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Friday, February 22, 2008

Impeach Bush and Cheney, News Clippings: Pelosi, Impeachment, Impeachment Actions, Election 2008, Dennis Kucinich…A Round Up

Impeach Bush and Cheney, News Clippings: Pelosi, Impeachment, Impeachment Actions, Election 2008, Dennis Kucinich…A Round Up

When Change Is Not Enough: Seven Steps to Revolution

By Sara Robinson, Campaign for America's Future. Posted February 22, 2008.

Records Show Kucinich Raises $700000 in 6 Weeks
After leaving the presidential race in January, Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland is pulling in big money as he focuses on re-election to Congress. The Democrat raised $700000 in the past six weeks. That's the most he's amassed in any of his ...

CLEVELAND (AP) -- After leaving the presidential race in January, Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland is pulling in big money as he focuses on re-election to Congress.

The Democrat raised $700,000 in the past six weeks. That's the most he's amassed in any of his congressional races.

Federal campaign finance reports show that Kucinich's big-money givers primarily live outside of Ohio. His supporters include singer Bonnie Raitt and Hollywood screenwriter Paul Haggis.

Kucinich's top rival is Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman, and he also did well. Records show most of his big-money supporters are Ohioans.

Both candidates appear to have sizable amounts of money left spend. As of mid-February, Kucinich reported having $330,000, with Cimperman having $215,000.

War Criminal Nancy Pelosi
By Wintermute(Wintermute)
WANTED Nancy Pelosi For the senseless deaths of 4000 of our brave young soldiers and 1 million Iraqi women and children. For throwing away $500 billion of our taxes. For doubling gasoline prices to over $3. ...

Nancy Pelosi, the House's Bella Lugosi
By Patrick Henry(Patrick Henry)
Tears were brought to my eyes today as I read the opinions of some New Yorkers about Nancy Pelosi's recent treasonous act by letting the Protect America Act lapse. Ms. Pelosi has proven time and time again that she is the very worst ...

Come Out to Greet Nancy Pelosi This Sunday in Florida
Pelosi what over half of America has been yelling into her deaf ears: WE WANT HEARINGS NOW!!! Nancy Pelosi will be in Ft. Lauderdale this Sunday to raise political funds ($2500 a plate, minimum) even as she enables the selling of our ...

New I'm On The Table Video:

House Majority Shuts Down House GOP’s Earmark Reform Website
By Gribbit
Throughout the year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her Democratic colleagues have rejected House Republican calls for an immediate moratorium on all taxpayer-funded earmarks. Boehner wrote to Beard this afternoon, ..

Speaker Pelosi and the New York Times' Blind Eye
American Thinker - Bellevue,WA,USA
On August 2nd, 2007 Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) submitted a bill to the US House of Representatives which raised a potential conflict of interest involving ...

Bad Past May Be Prologue Without FISA Reform ( The Wall Street Journal …Owned By Whom?)
February 22, 2008; Page A13

Kudos to the Journal for your editorial "San Francisco's Democrat" (Feb. 15) regarding the inconceivable policy position taken by the House of Representatives led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Silvestre Reyes in blocking necessary reform of the current Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Both Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reyes are foolish for dismissing Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell's and Sen. Jay Rockefeller's concerns that failing to update FISA will only serve to undermine our national defense against future terrorist attacks.

Reps. Pelosi and Reyes also fail to recognize recent history as Feb. 26 marks the 15th anniversary of the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Islamofascist terrorists set off explosives in a rented van parked in the underground public parking lot of the WTC. Seven people were murdered, more than 1,000 people, including 105 firefighters, were injured as well as costing over $500 million in property damage.

President Clinton decided that economic policies were a greater national priority and treated the attack lightly as only a law enforcement matter. In hindsight, this flawed decision proved to be a tragic mistake as indecision and inaction only served to invite future terrorist provocation that became 9/11.

Reps. Pelosi and Reyes apparently not only fail to understand the consequences of recent terrorist history, but through their policy decisions regarding FISA are willing to gamble with American lives to repeat it.

Michael P. Mulhall
Rockville Centre, N.Y.

NY Times Covers Up Pelosi Scandal
By Pat Dollard
Since the 2006 Congressional victory by Democrats, The New York Times has ignored a highly questionable situation involving Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi among other leading Democrats, instead focusing on alleged Republican offenses ...

