, corporate waste and mismanagement, cost recovery for defective medical devices, false advertising, and government fraud.

Ken's practice is devoted to complex class action and commercial litigation. Wexler Toriseva Wallace dedicates itself to making a difference to those consumers, employees, shareholders and special groups who have been injured by individuals or organizations through fraud, discrimination, unfair competition or other types of unlawful misconduct. Featured Guest Ken Wexler: Attorney PH: 312-346-222

MSNBC Countdown: The Gore Factor (Plus)

Rocky Anderson’s New Life!

High Road for Human Rights Strategic Plan

Robert Ruszkowski
Founder: www.StopFascism.Com

I'm happy to announce the pre-launch of the brand new "Stop Fascism Action Network" located at www.StopFascism.Com.

Since the Kucinich Campaign ended things have been very quite for me. It's been a nice break but it's time to get busy again.

I signed up at back in January hoping to get involved in a new movement.

It's now April and nothing is happening at IntegrityNow.

This should come as no surprise As the former Kucinich Campaign's National Director of Virtual Outreach I remember how long it took the campaign to get anything done.

My guess is Dennis won't have anything up and running until after the election in November. In my opinion, we can't afford to wait.

I hope you will join me at . The site is fully functional Now. Check it out and help spread the word!

To join: GO HERE and be sure to invite your friends!


Robert Ruszkowski
Founder: www.StopFascism.Com Find and make Cool Stuff Here


This message was sent by Robert Ruszkowski ( ) from District of Columbia Dennis Kucinich Meetup Group.
To learn more about Robert Ruszkowski, visit his/her member profile

Recreate 68 Update today:

We have a little less than five months to go until this historic event. Now is the time to get active if you are not already. Some important dates and information for the month of April.

1. We have received a good deal of comments from out-of-town supporters on how they can help. Here are a couple of areas and ideas to plug in to:

  • Host an R-68 event. For a small donation for travel, R-68 is capable of sending a speaker and if you prefer, trainers to provide medic training, legal training, and civil disobedience trainings.
  • Financial Support is always needed. You can send donations to - Recreate 68, PO Box 6444, Denver, CO 80206
  • Host a coordinating party in your community and make plans for your groups actions and transportation to the DNC. Events and themes are listed on our website to assist you.
  • Print up flyers from our website or DIY and distribute throughout your community.
  • If you have a connection with a band that is political in nature or supports the movement, please put them in touch with us.

2. We have received a large amount of comments as to how our meetings are run and when. The dates for meetings are in this e-mail and on our site. Due to the large amount of request for information, it is difficult to respond to every request. Most information requested is on the website, so please take the time and read the provided information.

3. Upcoming dates in April:

Today, April 1 - Community Forum - On The 40th Anniversary of the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. R-68 presents the first in a series of community forums and panel discussions. Tonight's topic: The State of the Black Nation and the Barack Obama campaign. More information on this event can be found at the link -

April 2 - Entertainment Committee Meeting - 6:30 pm at Blackberries Coffee Shop - 710 East 26th Avenue, Denver, Planning for the Bands at the Festival of Democracy.

April 3 - R-68 Working Meeting - 6:30 pm at the Gypsy House Cafe, 1279 Marion Street, Denver

April 10 - DNC Community Forum sponsored by Councilman Rick Garcia - 6 - 7:30 pm at the Auditorium of North High School - 2960 N. Speer Blvd., Denver. This event is not an R-68 event. We will be skipping our working meeting on that date to have a vocal presences at this event. We will be urging the Democratic Host Committee to give up their permit they have for Civic Center Park to the people. Don't allow a private organization to remove the free space for dissent from the people.

Panel Members include Sky Gallegos, DNC DEO Intergovernmental Affairs; Katherine Archuleta, Mayor's Office, Policy Advisor on Policy & Initiatives; Mike Dino, CEO, Denver Convention Host Committee, David Quinones, Division Chief, Special operations Division, DPD; Michael Battista, Deputy Chief of Operations, DPD; and Sharon Linhart, Downtown Denver Partnership, DNC Task Force.

