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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Impeach+Bush+Cheney_Peach Spitting, Peach Piss Splashes From The Impeachment Pit, Parade Paranoia and The New York Time Goes Into The Tank. Walking,

Peach Spitting,
Peach Piss Splashes
From The Impeachment Pit, Parade Paranoia
and The New York Times
Goes Into The Tank.

Bush: Congress Doesn't Exist Unless I Say It DoesBy Chris Bowers Just impeach him already. If you have no power under Bush, and if Bush sets aside the Constitution if an when he pleases, then the only thing left to do to protect Congress and the Constitution is get rid of Bush.Open Left - Front Page -

Breaking: Corporate Media Actually Report Some Real News!Bay Area Indymedia - San Francisco,CA,USAWexler went one further, setting up a website on which people could sign their names calling for a start to impeachment ...See all stories on this topic

Breaking: Corporate Media Actually Report Some Real News!
Sat, 12/29/2007 - 17:41 — dlindorff

It was good to see reports in the national media, including the New York Times and my own local paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, on an effort by the town council in Brattleboro, VT, to have the town’s district attorney draw up a war crimes indictment against President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Rally With the Impeachment Marcher in Philly Today. Walk the Walk.By joanneleon Hope to see some of you today in Philadelphia at Independence Mall at a rally in support of John Nirenberg, the Impeachment Marcher. This is a man who walks the walk. In fact, he's been walking since December 1st, and he doesn't plan to ...Daily Kos -

“I Would Walk 500 Miles” for ImpeachmentBy nwmuse This fall, the 60-year-old professor of organizational behavior and Air Force veteran decided to traverse Route 1 on foot to implore House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings against President George Bush and Vice ...TheZoo -

Why We Need More Investigations Like Cheney Needs More Power

Click here: : Protests Expected at Rose Parade

Click here: : Will Brattleboro Indict Bush? Dan DeWalt

Will Protesters Rain on the Rose Parade?By Lindsay William-Ross The protests are linked to a group called the White Rose Coalition, and involve well-known activist Cindy Sheehan, whose soldier son was killed in Iraq. According to a press release:. Local and national pro-Impeachment and pro-Peace ...LAist -

The National Weather Service forecast no rain for Tuesday's parade, with highs in the low 70s and not much wind. See all stories on this topic

This Broad Belongs In The Same Canoe With Coulter and she pretty much represents the anti Pasadena Protest actions. Given the weather forcast the message has nothing to do with “raining on someone’s parade”; it’s more like “pissing on the pretty Pasadena Pagent” while Red Rose colored blood flows in Iraq! Too bad chick; just listen and bitch…as usual!

Impeachment Watch: Sheehan, BDS mob to disrupt Rose Bowl paradeBy Michelle Malkin The impeachment mob plans to stink up the Rose Bowl parade. It’s all part of the New Year’s wave of BDS activities I’ve been telling you about. […] Read the rest » -

Protesters will try to steal spotlight from Rose Parade
By SOLVEJ SCHOU Associated Press Writer
Article Launched: 12/29/2007 09:13:19 AM PST
PASADENA, Calif.—For well over a century, the Tournament of Roses Parade has helped the nation usher in the new year with its nearly endless procession of flower-covered floats, marching bands and smiling folks on horseback—all under typically sunny skies.

This new year, however, there could be some rancor on the route as demonstrators try to steal some of the sun-splashed spectacle. Human rights advocates plan to protest a float honoring the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and anti-war activists, including "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan, intend to rally for peace.

The annual event hasn't been completely immune from controversy in the past, though it's usually been more mechanical than political.

"Honestly, in the past years, it's really been more about floats breaking down, delaying the parade, than other things, than protests," said Tournament of Roses President CL Keedy.

This season's parade—with the theme "Passport to the World's Celebrations"—promises to be more vociferous than usual. Some officials fear it might prompt an annual pattern of protest that could tarnish the parade's shiny image.

"If controversy like this diminishes the positive impact of the Rose Parade, it would be of concern," said Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard.

Expected to protest are Chinese Americans who claim they were victims of political or religious persecution in China, criticizing the $400,000 Beijing Olympics float

Bogaard said the activists were given several options for an alternate event that were rejected. Instead, they pushed for a demonstration along the parade route involving a large band and several vehicle. The city turned that proposal down, citing security constraints.

"The tournament views the float as I do, as a celebration of the Olympic Games, not as a subject of criticism of the Chinese," Bogaard said. "It is my hope that as China emerges more and more into the world community it will be inclined to respect all human and civil rights."