Pelosi predicts a Democratic winner is likely before convention
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a potentially influential figure in the muddled Democratic presidential contest, predicted Wednesday that Democratic delegates ...

NYTs ignores easy to find Democrat influence peddling
By Ray robison
On August 2nd, 2007 Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) submitted a bill to the US House of Representatives which raised a potential conflict of interest involving the Speaker’s widely publicized family stock holdings, corporate sponsors, ...

Kicking the lame duck out
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
If they want to impeach him before that, Democrats are going to have to act fast. As far as the first question is concerned: There's no requirement for ...

In November 1983, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), who today is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and would play a key role in any impeachment action, introduced a resolution to impeach President Reagan for invading Grenada. According to a United Press International report from the time, the resolution written by Conyers and six other Democrats argued that the invasion was unconstitutional because it "usurped Congress's power to declare war, ignored treaty obligations, and violated First Amendment rights of the public and press in preventing reporters from covering the invasion in its first few days." So there.

These days, you would think that Conyers, 25 years older, would be a bit more circumspect about the issue. But he and his staff have spent a long time carefully putting together a case to impeach Bush. In August 2006, before Democrats won the House, Conyers released a 350-page report entitled, "The Constitution in Crisis: The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, and Coverups in the Iraq War, and Illegal Domestic Surveillance." On the day it was released, Conyers wrote on the DailyKos and Huffington Post websites, "Approximately 26 laws and regulations may have been violated by this administration's misconduct. The report compiles the accumulated evidence that the Bush administration has thumbed its nose at our nation's laws, and the Constitution itself."

Now, Conyers didn't use the word "impeachment." But his talk of broken laws as well as the entire organization of his report made clear that he was working on a road map for impeachment. The only problem is that most of his fellow Democrats thought it was a terrible idea. In late 2006, just before the elections that brought Democrats to power, Nancy Pelosi pooh-poohed the whole impeachment idea. "Impeachment is off the table," she told CBS back then.

"And that's a pledge?" she was asked.

"Well, it's a pledge in the — yes, I mean, it's a pledge," Pelosi said. "Of course it is. It is a waste of time."

So politically, I think it's clear Democrats believe that pursuing impeachment proceedings would not be wise at this point. And the fact that they have been in power for a year and haven't done anything about proves the point.

George McGovern: Impeach President Bush
By jackhunter
Of course McGovern is right, and CNN’s second best populist (after Lou Dobbs) is right to advertise McGovern’s sentiments:

Honk to Impeach at Lofgren's Office This Friday
That said, it would be awesome to have other dedicated impeachment minded folks outside her office from say 8:30AM to 10AM getting as many cars to HONK as humanly possible. This way, while we're chatting with Zoe about how much other ...

Willie Nelson
You’ve called for his impeachment. As a fellow Texan, your sense of why you decided to call for the impeachment of President Bush? WILLIE NELSON: Well, when you break the law, something is supposed to happen to you. ...

In the animated interview with radio DJ Alex Jones, Nelson impelled the nation to “throw the bastards out” and alleged that the Bush administration would do all within their grasp to stay in power.

He blasted: “If you break the law you have to pay for it one way or another and if these guys haven't broke the law nobody has.

"The deck's been stacked and we need to figure out a way to get a new fresh deck in there in the deal and I don't know how else to do it except throw the bastards out."

Importantly, he also snubbed the Democrats as a suitably replacement for Bush’s Republican party, saying: "We went through a couple of elections now and we didn't do anything, we thought we did but come to find out that the voting machines are crooked, everything's stacked against us, the politicians that we vote for won't stay and fight and they won't count the votes."

As Send2Press reports, Nelson also claims that the Bush administration will do all they can to remain in power at the end of his term, adding: "It could be anything and anything will work because they have everyone scared to death.

“I just think there are people out there who will do anything to stay in power, anything to keep what they have, they've already proven they'll do anything to keep it."

Infighting, politics as Young doc tours
London Free Press - Canada
Neil Young stares intensely at his jovial bandmate and -- strangely for a guy who wrote a song called "Let's Impeach the President" -- reprimands him. ...

