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Friday, May 2, 2008

Lazarus Has Risen: The Death Of The Internal Combustion Engine and The Resurrection Of The Electric Engine/Motor!

Lazarus Has Risen: The Death Of The Internal Combustion Engine and The Resurrection Of The Electric Engine/Motor!

We have volumes of collected great speeches, quotes for any occasion, all manner of witticisms and clichés with which to embellish our speeches and writings. Among them, and I cite this one to simply prove the point that often times as profound and entertaining as those tools of the wordsmith may appear; they are more often than not just verbal icing, like: “The only things certain in this life are death and taxes.”, because you and I know if you just take a moment that, that haggard old cliché is going to lead into some political harangue over a $100 plate of tough chicken severed up with lumpy mash potatoes and green gravy, the better part of the evening, is simply not true; it’s a half truth. There are many who avoid taxes, and we all die…there a ½ truth.

But let challenge to refute my premise for this post. “The only constant in life is change.” Get back to me if you can refute that statement.

I come here not to praise the Internal Combustion Engine; I come here to bury the Internal combustion Engine.

The Industrial Revolution in America is dead and yet the last vestigial appendage of that era, the Internal Combustion lives on in worship, folks struggle to perfect it, hybridize it into continued acceptance with a hypocrisy of words like “transitional” when the damn thing is sucking the life out our economies and draining the blood of millions into the sands of the Middle East while America goes its blissful way all the way to the bank with the blessing of a President and Congress whole lack the necessary genitalia to take the matter on, head on! That is unacceptable; that is criminal!

I am not about to demonize “The Internal Combustion Engine” or diminish the role it has played in the march of humanity. What I am going to do is insist that it is time to replace it, kill it if you will, and in the process of achieving that new reality that you be prepared to ignore all those who will attempt to impede the process for a whole host of less than intelligent and less than honest motivations.

It has served mankind well, but in a world awakened to the impact that we creatures have upon the health of this planet; we know the inherent polluting nature of the beast is reason enough to banish the old beast from our midst as quickly as we can.

I am not going to launch into some tome on global warming and extremist screaming on the issue. What I am going to say quickly is that those who attempt to dismiss the importance of the matter out of hand as a “natural planetary cycle”, about which we can do nothing are the “Ostrich Syndrome” “Flat Earth” thinkers of our times. We can do something about the changes taking place of this planet. Yes, we are that intelligent and that able. And anyone who attempts to attribute all the health problems of our blue sphere to “natural causes”, dismissing without serious thought the impact that we humans have on our Earth are out right damn liars, intellectually dishonest fools!


Brevity dictating, I have provided links sufficient enough to provide the essential history of the Internal Combustion Engine. If you want more feel free to continue your research, especially if you are the one who wants to write the definitive history of the Internal Combustion Engine once it has gone to the bone yard of history. Let me just take the opportunity to say, that if you are not who can “think outside of box”, one who cannot entertain dreams, lacks vision, is either so jaded, complacent, cynical or a corporate suck up with a knee jerk naysayer mind; stop reading right here.

You might as well, because if your intention is to write me in refutation verbal lint argumentation; you are wasting your time as I will not waste my time on you.

Nikolaus August Otto: Inventor of the Internal Combustion engine

Story of Nickolaus August Otto, inventor of the four-stroke internal combustion engine, the device used to power automobiles, motorboats and motorcycles.

Internal Combustion Engine

The invention of the internal combustion engine made some of man’s most cherished dreams become reality: the aircraft, the motor car, the submarine, ...

Rudolf Diesel - Inventor of the Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel

Rudolf Diesel was the inventor of the diesel fueled internal combustion engine. History of the Diesel In 1892, Rudolf Diesel was issued a patent for a ...

The History of the Automobile - Gas Engines

Benz was the first inventor to integrate an internal combustion engine with a chassis - designing both together. (Learn more about Karl Benz) ...

I having been thinking about this issue for time but never find the time to get around to addressing it. I am making time today. The components of the American catastrophe in progress are many, and certainly our insatiable blood thirsty “need” for oil and gasoline is reason enough to take up the matter. We lie for oil. We steal oil. We corrupt in the name of oil. We manipulate and bring the world economy to the brink of collapse for oil. We destroy nations and systems of government for oil. We kill for oil! We commit Genocide for oil. Are those enough reasons to consider putting the treasury and brain trust of our species to work killing the Internal Combustion Engine.

I admit my focus was rekindled by the Sony film “Who Killed The Electric Car”. The entire question has been nagging at me, sometimes even in my sleep.


"Laying dormant within the modern electric motor is a deep, dark secret. For the last 176 years, that secret has held the electric motor to its present level of performance. But in 1975, a quantum leap in electric motor design was made by an American inventor named Bob Teal. Teal's Magnipulsion Engine produced COPs between 8 and 10."