Activist organizer John Li, a member of Caltech's chapter of Falun Gong, a spiritual movement outlawed by the Chinese government in 1999, promised his group would be seen if not heard.

"We are going to ask the audience on the road to turn their back when the Asian float arrives, and show banners. We have to send a strong message to say no to human rights abuses in China," Li said.

The float is being sanctioned by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, but sponsored by the Roundtable of Southern California Chinese-American Organizations and Pasadena-based label maker Avery Dennison Corp.

It will feature the upcoming Olympics' five official mascots rotating on a base and decorated with a combo of flowers, including carnations and daisy petals.

Then there is Sheehan, an outspoken San Francisco Bay area activist whose campaign for Congress includes calls for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq, will join other pro-impeachment and anti-war groups such as the Los Angeles National Impeachment Center at the parade, according to Dede Miller, Sheehan's sister.

As many as 1,000 supporters are expected to rally before and after the parade and distribute 20,000 pamphlets while flying 300 banners along the parade route, said Peter Thottam, executive director of the center.

Pasadena police said they are prepared for the protesters and the hundreds of thousands of other spectators. As usual, about 1,200 officers from a number of agencies were set to be on hand, checking side streets and RVs.

"We've had to ramp up our resources, police personnel, but nothing out of the ordinary," police Commander Paul Gales said.

This year's parade will feature 46 floats, 21 marching bands and 18 equestrian units, and will be followed by the 94th Rose Bowl football game.

Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse will serve as grand marshal and toss the coin before the game. No. 13 Illinois will play No. 6 Southern California in its first Rose Bowl in 24 years.

Parade highlights include the city of Anaheim's float, dubbed "The World's Celebration Destination!," with twisting roads featuring vehicles with moving wheels, and Western Asset's four-part float of circus train cars, including one car showcasing a lion with fur made out of wheat.

Still, organizers remain concerned about the potential disruptions to this year's feel-good event.

The parade has overcome controversy in the past. In 1992, a little diplomacy managed to quell a touchy situation when American Indians had complained over the naming of a descendant of Christopher Columbus as grand marshal.

"There was an adjustment made on the part of the tournament where they named a co-grand marshal, former Colorado Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell," an American Indian, said Bogaard.
Protest groups up for parade: Spectacle seen as opportunity
By Kenneth Todd Ruiz Staff Writer
Article Launched: 12/24/2007 09:12:16 PM PST

PASADENA -- At next week's Rose Parade, protesters who plan to state their opposition to the Beijing Olympics float won't be alone.

Hundreds of other activists promoting different messages also plan to converge on Colorado Boulevard, lured by the massive crowds and cameras broadcasting the event around the world.

"It's an unprecedented outreach opportunity for us," said Peter Thottam of the Los Angeles National Impeachment Center, which is fielding hundreds of volunteers bearing the group's anti-war, pro-impeachment message.

Anti-war activist and congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan plans to be in Pasadena as part of that campaign, according to Sheehan's Web site.

But there also will be members of CODEPINK, the Troops Out Now Coalition, World Can't Wait, ANSWER, Progressive Democrats of America, the Green Party, Veterans for Peace, and United for Peace and Justice, among other groups.

The parade poses an opportunity for people, particularly those who feel marginalized by the mainstream media, to commandeer some of the spotlight, activists said.

"We're going to break in the new year and show the media we're fed up with the blackout on the pro-impeachment and anti-war sentiments in this country," said Thottam, a former Assembly candidate. "It's a way of trying to educate Americans exposed only to Britney Spears and O.J. Simpson that there are things going on that matter."

Similar to how critics of the Beijing

Olympic float organized as the Pasadena Coalition for Human Rights in China, anti-war and pro-impeachment activists have united as the White Rose Coalition.
To reach the millions who will be watching the parade on television, they've organized a "visibility action" near the cameras near the Norton Simon Museum and will hand out literature to the thousands of people lining the route.

Everything planned will be legal, Thottam said.

Meanwhile, attempts to broker a last-ditch agreement for a legal, authorized march by opponents of the Beijing Olympic float failed over the weekend.

After police twice rejected their plans, citing security concerns, march organizer John Li said his group rejected a final offer Saturday after meeting with Police Chief Bernard Melekian, Mayor Bill Bogaard, Councilman Victor Gordo, Avery-Dennison consultant Tim Kelly and Tournament of Roses officials.