Waterboarding is clearly against international law running contrary to the United Nations Convention Against Torture and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There is also a history of the United States regarding waterboarding as a crime. In 1901, an American soldier was sentenced to 10 years of hard labor and in 1968 another American soldier was court-martialed for the use of waterboarding.

Checks and balances
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
The Bush administration's approach to the balance of power with Congress was concisely expressed by David Addington, Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of ...

Reasons Bush/Cheney Should Be Impeached - Boston,MA,USA
What are some of the reasons we can or should impeach Bush/Cheney for? Or why do you think they shouldn't be impeached. Read these and you decide if there's ...

City Council Threatened With Violence Over Impeachment, Drops Issue
By CausalCrunch
The council reached [the] decision [to drop the impeachment issue] late Tuesday night after hearing from dozens of activists who pleaded with them to draft such a resolution. Two Boulder police officers were stationed in the room after ...

Allen should sign on to impeachment movement
Central Maine Morning Sentinel - Augusta,ME,USA
Thomas Jefferson didn't insert language saying to prioritize electoral politics, nor to forgo impeachment if one thinks, "it will take too long. ...

Impeachment Bill - Milford,NH,USA
Betty Hall, 86, of Brookline, speaks to about 75 supporters at a political rally on Tuesday calling for the impeachment of President George Bush and Vice ...

New Hampshire Impeachment Rally and Hearing Packed, But Vote Fails
The rally and hearing in New Hampshire for a resolution in the state legislature to petition Congress to impeach Bush and Cheney were a big success yesterday, except as measured by the vote today. People from across the political ...

Bush’s Spying Program
By Dave Lindorff
Bush from Office.” His work can be found at his website He is one of the courageous leaders of the Bush, Cheney impeachment movement. In this show, Dave provides yet another sobering commentary on President ...

Kimble: Impeaching Cheney
Tucson Citizen - Tucson,AZ,USA
But he was there also, carrying a sign: "Impeach Bush and Cheney for crimes against the US Constitution and humanity." Kim Mathews also was there with a ...

Maverick Republican Drops WC Bomb on Bush/Cheney
... New Hampshire House committee of State-Federal Relations and Veterans’ Affairs heard testimony on Representative Betty Hall’s HR 24, which calls on the US Congress to begin impeachment hearings for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. ...

Impeachment on their minds
It lays out a case that Bush and Cheney violated treaties "by invading Iraq without just cause or provocation" and misled American lawmakers to make their case. It claims that the federal government's warrantless wiretapping, ...

Our real celebrities
San Gabriel Valley Tribune - West Covina,CA,USA
But let's impeach both Bush and Cheney before they screw up more. Be realistic, eight years of stupidity can cause a lot of damage to our beloved country. ...

Impeachment Protesters Pushing Rep. Giffords
By Jodin Morey
But he was there also, carrying a sign: "Impeach Bush and Cheney for crimes against the US Constitution and humanity." Kim Mathews also was there with a sign she made: "Stop funding war, start supporting impeachment." ...

Republican NH Legislator: Impeach Bush/Cheney
By Jodin Morey
He was fairly thundering by the time that he pronounced that not only should Bush and Cheney be impeached, but also they should be tried as war criminals in a Nuremburg style trial for crimes against humanity. He flatly stated that the ...

Maverick Republican Drops the “War Crimes” Bomb on Bush/Cheney
By john
He was fairly thundering when he pronounced that not only should Bush and Cheney be impeached, but they should also be tried as war criminals in a Nuremberg style trial for crimes against humanity. He flatly stated that the war in Iraq ...

Senate Candidate Dobson to File Indictment against Bush, Cheney ...
By Laurie Dobson(Laurie Dobson)
Bush and Richard Cheney in Kennebunkport if they are not duly impeached, and prosecute or extradite them to other authorities that may reasonably contend to prosecute them." If passed, Dobson's initiative will be the second one of its ...

Call Zoe Lofgren's Office Now While Constituents Meeting With Her ...
Please Call And/Or Fax Zoe Lofgren's Office Today In Between 8:45 Am Pst And 9:45 Am Pst To Voice Your Support For Impeachment Hearings. San Jose, Ca, Phone: (408) 271-8700, Fax: (408) 271-8713. Message: Please Sign Rep. Robert Wexler's ...

