Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: Blackwater...One Victory...Congratulations Potrero!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blackwater...One Victory...Congratulations Potrero!

Blackwater Blocked: Small Town Keeps Mercenaries Out Of California

Blackwater Gets Their ASS Kicked

Maybe you have not heard about blackwater, america's largest mercenary army,and recipient of huge allocated taxpayer dollars.

There are more blackwater troops in iraq than american military,and they make FOUR times what an enlisted soldier makes.

Yeah,that makes for a happy military.../snark.

These are the same guys that murdered 11 innocent iraqis,and the state dept gave them immunity.

Wow...hows that public relations thing going in fallujah condi? government is run by idiots.


Blackwater tried to steam roll its way into a small town to build a multi-million dollar training facility(on the taxpayers dime), and got their ass handed to them by a town of 500.. sweet!

Just In Case You Need A Review On Blackwater And Their History (Below)

Scahill at Alternet

Tracking Blackwater in Potrero

Poterero (v) Blackwater USA

Blackwater In Potrero…No Way!

After a long battle to block the building of Blackwater's mercenary training base, the people of Potrero (population: 899) are rejoicing. Blackwater is gone, gone from this pristine area of East San Diego County. Gone from California.

This is a modern-day story of David vs. Goliath -- a grassroots victory of monumental proportions. And Jan Hedlun is one of many amazing "accidental activists" who made this victory possible -- the community members of Potrero who never expected to devote over a year of their lives to battling Blackwater.

Jan has written a heartfelt letter of thanks to Courage Campaign members, posted below. Please read Jan's letter, watch the short YouTube video about Carl Meyer -- one of her fellow community leaders battling Blackwater -- and write a note of congratulations to the people of Potrero.

Blackwater Potrero Recall an Unbelievable


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