"They basically want us to do things in the dark," Li said of a 6 a.m. start time he said was proposed for a drastically scaled-back march. "We think that cannot bring the glory human rights deserve."

Parade organizers were for the first time prepared to approve a march for human rights just prior to their Jan. 1 event to accommodate those groups and individuals opposed to the Chinese float because of China's worsening human-rights record in the run-up to the Olympics there next year.
Li questioned why security concerns didn't cause police to reject plans for more than 100 children to be part of the controversial float.

Given the parade's profile and the sheer number of spectators and participants, police prepare a number of security plans, Melekian said in a recent interview.

"There hasn't been a year I've been here there hasn't been some unusual eventuality we haven't had to prepare for," he said.

Melekian declined to say what additional measures were being taken this year, particularly regarding the float celebrating the Olympics.

"There's no concern about violence at this time," Melekian said. "I suspect that there may be some form of demonstration, but nothing completely out of the ordinary." (626) 578-6300, Ext. 4444

Protesters Could Disrupt Rose Parade... spectacle that has been going on for more than a century. Human rights advocates plan to protest a float honoring the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and anti-war activists, including "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan, intend to rally for peace.Ap/us from -

courtofimpeachmentandwarcrimes: Impeach+Bush+Cheney+Neocons ...courtofimpeachmentandwarcrimes: Impeach+Bush+Cheney+Neocons - eddickau - Zimbio.

Vermont town seeks Bush, Cheney arrests
Town in Liberal Vermont Considers Measure to Have Bush, Cheney Arrested for War Crimes
Dec 28, 2007 16:54 EST

President Bush may soon have a new reason to avoid left-leaning Vermont: In one town, activists want him subject to arrest for war crimes.

Remove PELOSI to impeach Cheney & BushBy Sue Deaunym With all the buzzzzz on DKos about impeaching Cheney, it seems such action is unlikely unless Conyers can be persuaded to act. And, according to a Democracy Now interview, Conyers must answer to (and is apparently intimidated by) Pelosi ... (That Doesn’t say much about John these days!)Daily Kos -

Breaking: Corporate Media Actually Reports Some News!... would pass editorial muster, while the much bigger, and more significant, story about a growing national campaign to impeach these two criminals in the White House (on charges including war crimes) continues to be virtually blacked - Impeach... -

We owe it to world to impeach Bush
By mrspickles Found this at We owe it to world to impeach Bush. Did Bush Watch the Torture Tapes?Is it over yet? -

Retired schoolteacher, Eve Tetaz, arrested for speaking truth to ...Washington -- During the Atlantic Life Community's faith and resistance winter retreat, a 76 year-old DC peace and justice activist was arrested Saturday for the 11th time this year during a protest against the US government's - Impeach... -

Bin Laden says US seeks to exploit Iraqi oilBy Inal Ersan, Reuters. DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden accused Washington of plotting to take control of Iraq's oil and urged Iraqis to reject efforts to rebuild a US-backed national unity government there. - Impeach... -

The Lessons Of 2007
Submitted by davidswanson on Sun, 2007-12-30 01:18. Congress
By John Bruhns,

As the year of 2007 comes to an end I find myself reflecting back on what was supposed to be a year of change. After all, we did have all the necessary ingredients. Democrats won a majority in both houses of Congress on a platform of changing the course of President Bush's disastrous Iraq war policy. Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, and Karl Rove all stepped down from their high-level positions in the Bush administration. Promises were continuously made to restore our civil liberties and to implement the needed "checks and balances" that were missing for so long between the executive and legislative branches of government. It appeared as if we finally begun to head down the right path.

That was all just a charade of a very short lifespan.

Congress, who we the people voted into office to bring about positive changes in Washington, have failed us again.

It is not like they were asked to cut off funding for the war. All that was asked of them was not to succumb to veto threats by Bush or filibusters in the Senate. They could have easily obstructed the wishes of George W. Bush just as he obstructs the wishes of the American people. If Bush vetoes legislation Congress has the power to send it right back to him. If the Republicans can filibuster every war funding proposal they disagree with the Democrats surely can too.

Instead, they (the Dems) just back down even with a majority of Congress and over 70% of the American people behind them. And to add insult to injury they think that we are unaware of their legislative activity. Or they feel that they have secured our votes just because they are in a different political party than George W. Bush. They actually return home for recess and brag to their constituents about their successes.

