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Monday, March 17, 2008

Counter Attack FOX "News"...

This From FOX…The people who are not a legitimate news organization, but mouthpieces for Fascism Like old Nazi or Communist state-controlled media. They would have fit right in!

No surprise that FOX has been at it again: smearing, distorting, attacking Obama. What is infuriating and requires IMMEDIATE ACTION is that so many in the media have been catching the FOX virus and spreading it. By way of a cure, we bring you the next installment in our highly successful FOX Attacks! series. Together, we have battled them effectively, halted their fake debates, and put pressure on Bill O'Reilly for on his attacks on homeless vets. And so far, over 6 million people have seen our FOX Attacks!

A special thanks to all of you who contributed to the tickers for this film! Your contributions made this video possible. You turned this into a collaborative filmmaking process, declaring our collective outrage over FOX's propaganda. If you didn't get the chance to contribute this time around, you can put your message to Murdoch in the next FOX Attacks! film for a contribution of $199. Space is very limited though, we can only include 25 messages.

Of course, Obama isn't the only Democratic nominee that FOX and their ilk have gone after in this Presidential race. Chris Matthews, once a Roger Ailes hire, has been demonizing Hillary Clinton every chance he gets. Our friends at Media Matters have more on how Matthews is modeling himself after Bill O'Reilly. With your support we can and will continue the fight.

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