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Monday, December 24, 2007

Impeach+Bush+Cheney:Wrapping Up 2007 for the garbage and getting ready 2008!

WASHINGTON — The first session of the 110th Congress started off with a snap and had plenty of crackle. But the end was more fizzle than pop.

With the New Year about to arrive we can count on the same repetition of the excuses of evasion of the Constitutional Obligation of this Congress to begin Impeachment proceedings against Our President and Vice President with the addition that the: “we don’t have time” pasture dropping being moved to the head of the list. My response is click here: and continue the campaign to exercise our legitimate Constitutional rights. And if a picture is worth a 1,000 words; click on the graphics above for 5,000 words worth of editorial observation!

We are well past the point where there is any debate left about whether or not the President and Vice President have committed high crimes and misdemeanors. In fact we run the risk of being inured to the information it has become so commonplace. The only thing new is learning the breadth and depth of the systematic violations of the Constitution this administration has been exercising for the past 7 years and even here there is little left that can surprise us anymore, given what we know they are capable of.

Are We All Terrorists Now?

Impeach Cheney Move Got 100000 Signers in 5 DaysCheney Impeachment Backed by 100000 Signatures in Five Days Heidi Pickman, HuffPost Last Friday, Representative Robert Wexler, along with Representatives Tammy Baldwin and Luis Gutierrez, called for impeachment trials against - 911lowdown_review -


Wexler, Gutierrez, Baldwin, Kucinich, and the People Call For ...By Betsy L. Angert The more we learn, the more we realize a need to impeach Richard B. Cheney. Representatives and House Judiciary Committee Members Robert Wexler, Luis Gutierrez, Tammy Baldwin, and the cyberspace community have stated their extreme ..BeThink - Front Page -

Click here: : Constituents Call on Blumenauer to Support Impeachment

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Lawyers Call on Congress to Hold Impeachment HearingsOver one thousand lawyers – including former Governor Mario Cuomo and former Reagan administration official Bruce Fein – have signed onto the above statement demanding wide-ranging investigative hearings into unconstitutional and ...Mid-East Report -

Click here: Former CIA Analyst Says Evidence Abounds for Impeachment -

Former CIA analyst says evidence abounds for impeachmentBy dandelionsalad PORTSMOUTH — The evidence for impeachment of the president and vice president is overwhelming, former CIA analyst and daily presidential briefer Ray McGovern told a room full of people at the Portsmouth Public Library Monday night. ...Dandelion Salad -

Sign Wexler's Impeachment Hearings Now - No Executive PriviligeBy Daily Kos Repost(SF Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay)) Wexler is moving toward 250000 signatures for impeachment. If you haven't signed sign. newswire -

Impeachment Phobia of Pelosi and Reid
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USAby Dom Jermano Page 1 of 5 page(s) There are many reasons to why impeachment has not been tabled. Some fear a backdoor deal was made with Bush that Pelosi ...See all stories on this topic

Three Senior Citizens Arrested at Impeachment VigilThree senior citizens were arrested in front of Representative Earl Blumenauer's office building on Thursday, December 20, the twenty-first week in a row that protestors have called for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. ...portland indymedia - features -

Santa Tries to Deliver Constitution to White HouseWHAT SANTA SHOULD HAVE - Impeach... -

Santa Arrested for Demanding Impeachment!By deesings(deesings) Earl Blumenauer, three of the Impeach Group's pickets were arrested: Santa and two elves. "Santa" was Joe Walsh, a Veterans for Peace member and sparkplug for regulars in red impeachment shirts responding to the Oregon congressman's ...Dee's 'Dotes -

"Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" for 2007By falc39 Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who promised a new era of ethics enforcement in the House of Representatives, snuck a $25 million gift to her husband, Paul Pelosi, in a $15 billion Water Resources Development Act .
Physics Help and Math Help -... -

Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein ...By Francisco Da Costa(SF Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay)) Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and Senior Senator Diane Feinstein are responsible for the slow deaths of hundreds of innocent children, our beloved Seniors and those with compromised health. The above two scum bags - have with intent ...Indybay newswire -

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Farewell to spending discipline
San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA
When Speaker Nancy Pelosi took charge of the House in January, she pledged that Democrats would fight deficit spending and "restore pay-as-you-go budget ...See all stories on this topic

