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Monday, November 26, 2007


Subject: IMPEACHMENT -- A reminder.

From: "Herb Hoffman" < >

Dear Organizers and Supporters of Impeachment,

A reminder that two events will be live broadcast on this week!

1. Monday, November 26 at 7 PM a live broadcast of an Impeachment Teach In from Dartmouth College. This event is co-sponsored by the Northeast Impeachment Coalition and the Nation Magazine. John Nichols of the Nation and Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich will headline this event.

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Dartmouth Impeachment Teach-In. Monday, 11/26/07, at 7pm EST, Go To for live video stream.

Posted by Bob Feuer at 11/21/2007 1:53 PM and is filed under Upcoming Events

For Immediate ReleaseMonday, November 26th, 2007, at 7pm EST, Go To for live video stream.John Nichols, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and Panel Bring Impeachment to Dartmouth College CampusAmherst, NH - Author John Nichols along with Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich and a distinguished panel from the Northeast Impeachment Coalition (NEIC) will present an Impeachment Teach-In Monday, November 26, 6pm at Filene Auditorium in Moore Hall, which is on the campus of Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.

This educational forum will give a historical perspective, inform the public about impeachment myths and misinformation, and the process and procedure of what an impeachment investigation involves.Congressman Kucinich will sign his newly released book, The Courage to Survive at 5 pm in the Hanover bookshop, Dartmouth Bookstore. Doors open at Filene Auditorium at 6 pm with an array of books offered for sale by Dartmouth Bookstore. There will be tabling in the Lobby.

Journalist and author John Nichols is a Washington correspondent for The Nation magazine and the associate editor of The Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin. He is the author of, The Genius of Impeachment: The Founders' Cure for Royalism, which explores the constitutional limits of the executive branch, the powers of Congress, vis impeachment.

At 7 pm a panel discussion will begin with John Nichols, Congressman Kucinich, and other guests from around the New England states who have had experiences with the impeachment issue. A question & answer period follows the panel discussion.

Noted New England guests who will round out the program are: NH Representative, Betty Hall, Brookline, NH who will be introducing an impeachment resolution to the NH Legislature this winter; John Kaminski, Chairman of Maine Lawyers for Democracy; Dan DeWalt, Selectman from Newfane,Vermont, impeachment activist & co-founder of NEIC; Adrienne Kinne, Army veteran, military intelligence officer and Veteran Against the War; and Tim Carpenter, co-founder and director of Progressive Democrats of America.

This event is being co-sponsored by The Nation magazine, Northeast Impeachment Coalition (NEIC), Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), Women Making a Difference (WMD), Democracy for New Hampshire (DFNH) and NH Code Pink.One unalterable fact of the Bush administration is the attempt to establish “unitary executive” powers. Opinions on both sides of the aisle have made references to a constitutional crisis. In response, a growing number of prominent Americans and organizations have been organizing impeachment educational events throughout the country.

Formed in July '07, NEIC expanded from a coalition of New England impeachment organizations into a network connecting groups across the country. Nationwide impeachment actions and seminars are slated to happen in November and December. The teach-in at Dartmouth follows on the heels of a WCAX television poll that showed Vermonters favoring impeachment of both Bush and Cheney by a two to one margin. On November 3-4, 2007, The National Lawyers Guild voted unanimously on a resolution to impeach President Bush and Vice-President Cheney at their National Convention in Washington, DC.

On the US House floor, November 6, 2007, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich successfully brought H-Resolution 333, which calls for an investigative impeachment of Vice-President, Dick Cheney, to begin. It was voted into the House Judiciary Committee for further action.Starting at 7pm EDT, this event will be live streamed at
This event is free and open to the public, and is handicapped accessible. Participants are encouraged to arrive early for seating at this event.

Donations are welcomed to help defray expenses. To donate please contact the web site of NEIC

For more information call Nancy White at 603-672-8270

2. Wednesday, November 28 at 7 PM a live broadcast of a Town Hall Meeting in Manchester, NH. The theme is Defending the Constitution. Rep. Dennis J.Kucinich will be conducting the meeting.

These are events which will be of interest to all citizens regardless of Party affiliation or political commitment.

Please distribute this information widely -- the people are beginning to wake up to the dangers of a crippled Constitution and we all must help to educate the public.


Herb Hoffman
Director, Constitution Convention Initiative
Kucinich for President, 2008


In that the federal government is the highest form of organized crime. With this Administration, I don't think "organized" is the operative word.