The American people know that there has been no change of course in Iraq. Blank check funding has been appropriated despite bold ultimatums of the contrary by the Democratic leadership.

Congress backed down again to Bush on the illegal domestic wiretapping of our citizens.

And as if we learned nothing from the war in Iraq, the Senate passed the Kyle-Lieberman amendment declaring Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. I would not put it past George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to substitute this amendment for Congressional authorization if they do decide to attack Iran.

Entirely too often the Democrats talk tough about holding this administration accountable, but there is never, ever, any follow through. There has been no accountability and Bush still prevails on all the major issues that hurt our country the most here at home and our image abroad. Especially the deplorable and un-American practice of torture by our government.

(And please don't even get me started on the Children's Health Insurance Program.)

The most frustrating part of 2007 for me was knowing that we had the power to achieve change, but instead we elected leaders who lacked the courage and the will to fulfill the mandate we gave them in November of 2006. A mandate they agreed upon and promised to deliver only to renege on us at the moment of truth.

The most common excuse that satisfies the status quo is "we just don't have the votes."

The Republicans are the minority party -- why do they seem to have the votes? Because out of political fear Democrats are voting in lockstep -- bottom line.

The Democrats are the majority party of Congress, and in 2008 they better start acting like it or they will only ensure their own demise.

If there is any contribution that I can make it is to help create a perception that this way of thinking is no longer considered radical. It is the way most Americans feel -- frustrated, powerless, angry, and hungry for moral leadership. (If you lead by example, good people will follow.)

It is patriotic and American to oppose torture, illegal war, and abuses of our civil liberties.

As an Iraq veteran I feel that I have earned the right to have that opinion without being called a traitor or a radical by the pro-war element in our society who for the most part commit no sacrifice of their own. (Chickenhawk is a nice word for a coward, but if the shoe fits wear it.)

There is only a certain number of times that I can be called these names before my heart turns to stone in regard to those people who advocate for the war in Iraq, but lack the courage to go anywhere near it.

Furthermore, I have pure and utter disdain for those who call the war in Iraq "America's war" only to fight it from their office, cubical, classroom, or couch.

What is even worse is a majority of Congress that fully acknowledges that the war in Iraq is not only wrong, but the biggest foreign policy blunder in American history -- and at the same time enable it to continue while whining about it.

Before November of 2008 Congress needs to show the American people that they have the courage to stand up to President Bush and his allies in Congress -- provided there are any chances left. Because the base of the Democratic party has pretty much lost faith in their party's ability to bring about the necessary, positive, and optimistic changes that our country so desperately desires.

If Democrats in Congress continue to refuse to adapt to modern time, I'm afraid that their base will surely fade away only reemerge as an independent third party perpetuating Republican victory. If that happens most of them can kiss their political futures goodbye.

Impeach Cheney? Now?By Larry Representatives Robert Wexler (D-FL), Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), members of the House Judiciary Committee believe that hearing should be held on the impeachment of Vice President Cheney . ...popular logistics -

Man Will Walk 500 Miles To Impeach Bush and CheneyBy Carol John Nirenberg, a hearty New York City native and current resident of Brattelboro, Vermont, intends to be standing when he reaches Washington, DC around January 10, at the conclusion of a... [[ This is a content summary only. ...My View of "It" -

The 'Impeach Cheney Movement' gains momentumBy TF(TF) It is also reported that Congressman Robert Wexler has over 159000 signitures on his online petition calling for the impeachment of Richard Cheney. If you would like to check it out and maybe sign it. Here it is.DANGER DEMOCRAT -

Debate should have included Kucinich<Chicago Daily Herald - Chicago,IL,USAHe's the candidate who has long pushed to impeach Cheney. Working out of the home demonstrates concern for family, environment and energy, self-motivation ...See all stories on this topic

Gore Vidal, Kucinich, Impeach, Converge on DC 1/11, Wear an ...By Ratty Ratman Join Gore Vidal and Kucinich for a Dialog for democracy, write your rep and your paper demanding impeachment, Converge on DC 1/11 to shut down Guantanamo bay, March for Justice. IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH, ...Care2 News Network - Newly Submitted -

Saturday, December 29, 2007
Sign on for Cheney's impeachment hearings
Florida Congressman Robert Wexler continues to work for impeachment hearings against Vice President Dick Cheney. You can help by showing your support at his online petition.The case for impeachment is strong. In Wexler's words:

Sign on for Cheney's impeachment hearingsBy Sue J(Sue J) I was serving in Congress and on the Judiciary Committee for the ridiculous and politically motivated impeachment hearings of President Clinton. During that witch hunt Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, and Ken Starr wasted a year and a half on ...Nailing Jello to the Wall -

When Congress reconvenes in January, I plan to present a list to my Judiciary Committee colleagues of every single person that signed up at

I will go to more of my colleagues and ask them to join a letter in support of hearings.

