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Monday, May 5, 2008


I REMIND YOU That It Was Pelosi’s Announced Intention To Full Fund And More To Get This Issue “Out Of The Way” For The Remainder Of The Campaign Cycle! We Do Not Support Buying The White House With More American Soldier’s Blood And More Iraqi Or Iranian Genocidal Blood. This Has Got To Be Stopped. They Have To Be Stopped! If Our Party Does This We Deserve To Hand The White House To McCain.

If we have no more integrity, courage, conviction or conscience than this it won’t make one wit of difference and the country deserves to be plunged into the darkness that will FORCE us to wake up and fight back from THE BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE!

Dear Ed,

We just got word that in only a few hours, the Democratic leadership will huddle in a room for a closed door meeting on the future of the War in Iraq. Speaker Pelosi will be joined by Representatives Steny Hoyer, Rahm Emanuel and other key leaders to decide their strategy for the upcoming vote on more money for the war.

By the time the funding bill comes to the floor for a vote, it may be too late. The leadership is expected to decide tonight whether to include a timeline in the bill or just give the President a blank check to continue this war. We can't let that happen. Speaker Pelosi has to listen to Democratic representatives who made her Speaker.

That's why we need you to call your Democratic representative right now. Urge your representative to contact Speaker Pelosi and the leadership and insist that any Iraq legislation include a time line to bring the troops home.

Call your Representative Right Now (Set For Switch Board)

Here's a suggested script:

"I am calling to urge the Representative to contact Speaker Pelosi and the House leadership right now, before tonight's closed door meeting, and make clear that any Iraq legislation must include a timeline to bring the troops home"

Make the Call Right Now: (Easy Fast Find Set Up)

Thanks for all your work to bring our troops home,


Ilya Sheyman
Online Organizer

True Majority's new eye-popping, war-opposing machine is hitting the road for peace...and it might be coming to a street near you. The Iran Mobile is on an important mission: to gather petitions and deliver them to senators who have not taken the lead on preventing a war with Iran. Sign our petition asking senators to support S. Res. 356, legislation that would force President Bush to get congressional approval before attacking Iran. Then join us in delivering this message of peace in a town near you!

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