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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Impeach Bush and Cheney: Bush The Terrorist


"No Man Can Terrorize A Whole Nation Unless We Are His Accomplices"
-Edward R. Murrow

In this country when one utters the words Bush and Terrorist, people within earshot perk up in not well hidden eavesdropping in fearful anticipation of some tragedy that they haven’t picked up on during the course of the day.

But when it becomes obvious that the conversation concerns the condemnation of Bush as a “Terrorist” interest turns to scowling looks of disgust, and head shaking, the type of eyes down cast head shaking that accompanies thoughts and expressions of pity, rejection and disassociation from the obvious utterances of one who is a member of the mentally deranged “Paranoid, Conspiracy Theory Lunatic Fringe ”, folks best left alone as they are “beyond help”.

That would be the typical and expected response, for the most part, on the streets of America, whereas in many European nations such a conversation would be enjoined by nearby citizenry in a spirited, even animated discussion of condemnation of: “Bush the Terrorist”.

We just don’t want to hear it; we can’t even begin to intellectually explore the concept. It is all so alien to the average American mind as to elicit the auto response of disconnect and rejection.

Things are, however, not the simple or black and white.

Now don’t run away. I have not jumped into some Loony Bin, driven there by too many hours at this key board.

I’ll let the conspiracy folks speak for themselves but there are some areas of competency versus incompetence within our government that should be spoken to as a matter of ferreting out the truth, and some post 9/11 conduct and developments that need to be examined with an objective eye.

Almost unnoticed the tectonic plates of world politics and world security began a slippage that was to release their accumulation of pent up stress laden energy in the earthquake that began on Thursday, May 16, 2001.

FACT: The Bush administration had been warned by the CIA months before September 11th of Al Qaida terrorists and plans to hijack airplanes. Nothing of substance was done to address the threat - "The proper agencies were warned," we were told, but no representative of any pertinent agency has since stepped forward to acknowledge receipt of any warnings.

In fact, the spokesman for Massport, the Massachusetts state agency responsible for security at Logan airport, stated bluntly in the pages of the Boston Globe that his agency never heard from the Federal government regarding any hijacking threat. The two aircraft that destroyed the World Trade Center towers and killed thousands of Americans went wheels-up at Logan.

But as investigations began the news was sprayed across the headlines of virtually every newspaper on the planet: Bush Knew.

The implications were deadly for the Bush White House. Information had been given that indicated terrorist attacks were imminent, but little if anything was done to prevent them. Nothing since that revelation of fact has made the suspicion engendered, or charges of incompetence or worse, go away.

That Albatross still hangs around the collective neck of the administration. And I’m sorry to say that a “truthful admission” of: “We were incompetent.” Or “We didn’t think it was that serious.” would not improve anything at this point.

People would simply be asking: “Why are they coming clean now; what are they up to this time?”

FACT: Concern for the profit margins of the airline industry, which would have been crippled had a serious terrorist warning been disbursed in high summer, were first offered as a good reason why no true measures were taken to prevent the hijackings. Doesn’t that just impress the hell out of you?

Later, spokesmen like Ari Fleischer and Dick Cheney, (The Credibility Twins), came forward to claim that the warnings were "vague" and "non-specific" and therefore not worthy of notice.

We were told that the hijack warnings pertained to "traditional hijacking" scenarios, as if that forgave the lapse in security.

This administration has had a wondrous record in reinventing, redefining so much of the content of Webster’s Unabridged, that the verbal spin rivals the best of gyroscopes. Lord knows the President has enough trouble with the King’s English without spin nauances, but then again he only has to read the read the stuff, not understand it. Sock puppets are not required to really understand what is going on.

FACT: The weekend political talk shows became a showcase for spin, and the word went out for all to hear - the Bush administration is blameless, and anyone who says otherwise is a traitor.

The truly interesting part came on the first Monday after the first feeding of “Treason Breakfast food”.

