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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Music For Concord


I launched "TomSongs" in November of 2001 as a non-profit Music Therapy "experiment" in support of the 9/11 Families. I have written and recorded dozens of songs since 2001 and I have performed across the USA. I play all of the instruments (for better or worse) on the CD. My music has turned from therapy to advocacy during the past few years and in addition to my ongoing work with the 9/11 Families, I am an active member of Veterans For Peace and my personal goal is to assist in protecting our American Soldiers from unwarranted risk both here at home and abroad. My latest CD project "Brick" represents the only real convergance of 9/11 and Iraq despite what the White House might spew and the media might regurgitate. These songs address issues related to both topics. I continue to perform around the country and at some point, I will post a schedule. I hope to meet you out there on the road and I hope you’ll save a cold beer for me!

Thanks for listening!

Tom Chelston

1 Veteran

2 Never Forget

3 Since September

4 Brick

5 Impeach

6 I Miss You

7 This Ground

8 Veterans For Peace

9 BushWhacked

10 Land Of The Free

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