Court Of Impeachment And War Crimes: Impeach Bush and Cheney and Have a Happy/Merry Whatever

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Impeach Bush and Cheney and Have a Happy/Merry Whatever

Happy/Merry Whatever and don’t forget to send Orange Impeachment Greeting Cards To The White House and Orange Message To The Members Of The House Judiciary

Relax a bit forget about the lumps of coal in Congress and the sacks of $#%T being delivered by the candidates…relax for about a day or two, but that’s all!

As we all know (unless you are completely comatose), there is absolutely nothing that our species cannot argue about or get exercised over.

So Merry/Happy: Christmas, Xmas, Holidays, Winter Solstice Celebration, Seasons…Greetings.

I leave everybody to their own thing on this one because I just don’t have time for this one with Bush, Cheney and their band of evil elves and our Impeachment considerations.

So long as no one goes running around trying to impose their view of this season on me or anyone else as the “True”, “Correct”, “Right View"; I’ll leave them alone and hope that just for a few days folks can enjoy some peace, warmth and family without launching into some ideological tirade or sinking into the depths of an all too often seen seasonal depression.

So, I leave you with warm well wishes, the hope that no family fight mars your seasonal reunion, that the etiquette of regifting is not visited upon your dinner table, that your tree does not go up in flames and your journeys all be safe, and just maybe, that you’ll have a few moments to be kind so someone less fortunate, alone, or who has suffered that unforgiveable loss authored by this administration.

Oh Damn…I was doing so well…I guess I’ll just have to click on a few of these things below and lighten up.

Maxine’s The Night Before Christmas

Snoopy (V) Red Baron

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Yogi Yorgesson 1947

Frank Kelly’s 12 Day Count Down To Christmas

Dominick The Democrat Donkey
Catting Around The Continent

Bye now, got to go grind some Coffee Beans in an old traditional hand grinder and up a nice cup of relaxing Caffeine. Ho, Ho, Ho!

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