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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tracking The Trash



Joe Biden
Current Job/Position: Senator from Delaware
Hometown: New Castle, Del.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/31/07
Profile Finance Tracker

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Current Job/Position: Senator from New York
Hometown: Park Ridge, Ill.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/22/07
Profile Finance Tracker

Chris Dodd
Current Job/Position: Senator from Connecticut
Hometown: East Haddam, Conn.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/11/07
Profile Finance Tracker

John Edwards
Current Job/Position: Director for Center on Poverty; Trial Lawyer
Hometown: Robbins, N.C.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/3/07
Profile Finance Tracker

Mike Gravel
Current Job/Position: Lecturer
Hometown: Springfield, Mass.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 4/14/06
Profile Finance Tracker

*Dennis Kucinich*
Current Job/Position: Representative from Ohio
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Status: Statement of Candidacy 12/29/06
Profile Finance Tracker

Barack Obama
Current Job/Position: Senator from Illinois
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia; Honolulu, Hawaii
Status: Statement of Candidacy 2/12/07
Profile Finance Tracker

Bill Richardson
Current Job/Position: Governor of New Mexico
Hometown: Pasadena, Calif.; Mexico City, Mexico
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/22/07
Profile Finance Tracker

Republican Candidates

Rudy Giuliani
Current Job/Position: Lawyer
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 2/5/07
Profile Finance Tracker

Mike Huckabee
Current Job/Position: Candidate
Hometown: Hope, Ark.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/29/07
Profile Finance Tracker

Duncan Hunter
Current Job/Position: Representative from California
Hometown: Alpine, Calif.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/25/07
Profile Finance Tracker

Alan Keyes
Current Job/Position: Author, Speaker
Hometown: Montgomery County, Maryland
Status: Unknown
Profile Finance Tracker

John McCain
Current Job/Position: Senator from Arizona
Hometown: Alexandria, Va.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 11/16/06
Profile Finance Tracker

Ron Paul
Current Job/Position: Representative from Texas
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 3/12/07
Profile Finance Tracker

Mitt Romney
Current Job/Position: Candidate
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 1/3/07
Profile Finance Tracker

Tom Tancredo
Current Job/Position: Representative from Colorado
Hometown: Broomfield, Colo.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 4/12/07
Profile Finance Tracker

Fred Thompson
Current Job/Position: Actor
Hometown: Lawrenceburg, Tenn.
Status: Statement of Candidacy 9/05/07
Profile Finance Tracker

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