Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: Impeach Bush and Cheney: "Stupor Bowl Sunday Sermon "(Plus)

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Impeach Bush and Cheney: "Stupor Bowl Sunday Sermon "(Plus)

Impeach Bush and Cheney and Condemn the Media for Non-Coverage.

On this day “Stupor Bowl Sunday” when corporations can pay millions of dollars for frivolous TV Ads, when Dominos Pizza Delivery Slaves will have their best “Tip Day” of the year, when more wives will be slapped around than any other day of year for saying: “Get the Beer yourself; you’ve had enough.”, and people are being killed in Iraq, suffer in need of medical care they cannot afford, are thinking about their appointment at the unemployment office or with their bank mortgage officer; I’m worried about what administration folks are discussing while watching the game.

It is time that we make the commitment to refuse to vote for any incumbent standing for re-election to The House of Representatives or US Senate who does not support our Constitution as measured by the faithful execution of their oath of office by advocating and laboring for the Impeachment of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney.

There is no current front runner in the pack left drooling over the Presidency that I can trust or passes my Litmus test. I have not budged from my position, my conviction of conscience, that most of the Congress is not doing me any good or this nation any good, and as such, regardless of who may be elected, incumbent cowards and the corrupted should be defeated, one and all, regardless of any loyalty to party.

Their replacements can hardly be worse, and if they are maybe, like the alcoholic, America will hit the bottom, wake up from comfortable denial and final have the courage of conscience, the quality of character, and the will to put down their bottle of beer, get off the couch and act like responsible adults and citizens. We don’t have time for some twelve step program, when all we have to do is kick "the politics as usual habit".

Until a “Class” of elected leaders is struck down by the electorate; we will not be taken seriously. Yes, this is hard love! Yes, I am suggesting that we may have to participate in letting things go to hell a bit more. Yes, I am suggesting you, we, turn our back on Presidential candidates who have some sort of “History-Making” appeal.

The only thing I see at that moment that is real is the media hyped “history-making” appeal. The Buzz word change is meaningless unless that change is defined as correcting the course of this nation, repudiating and expunging Laws, Executive Orders and “Signings” that have become the foundation of the growing Cancer of a Unitary Executive and an Imperial Presidency.

Victory of Party is an illusion without the restoration of The Constitution of this nation. If you argue or are persuaded that it is an old, archaic irrelevant governance document no longer applicable or enforceable, you have just entered the ranks, logically, or either an anarchist or an advocate of revolution, for you have accepted the absence of a coherent uniform code of conduct and law in this nation.

Currently the political choice we have at the ballot box in November of 2008 is the choice between one pair of soiled under wear and another one. The old cliché attributed to “Mom” was that should always wear clean under wear just in case you might have an accident. Well, that accident is taking place now as we spin out into the eventual crash.

I don’t how many different ways one can attempt to deliver the message obliquely, or by analogy. But let me try one last time by analogy.

We have a multi-million dollar Chess Board on full public display paid for in the main by corporate, special interest, lobbyist monies, and the candidates moving about it their political war game are the Kings, the Queens, Black and White players, the religious right Bishops, those who be the heroic Knights rushing to the honorable call of duty and salvation, so espoused and defined by themselves, and oh yes; we have a part to play. We are the little disposable casualties of the games know as pawns and peons. We get to vote for their nonsense, join in the happy throng of campaign hype and celebration, our only reward being polled and emailed for more money as part of "the loyal" duped flock.

I want to dump the pieces in the trash can and fire the board out a shattered window!

I know no one wants to hear this and no one wants to believe this, but the only way we are going to restore this nation to what it should be and what it can be, is to stop being the enablers of the continued corruption and perversion of our system of government is to rid ourselves of those who believe we don’t have the will or guts to stop them, to regain control of the legislative process of this nation and rid ourselves the corporate money nose ring that will corrupt in short time even a Saint sent to office.

We can either really stand up and shut this nation down to the point where we are in control or we can blissfully move along in the excitement of campaigning leaving other causes behind as lost and to a diminishing number of “serious activists”. If we fall into the trap, some time, somewhere, down the road violence becomes inevitable as our fore fathers of the Revolution well understood. The choice is ours. Ed.

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From American

This Site should be explored by everyone. Its’ Organization is commendable, its’ content exemplary, its’ contribution invaluable.

Recently, many in Washington and the Bush Administration have claimed that the surge has worked. They claim that we are on the path to security in Iraq and that the tables have finally turned in our favor. However, the reality of the situation on the ground tells a very different story. As you will see below, and as the American people should constantly remind themselves, it requires a suspension of belief, or an acceptance of widespread violence, to believe that the surge has worked.

