Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: A Call For A New (Third) Continental Congress Is Being Made!

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Call For A New (Third) Continental Congress Is Being Made!


A National calling for the convening of a Third Continental Congress

Not since 1 March 1781 has there been a Citizens Continental Congress in session.

Since the Second Continental Congress adjourned on that date, the now structured U.S. Congress in Washington has assumed the function of supposedly being a representative body of legislators serving the best interests of the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and hopefully responses to the MAJORITY views and opinions of the voters.

Save for a few maverick women and men in the 110th U.S. Congress, the current members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. senate have FAILED MISERABLY to respond to the democratically correct majority will of the people as reflected by the results of the 2006 national election.

As a result of this great American tragedy, WE THE PEOPLE, once again will convene and participate in an upcoming 3rd Continental Congress to be called into an emergency session in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at an upcoming date, yet to be determined this fall.

Spread the word and prepare to pack your bags...

With you within the Spirit of Democracy and Peace,

James E. Goodnow (CALL CELL NUMBER 254-652-0089)

9 August 2007Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Implementation Concerns: (All Suggestions Welcomed) Ed.

(1) Spreading the word to garner support and participation.
(2) Selection Of A Date To Convene
(3) Selection Of A Convention Site
(4) Finances
(5) Travel Arrangements For Participants
(6) Convention Rules:

As a Parliamentarian I have already discussed this matter with Jim and have suggested this basic voting framework:

(1) As there can be no way of determining the number of people who choose to participate from each state, and there is no desire to limit participation with some artificial selection process, an approach that would be self-defeating of participation and would complicate matters to the degree of convening a National Political Party or Labor Union Convention; the convention would be open to all.

I suggest that the Convention be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, and be encumbered by as few special rules as possible. My approach is that of keeping things simple, familiar and equitable.

So as to provide some meaningful equitable basis of in-convention voting on issues and positions; I suggest that we use the Electoral College Model as the base for state voting.

That would mean that at such time as a matter would be put to a vote that each State Delegation, after conference or caucus, cast as a state unit the same number of votes as that state is entitled to in the current Electoral College System.

Whatever the majority within the state delegation decides shall become the voted position of that state. OK, what happens if a state should have a tie within its’ delegation? Again as a matter of simplicity; in such instances the vote recorded for such a state would be divided in half right down to, for example a vote of 11 ½ and 11 ½ for a state so tied and entitled to 23 votes.

(2) I would further suggest that the organizers chair the opening session at such time as the essential functions and positions of the convention be addressed. ie. The nomination and election of a Convention Chair, Vice Chair and Recording Secretary, the adoption of an agenda which hopefully be offered on the basis of pre-convention input.

That is to say, that such a convention by its’ very nature should be about the business of addressing the concerns of Americans generated by the current Government, and the problems which confront our society.

The problem with a convention such as being is the press of time and expense.

Every effort of thought should be given to expedite the business of the convention and the will of the participants.

(3) The crafting of a final document would not seem to be the challenge it was in the 1970s when a host of Labor Union Constitutional Conventions were conducted absent the ease of today’s computer technology.

I have the benefit of perspective and experience from that round of Conventions having been the youngest delegate to The National Education Association Constitutional Convention held at Fort Collins, Colorado, and having held the position of the Vice-Chair of the Drafting Committee: The Committee on Final Style and Form.

We ended up cutting and pasting the final draft together with tape and scissors on a wall and making final edits with ball point pens. That day is over.

(4) As this idea, one of the most creative I have heard as of late, is just that, an idea in its’ infancy many issues will have to be dealt with as time moves on if the idea is to be realized.

Nationwide publicity through/by those organizations concerned with peace, impeachment and the return or preservation of democratic government, must be enlisted to generate participation and pre-convention planning input.

Without such wide spread publication the idea will not flourish in a meaningful way.

That must not be permitted to happen.

The number of people drawn by their convictions and enthusiasms will dictate in turn a site selection which may or may not be a financial concern of some magnitude.
Obviously, the first best situation would be that of finding a finance/rent free volunteered site by some sympathetic organization.

(5) I am going to stop here with my last observation for the moment.
It goes without saying that the convening of such a convention in Philadelphia would, or can be made/managed to, draw national media attention to renewed voice for America.

Everyone who reads this post and others regarding this idea; this plan; this dream should contact whoever has posted up what you have seen and for the time being leave your ideas and willingness to support or to participate at that sites.

Please also make such postings to:

The Yellow Rose Of Texas Peace Bus

Things will filter down and shortly things will become organized. Voice your support and willingness to participate. Help drive the organizational effort and help shape the convention.

When was the last time someone said speak to us; we’re listening?

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