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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Impeach Bush and Cheney and Support Kucinich Re-Election In Ohio (Updates) Hitting The Streets This Week!

Impeach Bush and Cheney and Support Kucinich Re-Election In Ohio (Updates)


Kucinich congressional campaign launches website - OPENERS - Ohio ...
It features map of Kucinich's congressional district and a video of his re-election announcement. His other presidential website is still active at ...

Kucinich gets jump on television ad campaign
The Plain Dealer -, OH - 29 minutes ago
Watch one of three new Dennis Kucinich campaign videos above. Here are two additional spots. Congressman Dennis Kucinich got started a day earlier than ...

Four challengers battle Kucinich for 10th Congressional district spot The Plain Dealer -

Kucinich, Cimperman buy air time The Plain Dealer -

10 District congressional hopefuls hit the streets this weekend The Plain Dealer - More

Kucinich Continues Efforts to Fix Cuyahoga River Flooding
Common Dreams (press release), ME - Feb 14, 2008
LAKEWOOD, OHIO - February 14 - On Tuesday, Congressman Dennis Kucinich met with the District Commander of the Army Corps of Engineers to press the case for ...

Freedom Rider: Democrats Target Kucinich for Defeat
Black Agenda Report, NJ - Feb 14, 2008
by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley The corporate rulers of the United States are determined to have their revenge against Dennis Kucinich ...

Reader's Viewpoint - Kucinich was excluded from debates because of ...
New Philadelphia Times Reporter, OH - Feb 14, 2008
As western US publicist and political strategist for Kucinich for President 2008, and national broadcast publicist for 2004, I’d like to shed some light on ...

Sean Penn bows out of Kucinich appearance
The Plain Dealer -, OH - Feb 13, 2008
Dennis Kucinich. Penn had to cancel because of a scheduling conflict but he hopes to visit Cleveland before the March 4 primary, said Andy Juniewicz,

Is Dennis Kucinich Getting McKinney´d
American Chronicle, CA - Feb 12, 2008
Now, it looks like Dennis Kucinich may be facing the same treatment in Cleveland. There is a report circulating the web that before the Nevada primary ...

Op-Ed Columnist Notes From a Caucus
New York Times, United States - Feb 14, 2008
Then the nominating speeches, which were complicated by the fact that about a dozen Dennis Kucinich partisans insisted on speaking out for their man. ...

US Rep. Dennis Kucinich, 4 challengers debate
The Plain Dealer -, OH - Feb 12, 2008
Dennis Kucinich defended his call to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney for invading Iraq, a move his 10th Congressional District opponents ...

Kucinich, challengers get ready for first debate
The Plain Dealer -, OH - Feb 11, 2008
Dennis Kucinich will debate for the first time the four Democratic candidates who want his 10th District congressional seat. Originally Kucinich was not ...

In America they came first for Dennis Kucinich
Tehran Times, Iran - Jan 27, 2008
This, I think, is the most ominous aspect of the process by which Dennis Kucinich, a Democratic Party presidential candidate whose views are considerably to ...

Primary Sends Shivers Through Capitol Moderates
Wall Street Journal - USA
On Tuesday night, two veteran Maryland congressmen became the first members of
Congress to Lose re-election bids this year, and the first significant ...See all stories on this topic

Kucinich is a “black” congressional candidate
By buelahman
Kucinich is a “black” congressional candidate. He was the only progressive in the presidential campaign. His re-election should be the first priority for activists in this presidential campaign year. Imagine a Congress with no voice for ...

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