We will build on the momentum you have given us.

I was serving in Congress and on the Judiciary Committee for the ridiculous and politically motivated impeachment hearings of President Clinton. During that witch hunt Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, and Ken Starr wasted a year and a half on investigations and hearings about President Clinton's personal relations.

However, this attempted coup d'etat by Republicans against President Clinton was not and should not be the standard of impeachment that was enshrined by the Founders in our Constitution.

First, impeachment hearings are only proper when significant allegations exist that the President or Vice-President, or others civil officers, committed actions – within their official duties – that constitute 'High Crimes and Misdemeanors.'

The allegations against Clinton – involving a personal affair - never reached this threshold.

The serious charges against Cheney involve alleged crimes that are central to his duties of Vice-President; namely war and peace, the widespread violations of civil liberties, and the security of the United States and our covert agents.

Unlike the show trial put on by Republicans against President Clinton, a proper impeachment hearing would involve a fair and objective presentation of the facts without hyperbole or political gamesmanship.

The hard evidence that is presented at the hearings will be judged fully both by Congress and the American people. The evidence alone will determine the outcome, and if it is determined that Vice President Cheney committed "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" he should be properly impeached and put on trial before the Senate.

Let your voice be heard. Sign the petition calling for impeachment hearings of Vice President Dick Cheney.

Posted by Sue J at 9:41 AM
Labels: Cheney, impeachment, Wexler

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Protesters Could Disrupt Rose Parade... spectacle that has been going on for more than a century. Human rights advocates plan to protest a float honoring the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and anti-war activists, including "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan, intend to rally for peace.National News for MyFox Cleveland -

Cindy Sheehan Joins Others Planning Protest at New Year's Rose ParadeBy tim(tim) The groups are calling for impeaching George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for high crimes and misdemeanors, and to end US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Continue reading 'Cindy Sheehan Joins Others Planning Protest at New Year's Rose ...
Green Left Infoasis -

Put Impeachment Back on the Table, NancyBy DN(DN) The letter does not explicitly call for impeachment hearings, but says: "We call for the investigations to go where they must, including into the offices of the President and the Vice President. Should these hearings demonstrate that ...Radar Contact -

Rep Wexler call for Cheney Impeachmentclipped by: kkcapricorn clipper's remarks: Impeach, Indict, Imprison. Clip Source: [Video]. Tags: impeach, cheney, wexler.Clipmarks Live Clips -

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Walking for accountabilityThis fall, the 60-year-old professor of organizational behavior and Air Force veteran decided to traverse Route 1 on foot to implore House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings against President George Bush and Vice ...Democracy for New Hampshire -... -

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New Democratic leadership would be more effective in '08Press & Sun-Bulletin - Binghamton,NY,USAHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi got off on the wrong foot when she announced straight off that impeachment of Bush and Cheney was not an option. ...See all stories on this topic

There was some commentary in this space a couple of weeks ago about apathy, specifically the failure of the general public to react to the abuse of power by the executive branch of federal government.

Well, it turns out there is a small but vocal group that is not afraid to raise its voice in protest against what it sees as rank injustice and incompetence. I'm talking here about New York Knicks fans. For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the Knicks, they are a gang of professional bounceball players -- professional in the sense that they get paid to run up and down a gymnasium floor, occasionally bending over and stuffing a ball through a metal hoop. When they're not sulking or malingering, that is.

Anyway, those aroused fans were so frustrated that they showed up outside Madison Square Garden one day earlier this month, waving signs and demanding that the Knicks' coach, Isiah Thomas, be fired. Turns out they were not upset because Thomas and his inept boss, James Dolan, had come out on the short end of a sexual harassment suit brought by a former female employee, but because the team was losing more than winning and Thomas had moved their expensive seats away from the players' bench.

That may strike you as small potatoes, but it struck a chord with the editors of The New York Times, who treated it as if it were the storming of the Bastille. These are the same people who didn't see anything newsworthy in the fact that a former White House press spokesman, Scott McClellan, had just written a book in which he claimed he had been lied to by his bosses about the White House gang's role in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame -- lies he passed on to the news media.

