Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: The Open Letter To Speaker Pelosi

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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Open Letter To Speaker Pelosi

Madam Speaker,

In November of 2006, when it became clear that you would become the first woman in our history to become Speaker of the House; I rejoiced, not only in our victory of party, but in the history that was about to embrace you. The opportunity for greatness and eventual enshrinement on a list of revered Americans who have held the Speaker’s Gavel and who well served this nation: Henry Clay, Thomas Brackett Reed, Joseph Gurney Cannon, Nicholas Longworth, Sam Rayburn, Carl Albert and Thomas Tip O’Neill awaited you.

When the
110th Congress convened on January 4, 2007, you became the first female Speaker in this nation’s history with a watchful nation hopeful for your success. Our hopes were quickly dashed. The people had spoken at the ballot box. Our message was clear; there had to be change. The War in Iraq had to be brought to a close; the senseless bloodshed of American lives had to end in that which was born of lies, sanctioned by Congressional incompetence and impotence and continued by Congressional capitulation and collaboration. The administration’s arrogant disregard, repudiation of our Constitution and the most fundamental laws of this land had to end and they had to be held accountable.

During the preceding two years, Democrats had shown remarkable unity, albeit not effective, battling the Bush administration and Republican leadership in Congress.

But since we Democrats won control of the House and Senate in November of 2006 that unity has been squandered to the extent that our party has become a pitiful laughing stock. You have been a principal party in attempting to console our party membership in the constant spin of: “wait until 2008” at the expense of doing the nation’s business and honoring your oath of office.

In the meantime, our men and women continue to die in Iraq while our party pays lip service to peace, full funds the “Bush Fiasco” while using the issue and our soldier’s blood as fodder of political complaint and posturing.

That is despicable. One must pose two questions: (1) How many pints of American Blood does a barrel of Iraq crude cost, and (2) How many soldiers must die so we can buy The White House Back in 2008 by pointing at their grave markers and blaming the Bush administration when we, you, could put an end to this tragedy?

I agree that things are so abhorrent that no rational person would expect anything but our party taking possession of The White House in 2008. That is not the question; that should not be the all consuming goal at the expense of justice, accountability and righting the wrongs of this administration.

What you fail to realize in your “Beltway Blindness” and horribly flawed, misguided political judgment is the festering voter rage that is eroding the support of our party and its candidates. We are well on the way to snatching defeat from victory in the 2008 elections.

The media hypes the candidates on a daily basis and does its best to whittle the pack down to their chosen few by marginalizing the others. The hype the weekly money flow like Football scores on Saturday and Sunday TV. What no one wants to admit to is the fact that we have the best candidates that money can buy, and they are being bought, but not by the vast majority of Americans who feel this entire campaign cycle is ludicrous.

They will wait it out, and as is typical; the voters will make up their minds in the last two weeks as to just how they will exercise their voter rage. If you continue the way you are going no vastly improved 50 state strategy will be of any value; it will have been squandered because you are not listening to the voters; they are not listening to you as they are tired of your verbal lint.

I should not be surprised that things have taken this turn, but it is so hard to fathom and accept how one labeled as a San Francisco liberal, a person whose once was one of the most shrill in attacking Bush policies has now become a mumbling accomplice.

I fear Madam Speaker that as surely as George Bush will enter the pages of history as this nation’s worst President; you are rapidly descending into the deepest moral nadir ever to cloak a Speaker of the House. I don’t know if you can salvage yourself from that dark corner of history, but you have one last chance, and that is to take your handcuffs off the impeachment issue and allow full investigations to begin within the Judiciary Committee.

Please don’t bother with the arguments you have been mouthing for months. They are utter sophomoric nonsense. Madam Speaker, the historic parallel I see surrounding you is of the nature of the one that has written Chief Justice Taney in history in a place of lasting criticism and ridicule. The Dred Scott decision has forever sullied his name. All other facts and accomplishments of his life simple vanish into the moral nadir that has written him down in history in a place of special derision and contempt.

Taney was indeed a great magistrate, and a man of singular purity of life and character. That there should have been one mistake in a judicial career so long, so exalted, and so useful is only proof of the imperfection of our nature.