FACT: All of a sudden, the world was coming to an end. FBI Director Mueller claimed there was no chance that another terrorist attack could be stopped.

Dick Cheney stuck out his jaw and stated bluntly that another terrorist attack was inevitable.

Don Rumsfeld said terrorists would definitely get their hands on nuclear or biological weapons, and then use them to terrible effect.

The newswires vibrated with images of suicide bombers on New York subways, and a warning went out to apartment building landlords - watch for suspicious characters, because the next WTC-type catastrophe could be yours.

The Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge were draped with bulls eyes by the administration, though no one spoke of means to prevent these horrors. We were doomed. Doom Day and Armageddon are coming to America, and there was nothing we could do, or was there?

The effect of these warnings was dynamic. People from coast to coast felt the clutch of fear in their guts as images of smallpox and mushroom clouds flickered behind their eyelids. New York City, battered and bruised, clenched its collective fist in a spasm of dread.

It must be real, these threats, because the President and his people say so. Let there be terror and meekness in equal measure on the streets of the greatest city on earth.

And yet by Wednesday of “First Fear Week”, an extraordinary series of “whispered revelations” are made.

FACT: An article in the May 21st edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail reported that, "the White House quietly acknowledged that the threats are not urgent and that they are partly motivated by political objectives" and that "the blunt warnings issued yesterday and Sunday do not reflect a dramatic increase in threatening information but rather a desire to fend off criticism from the Democrats."

It seems that everyone can calm down. Whew; didn’t you feel better?

Horrific terrorist attacks are not, in fact, imminent. Everything is well in hand.

The Bush administration is merely using the fear and horror that another September 11th-type attack may happen again as a means to deflect legitimate criticism from the Democratic Party.

Nothing to see here; go about your business, this is after all just politics.

FACT: It was bad enough that Bush had made his crass 'trifecta' joke eight different times. You know this one: Someone reported that Bush promised not to raid social Security or dive into deficit spending unless the nation was faced with war, recession or national emergency.

FACT: After 9/11, Bush was heard to crack on eight separate occasions, "Lucky me, I hit the trifecta." Let it be noted that the country is running a $66.5 billion deficit seven months into the budget year, and the 9/11 death toll between America and Afghanistan stands above 5,000 souls. That is one hell of a trifecta, and no laughing matter.

It was bad enough that Bush and his people were selling photographs of his phone calls during the 9/11 attacks to raise political funds.

Al Gore called the practice "disgraceful;" the word is not strong enough.

The English language is deficient in words required to describe those who seek to profit from a day of such blood and horror.

With leaders like Daschle and Gephardt calling for a public investigation into the obvious intelligence failures behind 9/11, there were well-known members of the Bush administration going on national television to terrify the American people so as to avoid any questions. Daschle I understood, but Gephardt gone puppet; we were going down the slippery slope of BuShit rapidly.

It wasn't enough for Condoleeza Rice to go on CNN's 'Late Edition' to state that the administration was against a public investigation into 9/11, as she did on May 19th.

The American people needed to feel the wrath of pure terror from this administration, to ensure that it would get what it wanted - a continued veil of secrecy and the surety that prickly questions would go unasked, or if asked, attacked as treason, treason with real feeling behind the word, like arrest and put these people of trial, even the editors of The New York Times.

Why the veil of secrecy?

Perhaps it is as simple as the story told by respected British journalist Gordon Thomas, who has reported that Israel warned the American government on five separate occasions of terrorist plots to attack prominent targets.

FACT: As late as August 24, 2001, the Israeli security agency Mossad informed the CIA that "terrorists plan to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture."

There are those who believe the absolute worst - that Bush and his cronies knew of the 9/11 attacks in advance, and allowed them to happen so they could advance nefarious personal and political goals.

For the time being, such accusations cannot be proven and are generally held as essentially irresponsible.

The truth in hand, however, is worse than the darkest conspiracy theory.

