Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: An Open Letter To John Conyers

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

An Open Letter To John Conyers



Subject: I understand you want to know who the Democrats are who are not going to vote that way in 2008 over Impeachment.

Dear Mr. Conyers

I will be happy to so and provide you with the documentation of what is going on and will continue as an ongoing action and campaign.

Every Committee member is going to here from us, and every letter sent will be sent to local organizations and media outlets as “Open Letters TO”. I will not be supporting any candidates but Mr. Kucinich and our own Mark Warner. All other s I will provide free consultant services to any American wishing to oppose a member of our party who will not stand up for Investigation and Impeachment proceedings.

My party of 49 years is not as important as this issue and the integrity of those seeking election in its name. My blog reaches on average 3 million Americans a day and communications such as this one are always posted after transmission to the party in question. So it will be with this letter.


Please check (click below) for an “Open Letter To” Mr. Hoyer.

As a further indicator of our level of seriousness please click below for an ongoing Impeachment Petition drive being conducted in Virginia.









I have read through over 1,000 pieces of material, emails and the like from all sorts of advocacy and meet up groups concerning the House actions on the Dennis Kucinich H. Res. 333 actions. My eyes are sore; I am disgusted; I am pissed!

Let me make this very simple. It was a sloppy and embarrassing exercise for the Democrats. If I were the paid hired gun campaign director on this one right now; I would be telling the campaign team the following:

Stop floundering around and focus.

The issue now resides in the House Judiciary Committee, a smaller group than anyone has been attempted to persuade and deal with up to this point.

Every one of those members is up for reelection in November of 2008. That they understand; that is their vulnerability.

Despite all “conventional wisdom” and punditry that says the strategy is allow the matter to die in committee; that is where we must attack… (The we being: all the advocates of Impeachment and supporters of Dennis Kucinich).

The attack must come by phone, by email, by snail mail, in the local press letters to the editor and, last but not least, getting beyond on ourselves in cyber space and reaching locally, face-to-face, by phone, by whatever means, voters, who will as constituents of the Committee members, deliver the message that they must get on board or they will be actively opposed for reelection in every way possible.

The message should be candid, blunt, oblique and non apologetic. This is no time for “political correctness”. These people are our employees and they need to be told to do “our business” or we will put them out of business.

I don’t care if you have a favorite candidate for the Presidency in 2008. If he or she is not on board drop out of active support until such time as he or she gets the message and wakes up; failure to do so make you an enabler of his or her excuses and inaction.

This campaign cycle has a long run yet and bringing this administration is more important than spending time. Money and energy on “business-as-usual” candidates. They need a conversion!

Don’t worry about all the “permutations of the possible”; they are legion in procedure yet. This matter is not dead letter filed in the Judiciary Committee unless we allow it to be by our ineptness, indecisiveness and dilution of energies and focus.

Those Committee members are our targets by necessity. Take the fight to them. We have a manageable arena in which to wage this fight now and it would be a damned shame to screw up and have to start all over again.

I have read so many wrong assumption statement presented as fact today that I am ready to vomit. If you don’t understand the procedural process and Parliamentary Rules that govern this situation; stop pontificating and speculating and get busy on those Committee members.

They must be pressured to even hold the hearings so don’t worry about when they will be; we have to make them be held to begin with.

Communicate positively with known supporters within the committee; everyone else is an enemy until they prove differently. This is advocacy; the advocacy of “We The People”.

I still maintain my right to advocate “The People In The Streets” if action is not forth coming!

Simply insane!" - MARK TWAIN-

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