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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Impeach Bush and Cheney, Pelosi Porkgate! Impeachment Off The Table; Pork Fest On The Table!

Impeach Bush and Cheney, “Impeachment is Off The Table” but Bush and Pelosi

have Sweetheart Deal:

Pelosi Savors Sweet and Sour Banquet Feast At Bayview Development Pork Fest!

And where is the GOA oversight on this piece of work? Pelosi Porkgate!

Like George; Whatever Nancy Wants; Nancy gets, and she has expensive tastes!

I want an Investigation! Buy it for a buck; fix it for $82,000,000,000, blah, blah and America ends up building A Football team a new stadium while everyone else gets screwed (Make sure you read this)!

(Click Here And You Can Have Your Own Choice Of Investigations)

Porkmistress Pelosi (Remember This Pelosi Pronouncement?)

WASHINGTON — Democrats aim to open the next Congress in January with a new rule that identifies lawmakers who use legislative "earmarks" to help special interests — a change Republicans promised but didn't implement.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said her first agenda item after being elected House speaker will be a vote to require sponsors of earmarks to be identified. Currently, lawmakers can remain anonymous in sponsoring an earmark, which is language in a bill that directs funds or tax benefits to a business, project or institution.

"There has to be transparency," the California congresswoman told USA TODAY last week. "I'd just as soon do away with all (earmarks/PORK), but that probably isn't realistic."

Pelosi said some earmarks "are worthy," and they can be a legitimate way for Congress to force fiscal priorities on the White House.

Like $82,000,000,000 in the San Francisco Bay Area? What Did George get for this gift?

Madam Speaker says she wants to tame pork-barrel spenders. TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE. The Bayview Pork Soap Opera (1974-2998) longest running Pelosi Pork Show On the books!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom were in his city Thursday celebrating $82 million in new federal money for the Bayview -Hunters Point neighborhood cleanup at the site of a formal naval shipyard.
This is the site where Newsom has proposed for a new San Francisco 49ers football stadium in effort to keep the team from moving to Santa Clara.

Mayor Gavin Newsom handed over a crisp $1 bill (Jan. 2005) and the Navy handed over a key piece of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to San Francisco on Wednesday, finally allowing the city to start developing one of its largest and last slices of vacant land.

Shipyard redevelopment is ready to begin -- really, this time -- after decades of environmental controversy and political wrangling since the Navy first closed it in 1974 and it was named a toxic Superfund site in 1989.

Four mayors, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi have played tug-of-war with the Navy over the years. In that time, there have been many premature announcements that the city and Navy reached agreements to turn over the 500 acres in southeast San Francisco, a depressed section of the town badly in need of economic renaissance.

"Dreams and promises have been made (to the Bayview-Hunters Point community), and we have to make sure they come true," Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, who represents the neighborhood on the Board of Supervisors, said at the conveyance ceremony Wednesday.

The Navy turned over 75 acres of prime real estate on a hilltop overlooking the Bay. The area, called Parcel A, was mostly residential during shipyard days and has been considered clean enough for transfer since the early 1990s.

Plans for this first parcel include 1,600 units of rentals and townhouses for sale, with at least 32 percent set aside for low-income families.

Other shipyard parcels will be released piecemeal by the Navy as they are cleaned of solvents and other toxins left behind by shipbuilders. The emerging neighborhood will include 300,000 square feet of commercial and retail space, parks and open space.

It took so long to reach this point because so many city, state and federal agencies have oversight and a hand in the transfer. It's also because the city and Bayview-Hunters Point community fought hard for guarantees of environmental cleanup, said Michael Cohen, the city's director of base reuse and development.

Over the years, the deal hung up on concerns that land adjacent to Parcel A, such as an old dump on Parcel D, could threaten new residents' health. So the Navy had to study whether methane gas was migrating. The city also insisted that Navy and state environmental specialists agree, in writing, that each parcel was clean enough.

The Navy has spent about $300 million so far to remediate the land, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy Wayne Arny said. An additional $200 million is budgeted.

The city awarded development rights in 1999 to Lennar Corp. Lennar, which will soon begin demolishing old naval housing on Parcel A, will pay nothing for the land but will fund the construction of streets, utilities and parks, a $50 million investment.

When the lots are ready for sale to developers, which could include Lennar affiliates and nonprofit builders, the city Redevelopment Agency will reap 60 percent of the proceeds and Lennar 40 percent. The Redevelopment Agency expects to bank $36 million from the sales, which will be reinvested in the Bayview-Hunters Point community, said redevelopment chief Marsha Rosen.