Energetic Science Ministries | Bob Teal | Magnipulsion

I'd like to give you a little bit of history on how this came about. As of 2007, the work of Bob Teal and his Magnipulsion Engine from 1976 has all but been forgotten. Teal was granted two patents for his mechanical, reciprocating electromagnetic attraction engine in 1977 and 1978. However, nothing in these patents disclosed the essential secrets of its extraordinary operating characteristics. Its capabilities were only hinted at in a rare piece of company literature. By 1978, Teal was out of money and work on the Magnipulsion Engine had stopped.

Luckily, these documents fell into the hands of Free Energy researcher Dr. Peter Lindemann in 1979. By 1983, a group of people in Santa Barbara, California, including Peter Lindemann and Michael Knox, were working on reviving Teal's ideas and developing their own advanced power plant called the Flux Motor. The Flux Motor produced extremely high torque and was able to recover over 80% of its input electricity. Unfortunately, this group also ran out of money before finishing their work. So, the secrets of these amazing electric motors lay quietly in a file box for 24 years.

In January of this year, Dr. Lindemann decided to produce a new DVD called Electric Motor Secrets, and base this new educational film on reviving Bob Teal' s Magnipulsion Engine principles and designs. I was working with Dr. Lindemann on another project when I learned of his plans. Remarkably, eight years ago, I was given a VHS tape by Free Energy researcher Dr. Lawrence Kennedy. It included an interview oaf man demonstrating an extraordinary engine back in the 1970's. That man was Bob Teal, and he was demonstrating one of the last models of the Magnipulsion Engine ever built! In this film, he shows a number of the extraordinary characteristics of this machine.

First, it ran on very low current by eliminating the counter EMF, and second, it recovered over 90% of its input electricity to either recharge its batteries or run light bulbs. The short film is a remarkable piece of history.

I have already viewed Dr. Lindemann's Electric Motor Secrets and I guarantee to you that he shows everything about how the Magnipulsion Engine worked and much, much more. So, here is the link to the Missing Bob Teal Interview and the links to learn how to build the electric motor of the future.

For more info click this link: Bob Teal | Magnipulsion

And along came EEStor!

AUSTIN, Texas - Millions of inventions pass quietly through the U.S. patent office each year. Patent No. 7,033,406 did, too, until energy insiders spotted six words in the filing that sounded like a death knell for the internal combustion engine.

"The Achilles' heel to the electric car industry has been energy storage. By all rights, this would make internal combustion engines unnecessary." Now if we are not intelligent enough to solve/overcome that problem, I have to believe the failure will not be that of intelligence or Physics; it will be sabotage, economic sabotage.

Impossible Engine Invented For Real

Can Ultra Capacitors by EEStor and ZENN Motors end the internal ...

Sep 4, 2007 ... The end of gasoline? Of batteries? ZENN Motors, EEStor and ultra capacitors just might be the end of the internal combustion engine.

"Depending on who you believe, they're at or beyond the limit of what is possible."

Those are the words of someone who cannot or is not willing to get out side of the box and think anew. With several lines of thought, research and experimentation available think of what is possible not what the problems may be. Problems are not things one surrenders to and quits. They are challenges to be overcome!

The point that needs to be made is that: It is time for the Internal Combustion Engine to go! There are ways to build an electric engine/motor, albeit problems to be overcome, but the advantages of moving with great vigor far outweigh the economic displacements and changes caused by the advent of the new technology. Gas stations will close, but is keeping them open in their present configuration worth the planetary impact, the economic impact and the killing fields of oil of the Mid East? My answer is NO!

We were not prepared for the demise of the Industrial Revolution and the birth of the Information Age and our defacto-status- relegation to a service economy, which we promptly out sourced overseas. Damn we are bright…not!

This time we can prepare. All we have to do is make the commitment to the new age, achieve the technology, and knowing it is coming online, plan and execute the transition.

Think of what American ownership of an electric engine/motor would mean to our economy. Don’t let yourself be hemmed in by thoughts of cars plugged into wall sockets in garages or to extension cords on the driveway. It won’t stop there. Money, greed, profit, entrepreneurship, genius will drive things beyond imagination. Cars, aircraft, ships of the sea, and inevitably vehicles of war will be driven by the new power plant of the world, and it can be ours. All we have to do is decide we are going to do it!

Money? We are now spending 12.3 billion dollars a month financing the fiascos of death and destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq, so don’t tell me won’t have the financial wherewithal to build a new engine age. We would never go to moon. We got there and back. Man would never fly, and it goes on and on.

There will be no shortage of naysayers; no shortage of antagonists cloaking their “protect my economic ass” motives in words and questions of skepticism, dismissal and dismissal as lunacy along the way. They can’t and won’t entertain new ideas and thinking outside of the box, outside of their cash boxes.

There is a problem; the technology has been at hand for time; we have the brain power; there is money to made, and if we decide to act on this and simply “do it” we have the benefit of planning and preparing for the changes that will be caused/demanded.

Damn, even the MADMEN who want to control the world should be willing to BUY into this!

All the answers are here, but sure as death all the signposts are!

Think about it!

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