Playing by the Rules - Washington,DC,USA
Second, there is the possibility that superdelegates could reverse the judgment of a plurality of the primary and caucus voters if the leading candidate ...

Let's Get Ready to RRRRUMBLE!!!!!! (Texas Edition)
By Daily Kos(Daily Kos)
Let's Get Ready to RRRUMBLE! (Texas Edition) Posted by Vox Populi in

New Pro-Clinton 527 to Ding Obama in Ohio…and Sherrod Brown is
By leftofdayton
I was an ardent Kucinich backer because he came across to me as a man who wasn’t flinching while being battered in the eye of the storm. The video clips of Rep Kucinich reading his articles of impeachment into the Congressional Record ...

Analysis: Clinton on the Ropes
Longview Daily News - Longview,WA,USA
Obama has 1178 pledged delegates won in primaries and caucuses in The Associated Press' count. Clinton has 1024. An additional 1025 remain to be awarded; ...
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Analysis: Clinton on the Ropes
Carlisle Sentinel - Carlisle,PA,USA
Rival Democrat Barack Obama won Hawaii caucuses and Wisconsin's primary on Tuesday, extending his winning streak and making him difficult to overtake in the ...
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Obama Support Growing in Rural America
Media General Washington Bureau - Washington,DC,USA
After winning about 37 percent of the rural vote on Super Tuesday, Obama captured 51 percent of the rural vote in the so-called Potomac primaries Feb. ...
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Can Barack Obama be stopped?
19: NBC's Chuck Todd offers analysis on the latest polls from the Wisconsin primary. The only plausible explanation is that Obama makes a series of mistakes ...

Guest: More than hot air
Diamondback Online - College Park,MD,USA
Liam O'Loughlin asserted that because Obama did not champion a motion to impeach both Dick Cheney and George W. Bush he is not a candidate of change ("More ...

A neutral observer's call on Democrats' delegate mess
Houston Chronicle - United States
One is the decision by many states to choose delegates through party caucuses rather than primaries. Turnout in the caucuses is much smaller than in ...

Analysis: Clinton, Obama unscarred in debate
Detroit Free Press - United States
They also seemed to differ on the issue of so-called superdelegates -- members of Congress, governors and party leaders who weren't picked in primaries and ...

Parsing their presidential potential
News & Observer - Raleigh,NC,USA
From this analysis, there is both good news and bad news. The good news is that none of the major candidates appears to be severely deficient in ...

Campaign & Election News - Covering Key Races Around the Country
Swing State Project - New York,USA
Most obviously, Mark Warner is running for senate this year, and taking him out of the running for that will leave us with no strong candidate. ...

Boston Globe Front Page

What a Disappointment
American Spectator - USA
By Lawrence Henry Ever since the Super Tuesday Republican primaries made it obvious and inevitable that the nominee would be Sen. ...

McCain Matters

During the February 21 edition of his Fox News show, Bill O'Reilly aired a clip of attorney Robert Bennett defending Sen. John McCain against what Bennett called a "shameless" New York Times article about McCain's relationship with a telecommunications lobbyist, but O'Reilly did not disclose that Bennett now represents McCain and was reportedly hired for the explicit purpose of dealing with the controversy. Rather, O'Reilly described Bennett only as an "attorney" who "was hired by the U.S. Senate to investigate McCain during the Keating Five incident" in the early 1990s. O'Reilly's description of Bennett echoed a McCain campaign fundraising letter, which characterized Bennett simply as a "Washington attorney" and "Democrat counsel during the Keating investigation."

Earlier, in a previous segment on The O'Reilly Factor, former White House press secretary Tony Snow noted that Bennett was "his [McCain's] attorney," but O'Reilly did not discuss Bennett at that time.

You’d Think There Was An Election Coming Up
By burritofest
Dennis Kucinich is still being berated. Kucinich, who has won most of his 6 congressional terms via landslide, seems to be having a much more difficult time this year. Kucinich just dropped out of the presidential election back in ..

