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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Save The Internet and be sure to click for the Video.

Save The Internet! Act Now! banner just caught Comcast Corp. stacking an FCC hearing with paid (and apparently sleepy) seat-fillers.

Video: Comcast tries to buy our silence

The hearing was set up to investigate Comcast's recent blocking of the Internet. But Comcast packed the room so that the public couldn't get in to voice their support for Net Neutrality.

We took pictures and recorded an interview that proves Comcast was taking seats from concerned citizens. Now, we need you to make sure that the company doesn't get away with this ever again. Here's what you can do:

Tell your friends to take action at

Support's campaign to protect free choice on the Internet.

Comcast is blocking the public debate just like it is blocking the Internet: it wields its substantial political and financial power to shut out debate and shut up people.

The picture above (which you can redistribute as you wish) tells a part of the story. Comcast paid people to fill space who were so uninterested in the issue that they took the opportunity to nap. Meanwhile, more than a hundred people with legitimate concerns were left out in the Boston cold. (read more about it on our blog and the links below)

Tens of thousands of people have already protested Comcast by writing the FCC a or urging their elected officials to support the "Internet Freedom Preservation Act," a bipartisan bill that would re-establish Net Neutrality protections as a foundation of communications policy.

For too long, media policymaking has been rigged against us. By taking action, we're sending a wakeup call to phone and cable lobbyists that they will no longer set the agenda.

Whether it's on the Internet or at public hearings, we will stand up for everyone's right to connect and be heard.

Thank you,

Timothy Karr
Campaign Director

P.S. You can read more about Comcast's tactics here:

Grassroots Support? Or Astroturf at

Allegations Fly in FCC Hearing Aftermath From Associated Press

A View From Outside the Hearing at

Seat filler admitting he is being paid

Take action on this important campaign at:

Tell your friends about this campaign at:

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