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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Impeach Bush and Cheney, (FWD ) New England Action Update!

Summary of Impeachment Conference Calls

February 9 & 10

1. Action for Support of HR24 in New Hampshire:

· New Hampshire State Representative , Betty Hall, an 87 yr old life time activist, was on the call seeking help to a resolution in support of impeachment (HR 24),

· a public hearing is scheduled for February 19th at 1 PM

· at the Legislative Office Building behind the New Hampshire State Capitol

· in Rooms 305-307.

Please join Hall, her colleagues, and citizens from all over New England for the rally in front of the State House at 12 Noon on February 19th.




a) Decisions made as to ways to support Betty’s resolution:

· Anyone who can make it to New Hampshire that day please let me know by emailing me at or

(If we can get enough people from certain areas maybe we can

form car pools .)

· Calling and emailing the representatives to ask they support the resolution.

Below are different formats of spreadsheets for you to download. I have been trying to get a list of the supporters and ones who need persuading but Nancy’s father passed away on Sunday and I don’t want to delay getting this news out to everyone. Time is of the essence so please start contacting them now.

Microsoft Access 2003 - Members(Access2003).mdb
Text Delimited -
Members(Asterisk Delimited).txt
Microsoft Excel 2003 -
Members(Excel 2003).xls
Microsoft Excel 97 -
Members(Excel 97).xls

· Contact Local Media :

TV Station : MCAM

PHONE: 603-622-3023


FAX: 603-622-9323

MAIL: MCAM inc. 540 Commercial St.
Manchester, NH 03101

Radio Station : WMUR <>

WMUR-TV Broadcast Center
100 South Commercial Street
Manchester, NH 03101
FAX: (603) 641-9005

List of Reporters:

Newspapers and other media

2. Supporting Code Pink in DC

· Manijeh Saba was on the call and gave an in depth report of her experiences of the day with Conyers. Read article here:

Conyers Says He's on Edge of Starting Impeachment

· It is apparent that all the representatives are being threatened to some degree, whether it be their Chairmanship, seat on a committee or even their campaigns. Fear shows in all the members of the Judiciary and key members of the House.

· She expressed the importance of contacting the Judiciary and our representatives over the next 2 weeks to sign onto Wexler’s letter.

New members of Congress added to letter to Chairman Conyers:

· She is looking for people to support their lobbying efforts and ask that people please get in touch with her if they can come to DC .

Her email is :

Home Phone: 732-435-0434,

Cell Phone : 732-668-3360

· Arrangements can be made to stay at the Code Pink House if you plan on attending the lobbying sessions.

· Contact the Judiciary Committee

3. Discussion About PDA organized meeting in DC :

· On February 4h I had received a call from someone from PDA National and explained PDA had shelled out a considerable amount of money to make this meeting happen. A Meeting with Rep. Robert Wexler, Rocky Anderson, Steve Cobble, Daniel Ellsberg, John Nichols and Tim Carpenter joining together to convince Conyers to open hearings for Impeachment. From what I was told, Conyers said if he could get 6 more of the Judiciary to sign on , that would be a majority and he wouldn’t have to worry about Pelosi nor any retaliation.

· At this point it was agreed that we should send letters of support to those who have signed on and thank them for stepping forward. We should increase pressure on the Republicans too, not only the Democrats who haven’t signed on.

Please send an email to your representative.

Print 2 sided cards and distribute every where, leave in waiting room magazines, wrap tips in them, mail inside bill payments, everywhere.

Wexler impeachment card.doc or

4. Kucinich Controversy

· I hosted 2 conference calls over the weekend , and interesting enough, there were two people from totally different states, who don't even know each other , but amazingly told the same story about what happened to Dennis Kucinich.

Kucinich throws reps from Nancy Pelosi and AIPAC out of his office

· Both had received 1st hand the information from one of the people who were in the room with Dennis when the incident happened. Needless to say my phone rang off the wall from others who were on the calls and heard them tell of the Pelosi thugs and AIPAC being thrown out of Dennis' office. They wanted to know if those who were reporting on the incident in Dennis' office were credible after reading David Swanson’s post

Kucinich: "The Incident Did Not Happen"

I had to answer "YES" because I have never found either of them to spread any propaganda. They are highly regarded, trustworthy and truthful.

· By this time, I think we are all aware of threats being placed on members of Congress, and we all know why Pelosi took Impeachment off the table, because she and others have helped to cover up the crimes of the Bush administration.

· As for Dennis, I am sure the millions flowing into the coffers of Councilman Joe Cimperman have roots beyond Cleveland, but that we may never know.

Why Dennis would deny that he asked Pelosi’s representative and AIPAC reps to leave his office? We may never know. But there does seem to be a common factor, there are allot of people too scared to do their jobs.

· Do we want to risk having another dino elected to office? Good Grief I hope not, so please contribute something to his campaign. Also write letters to the Plain Dealer newspaper in Cleveland, saying Dennis is a true voice of and for the people.

· Below is some information about Dennis’ struggle.

a)Kucinich under attack:

"Right now I'm under attack by corporate interests, most of them from the city of Cleveland, who have an agenda, that has nothing to do neither with the people of my community nor with most people in this country"



In America They Came First For Dennis Kucinich


· Princeton Marriott Conference Center at Forrestal

· $500 luncheon beginning at 12:30 p.m. to Benefit Rush Holt’s Campaign

· Channel 12 contacted and local papers

· Have everyone write to Rush Holt and ask him to support Impeachment

· Signs asking for Pelosi’s Impeachment/besides Bush & Cheney

· Possible inside/outside strategy

· Write to local papers about Holt not supporting Impeachment, and Pelosi’s

Violation of her oath by taking our Constitutional rights away.

· Ask as many people take the afternoon off , this is a must have huge crowd event

· Possible civil disobedience.

· Further details as date gets closer

6. Rapid Letter Writing Response Campaign.

· Post Impeachment articles and as many as possible submit letters to the editor or commentary.

Here are some we need to respond to :

Phone companies being given right to spy on you
MarketWatch - USA
Giving immunity for the telecoms means that Bush and his administration will never be held legally accountable for their crimes because the truth will never ...

ACTION ALERT !!! Peter Stark (D) of CA has a question on his website about Impeaching Bush....please go and answer his questions ,

maybe he will get the idea people actually want this to happen.

Boulder City Council ponders resolution on calling to impeach Bush
Daily Camera - CO,USA
By Ryan Morgan (Contact) Boulder's elected leaders are expected to decide next week whether to draft and vote on a resolution calling for the impeachment of ...

Wartime powers could mangle Constitution
Alamogordo Daily News - Alamogordo,NM,USA
When I rattle the impeachment cage, folks in all earnest who might not even be for Bush reply "there's nothing to impeach him for." I have to ask, ...

Scalia: Constitution Doesn't Outlaw Torture

Listen to interview:


Reid, Pelosi Target US Intelligence Gathering Hard Left vs ...
Family Security Matters - Ridgewood,NJ,USA
Right now, Democrat Senators Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, working in tandem with Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick ...

Impeachment Poll Time. Only with contributions from you. From OpEd News

John Conyers and Nancy Pelosi are afraid to impeach. We need to raise, above and beyond our usual budget, about $9000.00 to pay for poll questions on impeachment to be commissioned by a national polling company. We've done polling before. This is pretty rush, rush. If you care about impeachment, we need to raise about $2500 in the next 36 hours and the balance in the next 10 days. Can you help? ON top of that, we also need to cover our monthly budget costs.

Click here to help fund our impeachment polling project so we can send a message that Conyers and Pelosi listen to-- polling results.

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