FACT: The Bush administration had specific information in hand from the CIA pointing to an airplane-based attack on American targets.

They did not warn agencies responsible for security at American airports, nor did they beef up airline security by fiat.

FACT: The FBI had specific warnings of terrorist attacks in hand earlier in the summer of 2001, but a failure in the chain of command caused these warnings to go unheeded.

FACT: The same administration that had the 9/11 attacks happen on its watch has fought tooth and nail to keep any investigation into the security failures that led to the attack from happening.

Basically, those security failures are still there, intact, deadly to us all.

The warnings of impending catastrophe from the likes of Cheney, and lesser officials may prove to be a self-fulfilling prophesy because this administration refuses to take responsible action to address them.

In fact, the Bush administration has proven itself more than willing to go to wretched extremes to keep any investigation from gaining steam, by frightening the public with warnings of doom that they themselves admit have far more to do with politics than reality.

We were wide open to attack on September 11th because of these security failures. We are wide open to attack today, because the same irresponsible leaders in charge on 9/11 are calling the shots today.

Rather than work to protect Americans, they seek to terrify Americans as a means to cow any Democratic move towards an investigation into the causes behind the 9/11 attacks.

If we are attacked again, they will have no one but themselves to blame.

The Democrats asking for an investigation are doing so because they want to protect Americans. Bush and his people are fighting this because they want to protect themselves. They are purposefully making people afraid to further this agenda.

They play politics on a field littered with the bones of American dead, and they peddle fear to a nation already saturated with problems and issues that this administration should be attempting to remedy rather than multiply.

Such foulness is beyond contempt, and reeks of desperation.

There will be a reckoning.


But let us look at the “BIG CLUB”, the bogey man word of our times: “TERRORISM”.

I don’t want to be accused of a “Foxian” “Fair and Balanced” presentation so I’ll just accept the FBI’s official definition of “Terrorism” and work from there.

“Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”. - US Federal Bureau of Investigation

Read the sentence carefully. You didn’t hear it on any corporate media newscast since 9/11.

It’s the official US FBI definition of terrorism.

In its official definition, the FBI does not limit terrorism to stateless individuals or groups.

In its official definition, the FBI does not suggest that terrorism cannot be perpetrated by the leader of a nation state.

FACT: But even more important is that the official FBI definition of terrorism describes exactly what George Bush did in the aftermath of the attacks of 9/11!


FACT: George W. Bush, in his unprovoked attack against the sovereign nation of Iraq, openly violated the UN Charter, to which the US is a signatory. The Charter's core principles contained in Article 2(4) and Article 51 prohibit one nation from attacking another except in self-defense or with the authority of the U.N. In effect, George Bush launched an unlawful use of force against persons and property. Just a reminder; just because we are the United States of America we are entitled to some automatic special exemption from all law that others are expected to obey. Lest we kick their asses.

FACT: The invasion launched by George W. Bush was heralded by the most frightening and powerful use of force and military violence in recent history. His Shock and Awe bombardment of Baghdad was designed to intimidate and coerce the government as well as the civilian population of that nation to change its existing leadership. That, in itself, was a political objective. I don’t know about you, but to me that was expensive pyrotechnic display we have ever witnessed. Thank you very much but I’ll be satisfied with the July 4th display down on the mall.

FACT: The purpose of the invasion and ensuing occupation of Iraq was to replace the existing dictatorship with an American-backed form of democracy that would not permit the emergence of a government headed by the majority Shia religious leadership. These motives were unquestionably political and social. We are well on the way to total failure on both!

What part of the FBI definition of “terrorism” do the voters of the United States not understand?

What acts of terrorism as defined by the FBI do the voters of the United States not recognize?

Is there any doubt at all that the Bush administration committed acts of terrorism when it unlawfully used force and violence against the nation of Iraq to intimidate and coerce its government and the civilian population, in furtherance of the Bush/PNAC political and social objectives? I don’t think so, or am I missing something?