Review: OH-10 City Club Democratic Primary Debate, w/audio, video ...
By Jill Miller Zimon
I got the message - I think everyone got the message: you work as hard or harder than Kucinich. You will continue to work hard. And you will be there, in contrast to asserting that Kucinich isn’t there (in Congress) enough to adequately ...

Voting is a Sham
By justanothernic
It is little wonder then that the one Presidential candidate who made strong proposals for media reform, Dennis Kucinich, was barred from participation in a recent election debate after the third likely candidate for the Democratic ...

Kucinich release acknowledges "toughest re-election"
The Plain Dealer - - Cleveland,OH,USA
... Congressional district seat. In a press release about a campaign appearance, spokesman Andy Juniewicz says Kucinich is "facing the toughest re-election ...

Political Clippings - Washington,DC,USA
Dennis J. Kucinich , D-Ohio, has acknowledged in a news release that he faces the toughest re-election fight of his congressional career in the March 4 ...

OH-10: Kucinich In Trouble
By Chris Bowers
Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman raised nearly five times as much money last year as incumbent Dennis Kucinich in their 10th Congressional District race, according to financial disclosure reports filed Thursday. ...

Kucinich to Investigate 9/11 Insider Trading: 'I'm not afraid to ...
By Crimes And Corruption Of The New World...(Crimes And Corruption Of The New World...)
The Congressman warned, however, that his seat has been hotly contested by 'Cleveland corporate interests' who have sunk millions into defeating Kucinich. He pleaded for help to win his local election, but remained steadfast. .

Long Shots Could Pay High Price
Wall Street Journal - USA
Mr. Kucinich conceded his House seat was in trouble when he abandoned his presidential bid in late January, telling his hometown paper, "I want to continue ...

Ohio Democratic Congressional Fund Raising Pre-primary
By Earl
The filing from the campaign of Stephanie Tubbs Jones lists a disbursement of $3500 noted as "FEC fine, audit 2005/2006 election cycle." In addition, her report lists the cost of sending staffers to an FEC required compliance seminar. ...

Kucinich Raises $700K In Six Weeks - Cleveland,OH,USA
CLEVELAND -- After leaving the presidential race in January, Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland is pulling in big money as he focuses on re-election to Congress. ...

United for Peace and Justice invites you to help us build what could be the largest single day of nonviolent civil disobedience and direct action against the war and occupation. On Wednesday, March 19th -- the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq -- people from every corner of the country will gather at several sites in the nation's capital to focus attention on the pillars of support for the war: the institutions, government agencies, and private corporations that keep this war going. Our actions will highlight the real costs of the war while offering a vision of a more just and sustainable world, a world at peace.

The depth and breadth of opposition to what the U.S. is doing in Iraq must be translated into the most forceful presence possible on the streets of Washington, DC. To accomplish that, a day of creative action is being planned and there is a place for everyone. In some activities people will be risking arrest, in other activities they will not. All of this is explained in greater detail on There you'll find resources for organizing; information about housing, rides to DC and trainings; a schedule of activities; and much more.

Now is the time to make your plans to be with us in Washington, DC, on March 19th for what promises to be an historic day in our struggle to end the war in Iraq, bring all the troops home and prevent new wars.

There are several ways you can help this effort:

  • Sign up as a local contact! Can you help coordinate people from your city coming to DC for March 19th? Email with your name, city, and contact info.
  • Organize & fundraise for transportation from your city -- buses, carpools, etc.
  • Spread the word! Download flyers and posters here, email them to your friends, put them up around town, give them out at activities and meetings, etc. Post a web button on your website, blog or MySpace or Facebook profile. Join us on Facebook and MySpace and invite your friends!
  • Organize a local meeting in your city about the March 19th actions in DC to give people information and get them excited! This is also a great way to organize affinity groups from your city.
  • Volunteer! There are lots of roles that need to be filled to make this mobilization successful, leading up to the 19th and during the actions. Please email if you are interested in volunteering, or if you have any questions.
  • Make a financial donation. It takes money to pull off a day like this and we need your financial support.

If you can't make it to Washington, DC, on March 19th, you can still help with many of these items!

And don't forget, as part of UFPJ's call for activities around the 5th anniversary of the war, we are encouraging people to organize local gatherings where people can watch and listen to the broadcasts of the Winter Soldier hearings being organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War, as well as local protest activities throughout the country on March 19th. For more information about all of this, visit

Yours, for peace and justice,

Leslie Cagan
National Coordinator, UFPJ


Why Indict?

