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Friday, August 17, 2007



Because of the nature of this blog, I get a lot of Email and I mean A LOT! Some folks are regulars and prefer to email their commentary and observations to me in the, either belief or sense of good taste, that I would not be likely to post some of what they have to say. They are right. It’s not that I disagree with the sentiments expressed but we are all at times given to fits of vitriolic anger and rage towards the Bush administration, policies, actions and attitudes.

I find myself censoring some of what I would like to say, because quite frankly some it would be over the edge into very ineloquent bad taste better befitting an Ann Coulter.

I have one young lady who is a frequent writer whose cyber identity is BOBBIT II. She is a most creative wordsmith and essayist who does a brilliant job of staying in character in her writing. I find it amusing, but wow; if you didn’t know she was indulging in character play, she could scare the hell out of you.

BOBBIT II has tempted me, teased me to address her writings in this blog. And I’ll admit that is quite a challenge, but recently she sent an Email that tripped my trigger into a playful, but pointed response. So here goes.

Dear Bobbit,
I really do enjoy your creative flair with the language and I assume much thought and time goes into your Bush attacks, at least I hope so, otherwise you would be pretty scary. I would prefer to believe that is not the case.

Your recent angry expression regarding the Congressional surrender on extended spying powers and your suggestion of remedy or punishment, prompt a response.

Now mind you; I don’t disagree with your outrage, far from it, but your Bobbit solution as regards certain portions of male Congressional Genital just is not possible outside of the realm of fantasy.

First of all the members you have reference to either have none or second have surrendered them to Speaker Pelosi, but as you have been patient in teasing and taunting me to Blog answer you; I have gotten out my Sunday-Go-Meeting best blade, and dragged out an appropriate tool from a Southern Ohio barn, as well as a fellow felled by a few sharp edges, to provide an appropriate backdrop to respond.

It is, I guess unfortunate, that we have to settle for a system answer to the fools who pretend to be our servants when they act with the pomposity of old Rome, deserving of fates of old as opposed to demise at that ballot box.

I hope you find this a fitting thrust, parry and slice to your recent correspondence.

Yours Cuttingly, Ed. Dickau

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