Pelosi's first year as House speaker marked by little change on warSan Francisco Chronicle - CA, USAThe last day of the House's 2007 session last week summed up the turbulence of Nancy Pelosi's history-making first year as House speaker. ...See all stories on this topic

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Ms. Pelosi, Meet Mr. GingrichBy blacktygrrrr Flashing forward to 2006, Nancy Pelosi never grasped that the public was angry at the republicans and George W. Bush. This did not mean they were embracing liberalism. The public was upset at the way the war was going, but they were ...THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS -

The Problem that is Nancy Pelosi
By CRIMES AND CORRUPTION OF THE NEW WORLD...(CRIMES AND CORRUPTION OF THE NEW WORLD...) Nancy Pelosi, after being elected Speaker of the House, 2006. Funny how one's words can come back to haunt you. In the early heady days of January, there was a veritable buzz in the air. Change was a'comin. ...CRIMES AND CORRUPTION OF THE... -

Nancy PelosiBy Daily Kos(Daily Kos) ... not partisanship, and look forward to working with you on behalf of the American people. In this House, we may belong to different parties, but we serve one country." Nancy Pelosi, after being elected Speaker of the House, 2006. ...Daily Kos -

Nancy PelosiBy Daily Kos(Daily Kos) ... not partisanship, and look forward to working with you on behalf of the American people. In this House, we may belong to different parties, but we serve one country." Nancy Pelosi, after being elected Speaker of the House, 2006. ...Daily Kos -

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Democrats find majority status has painful limits when Republicans ...International Herald Tribune - FranceThe Iraq spending bill came to a vote only because Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., refused to embrace the hardline partisan philosophy of her predecessor. ...See all stories on this topic

Will Brattleboro Indict Bush?Others worry that it will detract from the gravity of the impeachment movement as it stands today, on the cusp of forcing hearings in the House Judiciary committee. The argument will be made that such “extreme” rhetorical proclamations - Impeach... -

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Civilianism #40 / Impeach for Peace Part 1By Shelly L. The winter solstice is nearly here, so brighten up your dark wintery thoughts with dreams of impeachment. It might be coming to a country near you in 2008! The KBR employee and rape victim Jamie Leigh Jones gets her day testifying ...CIVILIANISM -

Swanson’s Impeachment Update and Italy (audio link)By dandelionsalad It’s time to impeach our VP and Pres: Dandelion Salad. by David Swanson. Sun, 2007-12-23. After Downing Street. LISTEN. FAIR USE NOTICE: This blog may contain copyrighted material. ...Dandelion Salad -

Help get the impeachment hearings startedBy jwh186 We are well past the point where there is any debate left about whether or not the President and Vice President have committed high crimes and misdemeanors. In fact we run the risk of being inured to the information it has become so ...Daily Kos -

IMPEACHMENT or NOT?November 5, Washington, DC The National Lawyers Guild voted unanimously and enthusiastically for the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney at its national convention in Washington, DC. The resolution lists more than a dozen high.Digg / upcoming -

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Conyers Doesn't Care About Wexler's Petition: He Will NOT Allow ...By CRIMES AND CORRUPTION OF THE NEW WORLD...(CRIMES AND CORRUPTION OF THE NEW WORLD...) I hate to be the wet blanket, again, but an Amy Goodman’s interview with John Conyers shows us that he is spouting the same “no impeachment” talking points that Pelosi has given us. Even in the face of 100000 plus signatures on Wexler’s ...CRIMES AND CORRUPTION OF THE... -

Cindy SheehanBy Kat(Kat) That's from Cindy Sheehan's campaign site and she is running for the House of Representatives from my district. CI mentions her in the snapshot. Not in a bad way, Cindy Sheehan is the only candidate CI is endorsing in the 2008 election.Kat's Korner (of The Common Ills) -

The Ballet, Bill Moyers JournalBy Ruth(Ruth) If she wants to hand the seat over to Cindy Sheehan, she should go ahead and pursue this non-strategy. Sheehan is a serious challenger. It's not a vanity campaign and she actually stands for something. Katha Pollitt and others didn't ...Ruth's Report -

kucinich wins pollBy Sex And Politics and Screeds and Attitude(Sex And Politics and Screeds and Attitude) If she wants to hand the seat over to Cindy Sheehan, she should go ahead and pursue this non-strategy. Sheehan is a serious challenger. It's not a vanity campaign and she actually stands for something. Katha Pollitt and others didn't ...Sex and Politics and Screeds... -