A Forum on Brattleboros Indictment Resolution

An information session and discussion about the Brattleboro Town Meeting Ballot Article calling for the Indictment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney will be held on March 2 from 3 to 5PM at the River Garden, Main and High St., Brattleboro. Scheduled speakers include David Swanson, Laurie Dobson, Dan DeWalt and John Nirenberg.

The Indictment Resolution was drafted by Kurt Daims and then placed on the Brattleboro Town Meeting ballot. Since then, thousands of emails and comments from throughout the country have been received, praising our town and its citizens in the loftiest of terms for its courageous step in bringing this Resolution forward and for bringing the issue to national awareness. The Brattleboro Indictment Resolution has also inspired similar resolutions by citizens in other localities around the country, including Portland (OR), Kennebunkport (ME), and elsewhere. This ballot initiative is meant to generate the real dialogues of crimes and war crimes. As that conversation is maturing, statesmen and attorneys around the nation will forge appropriate legal mechanisms to fit the current critical situation.

This forum will explain the reasoning behind the Resolution, and why it should pass.

The invited guests at this forum all have earned national reputations for confronting the current Administration's threats to our Constitution and to our democratic ideals.

David Swanson is the creator of, the Washington Director of and co-founder of the coalition, a board member of Progressive Democrats of America, of the Backbone Campaign, and of Voters for Peace. He serves on a working group of United for Peace and Justice. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and as a communications director, with jobs including Press Secretary for Dennis Kucinich's 2004 presidential campaign. His website is

Laurie Dobson is a leading candidate for the United States Senate, running as an Independent. She has been a major force in the impeachment and antiwar movement in Maine, including sponsoring Camp Alex as the east coast counterpart to Cindy Sheehan’s Camp Casey. She is a resident of Kennebunkport, where she is sponsoring an indictment resolution modeled on the Brattleboro Town Meeting resolution. Her website is

Dan DeWalt is a Newfane Selectman who initiated a media firestorm when he introduced an Impeachment Resolution at the 2006 Town Meeting, a move which was then followed by dozens of other Vermont towns at their own Town Meetings, and which subsequently placed Vermont at the forefront of the national impeachment movement.

John Nirenberg is a Brattleboro resident who just finished walking from Boston to Washington, DC to call attention of our nation’s leaders to the critical need for impeachment in order to unequivocally repudiate this Administration’s lawlessness, to restore our reputation both at home and abroad, and especially to uphold the integrity of our Constitution, our legal system, and the principle that no person is above the law.

This event is critical for anyone wishing to understand the thinking behind the Town Meeting Resolution. There will be ample time allotted for questions and answers.

The vote will take place at the General Town Meeting and Presidential Primary, Tuesday, March 4th at Brattleboro Union High School Gym. Polls are open from 9AM to 7PM..

Please note: The Indictment Initiative article is printed on the REVERSE side of the ballot. Look for it!

For more information, call 802-257-4995 or 802-258-4931, or email at

New Release

February 22, 2008

Representative Betty Hall

Hillsborough County District 5

New Hampshire General Court


An historic week in the N.H. Legislature.

The New Hampshire House State Federal and Veterans Affairs Committee held a Public Hearing on HR24 PETITION TO COMMENCE IMPEACHMENT PROCEDURES IN THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS. The sponsor, Representative Betty Hall of Hillsborough County District 5 (the towns of Hollis, Brookline and Mason) presented testimony (speech attached) followed by Paul Lehto an expert witness in the field of Election Law from Michigan, Selectman Dan DeWalt of Newfane Vermont, and John Kaminski of Maine Lawyers for Democracy and Herbert Hoffman of the Maine Campaign to Impeach. Members of the public came from all over New England and some as far as New Jersey. The Public Hearing started at 1 PM and ran until 5 PM when the Chairman, Representative Kris Roberts of Keene closed the hearing before all the members of the public who had signed up to speak had spoken. He accepted any written testimony from these people if they had their testimony in writing.