The cost of the affordable housing will be based on the neighborhood's median income, Cohen said. For example, the maximum rent for a two-bedroom apartment would be about $1,069 for a three-person household that earns up to $42,000 a year.

Longtime neighbors Gina Love and Marcy Thompson watched Wednesday's ceremony on Parcel A with guarded hopes. "If they (the politicians) say they want us to buy a house here, they should give us the jobs so I can afford to buy here," said Love, who works in a nearby homeless shelter as an outreach worker.

Both women also can't forget about the toxins that were in the soil. Thompson, 39, had a benign lump removed from her breast recently, and Love's aunt died of breast cancer. Love, 42, has asthma and so do four of her cousins.

"What if something (toxic) comes up after they build the houses here and we move in? We'll want medical benefits," said Love.

Feinstein, Pelosi Hail New Hunters Point Money

South Bay - January 03, 2008 NBC Channel 11

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom are hailing the $82 million in new federal money for the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood cleanup. What? : Development, Mayor, $$, Funding, Newsom, Pelosi, Cleanup

Community leaders organize to address asbestos exposure - Pelosi...
Jul 19, 2007 ... "So, I think, Ms. Pelosi has a lot to answer for, and maybe, in the very near future, the community of Bayview-Hunters Point will have to ... What answer some questions; don’t bet on it!

Hypocrisy in action (Pelosi Calls for Bi-partisan Inquiry Into Cunningham)

From Congressional Quarterly

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has asked Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., to bring a resolution to the House floor that would create a bipartisan panel to investigate the extent of Cunningham's violations. Pelosi also is asking the inspectors general of the Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency and Office of the Director of National Intelligence to launch an inquiry into whether Cunningham compromised intelligence or national security.

In a similar article in USA Today, Marvin Ott, a specialist in intelligence issues at the National War College, is quoted on the lack of oversight in classified defense and intelligence programs. "If rotten apples are showing up in this process, it's a serious problem because the potential for large-scale abuse is there."

December 2, 2005 in Congressional Oversight, Contract Oversight, Defense, Ethics Permalink

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How dare Nancy Pelosi make any noise whatsoever about political corruption?

The Hunter's Point Shipyard Redevelopment Project is one of the dirtiest political deals ever done, engineered by her step-son Laurence Fishburne, Lennar Vice-President, and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome's campaign manager.

And, this is not just a dirty deal; it's also radioactive.

Lennar is building the $100,000 Superfund Condos---that's entry-level housing in San Francisco--next to a 64-acre nuclear dumpsite full of fall-out from nuclear weapons tests in the Pacific, which the Navy dragged back here and dumped in the 40% Black, 51% Brown neighborhood populated largely by people who'd come north to work in the shipyard round the clock, because they needed the work and the U.S. government was determined to win the war.

The Bayview neighborhood surrounding the Shipyard now has the highest incidence of breast cancer for women under 40 in the entire U.S.A., not only because of the 64-acre dump site next to the condos the City is paying Lennar to build, after giving Lennar the land, but also because of the top secret National Radiological Laboratory operating in the shipyard from 1945 to 1969.

Now Gavin Newsome, the Redevelopment Agency, and the usual cast of highly capitalized politicians and beneficiaries have "fast-tracked" the Bayview-Hunter's Point Redevelopment Project through the Board of Supervisors, pushing it to a vote this coming Tuesday, May 9th. They fast-tracked this legislation so fast that those of us fighting it are all scrambling and trying to catch our breath.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency aggression, aided by the recent Supreme Court decision on eminent domain, opens a new front in the ongoing war of the super-rich on the poorest and most vulnerable in the world, and on the rest of us. The 40% Black, 51% Brown, mostly poor Bayview District seems like an easy target, like Iraq and Black New Orleans.

Iraq has oil; Black New Orleans and the Black and Brown Bayview District both have--or had---property that has greatly appreciated in recent years, like all inner city property in the U.S.A. And, contrary to all the disgraceful screeching about 500 nonexistent yellow cakes from Niger---where miners are, by the way, extremely ill as a consequence of uranium mining and uranium milling (making yellow cake that did not go to Iraq) ---contrary to all the disgraceful screeching about yellow cake that was not imported by Saddam Hussein, neither Iraq, nor New Orleans, nor the Bayview have nuclear weapons.

The super-rich do have nuclear weapons, or they serve some purpose for those who have them, and they attack only those who lack nuclear weapons or nuclear weapons capability.