If not Cindy Sheehan, who?By Daily Kos(Daily Kos) On Friday's front page, kos pointed out that. We don't have much power. In fact, we have very little. As we've learned this year, Democrats in DC are more afraid of David Broder, Joe Klein, and Mr. 24%, than they are of their ...Daily Kos -

9/11 Panel Study Finds That CIA Withheld Tapes By Mark MazzettiBy dandelionsalad Cindy Sheehan Calls on Reyes to Subpoena Pelosi for Role in CIA Torture Tape Destruction. Constitutional scholar: ‘At least six identifiable crimes’ possible in CIA tape affair by David Edwards & Jason Rhyne (link)Dandelion Salad -

Re:Antiwar Left Should Look Beyond DemocratsBy (Blunderov) The latest and most consequential critic is America's best-known antiwar activist, Cindy Sheehan, who is after Pelosi's job. Sheehan is virtually ignored in the city's leading paper, the San Francisco Chronicle. ...CoV BBS -

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Calling All Campaign Coordinators…Working Like Hell Across The Country Ed. Dickau

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Impeach+Bush+Cheney+Related News Clips - Congressman Dennis ...Impeach Bush and Cheney: Calling All Campaign MembersBy Ed, Dickau(Ed, .... Ed. Dickau - The Northern Virginia Impeach Bush Meetup Group . ...

truthout Comments They Will Make Us Savages Again, Just Like eyeswideopen ( on Sat Jul 1st, 2006 at 11:12:08 AM EDT [ Parent ] ...

Top Link DetailsLink URL: Link Title: email me. Community: Tampa's Back Door Ways ... (OR...) ( ...

floridaprogressives : Florida Progressive CoaltionTo: From: fairy_taletrash@. ... fairy_taletrash Offline Send Email Send Email. Wexler and Impeachment ...

Innocent Icelandic Woman Chained, Held, Tortured by Homeland Security at Airport"I was then made to wait while they sought further information, and sat on a chair before the authority for 5 hours. I saw the officials in this section handle other cases and it was clear that these were men anxious to demonstrate their power. Small kings with megalomania. I was careful to remain completely cooperative, for I did not yet believe that they planned to deport me because of my "crime".

Operation Stop TalkingJohn Kiriakou called it hypocritical for the White House and Congress to point fingers at the CIA for its harsh interrogation techniques.
Now his former employer, with the help of the Justice Department, is trying to shut him up.

Cheney to be Impeached?If you believe impeachment hearings to investigate Vice President Richard B. Cheney are warranted there has never been a better time to say so.
Sign the impeachment petition at: initiated by House Judiciary Committee members Robert Wexler (D-FL), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) TODAY!

As the Iowa caucuses approach, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney are fighting over which one has the best religious credentials. Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister who has surged to top of the heap in Iowa, has run one ad invoking his status as a “Christian leader” as a reason to vote for him.

In another ad, released for Christmas, he tells voters that what really matters at this time of year is “celebrating the birth of Christ.” Elsewhere, he has explained that “faith doesn’t just influence me, it really defines me. I don’t have to wake up every day wondering “what do I need to believe?”

The implication is that people who are not sufficiently faithful are morally adrift, unable to string together coherent, consistent beliefs from one day to the next.

Government Power Grabs: 'Predicting' 2008 As the end of the year approaches, it's time for another column of government overreach predictions for the New Year. What outrageous, beyond-parody grabs at power and erosions of civil liberties will transpire in 2008?

OH How Important!

NFL sacks Pats broadcast in - Burlington,VT,USA... Senate Judiciary Committee, followed up the letter with another co-signed by Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., the ranking Republican member of the committee. ...See all stories on this topic

Good Morning!He said he plans to write a letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) in early January, asking him to begin start impeachment hearings. Click through to listen to the audio.—Caro ...Blah3 Feed -

UFPJ Legislative UpdateDecember 20, 2007

1. Calendar & looking forward

2. Recap of Congressional Action this week. Calendar:

In spite of our defeat in Congress this week - we will face an even bigger fight next year. Bush is still demanding another $230 billion or so to continue the wars. He will also ask for more money for Iraq and Afganistan for FY2009. It is unclear when the Congress will take up Bush's request for the addtional $230 billion -- with the $70 billion they just handed to Bush, they can reasonably delay and action until February or beyond. This means the vote could come around the time of the 5th anniversary of the invasion.