April 13 - Update The Community Meeting - Sunday, 11 am - 1 pm at Auraria Campus, Room 440 at the Tivoli Building. This meeting will be an update for groups on where R-68 and others are on the planning of this historic event. The parking is free on Sundays and we encourage you to take the Light-Rail to the Campus.

April 15 - Legal Training - University of Denver, 6:15 - 8:15 pm, room to be announced - The Midnight Special Legal Collective will be visiting from California and will be doing a free legal training that will include a "Know Your Rights" section for community members. Get educated on your rights and how you can help the legal team.

April 16 - R-68 Debate - University of Denver, time and room to be announced. Glenn Spagnuolo, R-68 Organizing Committee Member will be debating Denver's far right Councilman Charlie Brown. Should be a high-spirited and entertaining event.

Please attend one or all of the meetings and events listed. Your energies are needed!

Latest Update!

Do not miss these important trainings and events. Plan on attending at least one if not all of these free educational opportunities. For more information on the DNC events, go to

Please join the People's Law Project and the Recreate 68 Alliance as we prepare for the
upcoming Democratic National Convention through the following free Trainings and Talks. Please invite friends and help distribute the attached flyer!

Thursday April 10, 2008

Regular Recreate 68 Working Meeting Canceled

Join Us as we go to a panel discussion on the DNC hosted by Councilmen Rick Garcia.

Panel Members include Sky Gallegos, DNC DEO Intergovernmental Affairs; Katherine Archuleta, Mayor's Office, Policy Advisor on Policy & Initiatives; Mike Dino, CEO, Denver Convention Host Committee, David Quinones, Division Chief, Special operations Division, DPD; Michael Battista, Deputy Chief of Operations, DPD; and Sharon Linhart, Downtown Denver Partnership, DNC Task Force.

6 - 7:30 pm at the Auditorium of North High School - 2960 N. Speer Blvd., Denver

Sunday April 13, 2008

Recreate 68 Alliance Community Meeting

Get your questions answered!

Learn what has been done to date in order to make the DNC 08 protest an historic event.

Learn what National organizations are in alliance.

Learn what you can do and how you can get involved and help!

University of Colorado Auraria Campus in Denver

11-1pm, Room 440 in the Tivoli Building

Potluck Lunch

The DNC-People's Law Project and the Midnight Special Law
Collective present:

"Know Your Rights" and Legal Observing for the 2008 DNC

Monday, April 14, 2008
"Know Your Rights"
The Midnight Special Law Collective, Oakland , California
12:00 pm—1:00 pm
University of Denver College of Law, Room 190—Lunch
provided by Blackjack.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Legal Observing at the 2008 DNC
The Midnight Special Law Collective, Oakland , California
12:00 pm, 1:00 pm
University of Denver College of Law, Room 190, Lunch
provided by El Centro Humanitario.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Legal Observing, "Know your Rights", and Legal Solidarity
at the 2008 DNC.
The Midnight Special Law Collective, Oakland , California
7:15 pm - 8:45pm
University of Denver College of Law, Room 280

Thursday, April 17, 2008
Panel discussion: Balancing security in Denver during the
DNC and protestor's rights

City Councilman, Charlie Brown, District 6.
Glenn Spagnuolo: Co-Founder of Recreate 68: Protester
alliance regarding the DNC
12:00 pm, 1:00 pm
University of Denver College of Law, Room 190, Lunch
provided by Spicy Thai.

Thursday, April 17, 2008
"Know Your Rights"
The Midnight Special Law Collective, Oakland , California
6:30 pm-8:00 pm
** This specific training will take place at the
University of Denver, Sturm Hall, Lindsey Auditorium, 200
E. Asbury Ave, Denver, CO 80208. For directions, please

*All events are free and open to the public. The lectures
will take place at the University of Denver Sturm College
of Law, 2255 E. Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80208. For
directions, please visit For more information,
contact Heather Skrypek at

**For more on the DNC-People's Law Project visit:

Brian Vicente
Executive Director, DNC-People's Law Project

Brian Vicente
Executive Director, DNC-People's Law Project


Many thousands of ImpeachBush members have joined the campaign to defend free speech rights on the National Mall. The campaign was initiated by the Partnership for Civil Justice in Washington, DC. What follows is an urgent message from the Partnership for Civil Justice about the campaign. Please be sure to send this important message to others in the impeachment movement and to everyone who wants to defend the Constitution

Oppose the Bush administration's assault on free speech
Save the National Mall as a place of protest!