Yep I’m going to say it.


And if he is truly a terrorist, it is only fitting that George W. Bush be scrutinized in terms of his success in that capacity.

What is his standing among the other murderers and murderous terrorist activities in the world today?

Is it possible that George W. Bush actually has claim to being the very BEST at something during his reign in office? Let’s look at the figures.

EVERYONE ELSE: Despite the protestations of George W. Bush to the contrary, we are NOT safer now by any stretch of the imagination.

According to an NBC report at the beginning of September, 2004, there were roughly 2,929 terrorism related deaths around the world since the 9/11 attacks. Of these, 58 per cent of them – 1,709 – occurred in 2004 - this year!

Repeat: The total number of deaths in the entire world at the hands of terrorists since George W. Bush declared a War on Terror, amounts to around 3,000.

Add the horrible losses in the United States on that fateful morning of September 11th, and we reach somewhere in the vicinity of 6,000 precious, innocent lives.

Again: In only three years, terrorists around the world took the lives of approximately six thousand people.

GEORGE W. BUSH: In pursuit of his arrogant and PNAC-driven political and social objectives in Iraq, George W. Bush has the blood of thousands of innocent civilians on his hands.

FACT: To cover his guilt, early in the war, the US government ordered the Iraqi Ministry of Health to stop counting civilian deaths, and forbade them from releasing any totals previously gathered.

The image of a surgical war, dominated by smart bombs and resulting in very few civilian casualties was televised to the American public throughout the hostilities. It is a lie!

As a result, the number of civilian casualties in Iraq is vastly under-estimated.

According to Human Rights Watch, many of the civilian deaths were the direct result of weapons that should never have been used in populated areas. That is called a War Crime!

Among these were nearly 2 million submunitions which fail to explode immediately and killed people long after the initial conflict had ended.

In addition, the strategy of decapitation bombing killed many civilians while it failed to kill a single Iraqi military leader in 50 attempts.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, civilian losses in Iraq have been severe.

They used the research results of a group of British and Americans who surveyed media reports of casualties as well as eyewitness accounts to conclude that between 8,789 and 10,638 Iraqi civilians have died since war began March 19, 2003.

That puts George Bush in the lead for most successful terrorist, earning him a War Crimes award for Genocide. Don’t like that combo “Bush and Genocide” together; get over it and face the facts.

As of September, 2004, placed the Iraqi civilian death total at a minimum of 11,793 and a maximum of 13,802. On September 8th, 2004 the AP reported that no official, reliable figures existed for the whole country, but private estimates ranged from 10,000 to 30,000 killed since the United States invaded in March 2003. Whatever count you accept, by 2004 George W. Bush wins, big time.

If we go with the lowball figure, - the very least estimate of Iraqi civilians killed as a direct result of the unlawful invasion and occupation of the country, George W. Bush still wins the title of the LEADING TERRORIST alive today, big time.

If we go with the lowest estimate, then the number 8,789 stands for the total civilian deaths caused by the invasion of Iraq in LESS THAN A YEAR AND A HALF. Contrast that number to the 6,000 deaths caused AROUND THE WORLD in THREE YEARS, by other terrorists. No matter how you look at it, George W. Bush wins, big time.

And that doesn’t include the estimated 3,485 civilian deaths in Afghanistan, - the country to which we sent only 11,000 troops to fight the Taliban. George W. Bush claimed victory in Iraq in his acceptance speech.

What utter nonsense. The country is dangerous and explosive, and in the hands of the same warlords and Taliban chieftains who ruled before 9/11.

Revisionist history by this administration is never challenged by the media. The list of Big Lies prevails.

And it doesn’t include the military deaths on all sides, or the kidnappings, or the contractor deaths or the wounded or the dying.

It doesn’t count the deaths to come from the depleted uranium shells or the permanently maimed and psychologically affected.

