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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Impeachment" Impeach Bush and Cheney after Libby Fiasco

No Jail Time for Libby? It's Impeachment Time for Cheney and Bush!

There's only one reason why Bush kept Libby out of jail: to keep him from ratting on Cheney and Bush about their direct involvement in the felonious outing of Valerie Plame.

In mob circles, it's called silencing a witness. In a courthouse, it's called obstruction of justice. And in Congress, it's called grounds for impeachment. Just ask Richard Nixon.

On TV, the Busheviks are telling even more lies to drown out talk of impeachment. Via email, Democratic "leaders" are feigning outrage to avoid calling for impeachment.

That means it's time for us to demand impeachment. Let's make this "Impeachment Summer!"

1. Don't waste your time calling the White House (the switchboard is closed anyway). Call your Representative to impeach Cheney and Bush:
1800) 828 - 0498
1(800) 459 - 1887
1(800) 614 - 2803
1 (866) 340 - 9281
1 (866) 338 - 1015
1 (877) 851 - 6437

2. Email your Representatives to Impeach Cheney:

3. Email your Representatives to Impeach Bush:

4. Email theHouse Judiciary Committee to Start Hearings on H.Res. 333, Articles of Impeachment for Vice President Cheney

5. Organize a Honk to Impeach on July 4 and throughout the summer:

6. Join our new Facebook group, The Nationwide Movement to Impeach Cheney and Bush

7. Join your local Congressional District Impeachment Committee:

8. Youtube Your Rep. and Earn $100:

Cheney Impeachment Bill Advances in House Judiciary Committee

Three Democrats who until recently opposed impeachment - Keith Ellison (MN-5), Hank Johnson (GA-4), and Jim McDermott (WA-7) - last week became co-sponsors of Dennis Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment for Vice President Cheney, H.Res. 333:

And the House Judiciary Committee took a giant step towards impeachment hearings by sending H.Res. 333 to the Constitution Subcommittee led by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (NY-8).

But Speaker Pelosi remains our main obstacle to impeachment. In a conference call with bloggers, Pelosi tried to dodge the issue by arguing Bush "isn't worth it... he's not worth impeaching." But Mike Stark wouldn't accept Pelosi's dodge: "Respectfully, that's not the question. Respectfully, the question is whether or not the Constitution is worth it." Here's Pelosi's shocking reply: "Well, yeah, the Constitution is worth it if you can succeed ." So Pelosi's sworn oath to uphold the Constitution only applies "if you can succeed"? Surely not!

Maine Takes Impeachment Demand to the Bush Family Home
Yesterday in Kennebunkport, Maine, 3,000 citizens marched for impeachment through the narrow streets of this little coastal town and delivered a message to Bush and to the international media that Americans are demanding impeachment. Video, photos, news reports, and information on the August 25th march planned for Kennebunkport are here:

Honk to Impeach Starts July 4

Last week we kicked off our "Honk To Impeach" campaign, which is a great way to get past the Corporate Media blackout and prove to politicians, the media, and our fellow citizens how many Americans support impeachment.

July 4 is an especially good day to "Honk To Impeach" because it brings out the true spirit of July 4, 1776, when our Founding Fathers launched their revolution against tyrannical King George III. L et's use this July 4 to declare our independence from King George W!

Of course we're not stuck in the past - we're using 21st Century technology to organize our revolution, by holding signs saying "Text IMPEACH to 30644". With your help, we'll reach millions of Americans who don't visit progressive web sites.

The best place to gather on July 4 is outside the parking lot for local fireworks.

But let's not stop on July 4. Summer is a great time to be outdoors holding signs, making noise, and making new friends. Use our calendar to schedule a honking event or to find the one nearest you:

Join our Impeachment Group on Facebook

Got a Facebook profile yet? If you don't, now's a good time to create one.

We've set up a new group to coordinate impeachment efforts among Facebook members: The Nationwide Movement to Impeach Cheney and Bush. Let's make this the biggest group on Facebook!

Our new community organizer, Jacob Park, would like to ask you to do two things:

1. Go to the group page, click on SHARE, and then click on POST. This will post the group to your Mini-Feed so that all your friends can see it. Then invite at least ten of your friends directly (and tell them to invite at least ten friends).

2. Check the group page regularly. There will definitely be actions that you can do and good events near you.

3. Speaker Pelosi and most Democrats have Facebook pages where you can "write on their wall." We have all the links, so why not write your own impeachment message and copy it onto all of their walls?

Youtube Your Rep. and Earn $100

Congress is off this week, so your Representative is home making appearances at community events.

What a great opportunity to grab a video camera and ask them point blank: what's your excuse for not co-sponsoring H.Res. 333 ?

As everyone knows, there are no good excuses for failing to impeach Cheney . Cheney lied repeatedly about Iraq's WMD's - and he's still lying today. He stood in front of 5 F-16's on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf to threaten an illegal war of aggression against Iran. His Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby, committed perjury and obstruction of justice to avoid telling Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald that Cheney told him to expose Valerie Plame's identity - a major felony and arguably treason by Cheney. Last week the Washington Post reported Cheney was the leading advocate for using torture - also a major felony and a war crime. And when it comes to any form of accountability, Cheney insists he's above the law.

Despite the absense of good excuses, Democrats in Congress continue to make excuses for refusing to impeach Dick Cheney. But it will be much harder for them to get away with their excuses if activists like you demand no-excuse answers while you record them on your video camera.

So we'll pay $100 for each "no excuse" video asking a Democrat in the House why (s)he has not co-sponsored H.Res. 333. Don't let your Representative give you bad excuses - prepare follow-up questions and demand serious answers.

Impeachment Sit-ins

Want to do more than make a video? David Swanson takes July 4 seriously:

If 20 constituents and one television camera go to a congress member's district office and sit down and read the US Constitution aloud and refuse to leave until their representative finds the decency to stand against Dick Cheney, and if when those patriots are arrested 20 more take their place, and 20 more and 20 more… if we do this, we will have fired the shot heard round the world, we will have dumped the tea in the harbor, we will accept victory at Yorktown without ever lifting any weapon other than the tool provided to us by the revolutionaries of the 18th century, the tool without which we trade democracy for elected despotism, the tool so wisely designed for precisely this moment and others much less severe, the tool we call impeachment.

Upcoming Events for Peace and Impeachment

June 21-September 21, Chicago to DC, March Of the People

June 30-July 9 Congressional Recess Lobby your so-called representative with your Congressional District Impeachment Committee:

July 4, Los Angeles Impeachment Center opening opening 11 am, picnic with speakers/entertainment at La Cienega Park 12-3 pm

July 12: Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. faces discharge hearing at Robins Air Force Base in central GA because of his highly public opposition to the Iraq Occupation. Cindy Sheehan will be there in solidary - can you join her? Read Yearwood's inspiring statement:

Get the DVD!
Forward this message to everyone you know!

To subscribe, create a free account here:

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