Since the advent of nuclear weapons at the end of WWII, they have never attacked a nuclear weapons power or a nuclear weapons capable power (I.e., the U.N. Security Council, the "rogue" nuclear weapons states,--Israel, North Korea, and Pakistan, or the G-4 (nuclear weapons power India, and nuclear weapons capable Germany, Japan, and Brazil).

Bill Clinton privatized the only operating uranium enrichment plant in the U.S. in 1998, and the Carlyle Group tried, very aggressively to buy it.

Congress narrowed the privatization possibilities to Carlyle and an IPO and ultimately went with the IPO, which is doing very badly, financially, despite the boom in nuclear everything.

I fear that the Carlyle group may now hover in the shadows of its financial failure, still hoping to hold a stake in every stage of nuclear weapons development. They already own uranium mines, nuclear reactors, nuclear power plants, and nuclear weapons

Those without nuclear weapons, or much political power, like the Iraq, Black New Orleans, the Bayview, the Navajo, or the Western Shoshone, are likely to be targets of either nuclear weapons or nuclear waste dumping and nuclear testing.

The Bayview District has long been a dump site and a nuclear experimentation site, at the Nuclear Radiation Laboratory.

Nancy Pelosi and her step-son Laurence Fishburne have been the most active in opening a new front in the ongoing nuclear war, in the Bayview, which is no longer simply a nuclear dump site but also a target for property theft by the super-rich who are also nuclear weapons empowered.

The Los Angeles Times revealed on June 14, 2005 that Murtha, as the top Democrat on House Defense Appropriations, has been funneling tens of millions of taxpayer dollars into KSA Consulting, the lobbying company of his brother, Kit Murtha, and KSA clients. (You remember Nancy’s failed attempt to reward “Big John”) (Insert follows ;)

(In the house: House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi and fellow Bay Area Democratic Rep. Ellen Tauscher haven't always had the warmest of relationships.

So when Tauscher of Walnut Creek backed Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer's bid to be majority leader -- and didn't change her mind when Pelosi subsequently endorsed Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania -- it looked like another fight in the making.

We say "another'' because back in 2001, Tauscher bucked her more liberal California colleagues and backed Hoyer against Pelosi for Democratic whip.

Pelosi won, and the payback was swift -- with Pelosi's longtime friend, then-state Senate President Pro Tem John Burton, carving out part of the San Ramon Valley from Tauscher's district and adding in far-flung pieces of Solano and Sacramento counties.

So when Tauscher recently came out swinging for Hoyer, it looked like Round 2 of the Pelosi battle was about to begin.

But it turns out Tauscher had some company in the California delegation in backing Hoyer -- Reps. Henry Waxman, Maxine Waters, Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa went south on Pelosi as well.

And Tauscher says she's not worried about any fallout with the new speaker, telling us:

"We put our big-girl pants on every day and go to work.’’)

Last year, Murtha strong armed the Navy into transferring the Hunters Point Shipyard to the city of San Francisco, which had a contract with a company called Lennar, Inc. to “redevelop” the 500-acre site bringing millions in profits to Lennar. The Senior Vice-President of Lennar is Laurence Pelosi, Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi’s stepson.

This year, Murtha inserted several “earmarks” (specifically designated appropriations) into various defense bills giving millions of federal research dollars to companies owned by the children of Democrat Congressman Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania’s 11th district adjoining Murtha’s 12th.

SBD (San Francisco Bay Democrats or Son Of A Bitch Democrats)… MERCHANTS HAVE NO COUNTRY or anything else.

Thomas Jefferson noted toward the end of his life that "merchants have no country," in that the merchant's first loyalty is always to profit.

He could have just as readily said that the merchants have no political party either.

Business loyalty to self interest rather than common interest is rife in modern American politics, where corporations regularly hedge their bets by contributing to opposing candidates.

Such was the situation when Supervisor Newsom ran for mayor in 2003.

As Election Day neared, it became apparent that Newsom was barely ahead of his Green Party opponent, Matt Gonzalez, even though he was outspending him by a 10 to 1 margin.

The possibility of a Green coming to power in San Francisco so terrified the AWDG that the gang pulled out all of the stops and flew into action, calling in celebrity Democrats like Bill Clinton and Al Gore and coughing up cash.

Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi hit the phones.

Republican businessmen rushed to the fore.

George Shultz, a Republican flush with new found Bechtel riches from Iraq, opened his wallet, as did the heirs to the Getty oil fortune, who were Newsom's original sponsors.

Republicans Charles Schwab and Donald Fisher wrote checks.

The Swig and Shorenstein families, real estate developers who had underwritten the activities of local Democrats for years, dialed in their dollars.