I believe the rapid, no debate passage of H. Res. 1955, happened because the House knows how deep they are in bed with Bush&Co.; and therefore the culpability for the heinous acts laid out in Prof. Frank Boyle's piece of November 20, spread like oil flowing from the Valdez, out of the ruptured White House, and through at least 404 out of 435 U.S. Reps.

Soon we may get the count on the Senators who may not be able to get clean in time. Further, it is a signal of how well aware they are of the rapid growth of public sentiments for impeachment, they spell it I-M-P-E-N-D-I-N-G D-O-O-M.

In this black and greasy slime sits Congress soaked up to their very waistcoats in indelible culpability.

Here's how they all voted, all except those who were either absent orcas no vote, GovTrack: H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 (Vote On passage)
< >.

If this were not a bill to study "thought crime", the Senate would add an ex post facto clause, and pass their comparable bill as an outside amendment without even a voice vote. Assuring we would never get to see who was for, and who was against. Thus leaving no Senate finger-prints on one of the most unconstitutional laws passed since the vagrancy laws of the nineteen-thirties.

Every one of which was later struck down on the constitutional issue of “void for vagueness".

This is only scratching the surface of the denigration of civil rights of free speech, not to mention free thought, right to travel, right to peaceably assemble, right to be secure in our homes, right to be noticed of the crimes with which we are being charged, right to legal counsel at every stage of the proceedings, commencing with arrest, right to be released on our own recognizance, right against unreasonable searches and seizures, right to remain silent, protections from cruel and abusive treatment, right to challenge our detentions, our own rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness all disappear with this authorization of disappearances.

At 10am, 14 November 2007, the President said, “I particularly want to thank the Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts, who is here to swear-in the General.". That is what I call "buttering up" the judge who will sit his impeachment trial in the Senate. The "General", being Judge Mukasey, the jurist who distinguished himself in the practice of unconstitutional law at Joseph Pedilla's so called arraignment.

The Senate having confirmed "the General", can now closes the corral door on us; and so will they pass the Senate version of H. Res. 1955. Another clear signal of just where this nation is headed.

We have come right up against, "Give me liberty, or give me death."Our “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all", has been brutally divided into many seemingly irreconcilable quarters. The rest has been incisively discarded.

We have basically sat here and watched it all happen, piece by piece, slice by slice.

"Together we stand, or divided we fall." Another tragic relic from the annals of American history, now gone forever. Dismissed by the guiding sound bites casting slick over our nation's morality.

Interjecting morally divisive issues into a heterogeneous society, drawn this way and that by repetitive images of vastly destructive forces, by continuous elevated terrorist alerts, and exposed daily to headlines of bombings, multiple deaths, and disfigurements to our own soldiers, and manifold to the citizens of Iraq.

Made numb to the human feelings of compassion for the millions displaced from their homes, numb and disbelieving to the consequences facing our nation, barely grumbling over the tripling of gas prices; if this child was spoiled by the sparing of the rod, grim will be his receipt of the knowledge as it is brought to bear.

All the while hidden in the cloak of the President of the United States of America. For shame. We never got our hands on him before it has come this far. How difficult, if not impossible, for the People of this great country to come to grips with the hard reality, that the men in the White House never, in all of these six-plus years acted in the best interest of the People, the land, the air, and the waters of this our only home.

Rather they have plundered our treasury for weapons and for support of hostile foreign occupations. Squandering our economic wellbeing along with our moral standing in the world. We were once the richest in resources, now to become one of the poorest. A plum picked solely for the robber-barons.

It will be a tight race to beat the Senate's closing of the corral gates, and the calling out of the guards. Can we stampede those gates, and force them open for once and for all. The odds are meager for us, with only six U.S. Reps. having voted against, and 404 voting for H.Res.1955. From those six we would still need the Chairman, John Conyers, Jr., to put H. Res 333 on the judiciary committee's table. John Conyers was noticeably absent on 14 November, during the hurried up vote. Plus we need a majority of the Committee on the Judiciary to pass on articles of impeachment, thereby sending them up onto the floor.

So this all remains an organic process. The next step being before the House Committee on the Judiciary. Our postponed trip to DC seems to be getting back together for this coming week. We have been making appointments with Chiefs of Staff, as the Reps. will be in their districts. It would be wonderful if we could direct the mass of energy that wrote to Pelosi toward a letter writing and phone calling to every member of the House Committee on the Judiciary.

