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Monday, March 31, 2008

Changes at The Court Of Impeachment and War Crimes Blog Site

Changes at The Court Of Impeachment and War Crimes Blog Site

Numerous changes have taken place at “The Court of Impeachment and War Crimes” Blog and its associated (blog rooms). My primary blog has been purged of huge number of side bar “Widget Feeds” which were creating loading problems for many readers.

As I had intended them to be work feeds for my posting work and was enamored of how well the system was working for me; I over looked the heavy load that it would place of computers that are not as heavily loaded as my own. I apologize for that “over enthusiastic” over site on my part.

The site has been returned to “normal” and additional reconstructive house cleaning measures have been taken place. The Widgets now reside in a separate work room: from which I can work easily moving back and forth. I recommend the library room to anyone who has a computer that will permit it to load in 30 seconds or less (it takes 12.5 seconds on this machine).

There are a huge number of feeds that must “pour in” and they can overwhelm machines that have a few years on them. I assure you that the machine that preceded this one, now in the bone yard, would never have permitted me to build this Web 2.0 oriented room, let alone use it.

My laptop was a good indicator of the problem, but with additional memory installed yesterday; it to is now dealing with the Widget library comfortably (meaning it can handle it), but I would not like to have to work from it for very long on that machine, bouncing back and forth.

Four blog room sites have been tied together for everyone’s convenience with appropriate connecting links at the top of each page: , my primary (Home Page), , where most new Impeachment oriented-only materials will be posted, while the home page may see such from time to time it will be given over to a more eclectic mix of political issues: legal and campaign, , the Widget library that requires only one additional comment related to the vast amount of information that can be viewed, tracked, and extracted with real easy and speed,and as always the , campaign page and tool kit is available from any page.

The library room is still under construction as I write this, in that there are matters of cosmetics to be yet completed and it will grow with time.

As a matter of “for your information” The Widget Library” will be translated into an (url) formatted post somewhere in a few days. I am creating that page for anyone’s use as they see fit and a safe guard to access should I experience “server feed failure or down time”. I have experienced this once at an indecent time in the wee hours of morning when it can be the most irritating for me personally!

The home page retains more than enough links satisfy most people’s search or interest needs. Some have, however, vanished into the twilight zone of Widget Land.

I hope a number of readers will be able to access the library with ease and find the new Web 2.0 style offerings of interest and use, after all that is what a library of any form is designed for…research, productivity and enjoyment.

Again, let me apologize for own enthusiasm and any frustrations you may have experienced, and believe me; I heard from enough of you!

PS…if you want something added to the library let me know by leaving your comments and suggestions here and I will try my best to work it up. If a site is purely a Web HTML page it cannot be converted; it must have a feed built in like an “rss or atom” feed to be converted. You can examine any all widgets I have developed at this link, and you can grab, modify the color and/or graphic, install in whatever format you need from this link.

Also you will notice that I have a Coffee House Blog under development for pure pleasure and Coffee Hounds like myself…If I can only find the time. Impeach Bush and Cheney and I would have a helluva lot more time!

Thank you for your indulgence and input. Ed.

I have a lot to catch up with over 60 pieces of material and notes sitting in a desktop folder. So long for now.

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