The House and Senate are now on Recess. They will be in their home districts until January 15. Also Note that the State of the Union Address is scheduled for Jan. 28 Find a Comprehensive Calendar of Congressional and Election (and some cultural events & holidays) at the bottom of this email. Courtesy of John Isaacs at Council for a Livable World.

Recap of Congressional Action this week:

On Dec. 17, the House passed the omnibus funding bill with no money for Iraq, but $30 billion for the war in Afganistan.

On Dec. 18, the Senate voted on the $555 billion omnibus spending bill, adding $70 in unrestricted funds for the occupation of Iraq and the war in Afganistan. The Senate also rejected amendments to withdraw troops and even a non-binding amendment to change the mission in Iraq.

On Dec. 19, the House passed the revised version of the spending bill -- including the $70 billion for war and destruction.

Here are the Roll Call votes:

Senate Roll Call on Feingold Amendment for the safe redeployment of U.S. troops: ( Sen. Feingold on his amendment: "It requires the President to begin safely redeploying U.S. troops from Iraq within 90 days of enactment, and requires redeployment be completed within 9 months. At that point, with the bulk of our troops safely out of Iraq, funding for the war would be ended, with four narrow exceptions: providing security for U.S. Government personnel and infrastructure, training the Iraqi security forces, providing training and equipment to U.S. service men and women to ensure their safety and security, and conducting targeted operations limited in duration and scope against members of al-Qaida and others affiliated with international terrorist organizations". )

Levin Amentment - a non binding resolution to restrict the mission in Iraq:

McConnell Amendment (Allowing $70 billion for Iraq/Afganistan with no restrictions) :

NAYs ---25 Bingaman (D-NM)Boxer (D-CA)Brown (D-OH)Byrd (D-WV)Cantwell (D-WA)Cardin (D-MD)Durbin (D-IL)Feingold (D-WI)Harkin (D-IA)Kennedy (D-MA)Kerry (D-MA)Klobuchar (D-MN)Kohl (D-WI)Lautenberg (D-NJ)Leahy (D-VT)Menendez (D-NJ)Murray (D-WA)Reed (D-RI)Reid (D-NV)Sanders (I-VT)Schumer (D-NY)Smith (R-OR)Stabenow (D-MI)Whitehouse (D-RI)Wyden (D-OR)Not Voting - 5 Biden (D-DE), Clinton (D-NY), Obama (D-IL), Dodd (D-CT), Feinstein (D-CA)

The House then voted on the revised version, sent back to them from the Senate. This version INCLUDED the $70 billion for Iraq/Afganistan with NO strings attached. The vote was 272 for, 142 against.
Here are the House members voting no:

AbercrombieAckermanAllenAndrewsArcuriBacaBaldwinBecerraBishop (NY)BlumenauerBoswellBrady (PA)Braley (IA)ButterfieldCappsCapuanoCardozaCarnahanCastorClarkeClayCleaverCohenConyersCostelloCourtneyCrowleyCummingsDavis (IL)DeFazioDeGetteDelahuntDeLauroDoggettDoyleDuncan EllisonEngelEshooFarrFattahFilnerFrank (MA)Green, AlGrijalvaGutierrezHall (NY)HareHarmanHigginsHincheyHironoHodesHoltHondaInsleeIsraelJackson (IL)Jackson-Lee (TX)Johnson (GA)Jones (OH)KagenKapturKennedyKilpatrick Klein (FL)LangevinLantosLarson (CT)LeeLewis (GA)LipinskiLoebsackLofgren, ZoeLoweyMaloney (NY)MatsuiMcCarthy (NY)McCollum (MN)McDermottMcGovernMcNerneyMeek (FL)Meeks (NY)MichaudMiller (NC)Miller, GeorgeMoore (WI)Moran (VA)Murphy (CT)Murphy, PatrickNadlerNapolitanoNeal (MA)OberstarObeyOlverPallonePascrellPaynePerlmutterPrice (NC)RahallRangelRichardsonRothmanRoybal-AllardRyan (OH)Sánchez, Linda T.Sanchez, LorettaSarbanes SchakowskySchiffScott (VA)SerranoShea-PorterShermanSiresSlaughterSmith (WA)SolisStarkStupakSuttonTauscherThompson (MS)TierneyTownsTsongasUdall (NM) Van HollenVelázquezWasserman SchultzWatersWatsonWattWaxmanWeinerWelch (VT)WuWynnYarmuth