For five years this war has raged on and has brought America no closer to a secure future. As Arianna Huffington has written, with only three of the 18 benchmarks laid out last year met, and a more than 50% increase in deaths of American soldiers over December, "the surge is working" is poised to become 2007-08's "Mission Accomplished." Though many Americans are facing a tough economic future, in the months ahead, American's should force their potential presidential candidates to engage the war again and test the merits of the Biden-Gelb Soft Partition Plan.

Thanks for your continued support

Saturday January 26: 13 dead

Baghdad: gunmen kill policeman, Bab al-Sharqi; gunmen kill a couple and their son and daughter in their house, Talibiya; a civilian dies in drive-by shooting, Muaskar al-Rasheed; 1 body found.
Muqdadiya: roadside bomb kills policeman.
Abu Saida: roadside bomb kills governor's guard.
Balad: roadside bomb kills motorist
Sulaimaniya: 2 bodies found.
Kirkuk: man is killed in drive-by shooting.

Friday January 25: 7 dead

Baghdad: 2 bodies.
Saqlawiya: 3 bodies.
Abu Saida: roadside bomb kills 1.
Najaf: gunmen kill Sheikh loyal to al-Sadr outside his house.

Thursday January 24: 14 dead

Baghdad: roadside bomb kills 2 policemen, Andulos Square; explosion kills 1, Ur; 3 bodies.
Mosul: police chief and 2 other policemen killed by suicide bomber at site of yesterday's blast, while inspecting the damage.
Karbala: attack on Sheikh Abdul Mehdi al-Karbala kills 2 of his bodyguards.
Mahaweel: roadside bomb kills civilian.
Iskandariya: body found.
Baquba: body found.

Wednesday January 23: 49 dead

Baghdad: gunmen kill the dead of dentistry at Baghdad university; 4 bodies.
Mosul: 37 die in explosion that brings down building.
Dibis: car bomb kills 7, including a child.

Tuesday January 22: 21 dead

Baghdad: roadside bomb kills 1; 3 bodies.
Baquba: suicide bomber blows himself up in school, kills 1; gunmen kill man near clinic.
Buhriz: 7 bodies of men belonging to the same family are found.
Shirqat: gunmen kill police chief's bodyguard.
Mosul: gunmen kill university professor; body found.
Basra: gunmen kill policeman.
Bardi Bridge: body found.
Hilla: 2 bodies found.
Amara: child killed in missile explosion.

Monday January 21: 39 dead

Baghdad: man killed by US forces in the course of a raid, Amil; 7 bodies.
Hajaj: suicide bomber blows up 17 people at funeral, in village near Baiji.
Samarra: explosion near car kills 2.
Qaiyara: car bomb kills 2.
Mosul: US air strike kills 2 policemen; 2 bodies.
Kalar: gunmen attack house, kill mother and 13-year-old daughter.
Falluja: gunmen attack police patrol, kill 4 Awakening members.

Sunday January 20: 17 dead

Baghdad: roadside bomb kills 1, Zayouna; 2 bodies.
Saad Camp: roadside bomb kills 2.
Muqdadiya: man is killed by gunmen.
Baquba: 2 children die in bomb explosion by their house; gunmen kill Awakening member.
Falluja: teenage suicide bomber kills 6 at Awakening feast.
Hawija: tribesman dies in drive-by shooting.
Samarra: gunmen kill former Baath member.

Saturday January 19: 32 dead

Baghdad: roadside bomb kills 2 in restaurant, Sadr City; 2 bodies.
Ramadi: suicide bombers kill 6 policemen.
Falluja: 2 bodies.
Balad: mortars target Ashura pilgrims, kill 5, including 2 children.
Tal Afar: rocket kills 7 at Ashura gathering.
Mosul: bomb explosion kills woman.
Kirkuk: bomb under pile of rubbish kills 2.
Wajihiya: roadside bomb targeting governor's convoy kills 3 bodyguards.
Nasiriya: 2 policemen killed in clashes.

Friday January 18: 37 dead

Baghdad: roadside bomb kills woman and child, Ur; 2 bodies.
Basra: 7 killed in clashes, most of them policemen; sniper kills doctor.
Nasiriya: 13, including 2 children, killed in clashes with Soldiers of Heaven cult during Ashura festival.
Buhruz: 2 policemen die in booby-trapped house.
Wajihiya: 2 policemen are killed in clashes.
Baquba: 2 children die in booby-trapped house.
Shirween: 3 bodies.

Thursday January 17: 36 dead

Baghdad: 3 bodies.
Baquba: suicide bomber kills 11 outside Shia mosque.
Diyala River Valley: US forces kill 3 (2 women and 1 man) during raid.
Jalawla: US and Iraqi forces kill 7 during overnight raid -5 of them a family of Kurds living in Shaykh Bawa village. When the family did not open their door out of fear, the forces broke down the door and opened fire.
Mosul: car bomb kills policeman; gunmen kill another civilian and another policeman; roadside bomb kills 2; another roadside bomb kills 3; car bomb outside church kills 1.
Basra: gunmen kill policeman. Policeman killed during clashes.
Tikrit: gunmen kill policeman.