The struggle to preserve Free Speech in Washington D.C. has entered a new phase. We are writing to you so that you can help in the next step of this critical struggle. If he gets his way, Bush will leave office having shredded fundamental rights to redress grievances and engage in dissent on the National Mall in the nation's capital. But we can stop this plan.

Because of the participation of you and so many other people around the country, the Bush Administration has been pushed on the defensive. Due to immense public pressure that has been mobilized in the last months the government is now resorting to a smoke and mirror campaign to derail those who are fighting to preserve cherished rights. The people can stop them.

We need you to take action right now:

We are planning on sending the Statement in Defense of Free Speech Rights on the National Mall -- with a list of its thousands of signers -- to the National Park Service and want to further publish the statement. Showing just how many people have already taken action will be an important part of the campaign to defend the National Mall and the First Amendment.

Before we send or publish the statement and signers, we want to confirm with you that we can include you as a signer. We value your privacy. Please take 30 seconds to fill out the form here if you have already signed the statement.

Please take a moment and help this Free Speech movement take the next step. If you signed the Statement in Defense of Free Speech on the National Mall before it is crucial that you take the next step by clicking this link. You can also let us know on this same link if you do not want your name included publicly. Initial signers include, Howard Zinn, Cindy Sheehan, Ed Asner, Malik Rahim, Ramsey Clark, Kathy Kelly, Ron Kovic, Dennis Banks and many others.

Here is the situation: More than 15,000 letters flooded the National Park Service (NPS) supporting the centrality of free speech rights on the National Mall. The Bush Administration was shocked by the overwhelming response. They thought that they could essentially privatize the National Mall in Washington DC and quietly eliminate essential Free Speech activities. The plan is to go into effect the last month that Bush is in office in January 2009.

This insidious goal hasn't changed one bit but they have now quickly shifted their tactics to blunt the massive new movement that has arisen to defend Free Speech on the National Mall.

Bush's NPS has quickly revamped the web site. The phrase "First Amendment" now appears all over the site. You would think that they are re-organizing the National Mall in order to have more demonstrations, protests and rallies rather than try to banish or limit them. It is all smoke and mirrors. More untruths from the Bush Administration working in partnership with Corporate America.

This is a coordinated effort that we are seeing across the country - the privatization of our public spaces to make them off-limits for us to gather for free speech and assembly. While we have just been victorious in the fight for the Great Lawn of Central Park all eyes are now turning to the National Mall. This is the battle of most significance with repercussions that will be felt coast-to-coast.

Here is how you can help. It will take only a moment of your time but it will make a huge difference.

1) The Partnership for Civil Justice has set up an easy-to-use mechanism that will allow you to send a message directly to the National Park Service about their National Mall Plan. Click this link to send your message.

2) Sign the Statement in Defense of Free Speech Rights on the National Mall.

3) If you have already signed this statement, click this link right now to let us know if we can publicize you as a signer of this important statement.

4) If you are unsure whether you have already signed, you can sign the statement again, and all duplicate names will be eliminated.


Mara Verheyden-Hillard and Carl Messineo, co-founders of Partnership for Civil Justice

WASHINGTON - Hillary's Clinton's chief strategist, Mark Penn, stepped down last night from his highly paid, high-profile role on the campaign after reports that he met with Colombian government officials to push a free trade agreement the Democratic presidential contender opposes.

Penn's meeting with the Colombian ambassador had nothing to do with the presidential campaign and was related to his work for Burson-Marsteller Worldwide, a public relations firm where Penn is chief executive. But the meeting rankled labor union activists, who questioned whether the meeting undermined Clinton's pro-labor message at a time when she must hold on to the working-class vote.

"After the events of the last few days, Mark Penn has asked to give up his role as chief strat egist of the Clinton campaign," Clinton campaign manager Maggie Williams said in a statement, not detailing the controversy. Penn and his political consulting firm will continue to provide advice and polling to the campaign, she said.

Penn is one of the most prominent consultants in Democratic politics and his political consulting firm has already collected some $10.8 million in fees from a campaign struggling to get ahead in the waning array of primaries and caucuses.

