Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: OK, Let's March; Let's Act To Impeach Bush and Cheney...Conyers Here We Come!

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Friday, July 20, 2007

OK, Let's March; Let's Act To Impeach Bush and Cheney...Conyers Here We Come!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJUNE 18, 20072:11 PMCONTACT: Camp Casey Peace InstituteTiffany Burns 562-912-5859 or

Cindy Sheehan to Lead March for Impeachment, Arlington to Capitol Hill, July 23rdCongressional

Campaign Announcement Possible


March from Arlington National Cemetery to the Capitol Hill Office of Congressman John Conyers to ask him to begin impeachment proceedings against Vice President Dick Cheney or President George W.Bush or both.

Participants hope to meet with Congressman Conyers and receive his assurance that impeachment proceedings will begin at once in the House Judiciary Committee, which he chairs.

Many of those participating have commited to only leave if Conyers agrees to begin impeachment or they are arrested.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been the driving force against impeachment in Congress. If there is no agreement to begin impeachment proceedings byMonday, Sheehan will announce her candidacy challenging Pelosi for election in California's 8th Congressional District.

WHO: Cindy Sheehan, mother of Casey Sheehan, KIA in Iraq 2004, founderof Gold Star Families for Peace and of the Camp Casey Peace Institute;

Ray McGovern, 27-year veteran of the CIA and cofounder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity;

Rev. Lennox Yearwood, President of the Hip Hop Caucus;

Ann Wright, retired U.S. Army Colonel and diplomat who resigned in protest the day the U.S. invaded Iraq;

Debra Sweet, national coordinator of the World Can't Wait;

Dave Lindorff, author of "The Case for Impeachment,"

David Swanson, co founder of;

Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin, both co founders of Code Pink;

Kevin Zeese, director of Democracy Rising;

Tina Richards, military mother and creator of GrassRootsAmerica4Us;

and many many others.

WHEN AND WHERE:10:00 a.m. gathering outside the Arlington National Cemetery metro stop.

Cindy Sheehan will make remarks.10:30 a.m. beginning march to Capitol Hill, to 2426 Rayburn HouseOffice Building, office of Chairman John Conyers.12:00 p.m. noon - approximate arrival time.

"We have the deepest respect for Chairman John Conyers," Sheehan said,"and I'm glad he's the one who will lead the impeachment hearings.

But time is wasting and people are dying every day that he holds off.

The majority of Americans want Dick Cheney impeached. We are bringing that message to the chairman of the judiciary committee of our house of representatives.

It is our house, the house of American citizens, and any representatives currently serving there who disagree should be challenged in the next election."

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