2008 Congressional, Political, Cultural and Holiday Schedule


Tuesday, Jan. 1: New Year's Day (federal holiday)
Thursday, Jan. 3: Iowa presidential caucuses
Monday, Jan. 7: College football championship game - Ohio State and
Louisiana State University
Tuesday, Jan. 8: New Hampshire presidential primary
Tuesday, Jan. 15: Congress returns to session
Saturday, Jan. 19: South Carolina Republican presidential primary, Nevada presidential caucuses
Monday, Jan. 21: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (federal holiday)
Monday, Jan. 28: President's State of the Union address
Tuesday, Jan. 29: South Carolina Democratic presidential primary


Sunday, Feb. 3: Superbowl pro-football championship
Monday, Feb. 4: Probable date of submission of the FY 2009 budget
Tuesday, Feb. 5: Super Tuesday primaries in many states for the Presidential nominations
Tuesday, Feb. 5: Minnesota Democratic senatorial caucuses to pick Democratic
Wednesday, Feb. 6: Ash Wednesday
Thursday, Feb. 14: Valentine's Day
Friday Feb. 15 – Monday Feb. 25: Congressional Presidents Day recess
Monday, Feb. 18: President's Day - Washington's Birthday (federal holiday)
Sunday, Feb. 24, 2008: 80th Academy Awards

Sunday March 9: Daylight Savings Time begins
Friday, March 14 – Monday, March 31: Congressional Easter recess
Monday, March 17, 2008: St. Patrick's Day Thursday, March 20 – Monday, April 7: NCAA collegiate basketball championshipFriday, March 21, 2008: Good Friday Sunday, March 23, 2008: Easter Sunday


Tuesday, April 15, 2009: Tax Day Saturday, April 19, 2008: Passover begins at sundown


Tuesday, May 20: Oregon Democratic senatorial primary - Jeff Merkley vs. Steve NovickFriday, May 23 – Tuesday, June 3: Congressional Memorial Day recessMonday, May 26: Memorial Day (federal holiday)


Tuesday, June 3 New Mexico GOP primary – Rep. Heather Wilson (R) vs. Rep. Steve Pierce (R)June 6-8: Minnesota Democratic state convention to pick Senate nomineeFriday, June 27 – Tuesday, July 8: Congressional Independence Day recess


Friday, July 4: Independence Day (federal holiday)


Friday, Aug. 8 – Monday, Sept. 8: Congressional summer recessFriday, Aug. 8 – Sun. Aug. 24: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Monday, Aug. 25 - Thursday, Aug. 28: Democratic National Convention in Denver


Monday, Sept. 1: Labor Day (federal holiday)Mon. Sept. 1 – Thursday Sept. 4 - Republican National Convention in Minneapolis Tuesday, Sept. 2: Ramadan beginsFriday, Sept. 26, 2008: Presidential debate at University of Mississippi (Domestic policy focus)Monday, Sept. 29: Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown


Thursday Oct. 2, 2008: Vice Presidential debate at Washington University, St. Louis, MO (Domestic and foreign policy focus)Tuesday Oct. 7, 2008: Presidential debate at Belmont University, Nashville, TN (Town hall format)Wednesday, Oct. 8: Yom Kippur begins at sundownMonday, Oct. 13: Columbus Day (federal holiday)Wednesday Oct. 15, 2008: Presidential debate at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY (Foreign policy focus)Friday, Oct. 31: Halloween


Sunday, Nov. 2: Daylight Savings Time endsTuesday, Nov. 4: Election Day Tuesday, Nov. 11: Veterans Day (federal holiday)Thursday, Nov. 27: Thanksgiving Day (federal holiday)


Sunday, Dec. 21: Hanukkah begins at sundownThursday, Dec. 25: Christmas Day (federal holiday)Friday, Dec. 26: Kwanzaa begins Wednesday, Dec. 31 – New Year's Eve- - -
Jan. 20, 2009 Pres. George W. Bush departs.
Welcome President ?

Note: All deadlines and due dates for Congress and the Administration should be considered flexible; both branches of government frequently act later than scheduled.

Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have illegally read this email without warning, warrant, or notice.