Confronting that might have forced The Times to instruct members of its tame White House press corps to ask question that might not be well received by people named Bush and Cheney and risk spoiling a sweetheart relationship that has endured for seven years. So The Times passed.

But I'm straying off message here. The point is, we, the non-basketball-obsessed public, should demand that our elective representatives do something about the executive branch manipulators who treat us as if we are the Washington Nationals and they are the Harlem Globetrotters.
Where do we start? We start with the Democratic Party, which won control -- numerically if not actually -- of Congress last year and promptly gave it up with barely a whimper. So, it says here, when the Democrats wander back to work next month, the first order of business should be a change in the coaching staff.

Members of the New York delegation should collect some of those leftover "Isiah Must Go" signs, erase "Isiah" and write in "Nancy." House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got off on the wrong foot when she announced straight off that impeachment of Bush and Cheney was not an option. In fact, it should have been Option Numero Uno -- and still should be, but with so many Republican goosesteppers still in Congress it is probably impossible. Pelosi apparently believed that a rebirth of collegiality was just a matter of reaching out. But reality says if you stick your hand in a nest of vipers you should expect to be bitten.

So, Pelosi out, Jane Harmon, D.-Calif., in.

The Times Adds an Op-Ed Columnist
Published: December 30, 2007

William Kristol, one of the nation’s leading conservative writers and a vigorous supporter of the Iraq war, will become an Op-Ed page columnist for The New York Times, the newspaper announced Saturday.

“All The News That’s Fit To Print” has been become “All The Shit In Print”!

On Hostile Ground, a Provocative Question

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — President Bush may soon have a new reason to avoid left-leaning Vermont: in one town, activists want him subject to arrest for war crimes.

A group in Brattleboro is petitioning to put on the agenda of a town meeting in March a measure that would make Mr. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney subject to arrest and indictment if they ever visit the community. As president, Mr. Bush has been to every state except Vermont.

The town meeting, an annual exercise in which residents gather to vote on things like fire department budgets and municipal policy, requires about 1,000 signatures to place a binding item on the agenda.

The measure asks, “Shall the Selectboard instruct the town attorney to draft indictments against President Bush and Vice President Cheney for crimes against our Constitution, and publish said indictment for consideration by other municipalities?”

Kurt Daims, a retired machinist leading the drive, has been circulating documents claiming that the community acquires a “universal jurisdiction” to take such steps “when governments breach their highest duties.”

“We have the full power to issue indictments, conduct trials, incarcerate offenders and do all other acts which independent jurisdictions may of right do,” the petition says.

“This petition,” Mr. Daims said, “is as radical as the Declaration of Independence, and it draws on that tradition in claiming a universal jurisdiction when governments fail to do what they’re supposed to do.”

The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment Friday.

Support for the measure is far from unanimous, even in Vermont, where the State Senate voted this year to support impeaching the president and where antiwar rallies and “Impeach Bush” bumper stickers are common.

“I would not be supportive of it,” said Stephen Steidle, a member of the town’s Select board, which oversees its government. “It’s well outside of our ability. From my perspective, the Brattleboro Select board needs to focus on the town and the things that need to be done here.”

The state’s attorney general, William H. Sorrell, a Democrat whose office has repeatedly sued the Bush administration over environmental issues, called the move “of very dubious legality.”

“I have not seen the proposal,” Mr. Sorrell said, “and I’ve done no legal research on any of the issues. But at first blush, if this passed, they’d have really uphill sledding trying to have it be legal and enforceable.”


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Reflections of an Eisenhower-Teddy Roosevelt Republican
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William Kristol, one of the nation’s leading conservative writers and a vigorous supporter of the Iraq war, will become an Op-Ed page columnist for The New York Times, the newspaper announced Saturday.

Mr. Kristol will write a weekly column for The Times beginning Jan. 7, the newspaper said. He is editor and co-founder of The Weekly Standard, an influential conservative political magazine, and appears regularly on Fox News Sunday and the Fox News Channel. He was a columnist for Time magazine until that relationship was severed this month.

Mr. Kristol, 55, has been a fierce critic of The Times. In 2006, he said that the government should consider prosecuting The Times for disclosing a secret government program to track international banking transactions.

In a 2003 column on the turmoil within The Times that led to the downfall of the top two editors, he wrote that it was not “a first-rate newspaper of record,” adding, “The Times is irredeemable.”

The New York Times


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