Wednesday January 16: 26 dead

Baghdad: roadside bomb kills 3 university students, Bab al-Muadham; roadside bomb kills another civilian, Zaafaraniya; roadside bombs kill 2, Nahrawan; gunmen attack Awakening members at checkpoint, kill 2; 5 bodies.
Khan Bani Saad: suicide bomber blows herself up outside mosque killing 8.
Civilian is shot dead by US forces, the 24th this month.
Tuz Khurmato: gunmen kill student; body found.
Shirqat: 2 policemen killed in clashes with gunmen during raid.

Tuesday January 15: 16 dead

Baghdad: 5 primary school children are struck by official's convoy and are then caught in ensuing gunfight between guards and Iraqi soldiers; Awakening member killed in clashes, Sadriya; 6 bodies.
Mosul: roadside bomb kills policeman; 2 bodies.
Al-Shirqat: suicide car bomber attack police checkpoint, kills policeman.

Monday January 14: 29 dead

Baghdad: gunmen kill judge along with his driver, Mansour; 5 bodies.
Buhriz: 7 policemen die in booby-trapped house during search; Awakening member is shot dead nearby.
Dujail: roadside bomb kills 2 policemen.
Mosul: car bomb kills civilian; gunmen kill policeman; 2 bodies.
Haditha: 4 bodies.
Kut: US forces open fire at intersection killing 4 (a bus driver and 3 construction workers). The number of Iraqi civilians killed by US forces in January has now gone up to 23.

Sunday January 13: 12 dead

Baghdad: gunmen kill office worker, Arasat; policeman killed in ensuing clashes; 4 bodies.
Kenzinar: gunmen kill doctor's assistant.
Basra: gunmen kill official at Sadr's office.
Falluja: US forces kill civilian in car, as it approaches their patrol.
Jalawla: body found.
Mosul: 2 bodies found.

American Respect is a not-for-profit organization that believes invading Iraq has increased global terrorism, is costing thousands of lives, (and literally trillions of tax dollars) and is increasing energy costs.

We believe the US should take a very different approach to addressing this problem. Our principles for reducing terrorism are:

Pursue true terrorists such as al Qaeda by eliminating training camps, preventing arms smuggling, freezing financial assets and apprehending terrorist leaders.

Find balanced solutions in sensitive areas which foment terrorism by rebuilding international coalitions. Violence in regions like Chechnya, Kashmir and especially Palestine directly and adversely affects the entire Muslim world.

Decrease our profile in Iraq and use international coalitions to lead a march toward guaranteed rights, limited government and democratic representation. Further recognize that Iraq was arbitrarily assembled in 1919 from three ethnically and religiously different Ottoman provinces, and that a peaceful solution may require a return, either partly or fully, to this pre-1919 arrangement.

Build up the economies of Muslim countries with the goal of creating a larger middle class in each. If abject poverty is a breeding ground for terrorism, then creating broad prosperity is a key part of the solution--especially in the areas of trade and land reform. And success in the economies of any Muslim country--from Morocco to Indonesia--is positive for stability and peace throughout the region.

Establish a tone of goodwill in policies and actions toward these nations and their growing and increasingly global populations.

To send your comments to American Respect click here


When will they come up with a cure for war?

by Cindy Casella

Fri Feb 01, 2008 at 06:20:18 AM PST

Watch the evening news or a football game these days and instead of hustling good old shaving cream or Shake 'n' Bake, they'll be pushing drugs that get a grip on your restless gams, mitigate heartburn, and, well, ahem, cause a man and his wife to take bubble baths on a hill in matching porcelain bathtubs.

This is all well and good, but I sure wish that they'd find a pill for peace.

They spend so much time, money, and effort on pharmaceutical research to alleviate all that ails us, but are there any studies on how to treat inhumanity and indifference toward the lives of others?

Cindy Casella's diary :: ::

On the subway, there are symptoms listed on posters, beckoning guinea pigs to come forward to participate in paid studies, none of which address the insanity of war.

The list of ailments associated with armed attacks is staggering. The pain and suffering, immense. Yet, little is done to curb the animalistic impulses that lead nations to commit atrocities against fellow human beings, without heeding one's natural instinct to relieve the suffering of others.

One wonders whether if Cheney and Bush could be in the midst of the death and destruction they have unleashed, they might see things differently, but as Dick had bad knees and George good connections, neither witnessed the horrors of combat firsthand.

I would like to see brain scans and MRIs of these armchair warriors to see whether they may be missing activity in the part of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, which senses the misery of others and is responsible for moral decisions…..

I suppose I will be in a distinct minority today; working away as this machine while the vast majority of America is reveling in some form during “The Stupor Bowl”! End….

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