They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection save to call for the impeachment of the current President.
Congress: After a year, Democrats make limited strides
They probed contractors' role in Iraq and US attorney firings, but had setbacks on spending and changing the war's course.
By Gail Russell Chaddock Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
from the December 21, 2007 edition
In New Hampshire, independent voters turn to alternative media
The undecided in the first US primary use the Web and e-mails for news to get closer to candidates.
By Ari Pinkus Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
from the December 24, 2007 edition
U.S. Officials See Waste in Pakistan Aid

The New York Times leads with former Sept. 11 commission members' revelation that they repeatedly requested details from the C.I.A. about the interrogation of Al Qaida operatives. The commission was told that they had been given all available information, despite the C.I.A. possessing videotapes of interrogation sessions. The Washington Post leads with an F.B.I. plan to build a $1 billion database that will house an unprecedented amount of biometric information about American citizens. These details--physical characteristics like fingerprints, face shapes, and even walking styles--would then be broadly available to assist in identifying criminals and terrorists. The Wall Street Journal tops its world-wide news box with word that Defense Secretary Robert Gates, concerned over a surge of violence in Afghanistan, might deploy more troops to that country.

The NYT continues its close coverage of the destroyed C.I.A. tapes, reporting on a memorandum prepared by the Sept. 11 commission's former executive director and obtained by the Times. The seven-page document concludes that more evidence would be required to determine if the C.I.A. violated federal law by withholding the tapes, but former commission chairmen Lee H. Hamilton and Thomas H. Kean say the report "convinced them that the agency had made a conscious decision to impede the Sept. 11 commission's inquiry." The C.I.A. protests that the commission never specifically asked for interrogation videos, but the commission heads say they asked the C.I.A. to provide the panel with any available information, whether or not it was specifically requested. The memo, which notes that federal law penalizes failure to comply with such a request, will be turned over to federal prosecutors and congressional investigators attempting to determine if the C.I.A.'s hide-tape-destroy-tape act was illegal.

The New York Times leads with, and the Washington Post fronts, news that the Justice Department is discouraging Congress from investigating the CIA's 2005 destruction of videotapes depicting harsh interrogations of terrorism suspects. Republicans and Democrats alike decry the lack of cooperation, but Justice officials say Congress needs to hold its horses until an internal investigation is complete. The WP leads with analysis of possible negative consequences of President Bush's opposition to any tax or spending increases pushed by Congress. Popular programs and conservation incentives could go by the wayside, and the federal debt could shoot up by almost $240 million.

The WP and the NYT report that the Justice Department said congressional probes into the destruction of the interrogation tapes threaten its own investigations, and Attorney General Michael Mukasey said the department would appear subject to political influence if it disclosed information on the tapes. The ranking Democrat and Republican on the House Intelligence Committee issued a joint statement saying they were stunned by Justice Department's refusal to cooperate with their investigation. The WP frames the dispute as the first big congressional confrontation for Mukasey after the refused to call waterboarding "torture" during his confirmation hearings last month. The House Intelligence Committee had called two CIA officials to testify at hearings next week, but the NYT reports that the hearings will almost certainly be postponed.
Just as Newt Gingrich was the best thing that ever happened to Bill Clinton, so Nancy Pelosi has become a great political asset to George W. Bush. Mr. Bush is on a roll legislatively and even his poll numbers are inching up while Congress’s have sunk into the teens. There’s nothing like having a foil in Congress to rehabilitate a president. Just ask Harry Truman.

This time last year it would have been inconceivable that Mr. Bush would have a successful 2007, or that Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congress would have fewer than one-in-four voters approving their performance. I’ve made a list of Mr. Bush’s policy victories over the Democrats:

1. S-CHIP — Mr. Bush vetoed the Democrats’ bill expanding middle-class health care subsidies and Democrats were unable to override that veto.

2. Alternative Minimum Tax — Democrats passed AMT reform without the offsetting tax hikes they had threatened.

3. Energy bill — What was a monster at the beginning of the year is now just a fairly harmless CAFE standards bill. Environmentalists are fuming.

4. Hate Crimes Legislation — Mr. Bush blocked it. The Congressional Black Caucus is furious.

5. War funding — Mr. Bush prevailed without any pull-out date. At the start of the year this looked impossible.

6. The Budget — Mr. Bush mostly prevailed on domestic spending totals.

7. No new taxes — all of the Democratic tax proposals were killed, including tobacco taxes, hedge fund taxes and energy company taxes.

It pretty much looks like the White House ran the table. Merry Christmas, Madam Speaker.

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