Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: Happy Impeachment Holidays and a new Tool!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Impeachment Holidays and a new Tool!

The Committee Caller: Yet Another Tool To
With Congress. is a site that allows one person to target an entire congressional committee over the phone.

The web application utilizes the open source Asterisk PBX system to connect you to every senator or house member on a particular committee.

No more digging around the 'net entering zip-codes to retrieve phone numbers of representatives -- automates the tedium of repetitively dialing your favorite politicians.

Select a committee, enter in your phone number and click "Put me in touch with democracy!" and you'll be called by our system and sequentially patched through to the front office of each member on that committee.

You can even rate how each call went -- information that will enable us to rank representatives on how accountable and responsive they are to their constituents. For more information about how Committee Caller works, click here.To begin, follow these steps:

1. Select the committee you wish to target on the left. (Selecting a fictional committee will redirect all calls to Fandango, but will demonstrate the system's functionality.)

2. Enter your phone number below.

3. Press 'Put me in touch with democracy!'

4. Wait for Committee Caller's automated voice application to call you.

5. Pick up the phone and stay on the line while Committee Caller starts connecting you to the members on the committee you selected.

Once connected Committee Caller will tell you which representive your calling, who their legislative director or chief of staff is, and what district they represent.
At any point you can use the * to hang up the call and move on to the next one. After each call you will have the opportunity to rate how your call went.

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