George W. Bush, his handlers and his administration can be proud. The dubious title of LEADING TERRORIST now belongs to the most powerful man in the world who seeks another term of office to continue what he has begun.

The American corporate media refuse to address the totals. Doing so might result in an accusation of being unpatriotic or un-American. Doing so would challenge directives from the WH such as those that keep the nation from seeing the draped coffins of our military dead. Doing so might even influence the outcome of an election.

How utterly shameful that is for this wonderful country and how tragic for the world.

Well, it’s July 9, 2007 and the daily death toll can be read at the top of the side panel, and as of today the grand Bush Terrorist total is: 3,893 Coalition Casualties: 3,606 Americans, 26,558 wounded, countless lives and minds shattered, and over 650,000 Iraqi DEAD!

We now have the counts and George W. Bush is awarded the Murdering Bastard Genocide Award of the Decade. You have made into the History Books George, Big Time!

I mentioned the view of the world, of our nation and of George W. Bush is much different from our home grown version of propagandized patriotism. So let’s just look to Germany and the Bush visit to Mainz, Germany for the first time since the 2003 Iraq war. All subsequent visits to Germany have been equally "boisterous".

About 12,000 protesters, many carrying banners reading "Bush go home," "No. 1 Terrorist" and "Warmonger," marched through the German city, but were mostly kept away from the visiting U.S. president.

The official rally, which was twice as big as expected, never got within earshot of President Bush, but a small group of protestors rushed toward his car as he left to visit a U.S. base in nearby Wiesbaden. Police wrestled several demonstrators to the ground and led them away in handcuffs, a Reuters witness said.

Bush was visiting Germany for the first time since the 2003 Iraq war, which Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and most Germans opposed.

"I'm disgusted by the war in Iraq Bush started that has cost thousands of civilian lives," said Thomas Odenweller, 49, a computer technician. "Now he's trying to normalize relations with Europe. It must be stopped."

Ignoring snow and freezing temperatures, the demonstrators held banners chastising Bush in English with slogans such as: "You can bomb the world to pieces but not into peace." Many had pre-printed posters reading: "Bush, No. 1 Terrorist."

Before the march, which Mainz police said was one of the largest ever in the city of about 300,000, one speaker told the crowd: "Mr. Bush, please leave our country. You started an illegal war against Iraq."

German police confiscated one poster that read: "We had our Hitler, now you have yours."

Some protesters praised Schroeder for his anti-war stance.

"Schroeder's opposition to the Iraq war made me so proud to be German," said Helmut Bach, 50, a pilot who marched with his 20-year-old daughter. "That's why I voted for him."

Several protesters wearing fake U.S. army uniforms pulled a trailer with dummies of blood-covered Iraq prisoners impaled on iron bars under a banner: "We don't want your type of freedom."

A force of 10,000 police officers staged one of the biggest postwar security operations. Frogmen searched the Rhine for explosives, 1,300 manhole covers were welded shut and thousands of residents were displaced.

For Bush's eight-hour stay there was also a strict ban on air traffic within a 60-km (40-mile) radius of Mainz, barges on the river were halted and motorways in the region closed. Factories, businesses and schools were shut.

Alex Berg, 31, a dancer, and her friends were dressed as cows and carried a poster reading: "We don't need no cowboys."

Bush's visit contrasted with that of his father to Mainz in 1989 when large crowds cheered Bush senior for his calls for the Berlin Wall to be torn down.

Other U.S. presidents have also been given a hero's welcome in Germany, although the younger Bush has never been popular. When he visited Berlin in May 2002, some 20,000 demonstrators took to the streets.

"When John F. Kennedy came to Germany he drove through cheering crowds," said Mark Reichelt, 20, a student. "Now Bush is here and will drive through empty streets."

George W. Bush will travel down his road into history, a road lined with the blank stare of the dead and the sound not of military orchestra, but the sounds of the wailing bereaved who never broke faith with their oaths and died for one who never lived up to his.


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