Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: The Potential For trouble In Denver Has Escalated with Open Opposition Aforehand to Re-Create “68”!

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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Potential For trouble In Denver Has Escalated with Open Opposition Aforehand to Re-Create “68”!

The Potential For trouble In Denver Has Escalated with Open Opposition Aforehand to Re-Create “68”!

I have repeatedly attempted to deliver the message that there were forces at play in the disintegration of the legal fabric of our nation, forces in the shadows, that have grown increasingly disenchanted with the efforts we in the Anti-War and Pro-Impeachment movements, the repetitive attempts to achieve change in what is left of a totally corrupted, fractured and non-responsive system.

I have made reference repeatedly to the fact that the civil strife that accompanied the Abolitionist Movement, the Labor Movement, the Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam Era Peace Movement all welled up from a coalescing of several elements of social unrest, social ferment and by the failure of mainstream analyst and experts of those time to properly, accurately assess the dynamics at work.

I have been frustrated insofar as the fear that grips our nation, and both the complacency and hopeless apathy the typifies the nation today have delayed and diluted that process and made the tasks of ending both this war and the criminality of this administration a long drawn out process so Ghandi like that it has been easy for the media to ignore us and leave us to our own efforts, devices and self-support system in cyber space.

But, as the deterioration deepens and “the Average American” has become disgusted with the droning sound bites of the agonizingly protracted 2008 election campaign, fore closures hitting close at home, bills piling up, a contest for the pay check over food, medicine and gas, a government giving billions to financial institutions to bail them out and pittance “stimulus checks” to the peons of America, the people are beginning to realize that Washington has been and continues to take them for granted, and that by enlarge their elected leaders are a collective of hypocrites; they are rising.

The media does not portray or report the reality of American ferment. Harbors closed for a day, trucks roaming the streets of DC, and the word “Teamsters” has stirred the pot a bit. No one had better call a Teamster “Moonbat”, or at least not to their face. The bikers and Eagles had best not slander the Vietnam Vets in the Longshoreman Union that took at stand.

But what do we have on our hands at the moment? We have Afro Americans who are not going to tolerate peacefully the usurping of Obama’s nomination. We have Immigration Organizations that have grown in cohesion and practiced expertise at protest and resistance. We have LOCAL/PERSONAL economic hardship while the public sees trillions of dollars being expended to kill people all over the globe.

The War was and is not personal enough to a majority of Americans. We no longer see the daily body bags coming home as we did in the Vietnam War. There is no draft. The specter of an Iranian strike is mainstream and unacceptable. The elements of ferment are brewing and in Denver the Recreate “68” Organization is taken seriously and is about to march out of the shadows into the main stream ostensibly to hold the feet of a impotent DNC to the fire.

Like Hillary, they don’t care if costs the election because they have no allegiance to affection for the party as it is now extant. We truly are in the midst of a political alcoholic syndrome and bottom of the bottle is coming. I hate the next few words, but it may take four years of John McCain as President before this nation rises up and takes back this land. If it comes to that Hillary must denied ever being President, for she will surely make the run again in 2012.

We are standing on the edge of a a dangerous chasm. Denver could flash in tear gas, flames and batons. A mushroom cloud could rise somewhere over the Mid East horizons. We could be still waging our crusade after the Inauguration, if there is one, to bring members of the current administration to justice. We have lost our Constitution, our dignity, the respect of most of the world, and the worst thing about all of this is that everyone, even the frightened apathetic couch potatoes of America know it has all gone to hell. I have warned everyone time and time again that when the system is so fractured that the institutions of redress no longer function; the time will come as it has all of man’s history, in uprisings in the streets and they won’t be peaceful.

The system needs to right itself now and respond before the festering and ferment spill over into the streets in steel, fire and blood. The time is short, but let’s takes a last look for today at “Ferment and Frustration in Denver”. August is not long in coming.

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I lived through Chicago in “68”. It did not solve the problem, because I got to live through Kent State in “71”. Enough said!

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