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Friday, February 1, 2008

Impeach Bush and Cheney, etc., Of Wingnuts and Fruit Cakes!

Impeach Bush and Cheney;
Bring The Troops Home;
Elect The Next President;
Get Rid Of Most Incumbents; Restore The Constitution;
Turn Virginia Blue;
Prosecute So Many Officials;
Rip Out The Roots Of The Unitary Executive/Imperial Presidency…
so much to do

And how do you know when things are getting to you and the process is about to swallow you alive; (When you recite, chapter, verse section, and sub. Section of The Geneva Conventions in your sleep with such clarity that just a few notes taken in the dark prove you were correct, or when you are awakened, and you answer “go back to sleep it was a wrong number”…that’s when.) How do I know? Let’s not go there, although I did write a helluva speech in my dreams the other night that I need to get to Dennis Kucinich. Don’t worry; I’m OK, and no I don’t want a second opinion.

But when I ran across this stuff preparing the Virginia/Warner Update Post ; I thought I might have ground one coffee bean too many and gone delusional on caffeine. What century is this?

Lampo said Marshall comes from the "theocrat wing of the party" to which the Log Cabin Republicans are opposed.

That pretty much sums it up about the man we like to call "Sideshow Bob" (for his repeated, outlandish comments and behavior). Yeah, this is the same guy who said that said that women who use contraception are "chemical love canals for frat house playboys." An "embarrassment" is right...except maybe in the "theocrat wing" of the Virginia Republican Party?

Marshall said his six years as a staffer on Capitol Hill and his 16 years in the House of Delegates give him the legislative experience necessary to operate as a U.S. Senator.

"People know me for having led on things like the marriage amendment, the right to life and home schooling," he said in a telephone interview on Monday.

During his announcement speech in Richmond, Marshall said he would push for such issues as protecting life of all children from conception, "understanding that taxpaying citizens are not bottomless ATM machines for government," keeping jobs in the U.S. as opposed to shipping them overseas, attacking the federal debt, and "recognizing that American and Allied troops have won the war and Iraqis must now win the peace."

"I know that our rights come from the hand of our Creator, that government derives its just powers from the people expressed through their elected representatives, that the purpose of government is to protect our rights, and that government leaders must be the people's servants, not their masters," Marshall said.)

In 2007 Marshall introduced a bill, although unsuccessful, that would have banned abortions in Virginia if the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision. It's a tough stance like this - not one that is held by his opponent, former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore - that Marshall said would resonate in the minds of Republican voters. Gilmore's campaign staff told the Associated Press that Gilmore believes abortions should be allowed through the first eight weeks of pregnancy.

Now I guess I shouldn’t be surprises or even appalled because this state has always been conflicted in diversity from the likes of Patrick Henry to Robert E. Lee, John Wilkes Booth and Edgar Allen Poe; we have run the gamut.

Famous Virginians: Virginia Is For Lovers
Virginia is home to more U.S. Presidents than any other state, but did you know we are also home to many famous african-americans, athletes, ...

Patrick Henry (1736-1799) Hanover; orator; patriot leader; famous for "liberty or death" speech; governor Home: Red Hill - Speech: St. John’s Episcopal Church, Richmond -

Robert E. Lee – (1807-1870) Westmoreland County; Commanding general, Confederate Army of Northern Virginia; Stratford Hall - House:

But when thinks of weird the name of Poe inevitably rises in conversation…..but…

Edgar Allan Poe – (1809-1849) Boston, Mass; famous writer of novels, poetry, short stories;
Poe died in Baltimore; the cause of his death is unknown and has been attributed to alcohol, brain congestion, cholera, drugs, heart disease, rabies, suicide, tuberculosis, and other agents.[3]

here are conflicting accounts surrounding the last days of Edgar Allan Poe and the cause of his death. Some say he died from alcoholism, some claim he was murdered, and various diseases have also been attributed. Most say he was found unconscious in the street and admitted to the Washington College Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. He died soon after, on 7 October 1849, and was buried unceremoniously in an unmarked grave in the Old Westminster Burying Ground of Baltimore. On this original site now stands a stone with a carving of a raven and the inscription;
Quoth the Raven, Never more.

The mysterious Poe Toaster visits Poe’s grave on his birthdays and leaves a partially filled bottle of cognac and three roses.

All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream.—A Dream within a Dream

This Guy Marshall is a F#%$*#G Political Nightmare!

I think I’ll go brew a new pot of freshly ground Villa Rey CafĂ© De Sumatra Coffee Beans.
Can’t get back to sleep anyway after that nightmare.

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