URGENT: Contact the U.S.House Judiciary Committee and Ask for Impeachment of Cheney and Bush

Bob Feuer.

Is Impeachment still off the table?
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The democratic leaders keep saying that impeachment is off the table but this could change things. Plus, how will republicans respond during an election year. They won't want to come off as soft on political corruption. ...

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The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. - Article II, Section 4 ...


MAGICK RIVER - / How To Do Impeachment Right

By Jason Steck

Even while the clock is running out on the Bush administration anyway, talk of impeachment of the President and Vice-President just won't die out. Desperate to obtain the ultimate vindication of 7 years of obsessive hatred, ...

The Van Der Galiën Gazette - The impeachment circus never takes a holiday

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1noose1.jpg Democrat leaders might have thought they put the impeachment circus to rest on November 6. [...] Read the rest » - Kucinich: By saying no impeachment Dems license further abuses


The idea of Democratic leaders saying that impeachment is off the table is not where the American people are... The minute that Congress, the House of Representatives, says under no circumstances will there be an impeachment, ...


How To Do Impeachment Right

November 25, 2007 by Jason Steck

Even while the clock is running out on the Bush administration anyway, talk of impeachment of the President and Vice-President just won’t die out. Desperate to obtain the ultimate vindication of 7 years of obsessive hatred, exaggerated charges, and worst-case interpretations, the avatars of what has come to be called “Bush Derangement Syndrome” are pressing demands for full trials and convictions, and damn the consequences.

The loss of time and agenda space in the Congress to clear the massive backlog of budget appropriations and to deal with continuing issues from Iraq to Afghanistan to a collapsing housing market to a collapsing dollar are seen as worth it, or at least inevitable enough to justify the indulgence of impeachment.

The problem that never gets talked about, however, is the historical precedent that this particular impeachment of both the President and Vice-President by a partisan Congress would leave. If such a simultaneous impeachment were to elevate Speaker Pelosi to the Presidency, it would effectively destroy the independence of the presidency by making the outcome of presidential elections changeable after any differing outcome during a midterm election.

As many opponents of the Bush administration have already demonstrated (like many opponents of the Clinton administration before them), there are no differences in policy preferences that cannot be exaggerated and reinterpreted as grave Constitutional violations tantamount to “high crimes and misdemeanors” worthy of impeachment.

Once exaggeration and hyperbolic reinterpretation lead to charges, merely partisan motives can be dressed up as high-minded Constitutional principles, and the goal of partisan realignment without all that trouble of actually waiting for the next presidential election season would be within grasp.

The result would be perpetually dueling partisan impeachments, as each party could seek to turn legislative gains during a midterm election into the basis for impeachment. Since most midterm elections result in losses for the party that holds the White House, there is no reason to believe the moves against Bush and Cheney could not be modeled the next time 1994 reprises itself and the partisan tables in the Congress are reversed again.

Maybe the sorry state of the current Republican party would give us a decade or so reprieve, but it is all but certain that merely partisan impeachment attempts would arise much, much more frequently in the future and would be used more for mere policy differences than for actual criminal behavior.

If those targeting President Bush and Vice-President Cheney want to rise above such a blatantly partisan precedent, however, there is a way. The move to impeach Cheney first is generally seen among many of its left-leaning supporters as a partisan opportunity to throw out the legacy of the hated 2000 and 2004 elections.

They don’t want a Bush impeachment to result in a Cheney presidency, no matter how brief, and impeaching Cheney first allows them to reverse the partisan outcome of 2000 and 2004 by plugging the 2006 outcome in its place. This essentially uses the tool of impeachment (intended only for use as a non-partisan tool against criminality) to convert the U.S. to a de facto parliamentary system where (more frequent) legislative elections can trump presidential elections.

But it they wanted to prove their sincerity against charges of using impeachment as a mere tool of partisan opportunism leading towards President Pelosi, they could explicitly close that window by commitment to an intervening step of approving a new, Republican Vice-President before moving on to impeachment inquiries against the President.

This intervening step would allow for a full airing of their charges against the Bush/Cheney team without leaving the highly risky and institutionally disruptive precedent of having impeachment lead to a change in partisan control over the White House. Yes, it would prevent the rise of a President Pelosi, but that is hardly a prospect to look forward to anyway.

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