His departure as chief strategist marks the third major staff shake-up of the Clinton campaign. Patti Solis Doyle left as campaign manager and was replaced by Williams. Mike Henry left as deputy campaign manager in February after Clinton suffered a string of losses to Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.

Penn has been a longtime adviser to both Hillary and President Clinton. As with Doyle, who remains a member of the campaign, Penn is retaining a role in Clinton's quest for the White House, underscoring the premium the candidate and the campaign put on loyalty.

But with Pennsylvania's primary looming April 22 and the votes of working-class Democrats crucial to securing a win there for Clinton, Penn came under increasing pressure to step down from his post.

"This is just another example of Hillary Clinton being ill-served by her campaign," said Peter Fenn, a Democratic strategist not affiliated with a presidential campaign. "It might actually have been a wiser strategy at this point to make a clean break, rather than have one foot in, and one foot out," Fenn said, referring to Penn's continued role as pollster and adviser.

Penn apologized Friday for the meeting with the Colombian ambassador after it was disclosed by the Wall Street Journal. "The meeting was an error in judgment that will not be repeated and I am sorry for it," Penn said in a statement.

But his apology annoyed the Colombian government - which issued a statement calling Penn's remarks a "declaration of a lack of respect towards Colombians, which is unacceptable" - and failed to mollify union activists wanting Penn out of his pivotal role. Colombia announced Saturday that it had fired Burson-Marsteller.Continued...

Public Service Update On Digital TV Shift…Pass along to those who need this information!

From Jim Moran (Congressman, VA, 8th District…Mine)

Dear Ed,

In less than a year -- on February 17, 2009 –- what has been called the biggest change in television since the advent of color TV will occur.

On that day, the major television networks will no longer broadcast in analog, switching for the first time to a solely digital-based transmission (also known as DTV). DTV is touted as providing a dramatically clearer picture, better sound quality, more channels, high definition television (HDTV) for those with HD equipped TVs, and can transmit interactive video and data services.

In 2006, Congress set this transition date for network television to switch from analog to digital. A major driving factor was to free up analog airwaves for our first responders: police, fire and rescue. Due to increasingly crowded airwaves, our nation's first responders have had significant disruptions to their communications networks. This freed up analog spectrum will allow more effective coordination and communication in an emergency -- aiding their ability to protect and lives.

What does this mean for me?

This is a major transition, but it shouldn’t be cause for great concern. Most Northern Virginians watch TV via a cable or satellite provider (Comcast, Cox, DirecTV etc). If you are a cable or satellite subscriber your service will continue without disruption.

However, there are some 12 million Americans who don't fall into this category -- those who use an antenna to watch TV. For these people -- a large percentage of which are senior citizens -- their TVs will go dark next February if they do not take action.

What actions should antenna users take?

If you use an antenna to watch TV on a television built prior to 2007, you should check to see if it has a digital tuner (the FCC began requiring all televisions sold in the U.S. be equipped with a digital tuner starting March, 2007). Most TVs have labels or markings on them to indicate whether they have a digital tuner. Labels such as "Integrated Digital Tuner," "Digital Tuner Built-In," "Digital Receiver," "Digital Tuner," "DTV," or "ATSC," all indicate that you have a DTV. If your television has a digital tuner, it will continue to receive broadcasts after the transition to digital.

However, people whose TVs do not have a digital tuner and use an antenna must purchase a converter box if they wish to continue using their set to watch broadcast TV. Converter boxes can be found in local electronic retail stores (Best Buy, Circuit City, Radio Shack etc) and range in cost from $30 to $80. To defray these costs, the government has made two $40 coupons per household available, to buy two converter boxes. To apply for your coupon, review coupon eligible converters, or find a retailer selling converter boxes near you, you can visit or call 1-888-DTV-2009.

While excessive television watching is detrimental to your health, the TV remains a key way to stay informed of current events -- especially in the event of an emergency. If you know a family member, friend or neighbor who currently uses an antenna -- particularly if they are elderly -- I encourage you to share this information with them. This significant minority of households may need a little assistance making the transition to digital.

I hope you found this information useful. For more information, please feel free to contact my Alexandria District office at 703-971-4700.


James P. Moran

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