The reputation of Chief Justice Taney can afford to have anything known that he ever did and still leave a great fund of honor and praise to illustrate his name. If he had never done anything else that was high, heroic, and important, his noble vindication of the writ of habeas corpus, and of the dignity and authority of his office, against a rash minister of state, who, in the pride of a fancied executive power, came near to the commission of a great crime, will command the admiration and gratitude of every lover of constitutional liberty, so long as our institutions shall endure.

The problem is that so few will ever look beyond the “Taney Taint” for the full truth. I fear that all you have done or accomplished is about to painted over forever by the great historical paint brush of “The Great Failure”!

We who are as dedicated any supporter of this nation’s Constitution, freedoms and liberties will no longer tolerate a congress that reflects a total indifference to their oath of office ignores the will of the people and is as guilty of the rape of our Constitutional system as the Bush Administration.

My hope for this nation and your place in history sank so quickly as to be depressing of spirit. Your mantle of “potential greatness” sank into the mud of the pig pen politics of “Election 2008” propaganda.

You were slapped down on your choice of Murtha, turned on Harman, swept Impeachment off the table, looked liked “The Queen Bee” in your quest for a special airline service, launched a 100 day program of minimalism avoiding hot-button issues such as tax cuts, gay rights, and abortion for popular issues such as a higher minimum wage, more affordable student loans, and congressional ethics reform, hypocritically tempered hopes of reversing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy on the service of gays and lesbians in the military, worked quickly and vigorously in private and public to rein in the liberal ambitions of some senior party heavyweights.

Having initially, voted against the war in Iraq, you continue your new Pelosi-defined wrong- headed centrist doctrine by voting in favor of appropriation bills to pay for it.

From a California Press source: “I feel a bit sorry for liberals when it comes to Nancy Pelosi. I think among leading Democrats of the last decade or so, she inspires the least respect from her ideological enemies, and deservedly so. She seems to represent everything caricaturesque about liberal women in politics and highlights all of the traits the Democrats have been trying to downplay. She's very liberal, very emotional, and culturally very distant. She comes across like one of the angrier board members of Planned Parenthood. I'm no fan of Hillary, but Hillary looks nigh-upon Churchillian compared to Pelosi. "

Madame Speaker; what is wrong?

You have abandoned everything we have been led to believe you stand for.

We’re we wrong? Has it all been a charade? I hope not.

I hope you can find your way back to reality before you go down in history in utter contemptible disgrace and take our party down in yet another defeat born of incompetence and acceptance of totally fallacious political assumptions that not even Howard Dean’s efforts can overcome.

Our President and Vice President are clearly guilty of Impeachable offenses as well as War Crimes against humanity. To even attempt to argue otherwise, is a sign of your decision to collaborate in those acts and surrender every principle of right, wrong, legality and decency to a vision of our party’s political future that is in total error.

It is not too late. Madam Speaker stand out of the way and permit the House Committee on Judiciary to act as it is Constitutionally obligated to.

I am not proud to be a Democrat at this moment and am filled with a mixture of rage and sorrow where you are concerned. Do your duty!

Should you stop Kucinich’s resolution in committee, you will fail your own oath of office: "To defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic." With such precedent, you will allow this current administration - and any future White House - to commit additional high crimes and misdemeanors without consequence.

The remedy to the abuses of the Bush administration is in the Constitution. The Congress has the power to impeach the Vice President, and the President - Use It! Failure to act is irresponsible and unacceptable.

The American people will be left with few peaceful actions to pursue justice in this land and peace abroad as were in the Vietnam Era. Do we have to return to those days before you are willing to do that which is simply right and just, because we will not stop and we will not be denied justice?

Every member of the House must stand for reelection in 2008 and I will personally place this issue above any loyalty of party. I will support all who support the process of at least initiating the necessary investigations and will oppose all who do not.

I extend my hand of support here and now to those members of the House who have already demonstrated their personal integrity in their support of H. Res 333 and encourage them to continue their advocacy of justice.

This is my oath and I will be faithful to it.

Name: Ed. Dickau
Signed: Ed. Dickau
City/State/Zip: Alexandria, VA 22314

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