And, of course, Newsom won and policies favored by the AWDG continue to flourish during his regime - like the onslaught to quickly privatize the shipyard property, regardless of the health of the residents during construction on this toxic site or the fact that no one in the neighborhood will ever be able to live in the new housing units.

In 2006, Lennar Corp. was cited multiple times for failing to monitor and control asbestos dust during the grading phase on Parcel A. Oddly enough, the project was never shut down to correct any non-compliant operations.

Finally, several local African American neighborhood organizations went to City Hall this year to protest this continuing contamination and request that the City red tag the site until safety measures could be enforced. Their request fell upon deaf ears.

Meanwhile, the AWDG, not content with securing a financial stranglehold on future development of public lands, continues to target existing public housing for privatization.

Dress rehearsal in the Fillmore

To understand what's happening today at Hunters Point, it is necessary to understand what happened in San Francisco's Fillmore District in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Fillmore, often called the "Harlem of the West," was a center of Black culture in the decades following World War II.

Like Tulsa in the early 1920s, the Fillmore was a flourishing home for thousands of Black people and hundreds of Black-owned markets, auto repair garages, barber shops, salons, restaurants, shoe repair shops, Laundromats, night clubs and apparel stores. Among those businesses was the legendary Jimbo's Bop City, which featured performances by jazz immortals like Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and John Coltrane.

And then came something called Urban Renewal in the guise of a heavily-cloaked urban real estate operation called the Redevelopment Agency. When the SFRA was finished, the Fillmore was gone.

The bulldozers had smashed and leveled block after block after block. The fabulous Fillmore looked like a bombed-out city in an old newsreel. And that's exactly what it was, displaced residents and all.

The people who lived in the Fillmore were dispersed to the East Bay cities of Oakland, Richmond and to Hunters Point Bayview.

As the Redevelopment Agency smashed homes and businesses, it issued thousands of certificates of preference to the people of the Fillmore.

These certificates were documents which gave the displaced businesses and families a promise of preference for renting or buying other redevelopment property within the City and the right to return to the neighborhood from which they'd been evicted.

Of the 883 certificates given to Black-owned businesses, only 39 resulted in other business locations.

Of the 4,719 certificates given to families, only 1,099 certificates put families in other homes.

Somehow, the Redevelopment Agency lost contact with 3,055 families and 590 businesses which held certificates of preference.

Today, the Fillmore is almost completely gentrified.

Much of the neighborhood has been condo-ized and yuppified, replete with foo-foo restaurants and ersatz jazz festivals. However, a pocket of Black families remain in the neighborhood with enough young Black men to be targeted for a gang injunction from the City Attorney.


The situation at Hunters View, a public housing project in the Hunters Point Bayview neighborhood with a scenic view of the Bay Bridge and the Bay, is a classic case of how politicians, developers and financial interests work together to achieve their respective ends of power and profit at the expense of people.

In 1997, a grandmother and five children burned to death in Hunters View because the smoke detectors didn't work. A recent inspection - 10 years later - found that 64 percent of the units still had non-functioning smoke detectors and pockets of sewage bubbling up in and around these rat-infested homes.

Do you think City Hall rushed plumbers, carpenters and electricians out there to fix things up? Go sit in the corner if you answered in the affirmative.

Here's how privatization for profit works: First, don't maintain anything; let everything deteriorate. Second, throw up your hands in dismay of ever being able to repair anything with the meager public funds available. Third, call in private developers and their bankers to "help out." Fourth, evict the residents because by now everything has to be torn down. And fifth, build units to buy, not to rent, that the evicted residents can't afford.

When the federal government purposely abandoned the "inner cities" of Urban America almost 30 years ago, the vacuum left in its wake created vast and lucrative investment opportunities for the exploitation of public property. Do you think that the snail's pace rebuild of the infrastructure and return of the displaced residents of New Orleans is accidental? Go sit in the corner!

In San Francisco, the patron saint of privatization is Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, known to some locals as "Nancy Privatisi" for her landmark work in taking the 1,200 acres of public land in the Presidio and placing it into private hands. Even the staid San Francisco Chronicle couldn't avoid noting that the Presidio was "the first privatized national park in the United States."

How about a little Q and A? Who was one of the founding directors of the Presidio Trust? Donald Fisher. Who appointed him? Bill Clinton. Who is a major contributor to Pelosi's campaign, while at the same time being a charter member of the SFSOS, the AWDG and the Republican Party? Donald Fisher. Who's going to construct a museum to himself - excuse me - for his art collection, in the Presidio? Donald Fisher. Who supports it? Nancy Pelosi.