The S F @ Veterans Affairs Committee held their session for determining the Committee recommendation to the House, called the Majority Report. This meeting of the members of the Committee, the Executive Session, was held the next morning on February 20, 2008. The motion of Inexpedient to Legislate was made by Representative Pamela Coughlin of Mont Vernon, the former Republican Chair of the Committee in the previous biennium. This is the motion made to recommend killing the Resolution when it comes to the floor of the House for final disposition by all the House members, sometime in mid March.

Representative Lars Christiansen strongly objected to not having the opportunity to read and see all the testimony that was presented at the end of the meeting in writing or dvd form and left the meeting before the voting in protest. The Chairman had the material duplicated and those present each had the opportunity to read the testimony that was available. Not all the members of the public who had signed up to speak had written testimony available.

Then the vote was taken and there were 10 members who voted not to recommend the passage of the Resolution to the full House, and 5 members who disagreed with the Majority. The Minority agreed to offer its recommendation to pass the Resolution, separately to the House. Representative Eleanor Kjellman of Henniker wrote the Minority Report. Both Reports will appear in the Calendar. The full House will vote in mid March.

Representative Betty Hall

Hillsborough County District 5

New Hampshire General Court


Impeachment is not about Bush and Cheney. It is about the Presidency!!! It is about the Constitution. It rises above partisan politics. It is a tool that was put in our Constitution for use when all other checks and balances fail. The founding fathers saw that there would be times that the presidency would gather power to itself that did not belong to it.

Impeachment is the people's tool to restore a presidency that has gone bad. The founding fathers wrote it into the Constitution no fewer than six times, and they carefully chose their language. They settled on the term "high crimes and misdemeanors" very purposefully; they did not want to be specific. They didn't know there would be such a thing as computers and that people would find a way to steal elections using them, but they knew elections could get stolen. They did not know there could be such a thing as "shock and awe" used to inaugurate an illegal war, but they knew there would be illegal wars. They did not know what waterboarding is, but they knew what torture is.

They knew there had to be a way of keeping the presidency an institution of decency and public service. They probably did not think of impeachment as a radical cure. It was to be a useful instrument when the law was broken by the Executive. I think they hoped it would be used often. No President can ever be above the law.

What you have before you is a Petition. It does NOT impeach the President. It does NOT delineate all the charges that could be made against this President and Vice President. It does NOT attempt to prove any charges. What it DOES do is ask the U. S. House of Representatives to start investigations pursuant to Impeachment. Without impeachment-driven subpoenas, which overcome all claims of Executive privilege, the Congress has so far failed to deliver the truth.

I have invited Selectman Dan DeWalt from Newfane, Vermont to talk to us about the Impeachment Petition passed by the Vermont Senate. In Vermont, many towns introduced Petitions for Impeachment at their Town Meetings; most of these passed. Articles from these petitions made their way into the Vermont Senate petition. In the spirit of New England Town Meetings, I have adopted many of the articles from the Vermont petitions.

We will also hear from Herbert Hoffman of the Maine Campaign to Impeach and John Kaminski of Maine Lawyers for Democracy, which has gathered over 15,000 signatures of Maine citizens on their petition. They are experts on the Impeachment process and have worked with the National Lawyers Guild.

I have also invited election law expert Paul Lehto from Michigan to talk about the threats to our most basic Constitutional right, the right to vote. Many believe that our elections have been controlled by politicians in the White House with the deliberate intervention of the Justice Department. Mr. Lehto will tell you about his work investigating voter suppression and election fraud. He is also a veteran in the fight across America, from San Diego to Sarasota to Ohio, to undo the damage of the Help America Vote Act. Counting votes with secret proprietary software violates the Constitutional imperative to count our votes in open meeting.

[There are other experts here, some who have come from great distances. I hope they will also speak.]

Finally, I want to address one concern before I take questions. Many people I talk to worry about adding to the divisiveness in our country if Impeachment investigations proceed. They just wish Bush and Cheney would go quietly away and new enlightened leadership take over. Some think if we can just avoid all the controversy and come together in a bipartisan way, somehow everything will be all right.

It won't, not without the truth. We can't make good judgments without the truth. We can't evaluate our candidates without the truth nor can they articulate goals and solutions without the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. We all must have the courage to address the truth and restore the presidency.

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