There's also a plan to put a Walt Disney museum in the Presidio, which would be appropriate because Nancy's husband, Paul, owns a bit of Disney. A local union organizer suggested that it would be fitting that a third museum be erected between the first two museums - a museum to sweatshop workers.

Getting back to Hunters View, Newsom has been seen cruising the neighborhood with developers from the AWDG. Hunters View is a perfect candidate for privatization: It has a view that yuppies will pay big bucks for, and it's sufficiently destabilized to warrant complete leveling.

Hunters Point resident Apollonia Jordan, in a recent article in the Black-owned San Francisco Bay View newspaper, wrote: "I know you have noticed the groups of clean, pressed suited white men who jump out of these brand new SUVs with Mayor Gavin Newsom looking around your housing project. They smile and sometimes even talk to the ‘poor' children playing outside."

In response to a Chronicle series about the dire living situation at Hunters View, Pelosi, whose nephew Laurence has worked for both Lennar and Newsom and is Newsom's first cousin, announced that the Democrats had not only increased funding for public housing, but that their $1 million allotment for Hunters View would create "one-for-one replacement of 267 public housing units" with "new affordable rental units" and "market rate homes."

Sounds familiar. Sounds like Lennar's original plan for the shipyard.

Sounds like the Fillmore.

Mayor Newsom:

It is outrageous because even a cursory understanding of facts plainly in the public record - facts reported in The Chronicle many times - unequivocally demonstrates that the notion that the city just only started fighting hard for the cleanup of the shipyard this winter is patently false.

It is insulting because it denigrates the tireless work of an entire generation of Bayview-Hunters Point activists and community leaders - including the Herculean efforts of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California's senior senator, Dianne Feinstein, to transform the shipyard from an environmental blight on the community to a fantastic waterfront collection of hundreds of acres of parks, thousands of new market-rate and affordable housing units and major retail and commercial employment centers, including a science and technology campus directed at clean technology companies - all on derelict, abandoned land that currently serves no public good.

Oh there go those good intentioned “words” right down the money toilet!

Mayor Newsom

First the facts: Contrary to The Chronicle's careless accusation, my administration, with the enormous help of Speaker Pelosi and Sens. Boxer and Feinstein, has been working for many years - well before there was even a possibility of the 49ers building a stadium at the shipyard - to secure scarce federal dollars for the cleanup of this closed Navy base.

From 1991-2002, the shipyard received about $140 million in federal cleanup of funds, averaging about $13 million per year. Since that time, the shipyard has received over $390 million in federal appropriations, averaging $65 million per year - a fivefold increase.

Make no mistake about it, getting that kind of investment from the Department of Defense every year for a closed military facility is very difficult.

Much of our success in this endeavor goes back to a landmark agreement between the city and the Navy regarding the cleanup and transfer of the shipyard that was signed at the beginning of my first term - almost four years ago. The Chronicle should check facts before making reckless claims about city leaders "scrambling" to get the shipyard cleaned up just for the 49ers. (OH really!)

More troublesome facts for The Chronicle: This most recent federal appropriation will allow the Navy to transfer almost 90 acres of land.

Twenty-five of those acres may be used for a new 49ers stadium, in part because a stadium would be a perfectly safe use of that site.

But we have been crystal clear - as reported in The Chronicle many times - that the scope of public benefits that this project will create for Bayview residents in terms of affordable housing, and parks and jobs are so great that the project will proceed with or without the 49ers.

In fact, the bulk of the land to be transferred in the next phase - 64 acres on Parcel B - will be used for housing, the first phase of major waterfront parks and a vibrant retail center that will both celebrate and preserve the shipyard's vibrant artist community and provide much-needed jobs for Bayview residents.

The only "disgusting negligence" here is The Chronicle's utter lack of journalistic ethics in allowing its sensationalistic impulse to find a negative angle in even the best of news to influence the paper's reporting of one of the most important projects in the city's history, and along the way, tarnishing a golden opportunity for tangible, positive change for the Bayview-Hunters Point community.

GAVIN NEWSOM Mayor of San Francisco

And The Final Word….Maybe!

Buy it for a Buck Fix Up with $82 Million of your tax money, ain’t Nancy a honey?

Joined by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dianne Feinsten, Mayor Gavin Newsom today announced $82 million in federal funding for the toxic cleanup of the Hunters Point Shipyard superfund site.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom were in his city Thursday celebrating $82 million in new federal money for the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood cleanup at the site of a formal naval shipyard.
This is the site where Newsom has proposed for a new San Francisco 49ers football stadium in effort to keep the team from moving to Santa Clara.

Jan. 3, 2008 NBC Channel 11


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